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Wow! Sixty pages. Who would have thought we'd have so many sea stories in us? Please keep 'em coming. 



Bill Dowdy Comes Aboard

King Paul, Please add me to your glorious list of bottom feeders. Contact information is William E. Dowdy, Jr. (Bill) MM1 USS Enterprise CVN-65 RL Division Crew A ELT PPWS 1990-1993

roadhp on

Thanks, and great site!!

Bill Dowdy


Thomas Christ Comes Aboard

Hi King Paul,

I don’t think we met. Or did we? My memory of names is terrible; but I remember the events and places.

Thomas John Christ

RC14 1983-1987


Please put me in the list.

Right now I’m living in New Berlin, Wisconsin (just outside Milwaukee county) and work at Ellsworth Adhesives as their Corporate Database Administrator/Programmer. I am married to Lori for 20 years and have no children.

The guys seem to remember me with my cars. I had a 1959 Austin-Healey Sprite Mark 1 for most of my time on the Enterprise and bought Chief Don Heacox’s 1978 Camaro just before leaving to the civilian life. From there I moved to a 1986 Pontiac Fierro, 1985 Buick Regal Coupe LTD, 1992 Buick Regal GS, 2002 Monte Carlo, and currently a 2007 Monte Carlo (I’m obviously a GM man).


KP Note: Thomas, I do remember you! I was just a nub when you were on your way out.

Jeremy Hilgeford Changes email Address

Can you please remove my email address "" and replace it with this address? Thank you,


KP Note: You bet I can! 

Allen Bobbitt Comes Aboard

Please add me to your list. Allen Bobbitt, #1 MMR, 1974 - 1977



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Former ENTERPRISE Reactor Mechanical Technical Assistant (RMTA) ….


SC CO fired, charged with solicitation

The commanding officer of Naval Weapons Station Charleston, S.C., was arrested Tuesday and accused of trying to pay a prostitute $20 for oral sex, police said.

Capt. Glen Little, 55, was immediately relieved of command and reassigned to administrative duties with Navy Region Southeast, said Scott Bassett, a spokesman for the Navy base.

Little, who is married, was charged with solicitation of prostitution, a misdemeanor, court records show.

Little was arrested about 9:30 a.m. after he allegedly approached an undercover police officer in the parking lot of a strip mall in a residential section of North Charleston about one mile outside the gate of the Navy base, according to a police report.

After circling the area three times in his Dodge Durango, Little allegedly motioned for the undercover police officer and asked her if she wanted a ride, the report said.

The officer said that she did not need a ride and asked Little if he wanted “business,” the report said.

Little allegedly told her that he wanted “business,” specifically that he wanted to pay her $20 and used a term that police considered to be solicitation for oral sex, the police report said.

Little asked her several times if she was a police officer, the report said.

Little asked the officer to get into his car, but she suggested that he pick her up behind the strip mall, the report said.

He agreed and began to drive toward the back of the building. At that point, other officers involved in the sting operation stopped Little’s car and arrested him, the report said.

Little, reached at his home on Thursday morning, declined to comment on his arrest.

About 13,000 people work at the weapons station, including contractors and civilians, Bassett said.

Little, originally from Oregon, enlisted in 1972 and was promoted to senior chief petty officer before receiving a commission as a limited duty officer in 1985, Navy records show.

Little was the third commanding officer to be fired in January.


John Flood Checks In

Hey King Paul

I guess you were a bit after my time on the big E. I came aboard in 1969 by way of Clark AFB just in time to head back to the states (by the time I got to Subic & aboard the Enterprise it was maybe 19:00 & 08:00 next morning we headed back). Left in January 1972 pretty much the same way. Off to Clark for 3 days TAD waiting for a flight home while the Enterprise sails off home. I'd of preferred the nice sea voyage home but by then I'd developed a pretty good bad attitude & I'm sure everybody was glad to be rid of me.

I saw a post somewhere in the 60 pages from Tim Stanley & wondered who the hell he was. Finally figured it out that it was MISTER Stanley & then recognition hit. The stereo in the RC Shop is one of the stories I tell my kids. The stereo itself belonged to Lew Bielmann ( I'm pretty sure I've spelled his name wrong). It was an 8-track for a car. I think he got it in Singapore but I'm not sure. We had this massive power supply that easily ran the thing. There was one officer who "knew" something was going on, but we never got caught during my time there.. We'd be in the shop working with the stereo cranked pretty loud & the door would fly open & he'd stick his head in and look around. It happened so often that we got so used to it that we'd hardly look up. The interlock had to be manually reset so it was safe if they came in & shut the door.

My GQ station was the shop so drills were no different then a normal day. One time during GQ we were all just lounging around shooting the bull & smoking (smoking lamp NOT officially lit) and the XO walks in. I'm thinking "Oh shit, we're dead". anyway, he looks around, pulls out his pack & lights up & shoots the shit with us for a few minutes.

One time before my bad attitude was fully developed, I was selected as "Reactor Dept. Man of the Month" (can you imagine?) I had this scruffy beard (looked like transplanted pubic hair) & I'm up at the XO's office, I think it was, for an interview to pick the "Enterprise Man of the Month". I was sitting up there in my wrinkled (wtf, senior moment, jeans & blue shirt uniform), my crow peeling off, long hair, scruffy beard & all these other guys with proper whitewalls, clean shaven, pressed uniform. The interviewer took one look, we chatted a bit about what I did etc but we both knew there wasn't a chance in hell.

Anyone remember: ??? Redman - in search of the nickle knobber "Control Equipment" Hurd Joe "Z" Zamora Mr Shell

Man, I could go on & on. Anyway, put me on the list.

John Flood

RC Division - RC Shop/3 Plant 1969 - 1972


Kenneth R. Hall Checks In

Kenneth R. Hall


A-School: Orlando

Power School: Orlando

Prototype School: Ballston Spa, NY

Reported to USS Enterprise in 1995, while work was being finished in Newport News.

I completed my tour of duty in 1999


Perry Williams Comes Aboard

Perry Williams

EE30/ EE04



That's Right! I'll Remind ya again :)

Merry Christmas From Dr. G

Just wanted to relay a very merry Christmas and hopes for a prosperous, safe, and happy New Year to my Navy Nuke comrades from the Big E. I spent 1971, 1972, 1973, and 1974 Christmas' on the ol' girl and looking back at those days we missed our families immensely but seemed to get through the season with laughter and lots of good food sent from home - sent to us weeks before by friends and family. Christmas of 1971 saw the Big E in the Indian Ocean in total communication blackout and darkened ship night-time maneuvering for the War of Bangladesh. We were at sea for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year without a single in-port period. Our mail was back-logged in Subic with no mail-cod delivery until Christmas Eve - those poor deck apes hauled mail almost non-stop for all of Christmas eve and Christmas - we must have had 6 to 8 mail calls a day for those two days. It was a plethora of packages that were shared by everyone in the divisions. We played board games in the RE Division office with the multitude of games clandestinely saved by Ed Fiegler, CL Turner, and Bob Olsen above the vent ducts in the office, laughed, and had a great time relaying how each one of us would be spending the day back in our home towns - it was truly a scene from a Irving Berlin or George Cohan all-American GI musical................but I remember it fondly to this day. Good friends long gone; some have died, some are lost in the shuffle of getting back our "normal" lives when we got out...........gentleman, you were all the best of the best, I think of all of you often and fondly. While we served our country we also made some lifelong friends and even longer memories..........thank you all for your service.........Wishing you all the best and praying for peace !!!!

PS ( I said "gentleman" loosely, only because it was an era of non-female ships - and hell, many of my collegues never were gentleman in the first place, and that's why we got along so well.

Dr. G


EM2 Goldilocks Fuller forwarded this to me (I think):

Dear Former Shipmate,

As of today the US Navy has rescinded your discharge granted during the terrible days of SRA '86, when you and about a dozen of your Reactor Dept. shipmates ran up to the Chaplain's Office to declare that you were "gay." This is due to the end of DADT. Yes, now you can proudly serve. According to our records you still owe the US Navy three years. Please repack your sea bag, get a haircut, and report to the nearest Navy Recruiting Station. Tell them that you are being re-assigned to The USS Enterprise (CVN 65). If you are too fat, don't worry. We'll re-instate you in MMCM's Chub Club.  




NOTICE TO LURKERS and Bloggers, who keep linking to this site:

Hey, all you "Namby Pamby" thin skinned whiners. This site is for ex-sailors ONLY. Please stop complaining about the material on this site. It does not concern you if you did not serve upon a sea-going naval vessel that may or may not have had nuclear propulsion. This is 'our pond' so stay out.

Jake Ervin Comes Aboard

Just found this site by accident today, and have spent HOURS reading through it! OMG! Terms I had not thought of in years, like DINQ....

I wanted to add myself to the roster as well:

Jake Ervin, transferred to Big E when she pulled into Newport News SY for the nuke overhaul.

I don't recall the exact dates, but was there during the overhaul, with folks like Travis Young, Bob Locke, Jim Diaz, Bob Doll and the goofball red-headed ensign that thought a black fuse was a "burned out" fuse! I was in EE-30 until I was sent to SIMA Portsmouth, in 93. Forced out on medical rope-and-choke discharge January 6, 1996.

I will keep reading, and remembering....


Maggie Hayes Gets New Email Address:

Just wanted to update my e-mail address:

Maggie (Hayes)(Rittenhouse) Kappler--Don't judge me on the variety of surnames, you were young and stupid once-or twice- too!!!!

PS-YES, I qualified Load Dispatcher!! One of the first chicks on the Pig...but not THE first.


Mike Davenport Comes Aboard

Mike Davenport  RM-14     1988-1992


Hey  King Paul, are you still keeping the Big E website up and running?

Dave Taylor
RL Div
KP Note: I am ....

Captain Honors


I'm sure you've seen this already. Why couldn't we've had a CO like Capt. Honors when we were on the pig, instead of Rocky the Flying Douche-bag? Sounds like the kind of guy who knows how to have fun, so unlike most of the career-minded khakis I ran into while in the navy and definitely unlike the stick-up-the-asses out of the academy. I hope he has some friends in high places to protect him from the raping the PC Gestapo will surely want to give him and his career. Capt. Honors, I don't know you, but I wish you the best.


Hey Mr. Tuli,

Not sure if anyone has run this by you, but this document is a very detailed report of what happened on the ship that year. It's great for pinpointing exactly when certain things happened. (and testing your memory) 

If you change the year in the URL, you can get other reports. 


Rich Marsh

Psychedelic Mooj Press Release!!!!


Chase Halpin Comes in

Hi my name is Chase Halpin since you were on the ship " BIG E " did you know anyone by the name Eugene Halpin because that is my grand father and he was on the "BIG E " too. Please email me back at:
Jan 17, 2011

Time Stanley Comes Aboard

Attached is my RX driver’s license. Plz note it is signed by George Davis and Chief Gray, he was head of reactor training.  The question I have is note that the date of December 1970 while correct is apparently inconsistent with the serial number of 4-128 since my roommate, Ed Murach qualified in April and has a lower number!   I wonder if anyone knows how to decipher the number. I see that a more recent one, note this one still has beehive radar on top, looks like a date?
I also enclose a recent photo of me and Pete Hekman Engineer 1971-1975. He was a good boss for me and a very good friend. Note he still has his engineers paper brains/big wheel green note book with him! Not bad for a guy pushing 80.
I also enclose a more recent photo of me ‘at work’. That is me sitting on the throne of power.   Who said lawyers cannot have some fun. Then again it might be a result of irradiated  brain cells. 
@Dr G, seems our memories tend in the same direction, the bad is gone and the friendship remains.
Story for RT Flood, a 3 plant RPO ET2 Abarr as I recall. Beard, not a distinguishing thing back then, glasses and smoked a pipe.  It seems he was always making stick men out of pipe cleaners.  One of his pieces of art had the guy sitting on one RPCP toggle switches with the toggle switch coming out at a critical point on his anatomy. Another was the infamous pull rods to the sky stickman.  The shim switch handle had a simple set screw that held it in place. He unfastened the handle and rotated and repositioned it 90 degrees so it looked like the shim switch was in the full shim out position. He then had his stickman attached to it looking like he was holding it in that position.  I wonder what he  would have done had the need to shim one way or the other had occurred while the handle was off. Of course we never thought of things like that!!!!

Tim Stanley

Help a Future Nuke Out

    I'm not writing to you to submit a story, but I'm actually looking for some insight into the navy nuke program.  I'm currently enlisted in the DEP program as an AV, going in as an E3.  However, I've become interested in the nuclear program and want to make sure I'm not missing out on an excellent opportunity by not going the nuke route.  I already know I'm qualified.  I aced the ASVAB with no problem, and have nothing in my background that would disqualify me.  My concern is that many former nukes seem to love the benefits they got from the program, but recall having hated their time in the navy actually performing the job.  I'm interested in the field because it offers excellent technical training, quick advancement, and great bonuses.  I also love learning, but I'm worried that, by going the nuke route, I might be sacrificing quality of life while I'm in.  Any insight or advice you could offer me would be helpful.  Thank you for your time.  -

D Stewart


KP Note: I was never sorry I did time in the nuclear navy. Other's here may disagree but I doubt many would. Good luck!
My question to all is how do you translate 4-128?   My roommates with an effective date in April was 4-120.  I tried alphabetical since we did not get these until may of 1971 that maybe the 128 vs. 120 had to be alphabetical but could not think of enough people to qualify as PPWO to make up the difference, and what does the 4 stand for since he neither of us stood watch in 4 plant. We were after group groupies. There was a difference then and suspect there still is.
Also note the effective date of Dec. 3, 1970 was a ‘provisional’ qualification as I qualified before the first initial criticality on core 3 i.e. all the actuals or  perform were walk through or discuss!! On the trip to the west coast via Rio we were expected to go back and do the walk thrus and discusses for real. While we stood watches any of the walk thru evolutions that occurred while you were on watch could be counted and you simply had you watch relief resign the qual card saying you had now performed it!!?   Of course bringing a case of coke down on watch also encouraged and assisted in getting sigs.  Never underestimate the mind of a nuke……..we were always goal oriented. And the goal here was get your signatures so the reactor would get off your butt, in this case George W. ( god willing) Davis.
Tim Stanley
I am reminded of the first re-lighting of the donkey boiler (don’t recall which AMR it was in as I religiously avoided them) just before the infamous shore steam to fire main connection in Norfolk. Bill “curly Joe” Schwab was the M div officer for the AMRs and BTCM “Flag” Falor ( if they had had a rank of e-10 he was bucking for it. I mean this guy wore starched khaki into the plant. I never saw him with dirt on his hands. He used to in the yard have M division muster on hanger deck and then started orders like; all the fall-in ,dress right dress etc.  whatever any of that means?) went down to light off the donkey boiler.
I mean here you have a nuke BTCM and nuke qualified LT what could go wrong??? But then again, what do nukes know about oil and flames?  Apparently not enough.  after turning on the fuel oil and the air blowers they then inserted a long pole with a lit rag to ignite the fuel oil   all more or less correct.
What happened next was this 15 foot flame shot out the ignition port and came up to shake hands with bill and flag. The explosion knocked the hinged stack on the port side catwalks over and belched out lots of black smoke.  The naval station pollution control folks called the Big e and advised them to have the tug next to us stop spewing black smoke.!!    Even the non-nuke types on the bridge knew enough not to acknowledge that there was no tug.
  Now what went wrong. Apparently knowledgeable/real BT’s know that you are supposed to ‘ventilate’ with the blowers for 10 minutes or so before you attempt to ignite the fuel oil or else the mixture is too rich and whammo……. A very exciting story best told to you by someone who was there rather than to experience it firsthand. 

I also tried to send a bulletin printed by Newport news talking about building the Big e dated 1960  about 30 pages long with really good story about nukes and the early elts were all BT water tenders.. also there was no reactor department rather there was a B division and RC  and M divisions




Mike Braun Comes Aboard

Hi, will you please add my name to the e-mail list; I found your site and found the e-mails of several friends I have lost touch with, Thanks for having it. Ignore the email return address that you get with this e-mail, it is my work e-mail, and I want you to have my personal e-mail on there. It’s under my name, Thanks again!

Drop me a line so that I know you got this please!

I was also shocked to see several friends had died over the years, and so young when they passed. It was a definite shocker.

Mike Braun, 3 plant (MMR) 1974 - 1978


Gary Lawler Comes Aboard

Gary Lawler ET2 #1 & #4 plant

Richard B. McMullen Jr Comes Aboard

I saw someone back on page 54 mentioned Kate Hitchcock.  Kate was one of my first female EOOW students at MTS-635.  She left the Navy after ten years and is currently pursuing a combined MD/PhD at Cincinnati.


Seeing the message from George Daniels on page 56 (MMCS? OMGWTF!) made me remember a few tales:


1.  Very early in my stay on the Pig, I got stabbed with being the Reactor Training Division Officer (under Lyal B. Davidson himself).  The very day I took over, we left San Francisco bay for a work-up and of course, they sounded “Man Overboard” as soon as we secured from Sea & Anchor detail.  Things proceeded apace, but after a while, they kept calling for MM3 Daniels to report his presence.  This went on for about 20 minutes before they secured the drill and demanded that MM3 Daniels and his division officer report to the XO’s cabin.    Lo and behold, MM3 Daniels turns out to be one of the NUBs in RT and my chief is going nuts trying to find him.  After an extensive search, they found him in the berthing head, where he claims to have never heard ANY of the announcements (including the Man Overboard).  After flame broiling us both, the XO (Dick Naughton, for those who remember him) turns to me and demands to know why I was such a soup sandwich.  I didn’t have a good answer, so he threw us both out and demanded that I go get the Reactor Officer.  Keith (Bersticker) smoothed things over, but that remains one of my least favorite Enterprise memories.


2.  George got stashed in a satellite berthing area with a bunch of airdale types (I think they were mainly Aviation Boatswains Mates but could be mistaken).  They were performing PMS on the life vests and throwing away a bunch of the dye packets that had expired.  George grabbed several of these and dissolved them in a glass of water.  It looked like industrial strength Tang drink mix, very dark orange.  But if you poured a little bit into some water, it turned into that bright fluorescent green.  After showing this to us in 4 plant, he poured the remaining liquid into the scuttlebutt located in EOS.  About an hour later, the forward station officer (Ron Rahall?) came flying into EOS screaming about a shield tank leak.  We all looked at him like he was nuts (he was) since there was no indication of a problem.  Turns out the scuttlebutt drain took all that dye down into the MMR, where it made all of the water in the entire bilge the same color as a certain corrosion inhibitor.  We quickly lined up the main eductor and pumped a stream of green water overboard.


Thanks for the memories, George.  I think.Rick


Richard B. McMullen Jr.

Rich Hedlund # 2 Plant 1965-1969

Hey King Paul,
I'm a former Enterprise crewman:  Todd Bull, EE20, from 1977-1980.  I was also in the Planning Yard and did design work for the ship's electrical system from about 1985 until 1997. 
I noticed a couple of my friends, shipmates, and later co-workers in the Memoriam section of your site.  Ron Reier and Randy Orr were both shipmates and later co-workers of mine after the Navy.  In fact, I saw Ron most every day at work and talked to him in the hall of our building at work just a day or two before he passed.  Randy passed away a number of years ago and I hadn't talked to him for a couple of years prior to that.  I'm sure that you didn't know Randy, but he was kind of a stubborn guy.  He had a heart attack, went to the hospital, left on his own because he didn't like being there, a died a day or two later ----- typical Randy.  I'm curious how you were notified of their passing, because I don't see the names of other local past shipmates and co-workers on the roster.  No big deal, I'm just curious if I overlooked the name(s) of other local guys on the site.  There are actually quite a few of us ex-Enterprise guys, from my era and prior eras, living and working in my area. 
Todd Bull.

RPE.  #s. 1&4 plants mostly
Served 1968--1971


Hello, my name is Chris Hoover. I was an MM2 in RL Div on the Enterprise from 1985 - 1988. If you don't mind how about adding my info to the Big E Rx and Eng Roster on Mooj's website. My e-mail is Appreciate the help.
Best Regards,

Dave English (E 65-69  RM4 ) here with just a bit of bull and wondering if you ever saw the acorn nut on the ahead turbine handwheel in EOS taken off?  If you did, I hope you found a very small note that stated "Wilber DUN'IT!  Wilber was a walking disaster to himself.  If there was a missing deck plate he would find a way to fall thru it without ever touching any kind of barrier.
Iam the guilty party that painted DILLIGAF on the Daytank by EOS hatch on CTG level.  I have a couple hats that I don't wear now because they are old memories,  one was for some of us that went Bainbridge.  We had some caps with CUNT and a NPS patch on them.  We told all those members of upper learning that we were enrolled at Chesapeak University Nuclear Technology.  We were not allowed to wear our red  4 Plant berets that said Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck after we got in the deep shits during zone inspection. ha
Just a line or two to let you get an idea where some of the tales of the '60s got started.

Hey – I sent this to KP a while back, but…


So Stephen J. Shupe was an MM2 in RM3 from 75-79.  We kept track of each other for decades, but he died in about 2000 – right after his 50th BD, at which I saw him last.  He got a snootful of hydrogen sulfide at a Geothermal electric plant and it killed his lungs.

Please update my e-mail address to
I have been reading quite a lot of the post and noted people askinf if so and so could be a nuke.  Yes they could.  My classmates at Bainbridge and at D1G were from a lot of rates, my fellow renter in Sarasota was an ADJ1 who knew he passed his board at D1G when he got chewed out because he did not have a MM1 crow on his uniform.  I was an IC3 and stepped over to MM3.
Sounds like quals on E was a lot different also.  In RM div., you had to qualify on several watch stations,ie, RARLL, RARUL, CTG, Throttles, SGLC.  You stood thse watches on a rotating basis of hot watch next watch on cooler watch, ie, SGLC then Throttles.  We did not have any difference in steaming and shutdown/cold watches.  You stood watches as per  duty section, watch bill and all other evolutions.  When along side the throttleman have to don the headset.  The EOS had a phone talker during GQ , Sea and Anchor, and  when alongside if the EOW wanted one.  Rm had one lead man on duty and he was the CRAO.  I was the lowest rated nuke in 7th. fleet to qualify CRAO.  Did it while MM3 and stood watch inport at Subic with the senior chief of the 7th. fleet  on SGLC watch because he was not fully signed off but could stand that watch allowing us to have 4 section liberty rather than 3 section.  That's the type Chiefs and zofficers we had with the excepton of  CMDR Jack "BOOGER" Weston and Lt. "Scram Jones.  "Scram"  said I have the watch to Mr Sullivan on his first EOW watcch and as Sully went thru hatch it was poles in the holes for no apparent reason! heheheh
More later folks.
Dave English        Bradent, Fl.


Rich Hedlund MM1 #2 plant RM 1965 – 1969


Leasons learned from Admiral Harvey

Trapped by the huge snow storm of 2011, I had a chance to go back and read old pages of this site.  They still remain funny and in the doom, gloom, and dreariness of the 18 inches of snow we have I enjoyed the sh....t out of reading through these last 60 pages.  Reading them, I did come across a few of my own memories ......1)  We did have a "swim call" off the coast of Mombasa during our first visit in 73 or 74.  There was a barge floating aft from which we would board the shuttles to and from the city.  You could swim off the barge on one or two of the days we were there.  2) I remember when WO McManus told the RCA that ships company could replace the bearings on the #1 CG/MG up forward........I was charged to find the bearing puller and rotor shaft that was used to replace both collective memory on board the ship could come up with where these things were, but Newport News Shipyard folks telecommunicated that they were there when the ship left in 71 from refueling.  I even had to go down to 2AMR and open up the coolant pump storage bin that had the spare Rx coolant Pumps........the damn door slide was so rusted on the inside I could hardly get out - I panicked a bit and felt really claustrophobic, but with the help of some non-nuke MMs nearby I managed to escape with some dignity left............we purchased a new one, it was manufactured from blueprints and flown out to the never arrived in RE division and we had to track it down.  With some detective work, we found out that some supply folks (some E2's) thought it was too heavy to get from the flight deck to the hanger bay interim storage area, so they threw it overboard in the Gulf of Tonkin.............needless to say, some heads rolled around the ship that day;  had to order another one...............our tax dollars at work.  3)  We were allowed to order guns and booze overseas; they were delivered to the ship and locked up and were allowed to be retrieved once we got back into Alameda.  No other large items were allowed to be stored to be brought home (cars, furniture,  etc.); except when we went up to Bremerton for overhaul.  All of our cars were put onboard the flight deck for the cruise up the west coast; family members with us also, sleeping where they could.  4) I do remember when 1 plant RMs were told to repaint the Rx compartment cover doors on CTG flats for an upcoming ORSE visit, and they painted the damn things turquoise.  they busted that damn paint job out in about 6 hours, so when the Plant Officer (Lt. Dahl) came down for the morning inspection, he damned near had a heart attack..................the RO was not pleased either.  It certainly was better than that damn rusty brown/red paint, but not Navy issue. 

Okay, chumps ... I'm back (after a year off). We will still keep the KP SITE up on Facebook as a daily go between. I was getting tons of mail from people that told me how much this missed the old 'sea story' site. I can't promise I'll update this thing regularly but I'll try. I will "backfill" the site with stuff in my in box. (some that sat around for almost a year) 



Rich Hedlund MM1 #2 plant RM 1965 – 1969


I just found your web site and would like to be included in the list.

David E. Helfer      MM1         RM-Division         4-Plant      (PPWO)      1960-1965

Thanks in advance,

Dave Helfer


King Paul,

Years ago I started a couple times down the path of reading all the stories listed at your King Paul site, and figured I would eventually add my own. But, I never made it to the end. I decided today to be on a mission and started down that same path again. After getting to page 28, I wondered how much further I had to go and discovered there were 32 more pages. Yikes! Skipping to the last page I noted you had moved the site to Facebook. Now I am lost. Where are the new stories there? Am I missing something? I've thoroughly enjoyed reliving the stories at the mooj site through others, plan to get through them, and will be looking for more. I was on the Enterprise at the same time Arrgh was, and traded a few emails with him years ago after finding him on your site. We traded a few more stories between us that I hadn't seen posted, though I still have 32 pages left to look through. ;-) Anyway, if you could fill me in on how to navigate the Facebook page to find more stories, I would greatly appreciate it. The other gem on the mooj site is the contact list. Is there a way to see who is actively tied into the Facebook page - perhaps to see who "Likes" it? By the way, we are neighbors. I live in Avondale. Thanks,

Todd Tidyman RC11 & RC14, 1981-1984



Dear King Paul-

 I happened across your web site as I was looking up some family history, and thought I’d share info on one of the Big E’s crewmen.

A couple of your folks have asked (in the blog section) of the whereabouts of Larry Roeckner.  My cousin Larry  served in Enterprise in the mid-late 1980’s after joining the Navy in 1979.  

Larry passed away in July 1990, somewhere in the Bay Area.  It came as quite a shock to his family…….

Please pass this on to Larry’s shipmates.


 Tim  Mull


I was an ELT in RL Division from 82 to 85. My name is Jim Christensen and my email is . Can you please add me to you list.


Hello all,
Recently visited the Norfolk, VA area.  While there, my wife and I went to see the "Big E" and got a private tour.  For those of you who are wondering, it is still gray.  The ship will be turning 50 and there will be a celebration/ reunion in November.  27th and 28th I think.  We got to see some things that I didn't while serving on the ship and visited some familiar areas.  Reactor berthing is divided for female berthing and still located in the same place.  RM 03 or tech is located just off of berthing.  I think the ELT shack is in a different spot, located just behind the forward chow hall.
The ship is still running ops and shooting off planes.  It will be decommissioned in the near future.  Possibly 2012.
I attached a flier from our visit and a few pics.  In one of the pics, you can see the anchor, painted gold, in recognition of the high retention rate for the ship.
Hope you are all doing well and keep in touch.

Daniel Fisher



Don't know if you've seen this.

Hope all's well.


Not sure how I missed your site after all this time…nice job!

Bruce Hartpence

EE30 1985-1990


Hi Ram, please add me to the list of names on the RX and Engineering website,
Scott Peuse EE-30 1986-1990

Terry Behrend EM1. Served 1968-1971
Mostly 4 plant but worked in all. As rpe. Email


Please add me to the 1990 Big E roster: 

Bob Granata  RCOH MPA 1992-1994

e-mail :


Bob Granata


Recent picture of tim stanley and Denny Bley, former 2 plant station officer and reactor training having mini big E re union and yes a beer or two where shared. Denny's claim to fame: he kept 2 plant up during infamous domino scrams reducing ship to one reactor on one shaft doing 12 knots. He resisted direction to X-conn with 3 plant. And a good thing as that was usually  the kiss of death.
Tim. Stanley


Please add me to the list of alumni.  I served aboard the Big E from 1990-1994 as an ELT.

Mark Damon


Hey there,
I got wind from an old shipmate (Dave “Evil” Ackley) about your website and I’d like to add my name to the list.  I’m Dale Zacherl (aka Zach and Shazac) and was in RL Div from 1987 – 1991.  As for my email address please use  I’ll check out more of your website when I get a chance – looks like good stuff.  Take care and let me know if there is any other info you need.
Dale Zacherl


Shipmate (and I mean that in a positive way.)

This is EMC Daniel Berryman and i am still navy, planning to retire at about 20 years and 1 day...
I was onboard the Big E from 97-2000. I was in EE01 as EM2 then RT as EM2 then EM1.

My email is


Hello King Paul !!! Ron Reeves HTC (ret.), here. You can find data on the "Goofy" at  LoL.....


Dear King Paul. I'm a writer who's been working on a book about the Cortes Bank and Bishop Rock. As you probably know, the Rock is the sight of the biggest surfable wave on earth and I'm sort of doing a history of the Bank - which is crazy and fasicanating, and a bio of the guys who surf out there. For part of a chapter, I'd like to recount the episode of the Enterprise hitting Bishop Rock and wonder if you know anyone who might have actually been on the bridge when it went down - or simply who has an interesting memory of the event or two. It seems like it was a much more hairball incident than was portrayed in the press. 
Here's a link to a story I did recently:
Hope  to hear from you - and thanks!
Chris Dixon

Okay! Maybe--just maybe I'm all caught up. If you sent something in last year and it doesn't appear above, then please send it back in. I appologize for the crappy formatting. I haven't really learned how these style sheets work. But I was an electrician. I'm not like you smart ETs or tenacious like you MMs. I'll get there-- I really missed you guys and hope to keep this site critical and steaming. The facebook site is better for daily musings but all sea stories will go here.

KP, 2/7/12


 Enterprise to make final voyage!

Mike T.


Just found your site. WOW! I served in three plant from 74 to 78. I have some stories,I have some names, and lots of memories.

Some of the people in the pit were Doug Nelson, Jerry "Trans Am" Tucker, Larry Lee Schuster, John Scott Bannick, Chief Hughes, Dean "Bones McGruder" Urbanick from Snowshoe PA, Tubby Thorsten who amazed me with his standing diatribe against LTjg Blanton, Danny "bones" Bigsby, Mark Foreman, Stuart Armour, Stuart Douglas "Burt Reynolds" Page, Hey Stuart, can you calibrate another nickle for me? I'm still glad I didn't join the Ozone Rangers and their beachheads.
Some of the things that went on, like, an un-named eos officer taking the reactor to 149% power, so long LTjg P. or the SAS incident that I luckily missed during a scheduled rx fill drill. How about the breaking of the 3a? top hat motor due to the constantly opening the compartment to figure out why the power spikes. Also, the near incident when an RM dropped a bottle of neo-lube down on the rx prior to installing a new control rod drive mechanism.
I can also tell you how CDR Batzler ended up being replaced. How Capt Austin went white as a ghost at the bitch session at the base theater or how pissed he was when some 3 plant former nukes hung a bed-sheet from the Golden Gate saying that 3 plant is a pit. Yet, our plant was the first one up and the last one down and the only hook-up of shore steam.
write me and we'll talk.



Not sure if you have seen this or not, but thought I would pass it along:

control room of reactor No. 4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant


Pat Hoban [Not on Facebook]


A buddy of mine just sent me this link..

I have dopey books from RL division..

And was on from Nov 85 to Aug 89.

Would like to add to the list..

 Ken Moore


Trying to dump my old email address. Can you please update my address on the old website (

old email:
new email:

Rob Shane

WOW cool.   Rich Newman has hardly changed at all.
I think that in 3mmr  King Paul was your brother inlaw  John Hutchings.  I assume it was he who wrote of some 3 plant escapades earlier.
One he missed was MM1 Scott Monahan Douching Chief Roark (a known dead moose cock sucker) in the engine room. Roark was doing his tour to sign logs  and the lower level watch met him at a predetermined spot, Scott was peeking down between the deckplates by the booster flats and gave a quick splash when the planets aligned, then began innocently scrubbing on some piping.  Chief Roark was none too pleased, and although Scott did not get in huge trouble over it, it was mentioned in his records.  When he was checking off the boat, the PNsn who was doing his paper work was surprised at his low eval (or some such) and actually read through his records.  The next trip to personnel, the PNsn asked him “did you really dump water on a Senior Chief?” 
Any way I have seen a lot of familiar names and will look more. 
Dan Wolla MM3 EM23
Ps.  What is that smell by the amcw overboard valve anyway.  I still claim no knowledge of how that Budweiser can got into the bildge.


Hey KP,

I hope you remember me, I'm an X-RE Div 2-Planter from back in the early 80's.

I was wondering if you know of any pictures from when the Enterprise grounded in sight of the Alameda NAS turn basin on 4/28/83? With the 'Prise being decommissioned soon I've been boring family & friends with inflated tales of my misspent youth.

Alex Kirk
RE Div '81 - '85

KP Note: I'm sure we have some pics on this site (or at least a newspaper scan).

Are you still running this site? I was on the Enterprise from 89-92 and did the world cruise in 4 plant. Spent a lot of time on mids. I don't remember much except that I was quite the iconoclast. Do you recall the name of the young division officer that came aboard around 89-90?

My email is

Pete Castricone - MM2, RM14, now an Architect

Peter A. Castricone, MBA

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