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Jeramie Perry Comes Aboard

I served on the Big E from 1991-1995 in RE division.

Jeramie Perry


Remembering Byron Moore

I am writing to report the death of my lifelong friend and shipmate, MM1 Byron Moore. He died on the 17th of Jan in Seymour Iowa. We met in Vallejo, Ca as members of Nuclear Power School, class 6304. We were together through prototype (A1W) and reported aboard the Enterprise (then CVAN 65) at Newport News Shipyard on 24 October, 1965. I was an EN 3 at that time. We were both sent to reactor dept and assigned to one plant. I have numerous stories, a few of which I'll share at a later time. We spent much time together and even when we were in different areas we we wrote or called one another frequently. He died of cancer after a 7 year battle. I miss him greatly!

I'm glad I stumbled across this website. I have recognized numerous names of shipmates and have been amazed and amused at the stories of those who came after me. I served aboard the E from Oct 64 to mid 68, from Jan 72 to sep 74 and from early 77 to aug 1981. I was always in Reactor Department, always in the forward group, 1 plant mainly. My dopey book name was "Pappa John", sometimes just PJ. I have been a NUB, a FLY and finally a lifer Chief and looking back I enjoyed every one. For all the bitchin I did while aboard, I really believe I'd do it all again - but then, nukes don't have the steepest learning curve. I retired in May of 1984 as a MMCS.

I have two dopey books (one plant ) in my possession and Byron's wife sent me some items Byron had selected for me, one of which was a "NUB BOOK" from 1MMR ( Byron was a CMO in 1 plant).

I would welcome emails from any old shipmates as well as any questions or comments concerning Byron. I will pass any appropriate comments on to Byron's wife.

John Viers


Gerad Trahan Comes Aboard

Name Gerad Trahan, MM2 #4 plant 68 to 70 


Can you please instruct me how to log in to post on the site. 



KP Note: Jerry, just email the stuff in and if I'm not too lazy .... I might get it up within a week.

Paul J. Stiles Comes Aboard

To H.R.M. King Paul

You Majesty,

While looking for names of people I served with in the Big-E via Classmates (a very annoyingly amateurish web site, but still useful) and not getting anywhere, I did a google search and found your site.

I served on the Enterprise from April 1976 to September of 1979 as reactor operator and reactor technician in propulsion plant 1. I would be proud to be listed on your roster of those who served in Reactor or Engineering Department on the Big-E.


Paul J. Stiles

Mountain View, CA


Re : Railroad Tracks


Oh, HELL yeah, I remember “railroad tracks”! Without the little trick of “unit analysis” I’m not sure I would have made it through NPS. Also, back in “the day” (me and my buds were 7401) we were still using the old Pickett slide rules. (just try doing logs on one of THOSE antiques!) The railroad track method was almost custom made for slide rules. You just set the problem up in the railroad track format and then, as the instructors said, “Plug and chug”. The problem just more or less worked itself. Brings back some memories!



A Disgruntled Reader


Please remove the post about me having sex with a goat. I don't know who MM1 Coolgate is, nor did I ever serve with him. He was wrong with most of his facts. The goat was not underage, nor was it a male. And the rest on my RM Div 2 plant buddies were not there cheering me on awaiting their turn. Please correct the record. I have a reputation to uphold. Other than that I have no complaints about your website other than it contains too many words and not enough pictures. Maybe I'll send in a photo of my shaft alley. 

Keep it kosher, bro,

"Mypoopyhurts" (that was my dopeybook name)


KP Note: Sure, bro.   

To Mr. Mypoopyhurts


I feel I need to respond to Mr. "Mypoopyhurts" 's rebuttal. I know a guy who overheard a guy from RM-22 who was there when Mypoopyhurts got his nickname. I don't know what the age of consent for farm animals is, but since the incident took place at a petting zoo, I tend to believe Poopyhurts took advantage of a naive kid. Poopyhurts is in denial if he has convinced himself that his act was hetero. Word on the street was that there was definite hangage on the goat.

As to how he lost his be-hymen and gained his dopy book identity, turns out Mypoopy was taking a little too long, so his fellow 2-planters decided, "Any port in a storm". The rest is dopey book history.

Fast Fred


Echo That


I think I know who "Mypoopyhurts" was. He was my bunkmate in A-School. By bunkmate I mean he was on the top. I mean 'top' bunk. I was there and can attest to whatever it is he is denying. As far as the goat goes, everyone knows it doesn't matter if it was male or female as long as it is good looking. Sadly, I never qualified shaft alley but did see a few.

"Bram Stroker"


George D. Morgan Comes aboard

George D. Morgan RM14 / RM3 - 1985 to 1989


Load Toad

Greetings again, I started rereading the site, it is still cool. You talked about being a loadtoad, I usually stood the mid watch as rover. I got to know and was friends with many. One dark lonely mid watch The load dispatcher asked me to man his watch so he could get something to eat. While he was gone the r-division puke called the chief engineer down to see this gross sin. Yes I had my favorite faded dungaree shirt on and it was starched and looked cool. Com. N came down, walked around central but could see nothing wrong. The load dispatcher opened the hatch and almost stepped on the com. toe, After some words he admitted I was very capable of standing the watch and left. The r division puke was mad, we all labeled him as a rat. 


Ps not a big thing, could you change my listing to in the 60. I did split the 60--70 but more of the 60'd 

John Lovell EM 2 1967-1971


Sad News About John Conyers

Hey Bill,

Recently there was an accident on the Reagan. An EMC by the name of John Conyers was killed in the accident. He transferred onto the Enterprise not long before I left the command in early 2005. Please add him to the list of departed Big E sailors.

EM1(SW) Reddick


Information Request

Dear KP,

I came across your website while researching an article I am writing about former Congressman Eric Massa. I am hoping to learn more about the type of things he did in the navy. Did you guys give Massa massages, have tickle fights, poke each other in the shower, and snorkel? What exactly does it mean to cross the line? Was that paddling punishment? I might join the navy someday. It sounds like fun.  

Please send comments to T. Levin, c/o Jack and Jill Magazine,1100 Waterway Blvd Indianapolis, IN, 46202



Big E Baseball

I was reading about some soft ball games here and it reminded me of a good true sea story This an"t no shit. After the fire we were in the yards in 5-0 land. Our division officer was a wo 4 and a damn good pitcher. I would go to the game and watch. Mr Mac had a ten speed bicycle. He gave me money to go get a case of beer. Have you ever tried to ride a damn 10 speed bike and balance a case of beer? We won most of our division games and were playing the in port guys. Kicked there ass good only to be disqualified for drinking beer. This became a Saturday thing, kicking the crap out of other league's players and having to forfeit the game.. We just laughed and drank our beer.

John, 67-71


Master at Arms


Reading some of the recent (March of 2010) stories makes me think that I played it way too low key while on the Enterprise. All this talk about goats, Mypoopyhurts, loadtoads, shaft alleys, sheep and such makes me think I missed out on a lot. I had a nickname of "The Madonna of Bondage" (thanks to Randy Kidd, RL div, who served on the Big-E at about the same time I did, for recently reminding me) but my bark was worse than my bite.

It was fun to mess with the heads of people who could not take a joke (such small targets to hit). One time, while I was on watch on B reactor in plant 1, the officer on watch showed me a letter from his girl friend (fiancé?). The ink was starting to fade as she wrote " ... my pen is running out of ink" The way she wrote it was that she left no space between the word "pen" and "is". We both got a big laugh out of this. Was hers bigger than his? Inquiring minds want to know! In regards to one of the recent topics, the age of consent for farm animals is reduced if the animal's parents or the farmer give their consent. Their consent may not be without cost, though.

I was on the Master of Arms force for about 3 months. I did not like it very much, but I did meet a lot more people from different parts of the ship than I would have if I didn't get sent to the Master of Arms force. I had a regular partner for roving watch on the Big-E. He was one of these "everything by the book with no exceptions". A real jerk compensating for his "short" comings, it seemed, by trying to report everyone who made the smallest infraction of any rule. I was, how shall I put it, a little bit less retentive and gave people breaks if at all possible. He was not a nuke, which may help explain it.

Anyway, I really enjoy the stories and comments posted here and hope to read more.

Paul J. Stiles a.k.a. The Madonna of Bondage RC1 1976 -1979


Haunted Switchgears

Hi again, I stood many watches in 2/3 sw. the light sometimes would cause glare on my glasses so when you looked to the right a flicker of light on my lens would start me going, looking right, left. I took of my glasses and all was well. When they started the compressors in the amr, the seals would leak and cause a noise. As far as I know, the guy that got killed was killed in 1 sw working on the amplidine breaker hot and got zapped. Check with Dale Keys to see if that is how he remembers the story. three made a much better story because of the noise, and some of the guys sneaking down the escape trunk to scare people., Damn my fingers are getting tired or I aM getting to much beer. 

John, 67-71


Okay, No more Goat Letters

A Taboo Has been breached, Mr. KP and on behalf of my solemn brotherhood of former 2Plant RMs I ask--in secret--without haste that you omit all mention of Hector the 2RARLL goat. He was a good friend to us all and never complained about anything. He never bagged the watch, left duces in a bucket or shagged your wife when you had duty. And he made one hell of a mutton kabob supper when we roasted him on an open spit on Grande Island. Hector, wherever you are, we salute you! 

Och! Me head! R.D.F. 


Mark Rice Changes email Address

Rice, Mark M-Div, 92 to 96



Dan Mortel Comes Aboard


I would like to added the email list. My name is Dan Mortel. I was on the Big E from 1982-1986 in 1 plant RM division.



Tom Lynch Comes aboard

Hi my name is Tom Lynch and served on board the USS Enterprise from 1986 to 1990. I was in RC-22. If you want to add my name to the list it is fine with me. My e-mail address is

Thanks Tom


Jon Felzien Comes Aboard

Name: Jon Felzien 


Workcenter: RM23 Years: 2000-2006


Joe Charette Updates his Email

Just a note to update my email addy. Thanks again for maintaining a great site, I just caught up again after a year or so of not reading up, and see many names that I haven't seen for years. A quick shout to George Bagwell, I had more than a few of his sigs on my qualcards. If anybody knows where Curt McCaffrey is, tell him to send me a note, he is one of the few I have never heard from since I got out. James Henninger, Keith Baker, Dave Raithel, Brian Wenderski, Rick Mulvaney, and anybody else I might be overlooking, give me a shout.

ET2 Charette RC23 89-93


Update from Neil Waite

King Paul,

A couple of notes about the website, can I update my contact email from to (80-89)

Secondly, Jim Burns who was an M-Div’er in two plant from 84-88 passed away in January of 2009.

Third, can you advertise a nuke reunion (we are aiming for nukes 84-90) in Las Vegas at the end of June. The contact is Clay Pulley at

Thanks very much.

Neil Waite


KP Note: Sad to hear about Jim Burns. Hope to get to Vegas to see you guys (not sure what my summer looks like so I won't commit to anything).

Obamacare Benefit? 

FYI: Don't use my real name in this email because what I'm about to tell you is top secret. I work for a Congresswoman in California's 8th District. One of the cool things about the recent Healthcare Bill that just passed was it set aside funds to purchase the USS Enterprise for the city of San Francisco and use it as a floating "green" source of power for the whole SF Bay area. This ship was due to retire next year and we know it can serve another useful purpose. I heard they might even park it in McCovey Cove. That would be cool.  

"Cosmic Kid"    


KP Note: Sure "Cosmic Kid." We'll keep our eyes open for that to happen.

KP Makes a mistake (and fixes it)

Your update listed me as Joe Charlette. Not a real big deal but it still isn't my name, and what kind of nuke would I be if I didn't point out your mistake and laugh.

Joe Charette updates email would be a bit more appropriate. Once again, thanks for the site.



KP Note: Will do...

Kenneth Kwan Comes Aboard

Please add me to your roster.

MM3 Kenneth Kwan, RL DIV 1994-1998


Michael Miracle Changes email Address

I served on CVN-65 from December 1986 to December 1990, in EM11. My e-mail address is now




Big E really headed to SF?

Interesting article in today's SF Chronicle about Alameda County buying USS Enterprise from navy in 2012 to use as a floating power source for Oakland. Not sure what to think.


Link Doesn't Work

KP, the SF Chronicle link you have on your site (4/14/10) doesn't open to the right article. I live in San Jose and have heard on the news that Oakland is thinking about buying the Big E after decom to supplement the city's failing power supplies but it is far from a done deal.



KP Note: I too tried the link and saw that it opened to the wrong article. Can someone find the right one and send me the link? I seriously doubt "the Cosmic Kid" was telling the truth but you never know. I'm hoping someone will throw the bullshit flag on this one. 

What if One Pulled an April's Fool Gag and no one Cared?

That's what the humble and semi-serious KP Did. C'mon----none of you bit? You really think the city of Oakland is going to buy the Big E as a 'green source' of energy? Oh well. I even added fake letters after the fact to bait youz. I thought one or two of ya would have howled. Guess not.



Sad News About Ron Reier


The Kitsap Sun has posted an obituary for Ron Reier, a shipmate from our era. I remember Ron well. Good guy.

Jim W.


KP Note: I am sorry to hear about Reier's passing.

Jerald Griffin Comes Aboard

Hey Ram. This is Jerald Griffin RE01 87-90. Just found out about this from Erron and, shit, this site has been running for a while. Living back up here in Saratoga after a stint back home. Rich probably told you he, Dennis Joyner and I were roommates a while in the 90s. Don't know how much he filled you in. Ask him about the FBI inquiry about our landlord HA. Well I'll keep tabs now that I know about this. 



KP Note: Hey, Griff! Great to hear from you. I think I ran into you back when Mrs. KP and I went to Saratoga for Dicko's wedding. In fact, I'm sure of it. Are you still in the navy?????

Kenneth Pietrzyk Comes Aboard


I served on the Enterprise from 1971 until 1974. I worked in EE-30 during that period. My name is Kenneth Pietrzyk.

Thanks for putting up the website.



Mark Liddle Changes Email Address

Hi, can you please update my e-mail to


Mark Liddle


Kim Sears Comes Aboard

Please add me to your roster.

Sears, Kim RE 3 Plant, 1974-1979 email to

Thanks for the great web site Kim


Steel Beac h Vacation

There we were on Westpac 78, cruising in holding pattern around the IO. Idi Amin of Uganda was up to major shenanigans, and we were waiting for the green light to do whatever needed to be done.  As I recall, he had taken over the US embassy and taken hostages, but a quick Google search doesn’t confirm this.  Google him anyway, if you’ve got some time – what a bizarre story.

So,  After a month or two of circling the IO, we cut back on flight ops to save fuel, with the planes only flying every other day.  A lot of the air wing folks didn’t seem to have much to do, judging by the long lines of airdales playing cards or whatever while waiting for the chow line to open.  For the lower ranked nukes who were working long hours, it was sometimes a choice between getting something to eat or taking a shower before hitting the rack.  The food kind of sucked after being at sea for so long, so some of us were eating what we could buy out of the ship’s store (chocolate pudding-in-a-can and beef jerky, anyone?)

One of the advantages of the no-fly days was the opportunity to lay out on Steel Beach and soak up some rays.  It was one of those days for me, so I grabbed my beach gear and made my way topside.

Our favorite spot was the “angle’s angle,” a place at the edge of the angle deck which angled off a little more. Per the ship’s design, the air would flow up over the angle deck, providing a nice breeze for the planes taking off. We’re talking equator here, so the breeze was a bonus.

The IO was beautiful; endless water and a huge blue sky with small puffy clouds in evenly spaced rows. I called it the “cloud farm.”  I was told later that many of the world’s storms are formed here, but I don’t know how to confirm that.  Even though we were hauling ass along the smooth ocean, there was near total silence on the flight deck except for some paint grinding/chipping going on up forward in one of the ready rooms, which was no doubt being tastefully redecorated.

I laid down my rattan mat bought in P.I. or somewhere to keep off the flight deck greasy oily gunk. Then I laid down my towel to keep from transferring the peacock picture on the mat onto my exposed skin (I learned that the hard way!)

My bogtrotter heritage, combined with many days below decks had reverted me to a pasty-white skin tone, so I made sure to slather every inch of myself with whatever passed for sunscreen in those days.  As I  got ready to lie down on my beach towel, I noticed some movement up toward the pointy end of the ship.  One of our interior decorators was dumping a full garbage can full of paint chips over the side.  As I watched, a  bunch of paint chips dropped toward the water, accompanied by a big cloud of lighter stuff.

It was like a cheap science fiction movie. The cloud swirled and changed shape and headed my way.  There really wasn’t anywhere to go, unless I wanted to jump off the angle deck (I didn’t.)  Per design (see above,) the paint-chip laden breeze overtook the angle deck and coated me with paint chips and remnants of whatever  substances coat the walls of ready rooms.

I just kind of stood there and took it.  I thought about just ignoring the whole thing and getting some sun anyway, but I looked myself over and I kind of looked like flypaper come to life in human form.

I was just a standing there, pretty much at a loss as to what to do next, when a flight deck guy – yellow jersey, I think --- ran up to me and said urgently “We got that guy! We got that guy!  Maybe he thought I was  someone important or maybe he was worried I was going to jump off the fucking ship, who knows, but anyway thanks for caring man, whoever you are.

I packed up my stuff and headed back downstairs to a waiting shower and the rack.   Yum, beef jerky.



Carl Peters Comes aboard

I would like to be listed in your data base. Thanks for doing and maintaining this !

Info: MM3 to MM2, assigned to 1AMR in M Division, onboard August 1972 to April 1975, was “Sailor of the Month” under Capt. C. C. Smith. Any further questions or info, contact me.

Please use my home email address:

cell phone 251-377-4240.

Carl Peters


Fitting For A Great Lady

You dirty rat bastard. I was all excited about the Big E being put out to pasture in Oakland, and it was a joke! You were joking. May the bird of happiness crap on your head!!! My oldest son - who is in the Boy Scouts - and I went to Corpus Christi, TX to spend the night aboard the USS Lexington. Only the Scouts are allowed to spend the night and we got to go places that the average visitor never gets to go. It was a blast. The Lex is on blocks in the bay and it is a WW II aviation museum. I toured the itty bitty engine room and the smell of hot oil soaked into the asbestos lagging brought back memories. The smell of the berthing compartment where we slept that night was also a memory jogger. That night, the crew - I'm not sure if some of them live aboard but I know they stayed overnight with us on board- put on a show all about the flag ( the meaning and evolution of Old Glory ) and a tribute honoring the men who served. It was way cool and I could see myself doing the same thing on the Big E when I retire, if they would save her from the scrap heap - as they should have done for the CV-6, the most decorated ship of WW II. I would love to show my boys the most ocean going ship in the history of the U. S. Navy ( probably of ANY NAVY ). I read somewhere that the USS Enterprise has spent more days at sea than any other ship in the history of water. A finer tribute to the engineers and craftsmen who built her and the officers and men who called her home one cannot imagine. Count me in for the decommissioning. 

Up date my e- mail pleeze, it is now

TTFN ... 

That Ol' BSer

KP Note: Well, said, Brad. I too would love to do that someday. I bet all of us would. I doubt there is another ship in any man's navy that was as loved by her crew as much as The Big E was and still is. She was called the Pig by many during our time there but she was and always will be the Carrier with Class.

Soon to Be Ex Nuc Looking For Job Info

I am currently in the process of getting out and stumbled across your web page. I'm submarine ET1 who's finishing up my first tour aboard the USS Providence. I am constantly looking for ways to extend my network in hopes of finding possible career potentials. I am attaching a copy of my resume and if you know anyone who could possibly help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks, Nicholas DeRoy



Aussie Looking for Video

Dear Bill,

I served in the Royal Australian Navy as an Aircraft Handler on our last carrier HMAS Melbourne during the late 70's. I now collect copies of 'privately' filmed (8mm or video) carrier films as a hobby as well as PLAT footage, mishaps, cruise video’s and other items filmed by Navy cameramen aboard carriers. I would like to swap copies of any carrier flying footage you may have, especially home video or mishaps film.

If you have any footage and are interested in sharing with a fellow ship mate, please reply and ask for my swapping list. Long time Tailhook member.

Regards Joe Sydney Australia


More From Jerald ...

No I'm not still in the nav. I got out in 94. The best thing about that was I was selected to Chief. Imagine being short, and then finding out you made the board. Man, were they all over my ass then. Looking back, maybe not a good idea, but it was absolute heaven back then. I had everyone upin trying to get me to re-up. I just remember all the crap we had to go through though. Eating pucks and dogs all the time and tuna fish because they couldn't screw that up. No A/C in RX berthing my first cruise. Chiefs quarters be damned. FTN never again. Not to say I didn't have good times with everyone, but too many bad things about the ship changed that.


Richard Kelso Comes Aboard

My name is Kelso, Richard (Dick) RL Div, 1 & 4 Plant, 1967 - 1970


Dick Kelso


Steel Beach

Many thanks, R∞, for the great story about tanning on the Big-E. I did two westpacs, '77 and '78 and spent much time on "steel beach" soaking in the rays on my mat. Look at the bright side, those paint chips and dust that landed on you probably acted as a sun screen. I remember getting sun burned on more than one occasion and this sort of stuff tends to come back in later decades in a nasty way.

Brad, I feel the same way about retiring the classy Lady. I'll do my best to be there for the decommissioning, sharing some memories, some beers and tears with others who served aboard. I just hope I get word of the decommissioning in time to book a room and arrange a flight.

Now, about that story about S.F. or Oakland purchasing the Enterprise to use as a power plant. I live in Mountain View (between San Jose and San Francisco on the southern end of the S.F. peninsula. I do not recall hearing or reading any such thing in regards to this. This would be a very expensive proposition for either city to do. And what the hell are they going to do when the reactor cores are depleted? Ask the federal government for a free refill? Nope, this is not a coca-cola cup in you favorite junk food restaurant ... no free refills. Amusing story/thought, though.

Kim Sears, your name sounds awfully familiar. If I am remembering you correctly, you lived in Renton, WA. We were budding audiophiles on the Big-E, of which I am still one (but not on the E). I hope things are going good for you. Still have the B&Ws? Thanks again for letting me ship my stuff to your place when I realize that when I got out of the Navy I would NOT be returning to N.J.

Paul J. Stiles

RX plant1 '76 to '79


Too Bad

I too was taken in with your April 1 joke. Who would ever dream of having 20 generators for power to stop rolling black out in California, but stop right there, When has anyone or anything in California made use of common sense? 

Disappointed John



Looking For An Old Friend

Hiya "King Paul"

I ran across your site after doing a Google for Capt Smith. I learned of his death years ago, and had a copy of the obit but lost it., so I went looking for it again. I remember him fondly too. He once hand picked me for recommendation to a pilot/experimental program (later canceled) designed to allow married people to attend the academy. I turned it down and got out. As Bugs Bunny would say, "What a Maroon!" I have regretted it every day since.

I was not a Nuke, I was Airdale, but I knew several nukes in the years I was on Big E (Feb of 74 to Feb of 78) but don't see any on the contact pages.

The reason I am writing is that I would like to find an old and dear friend with whom I have lost touch; Scott Porter. He went into the NESEP program around 1978, attended Auburn University. He and I kept in touch up until about the time he was commissioned. Then he disappeared and Myspace, Facebook,, Google, and god whatever else is no help at all in finding him.

If you know of his whereabouts or have an email address, and don't mind helping out, feel free to forward him this to him, or let him know that Victor Wright is looking for him. I'd be much obliged.

Thanks for the website. It conjures up a great deal of precious times (that were not so much so then).

Victor Wright 803 233 4406 

Currently in Afghanistan having loads of fun (not).


Thumbs Up


During the first world cruise (1964 if memory serves me), that I was privileged to make, there was spawned what well may be an urban legend. There were three Ports-of-Call, Karachi, Pakistan, Sydney, Australia, and Rio De Janeiro. Either before or after the Sydney port call Capt. Hollaway invited the Aussies to land on the deck of Enterprise, take a tour, eat lunch, and be shot off by the catapults. If what is to be related happened someone else will have to qualify it because I was in the Shipfitter Shop working when the Aussies left. As you may well know the Cat Ofc. needs to know that the pilot is ready for take-off by giving him the thumbs-up sign. You can imagine the surprise when the Aussie pilot through back the canopy, jumped to the wing if the aircraft, and almost grabbed the Cat Ofc. to throttle him. It seems the thumbs-up sign in Australia means something quite different than "OK". Things were straightened out and the Aussie pilot went home with an understanding of American ways.

Respectfully, Rich Allen, R-Div. 63 - 67


Ray Deguelle Comes Aboard

I was on the pig from 1986 to 1989 in RC22.

Regards Ray Deguelle


KP Note: Ray! I remember ya!

Casey Lee Comes Aboard

 Good morning,

I would like to be listed on your website. I served on board the USS Enterprise from August 2007 until May 2009. I was in RC-11 and then RC-23. My email is

Thank you , Casey


Jim Carrel Changes Email Address


I'm now in Omaha and my new personal email address is:

RM-22, 77-81

Jim Carrel


Louis McClure Comes Aboard

Please add my name and email to your list for the 1970s.

Louis McClure, RM-11, 1975-1978,



Long Beach Nuke Stops By

I spent a few hours reading through all the stories and it really took me back. I did nuke school at Vallejo (7604) and my prototype training on the A1W plant at Idaho. Because of that I suppose I always felt a very special connection to the Enterprise. I was assigned to work the B plant as an ELT on the USS Long Beach CGN9 RIP in 1977. Never could have imagined myself doing more than six years and today I live off-grid on a beach house we built down here on a remote stretch of the Pacific in Baja California, Mexico.

Thanks for taking the time to put this all together. Reading all the stories made me realize that most of us hated being nukes but looking back now are really glad we did it. Those who haven’t lived it will probably never understand...



Jeffrey Froude Comes Aboard

Please add me. Jeffrey Froude, MM1, RM22, Berthing, RM23 '80-84

Here are some jpegs of a newspaper that has been lining the bottom of a box for 27 years. You'll have to assemble them

After the navy I got an engineering degree but I am an attorney in Cleveland OH now.

rx-072710-jf1.jpg (130201 bytes) rx-072710-jf2.jpg (85619 bytes) rx-072710-jf3.jpg (48627 bytes) rx-072710-jf4.jpg (25217 bytes) rx-072710-jf5.jpg (136814 bytes) rx-072710-jf6.jpg (221417 bytes)


Tim Stanley Comes Aboard

I served on big e from 1970- 1972 as A division officer and stood ppwo watches primarily in 2 and 3 plant. In fact I did initial criticality for both 2a and 2b at the end of the infamous 1969-1970 refueling at Newport news (infamous for the neutron test source disappearing). after leaving active duty I went to law school with two other nukes and have been practicing law since 1980. I still have an original of the two plant sailor with flies flying in electron orbit around his mop .

Just got thru the first page or two of the notes sent in and to my surprise I found a reference to the three plant dopey book. There is a real slice of life as Howard Cosell would have said , “Just telling it like it is.” lots of nick names to protect the guilty. I believe I may have been one of the few officers who 1) knew of its existence and 2) commented in it under the name of either TDS<1100( weak version of short timers and spec) or Main Man ( as in telling cabbie at Cubi to take you to the Main gate). One of the more famous I recall was of a picture of a scantily clad ( ok naked) woman holding a telephone with the wire disappearing down between her legs while she was standing in a pool of water and the caption said, “ Water level 2 foot high and rising.” A direct reference the periodic calls over to the reactor side mechanical area asking for bilge levels.

I read were someone mentioned an ET Chief Twigg as being very over weight. I think this is the same ET2 Twigg I knew ( RPO red hair and red beard) in 1972! Amazing never figured him for a lifer. There are way too many stories of life on board Big E to relate though I note with wonder the new reference as pig while in 70’s we called her either the Starship (direct reference to star trek then on TV) or the Entercourse (as in it put it to you every day).

Short versions of many memories:

  • Tying the throttle valve in 2 EOS open with rags because it vibrated so badly that the throttle operator actually had to do something to maintain turns.
  • Lighting up the TM panel at xmas so the lights looked like a Christmas tree.
  • With the new elevated/adjustable seats that were added hitting the scram pedal on the lower end  on either sleeping RPO’s or EEOW’s and having the seat promptly drop about 12 “. I can tell it would wake you up.
  • The funnel trick.  Making a funnel out of tygon tubing and tucking it in between the front of your pants and then demonstrating  flipping a nickel off your nose into  the  funnel. Once you showed a new person they would always want to try it themselves.  So when they put the funnel in and had a nickel balanced on their nose, you poured water down the funnel… left an embarrassing big water mark on the front of your trousers….
  • Doing Rx coolant pump starts and stops during a shutdown to maintain temperatures from the comforts of your rack rather than having to go down into the plant.
  • Playing football on the watch officers table with  piece of paper folded into triangle.
  • Looking inside the box/covers over the scram switch to see a picture of our fearless captain smiling on one side a  picture of a German Sheppard lapping down on a naked lady.  This theme was repeated in the other covered switches.
  • The RT shop in 3 plant having a complete stereo system mounted in the false overhead will a LVPE (low voltage  protection effect ) micro switch mounted on the hinge of the door coming in.  That was to kill the stereo if unwanted Lance Commanders (LCDR’s) and above showed up. There was one such lance commander who could hear the music from the outside but every time he opened the door it was gone. He never figured it out.
  • During the infamous refueling in Newport News in 1969-1970, having frustrated et’s impaling a Phillips screw driver into a power range meter in the alley, having a neutron test source ( two-man key protected) disappear and  being frisked by a radiac coming ‘onboard” the ship, breaking up a alleged homosexual ring in the RL (ELT’’s) division and thereafter always calling  the RL div Officer queen of the fairies.
  • Undergoing the ‘domino’ shutdown of 4 out of 5 plants while alongside refueling and pulling away on one shaft using the 2A reactor making 12 knots.  The airdales immediately extrapolated that to mean we could do 48 knots with all four shafts!!
  • Having notorious Nuke officer  riding the catapult at the Cubi O club in the Nude during a change of command ceremony happening on the upper level of club.
  • Having a large engraved brass plate ( 12 X 20) mounted on my stateroom door with the warning in all caps/large letters  DAY SLEEPER  and below it in smaller letters my name.  2nd deck across from the chief engrs stateroom and two doors down from the Reactor Officers stateroom.
  • Having my first Reactor officer, CDR Kellogg ,referred to by all as Capt’n Crunch ( the Kellogg cereal).
  • Other nick names included Mad Dog ( for his imitation of a dog taking a leak  in SF lock up for drunkenness), BJ aka Blow Job, Fast Eddy, Curly Joe
  • A sign once posted in 1 Plant proudly announcing it was the , “Home of the longest shaft and biggest screw job”
  • The one plant station officer banning nuke vitamin pills ( apc or aspirin) from the plant. And having to call to another plant to have an emergency supply sent in while in Rio.


rx-072710-TS.jpg (34640 bytes)

More From Tim:


My three plant patch with name tds<1100. a cheap take off/short timers chain on certain spec using my initials tds and the number of days left in navy. I got this in 1971 and believe it was among the first of these to be made.

The other was from one of the work centers in A division (A-1) which was responsible for operating the catapults and associated equipment up to the launch valves. Since this impacted the reactors (if you don’t believe that ask anyone who watched the SG levels during flight ops), two lucky MM nukes worked here and never ever stood watch in the plants.

At the time A division had six work centers. A-2 was the hydraulic gang (if it ran on hydraulic fluid outside of the plant it was theirs, anchor, steering gear, deck edge elevators, etc), A-3 was the refrigeration gang (anything with Freon down to the 1/3 hp water chiller in the photo lab), A-4 was the diesels and boat engines, A-5 machine shop (probably responsible for more cumshaw work than any place, you’d be surprised what a can of coffee would buy?), and A-6 the air compressor gang also responsible for making liquid oxygen for pilots breathing and liquid nitrogen for freeze seals). All-in-all A Division had about 123 folks of which there three officers (including a warrant officer) 10 chiefs and 25 or so first class.

One of the more memorable MMCM’s in the group was Chief Semperbon (think heavy Cajun accent) who weighed at least 300 pounds if he weighed an ounce. This was way before height and weight or body fat measurements. He came into the A division office (starboard side just below pipefitters shop also known as the UDT shop for “Urinal Drain Technicians”) one day and ordered everyone out but me. He then asked if I had just told a certain MM3 working on the water chiller pump in the photo lab (this is why I remember that equipment) to repair it a certain way and I said yes. He then told me that I had just converted a 2hr job into a 5 hr job with my instructions. Not good. Chief than told me that if I wanted to do his job that was fine he’d be down in the chief’s mess drinking coffee. If on the other hand I wanted him to do his job I should stop giving direct advice to his workers. Actually, to this day it was some of the best advice I ever got and a lot of my subsequent civilian bosses heard the same story when I thought they were doing my work. Note also he did not embarrass me in front of everyone doing it, another valuable lesson.


More From Tim:

skipping the first guy obviously a newbie, the rest are left to right Eric Stein E div, Ken Raglin RL, George Davis Rx Officer Mike Aneshansley 4 Plant Station officer, ensign? Rx admin, Floyd McManus RC , Tim Stanley A Div, Terry Dettman 2 Plant Station Officer, Chuck Harris 1 Plant Station Officer and Bob Takea Habitability. Glory for the engr/rx department  1,000,000 engine miles circa 1972.

also honorary member of crew pin. A big winner down in the plants everyone got these while we were in rio 1971

Paul Stiles...

Hi Paul... look harder, we're here.

Jules J. LaMontagne ET1, USS Enterprise, 3 Plant RO and RT, West Pac '74.


Sad News About Steve Shupe

Hey, One of my great buds, Steve Shupe, MM2 of RM3 76-79 died right after his 50th BD around the year 2000.

Thanks for keepin' track of us.


KP Note: Okay, I admit I was dinq on this thing.... what, did a month go by? Probably. Thanks for your patience. So why did I get off my ass and finally update this thing? Because the one and only VW showed up and I couldn't contain my joy. Welcome aboard, VW!!!!

VW Comes Aboard

I just came across your website and I wanted to laugh uncontrollably except for the fact I am sitting at a computer in a lab at Motorola and they might think I had finally gone over the edge. I have got to find time to read through all the pages on your site. I am sure I could add a few stories that most hoped had long ago vanished without a trace.....

I have a lot of good memories from those six years under the sail, or above the atom....  

... (rest of email was personal so I gotta clear the VW before I post it ... he confirms and doesn't deny anything written about him ... but he may not want it here :)


Rob VW


More From V-Dub ... :

... I am going to get busted at work as I have been reading your website all day and have done 0 real work... Read the "whore of Toulon" story. There were actually 4 of us. Dicko, you, me and who was the 4th??? I think Dicko or unidentified #4 went 1st, then I was to go but chickened out so you went. Then you came out and told us how awesome she was so I borrowed money and went in... At least 3 of us went, not sure about all 4.

I also remember the gut in Naples, Italy where Brad took me to the ho he had found. She was probably 55, 5'4", 210#, with yellow teeth, and hair everywhere (even where ladies aren't supposed to have it)... She ripped off the protection part way through cuz yours truly couldn't climax and I went to completion bareback.... Oh god, how stupid a sexed up dude can be.

And I remember playing truth or dare with your friends at Xmas that year and mentioning the WofT story.... You were pissed....

I also came across the Markva story on the blog. Excellent, that is truly a classic.... Remember that officer, little Italian or Jewish guy, that hated us because I think your little pinky had more charisma than he did... Remember we turned GQ into movie time in the E-div lighting shop around the corner until that O put the kabash on it....


Read allot about MTW on your blog. Remember the last time in PI when he blew his wad of money and whatever on 12+ girls.... Like a Roman Org*.....

Glad to see you are doing what you love. I remember Larry Blakes ( I brake for the blues at Larry Blakes ) in Berkley and the Saloon in San Fran.... Remember our little homestead in Dublin, Ca... 

So bring me up to speed on Dicko, Q, Brad Stephens, Keith Hudson??? The 1st 2 I assume you stay in touch with but what about the others?

You know I have to thank somebody upstairs that I just got out alive.... I puked my guts and passes out on so many occasions in the Nav that I owe it to some greater being for looking over me. I should have at least gotten a DUI or wrecked some cars.... I guessed I paid my dues in that regard before I joined the Nav... But that is a story for another day.....

How are your sisters doing? I remember we pissed Lanna (sp?) off when Dennis H. and I stopped by on our way to San Diego that one time. Give her my regards and tell her I accept responsibility for my partner's bad manners.... I believe he puked in a bag and hid it under the couch....

Anyway, we got to get the old gang together one of these days.... Would be a fun reunion with lots of stories. Not sure if it would be a family type event with the content of the stories.....

I figured MTW would be a CEO of some multi-national conglomerate by now. I remember he was learning Mandarin and talking about China as the next great thing back in the late 80's / early 90's. Man he saw the future... He has got to be rich if his dic* didn't get him killed..... Keith H. tried to get me to go in with him in starting an internet porn site in the early 90's... My wife told me to never talk to him again. I wonder if he followed through with it? If he did he is probably another mega millionaire by now.



And More ...

If I get the time I would like to start from the beginning like you did and just recount as many stories as possible before they are all gone... Remember L__, the fat guy from EE30 that pissed in the can in 4 switchgear and hid the cans for you guys to find when they were fermented? We were rigging a motor one time up on the 2nd deck, #2 AMR tunnel access I believe stbd side, and he was up there with us. Some guys were down on the 7th deck or whatever in the engine room where we were rigging from. We needed to send something down to them and told Lyle we would give him a Twinkie if he would deliver it for us.... I also remember what scared him from pissing and hiding.... We threatened to take one of those piss filled coke cans that had been sitting for a couple of days and pour it on him in his sleep. I remember the guys in the berthing threatened him with violence if he didn't throw his linens in the wash.... The guy was foul as far as personal hygiene went.

I also remember Shayne ___ and the Dennis J. affair. Shayne's wife told Scott P's wife, Scott was my buddy, that Shayne wasn't satisfying her sexually. I hated people with attitudes even though a lot of people probably thought I had one... And a couple of us thought Shayne was really arrogant when he came to the shop. So I told his buddy, EE30 lead PO, Dennis J. that he should take care of his friend's wife's needs... Needless to say he did. Shayne confronted me one day as I was getting out of my rack... I think he wanted to kill me but I must have been more intimidating than I viewed myself as he just yelled at me... Scott (forgot last name) slept in bottom rack and opposite mine and he overheard the affair. Sad but it resulted in a marriage breakup as his wife eventually left him. And they had at least 1 kid as I remember. I think there were two Shaynes in EE30. I should find my cruise books and verify the names. I haven't had them out in years.

I used to have a temper. I remember a few fights. I am really surprised that I never got hit over the head and thrown overboard. Kind of like that chief from Airdales who disappeared without a trace on the Norpac to the Aleutians. You know, looking back I regret some of those fights. I got into it with alot of people when I was lead LPO of lighting/supply shop my last cruise. My people hated me... But I have always had something of a fuse. And I smile right up to the point when I snap and go crazy....

When I came to corporate America some of my co-workers said I should go into politics as I have always loved staying up on current events and what is going on in the world. But I always knew that I had a deep dark history that belonged buried in a closet.... If you don't mind I hope I can put some of those skeletons out there on your website with some degree of anonymity... You misspelled my last name where you used it so that throws off Google.... Hopefully by the time Google gets smart enough to auto correct search entries I will be gone from this world....

You and I were together through almost the full 6 years. You were in my sister company in boot camp. Then I had hernia surgery as I was on light duty through most of boot camp. When the corpsman was squeezing my balls and having me cough he wrote down "possible 3rd testicle." The surgeon, Dr. Xanthopoulis laughed when he saw that. I had a Rt Inquinal Hernia if memory serves. I got a bunch of convalescent leave out of boot camp and went home to spend it with friends... My pre-nav girlfriend broke up with me somewhere in there. I believe after boot camp.... I think I got some free action on leave before that but my memory is poor.... That leave is why I didn't see you again until Nuc school in Orlando. I think you were gone by the time i got back to GTC and went through preliminary electronics training, forgot the name. Then on to A school. I remember there was a conventional E-mate who couldn't pass the tests and I was a good test taker. I sat next to him and when I completed the test I tapped his foot with my foot to send the multiple choice answers via Morse code. Then they separated us at the test tables and his test scores plunged.

I remember in boot camp I aced one of the tests with perfect score. The next test I missed because of medical so I took it after the company. The Co Cmdr knew that if I aced again I would win the academic challenge flag for our company. Needless to say, I didn't. Co Cmdr loved to hate me as he could never Mash me because I was light duty....

----- To be continued -----



Greetings KP and shipmates,

At last, a posting that shows the Enterprise aground! Try finding a picture of that on the internet…difficult if not impossible. I'm writing to point out an interesting observation though,…

If you read the second article from the left, you'll see reference to none other than Communications Chief Jerry Whitworth, aka one of the most heinous spies in US history! Also noted, his wife waiting for him with a White Rolls Royce Limo and complaining about the cost due to having to wait while the ship was extricated from the mud. Amazing!

Bill Patric

KP Note: Holy, crap I didn't notice that when I read the article. How strange.


To Jules

Jules J. LaMontagne,

Hi Jules, how are you doing? In spite of the many years, I clearly remember you. When I came on board, you were up in Reactor Training as an instructor. After a very tough time at Nuc Prototype, getting through RT on the big E was fairly easy in comparison, thanks in no small part to you. I clearly remember and appreciate it.

So, in addition to how are you doing, I add: what are you doing and where are you doing it? When I got out of the Navy in '79, I stayed in the S.F. bay area and I have been "SLAC"-ing off for the last 21+ years on the S.F peninsula.

Maybe a bunch of us can get together some day ...

Paul J. Stiles ET1, USS Enterprise, 1 Plant RO and RT, West Pac '76, '78. West Pac Hanovers ?


Shipmate ADM Harvey report to Congress

Check out U.S. Fleet Forces Command Blog

U.S. Fleet Forces Command Blog 29 July 2010 Statement to the House Armed Services Committee Team,

Yesterday, I testified before the Readiness Subcommittee and Seapower and Expeditionary Forces Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee on Fleet Readiness. My written statement to the Committee can be found here, and a complete webcast of the hearing can be found on the HASC website here. All the best, JCHjr Posted by ADM J.C. Harvey, Jr USN

Submitted by Jules J LaMontagne, ET1, # Plant, West Pac 74


Mike Jessett

Funny stories about Mike Jessett. It sounds like the sailor that I wrote letters to as a child. Back then, our teacher had her classroom mimic the USS Enterprise and we all wore white sailor hats. This Mike Jessett would have been on around 1975, and I remember possibly red hair, beard and definitely a hair lip. My mother discontinued our letter writing when he started making affectionate comments!! 

Barb in Texas


Dad was on Big E


I loved your Enterprise website. My dad served on CVN 65 in the late 70s. I will have to show him this. I spent hours reading your collected stories and wanted to send you an email saying thanks for compiling them.  

Best of luck to you all,

Trish Allen


Zachary Becvar Comes Aboard

MM3 Zachary Becvar EM11 2005-2010



To Paul Stiles and other Shipmates...

I am pleased to report I am alive and well. Really alive! I have been happily lost in the Caribbean now for four years and just love it! Look me up on FB.

Jules J. LaMontagne ET1, USS Enterprise, 3 Plant RO and RT,  West Pac '74.
aka "Senor Don Julio"




More From VDub

Read a little about the Concord apt on your website. Remember Q, Brad S, Scott (was that his name? RE guy who brought his girlfriend up from LA) and I got the apt in Concord. I ended up moving out and ended up renting a house with a Coast Guard dude that lived in the same complex. He had a wife that was kind of big and she had a friend Sue that was f___ing huge. The house was a 4 BR if I remember correctly because the CG couple had the MBR, Sue had a BR, I had one, and their son had 1 BR.

Anyway, you told the story about watching porn one night at the house. CG dude was at sea. Sue, FURB, wanted to watch with us but we wouldn't let her. Well, one other time it was just me and BS and the girls were horned up. CG dudes wife sexually assaulted BS trying to get him to f__k her... And Sue the FURB went after me. Neither one of us gave in and gave them what they wanted. Hey, even I have some limits in life.... Needless to say I moved out after that because I couldn't look CG dude in the face and tell him his wife was a HO.... The had even told me a story about how his wife had told him she had been sexually assaulted one time while he was out to sea before I met them. After 'the incident' described above I started to doubt the veracity of his wife. When she had some liquor in her she would go crazy. As I remember BS tried to hide in the laundry room that night and she went in after him, pulling his pants down and trying to arouse his member. As I recall he stayed limp, as I did that night. There has to be some morsel of physical attraction for the old boy to stand at attention....

Look forward to hearing BS's recollection of that night as I don't think I ever told anybody the truth until now. I didn't want to break up another marriage so I moved out and kept my mouth shut.

However, as I recall Sue did have 13 year old twin nieces who would come to visit once in awhile. And somebody thought they were older than they were. But to set the record straight I never committed a crime... Once again I had some morals and more likely than not feared the legal repercussions of any actions. But I do remember drinking at the house and one of the nieces spending the night, believe it was Jesse (wow where did that come from), and we did flirt... She was pretending to write a letter to a girlfriend and I helped her write and we were putting down in writing some pretty sexually explicit stuff. And we got in a perfume battle where she doused my ass in the stuff and I reciprocated. Big Sue was around and wanted to join in but I kept her at bay.... I think she told me to stop by her room that night but I locked the door to mine.

If you remember that is why your Mom got me the Concord HS red t-shirt for Xmas that year. I believe you told her some of the stories....


Now to Nuc school. Remember the quad that we lived in Ram? You had the room next to mine. Remember Rich Malik came up with the idea to put a condemned sign on your room and tape it off with yellow crime scene tape towards the end of Nuc school. You guys called the chief and he told you to stay out of your room until he found out what was going on. God that was a classic.

And I remember your door got burned at the bottom when somebody converted an airosol can into a flame thrower and shot flames under your door. What was that all about anyway. I can remember what started it all. I also remember the quad being flooded one time, was that from a water balloon fight or something?

Then there was the time George Delamura took the last of the toilet paper out of our bathroom and I took a crap before I realized their was no TP. As I remember I almost killed him over that one. But he didn't hold it against me as we used to pal around at prototype later.


And about prototype. Remember all the snow on the ground and you walking home from the site. I stopped and asked if you wanted a ride and you said No you preferred to walk. I took off and looked in my rearview mirror to see you chasing me down the road with your roommate. What was his name? I can picture his face but I can't remember the name. And I remember your girlfriend from prototype... Glad to see you did much better for yourself.

Rich M. and I roomed together at prototype. I remember our landlords daughter lived over top of us and she was ex-army. I can remember drinking with her and she started to tease me by showing me her tits. But that is a story for another day. Wonder whatever became of Rich M. as he ended up on our sister ship the Carl Vincent in Alameda.


Ram, pretty amazing that you and I were in sister companies in boot camp. Went to nuc school together and lived in the same quad. Went to MARF, the rodless wonder together and ultimately ended up on the Big E together. I can remember thinking you were a little too crazy for me at various points along the way. But you and I share a lot of precious memories in common. It was an honor to have served with you dude.


KP Note: Sorry it took me so long to get this up VDub.... My roommate in NY was Al Huff. He was one of the funniest guys I ever met. Man, VDub, we really did do through the entire navy together? I still remember how much of an asshole you CC was in bootcamp. Us 077 boys felt bad for you 076 boys--you guys were always getting mashed. Every Friday our CCs would bring in pizza for us and we'd Smoke and Coke it up and you poor guys would be looking through the rec-room window at us. I forget how I wound up in RE and you went to EE30. I guess EM2 McKee thought more of you than me :) I totally remember all your 'robust' female roommates in Concord. We could never watch any porno movies because they would keep coming out and ask, "What are you guys watching?" ..... "NO! We know your watching a porno--it's okay--can we watch it too?" Keep them stories commin' VDub!!!!

Dr. G Greets Mr. Stanley

I see Mr. Stanley has arrived onto this site. I read and enjoyed his posts from the early 70’s….but I think he’s got some facts in error. His first Reactor Officer on the Big E had to be, at the time, CDR George W Davis and as A dept officer, his direct report to Engineering Officer during that period must have been CDR Heckman. CDR Kellogg replaced Mr. Heckman in 73 or 74. CDR Davis is seen just behind and to the left of Mr Stanley in the picture he posted. Mr. Stanley must have remembered Mr. Jeff Twogood…………..he was just too good to forget……… 3 Plant Officer he was a real peach. Two plant had the never-forgotten CL Turner – the RPE who knew everything about the ship that you ever wanted to know, and then some; Ltjg. Harvey (now Admiral Harvey) was up in 4 plant while Mr. Stanley was there. The term “Lance Corporal”, I think had it’s origins because LCDR Lance Terry was the RCA during that time. Lance corporal Terry was a real ass-hole to almost everyone…….we would announce his arrival to the plant in the infamous language of chimps – at the time Lancelot Link, secret chimp, was on kids TV, and the monkey’s girlfriend would always yell out, “Oh Lance” when he was near like “Little Darla” did for Alfalfa in the Our Gang series………we’d pick up the phone and call out “Oh, Lance !!!, Lance is in the plant”…….LCDR Zalkin was the RMA - can’t imagine where these two ended up after they left the Big E; but Mr. Stanley was one of the good guys……..glad to see he’s back on-board………..if ever need a lawyer I’ll know who to call……………what other nuke officers did you go to law school with???

Dr. G.


Sad News About MMCM Pete Kennedy


Thought that I would let you know that MMCM Pete Kennedy (RM DIV LCPO) passed away this past Friday of a massive heart attack.

More detail later as I get them.



Position Open

Position: Test Specialist Location Pittsburgh, PA (West Mifflin) Salary: Open, commensurate with skills, education and experience Benefits: Competitive health benefit plans as well as a matching 401(k) plan Terms: Full time Company Overview: GSE Systems, Inc. ( provides training simulators and educational solutions. The Company has over three decades of experience, over 349 installations, and 100 customers in more than 40 countries. Our software, hardware and integrated training solutions leverage proven technologies to deliver real-world business advantages to the energy, process, manufacturing and government sectors worldwide. GSE Systems is headquartered in Sykesville, Maryland located in the western suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland. Our global locations include offices in St. Marys and Augusta, Georgia; Tarrytown, New York; Nyköping, Sweden and Beijing, China.


GSE is currently looking for a Test Specialist to work on assignment with one of our partners developing advanced naval nuclear propulsion technology and providing technical support to ensure the safety and reliability of our nation's naval nuclear reactors. Specifically, the qualified candidate will assist in the development of interactive, computer-based training simulators to be used for operator training.


" BS Degree in Engineering, OR at least 3 years experience as a nuclear operator in the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program OR equivalent experience " Experience in maintenance and operation of an A4W OR S5G nuclear reactor " Must be clearable (able to obtain a DOE security clearance) " Strong communication skills


" Past or current DOE or DOD security clearance " Experience in a test environment



Re: Dr. G's post, 

I left the ship in January 1973, and had known CDR. Kellogg for some time. I'm guessing he became RO in late 1971 or so. I understand he went to a seminary and became a priest after he got out. Stood many a Load Dispatcher watch with "Screaming Yellow", remember once when he had the watch in Central and LT. Terry (?) E-Division Officer (?) refused a direct order more than once to perform some task, don't remember any details, but all of us were stunned speechless and were expecting Cdr. Zalkan to call the Marines. I don't believe this was ever made public knowledge . I believe Lt. Terry was replaced by Lt. Klein soon thereafter if my brain cells retain any accuracy. Heard but did not witness a call from the Bridge while in port to Central, a Nuke was injured in a motorcycle crash. When the police reported it to the ship, they recorded his answer as who to notify as "Cdr. Krunch". He quietly replied, "That's me".

Dale Keys


Larry Maghrak Comes Aboard

"King Paul"

First of all “thank you” for creating this site and encouraging people to contribute and for maintaining the site; it has some great stories. I have been checking in on this site for the past few years after Dan Coyne told me about the “2 Plant Losers” web site. I first met Dan while supporting Mare Island Naval Shipyard repair work on the “Big E” and then he showed up working at Rocky Flats where I was working for DOE. I reported to the “Big E” in January 1979 just as she started her Complex Overhaul. My previous assignment had been as a staff pickup instructor at the A1W prototype, so I knew quite a few nukes on board either from my class or those I had worked with at A1W. I did a fairly short tour in the training void under the watchful eye of “disco duck” before being assigned to RM-23. The Reactor Mechanics were in a 4 section rotation similar to that used at A1W and I got to meet a bunch of new characters. My RM-23 crew mates were Roger Hayton, Dave Minnick, Ron Schryer, and Quinton Wagner. At this time there was a hole cut in a bulkhead that connected the No. 2 CTG flats with the No. 3 CTG flats and it was not uncommon to have RM-22 mechanics in 3 Plant. So I also made acquaintances with Ron Hayden, Mike Barker and others. Not long after I assisted an ELT “Denver D” who demonstrated a unique water chemistry sampling protocol resulting in maximum time allowed between wet layup chemistry checks. Soon afterwards someone cut cabling in a crucial instrumentation cabinet cleverly avoiding high voltage cabling. This event instituted the RAR access watch for the rest of the overhaul. Naval Investigative Service arrived and questioned everyone. I couldn’t offer much insight into who, or why this had been done because I had only been on board a few months. The Shipyard fixed the cabling and within a year cables were cut again. However, the RAR access watch logs helped narrow down who might have been in the area when the event occurred. Eventually a RM-23 E-6 mechanic nick-named the “missing link” (from Arizona) confessed to cutting cabling. He was eventually busted down to E-3, spending his last days as a sailor at the Sandpoint Naval Station making small rocks out of big rocks. It probably didn’t help that the investigation determined that the “missing link” had a subscription to “Soviet Life”; this may have factored into his punishment. Believe it or not the “missing links” younger brother was also a nuke assigned to the Big E and he was assigned to Engineering to keep him away from the reactor plant instruments. The overhaul period was an endless routine of “hurry up and wait” valve lineups and tagouts combined with field day. During the summer we would play softball games during our scheduled days off. It was through these games that I met other nukes: John Bonfiglio, Jeff Keene, Mark Leboeuf, Chuck Van Gaasbeck, Al Brumbelow, Mike Barker, Ron Hayden, Bill Ball, and Stan Kaczynski. Mark Leboeuf was a short-timer and I remember him telling me that he planned to travel through Nevada looking for old ghost mining towns to collect artifacts and antiques; unfortunately I don’t know how far he got with these plans before his death. All in all a good group of guys with enough unique characters to keep things interesting. I broke my leg playing soccer on the ships team and was assigned limited duty off the ship for a period of time. When I was reassigned back to the ship I was assigned to RM-14 where I worked with Paul Martin and Dennis Dortch. Not long after my assignment James Tarkowski was assigned to our crew and it appears he went on to be a legend of sorts. During this time 1 Plant was preparing for hot operations and Naval Reactors had completed a physical inspection of the plant and declared that they were not ready. As a result RMs from the other plants had to come in on extra time prior to the Christmas holidays to help 1 Plant clean up their plant and equipment. It was odd to have 1 Plant RMs telling the rest of us where bilges needed chipping and painting to be performed in a sort of supervisory tone of voice. As you can imagine morale on the Big E was never a command priority. I finally discharged out of the Navy in 1981 and immediately went to work at the Shipyard (PSNS) in the Nuclear Test Engineering Division. In 1982 I transferred to Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo, CA, where I had attended nuke school in 1975. When I left PSNS other Big E alumni working there included: John Bonfiglio, Robin Reiselman, Al Brumbelow, and Stan Kaczynski. Other Big E nukes who were working at PSNS include: Bill Ball, Chuck Van Gaasbeck, and Mike Barker. In 1987 I was assigned by Mare Island Naval Shipyard (MINS) to support reactor plant repairs and modifications on the “Big E” at Alameda as a Nuclear Shift Test Engineer. I was fortunate to have avoided the dry docking work at Hunters Point the year before. MINS typically was assigned to complete repairs during the ships in port periods after their deployment period. If you look at the time line of my service you should be able to see that while I was in the Navy for 6 years I never went to sea. But I went to sea on the “Big E” in 1987 to support boiler feed piping repairs in 2 Plant and the ship had a training commitment. There were quite a few nukes on board who remembered me from either prototype or my assignment to the ship and they properly gave me grief about my only sea time being as a civilian. The biggest assignment that MINS had, and where I had my most frequent contact with Dan Coyne, Woodruff and others was in 1989 as we inspected feed piping and made repairs as needed. During this time there was an emphasis on formality and it was stressed that the proper use of surnames would contribute to formality. So Woodruff became “Sir Woody” as well as the other nukes. This was a fairly intensive work period and it was interesting to note that things hadn’t changed much for the nukes since I had been discharged. A few events stood out, one involved a RM-23 mechanic who had been sleeping on top of lube oil storage/setting tanks as we (MINS) were conducting radiographic inspections. MINS radiographers would walk down the space before exposing their source but no one thought to look on top of these tanks. We had just completed our shot when this guy comes wandering out rubbing his eyes. Another time there was a small fire that started in the 1 RAR and Chuck Van Gassbeck had a plastic jug with a flammable liquid (alcohol of some type) that he accused MINS of leaving exposed as part of poor housekeeping. He implied that I was responsible for this (he was pretty pissed) until I pointed out the container bore “Southwest Marine” markings and did not belong to MINS workers. Finally almost all thermal insulation had been stripped on feed piping. Apparently 1 Plant supervision was unhappy with housekeeping conditions and after plastic tents used for the work had been removed, and some one in 1 Plant used compressed air to blow down the piping resulting in potential asbestos exposures for a lot of folks. That’s all for now, I hope that all those nukes I met are having themselves a good life; mine was enhanced by the nuke experience.

Feel free to post what I have provided but please keep my email address private. Thanks.

Larry Maghrak RM-23 and RM-14 1979 -1981


Old NTC Orlando

Here are several links. You can probably find more by yourself just by typing the following into Google: "Navy Base to Neighborhood"

Both of these are worth exploring and have a number of photos of the destruction of NTC Orlando. Depressing, but interesting.

I hope all is well with you. I enjoy keeping up with your website.

Looking forward to taking out the trash in November?



To Dr G (and others)

Nice to hear from a fellow three planter. You may also know my roommate then Ed Murach who was the M DIV officer for the after group. We have kept in contact lo these many years. He is alive and well in Sacramento after working for Commonwealth Edison at the Zion plant for many years. He was the nuke who got caught flying war missions over Viet nam with one of his college fraternity brothers in the A-3. Think he was going for 5 missions so he could get an air medal….. go figure. He earned his nickname “fast Eddie”.

You were at least partially right on CDR Davis being the Reactor Officer; however, he did not become the RO until December of 1970. I arrived on Big E in July of 1970. The starting line-up then was: Capt Forrest S. Petersen CO of ship ( btw he was the ONLY navy X-15 pilot before he became a nuke); CDR C C Smith XO (he was in the class ahead of me at both Bainbridge and S3G same section. It was truly amazing, he signed up and waited in line for checkouts like the rest of us mere mortals. He later came back as CO.), the Reactor Officer was CDR Kellogg a displaced submariner who went to the Narwhal, the Chief Engineer was CDR Bill Neel, the Electrical Officer was LCDR Johnson, the MPA was CDR George Tsantes. CDR Pete Heckman (later made three stars) relieved CDR Neel after we went round the horn in 1971 in Almeda. I still keep in contact with Pete as he was THE best boss I ever had Navy or otherwise LCDR Paul Reason (later four stars) became the electrical officer, LCDR Ray Taylor became the MPA and LCDR Jerry D Beveridge became the DCA ( he was certainly a look alike Lance in the RX dept). While unofficially I reported to the Engineer, officially I reported to the DCA.

CAPT Petersen was relieved by CAPT Tissot shortly after we got to WESTPAC in Subic in the summer of 1971. I sat next to him for 6 months in Bainbridge. For a guy who later made Admiral I can say he was one of the most mild mannered, calmest, never yell and holler kind of guy. Wonder how he made admiral?

For your information Jeff Twogood prefers to be called Fred. He is listed on the directory and lives in North Carolina still doing nuke type consulting.

Note for THE KING. After having read numerous of the inputs you have received from nukes over the years I am truly amazed at the lack of facts about engineering equipment and capabilities outside of the plants. Even among load toads. To wit, I read somewhere that there were two smaller a/c units and one large one for the ship. Not true there were 10 units, 8 were 150 ton units and 2 were 175 ton units. While designed to operate independently, the chilled water system was typically divided into three groups, forward, aft and middle with 3,3 and 4 units in each respectively. Then, much like shipboard SSTG’s they were run in parallel allowing fewer than all to be running. In fact it they shared or hogged loads one from another base on chilled water output temperature much like voltage did on TG’s. To do this they had a Hagan system that would have made the engine room cry over. Also each aircraft elevator had four large pumps which could be used at any time for elevator operation. The airdales always asked for 4 thinking it made the elevator go up and down faster. It did not. The elevators went up and down by using high pressure hydraulic fluid to expand a long piston in a cylinder which had huge sheaves attached at either end with 20 wire cables running out the elevator. The purpose of the pumps, and their turning off and on was automatic and not controlled by the operator, was to merely take the discharged, now lower pressure hydraulic fluid and increase pressure and put it in the high pressure tank. To go up, a valve opened and discharged through an orifice plate ( the size of this hole actually controlled speed). The number of pumps simply reduced cycle time between ups and downs and had nothing to do with speed. Try explaining that to an airdale in 20 words or less even with pictures!!

Tim Stanley


Richard Beard gets new Email Address

Hey please update me when you get a chance thanks again for this site.

Richard Beard RM 11 1991-1995 update email address to

Richard D. Beard III, Esq. ALLEN, HAROLD & BEARD, PLLC


Greg Yuhas Comes Aboard


I just came across your site and would like to add my name:

Greg Yuhas MM1, ELT, PPWS Serial Number: 6-100

I met her in San Francisco in April 1969, around the Horn to NNSDD for the fist refueling in the river under Ned Kellog and the Cdr. Davis; back around the Horn and was discharged in May 1971 in San Diego. Spent most time in 2&3, ELT shack and RT Division.




David Taylor Comes Aboard

Please add me:

MM1 David Taylor

Years on Enterprise: Dec 1979- Dec 1983

RL Division, Forward Group (Forward Shack watching chemistry on plants 1 & 4)

David Taylor


David Ackley Comes Aboard

Hi KP! Love your site! Actually found it a few years ago, just haven't chimed in. We most likely crossed paths prior to your exit, but I can't recall, as w/ most of my 'gray' days. Please add me to your directory as follows:

Ackley, David

RL Div, 1989 - 1993

Many will remember me by the nickname, EVIL. While still a NUB in RT, I was shadowing Oliver Sohn. Ollie said something about Zen Buddhism and I responded w/ something derogatory. He quickly turned to me and declared I was EVIL. The name stuck.

Originally from MO; currently in KY. Working in the lab at a uranium enrichment plant originally built as part of the atomic bomb project. The Navy was not good TO me, but has proven good FOR me.

Shout out to Dale 'Zach' Zacherl, Damon 'King' Schroeder, John Kesterson, Tony Ruhe, Rick Downing, Tim Warren, Bobby Turner, Eric Denault, Mark McHugh, Jesus Medina, Chris Brundage, Matt Lowry, Dave Martin, Dan Miller, Louis Villafourte, Jim Bowie, Brian Wright, Ed Kirschner, Richard Motschenbacher, Trevor Lowing, Eric Hood, Eric 'Schmitty' Schmidt, Dan Joose, Steve Lummer, Michael E. Grafton, Chad Beddingfield, Paul ?, ? Jackson, Tim ? and many other great shipmates whose names are tasking my gray matter.

Thanks so much for keeping up the site! Anchors aweigh!


Apologies to All

Again, I am sorry, shipmates, for the time between updates. I try like hell to get this thing updated at least once a week but ... once a month seems more accurate. I've been busy coaching, writing my 'never to be read' books, and recording my 'never to be heard' record albums. Life in the KP Lane, I guess. Hope all are doing well.

Take Care, 


Friend me on Facebook if you can. I go there at least once a day.


Dan Boggs Changes his Email Address

Greetings! please change my e-mail address to

1973 - 1979 group. RM2 Division


Big E Artwork For Sale

Ahoy, Mates .... Perhaps you thought your life was incomplete ... now it isn't. On EBay as we speak (or as I write) is an original MMCM Deaville work of art. He asks that you take a look
.f this sells well perhaps I'll think about putting my HME hand drawn dopeybook picture of MMCM (with horns and all) up on eBay.


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