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Jim Craft Comes Aboard

I am Jim Craft USS Enterprise 1979-1983 RC23


Bryan Yarborough Comes Aboard

Please add this address

RM14 1995-1999

Bryan Yarborough



Ram, as I have seen several posted "opportunities" posted on this site, I was hoping you might post this as it seems that good, educated people are getting hard to find:

I would like to advise those in the North Bay Area or possibly wanting to move there of 3 openings out of 4 coming next month with the water department of the City of Vallejo in California, 2 due to recent retirements. It's a journey level Instrument Tech position but RE's and ET's should pass the test no problem (plus, you are already proven trainable). It is a great job with good benefits and excellent retirement, 2.7% * yrs worked * highest last year once you reach 55. 37 years give 100%. You can buy 4 years military time. Currently 38.37/hr at top step, new hires usually at step 3 unless extremely well qualified, sorry nuke Navy alone won't do it.. Fully paid medical, dental and vision. Job is actually multi-faceted, controls, instruments, high and low voltage electrical, computers and radio telemetry. You work mostly autonomously and get a city truck and a yearly tool allotment. 4/10's if you like. Water department funds are protected by CA prop 218, so layoffs in the city general fund don't really affect water division. Contact me at if you want a more detailed description. It takes awhile to get on as with most government entities, expect 4 to 6 months. website is

These jobs don't open often for good reason.

KP Note: A rare opportunity, if not for the money--at least to work with Bobo!!!


Band Practice

KP, Several weeks ago I was cruising around in Napa County and heard a new song that's getting a lot of air play on one of the local radio stations. All of a sudden I had a major flashback!

In June '78 just prior to my discharge, I took several weeks leave in the P.I. while the ship went to sea. I used some of the time to get out of town and see the "real" Philippines, but I spent most of the time in the Po Town area. Let me tell you, Olongapo is a much different place without the fleet in town. Once the bars and streets clear out, the first thing you notice is that everything gets drastically cheaper. (That's right, I mean EVERYTHING!) In the top bars beer suddenly goes from P4.0 to P1.5. While I loved the hustle-bustle of the town with a carrier in port, it was a refreshing experience to relax and take everything in at a more leisurely pace.

One of my favorite activities during this time was band practice. Various of the club bands would practice around 2 or 3 PM. There was no set schedule, but most of the honey-kos could tell you where and when to go. A favorite place for me to catch band practice was the Sierra. As big a that club was, there would only be 10 or 12 tables with any people. The really great thing about band practice was that the bands would play songs that they didn't play at night. Those songs had to be danceable to help the honey-kos ply their trade. I've always been a major league fan of The Who, but you never heard any Who in the clubs at night. One afternoon in the Sierra I bought the Frictions a round of beer (7 beers at P1.5 apiece) and got not just "Won't Get Fooled Again" but "Baba O'Reilly" all for about a buck and a half! They were one of the few Olongapo bands that had full-blown synthesizer, so they gave an absolutely awesome performance! Too bad guys didn't get to hear that kind of music at night, but the bands just had to stick with danceable music during "business hours".

Probably the most memorable part of band practice was hearing songs you had never heard before. (or again, in most cases.) It was during one rainy afternoon in the Sierra that I first heard the Frictions do "Father of Day" by Manfred Mann's Earth Band. Also heard Lou Reed's "Sweet Jane" that same afternoon, complete with Steve Hunter guitar intro. On another afternoon I was catching band practice in the Astro Club and heard Our Daily Bread do Deep Purple's "Sail Away" They were still learning the song, and they'd play it on the record player then they'd run through the song themselves. It was amazing how quickly they picked it up. They follow it up with "I'll Be Standing By" by Foghat. A short time later they launched into the Allman's "It's Not My Cross to Bear" It was that afternoon in the Astro Club that I first came to the realization that, despite my hard rock exterior, maybe I was really a blues fan in disguise. Have you ever had an epiphany? I had one that afternoon. And I still remember it to this day.

I think that most of us 70's era Big E sailors, who once thought that our era's rock music was "cutting edge", have gradually come to terms with the fact that it all originated with the Delta Blues with Robert Johnson right there at ground zero. (Or would that be the "Crossroads"?) Go figure.

Oh yeah, the song that sparked my flashback? "I'm Amazed" by My Morning Jacket. Here it is 30 years later (to the month) but if I close my eyes that song would have fit PERFECTLY into Olongapo Band Practice !



Clarence Addis Comes Aboard

Addis, Clarence served 1978- 1982 RM14 & RM3


Michael Hutchison Comes Aboard

Please add me to the roster. I was an EM3 (later EM2) assigned to the A&O shop (EE-50) from 1985 to Dec 1987.

Thank you,

Michael Hutchison


KP Note: Tell me you hated EM2 W--- as much as I did.

KP Note: Brothers (and Sisters), I'm hoping One of you Can Help. I got this email yesterday:


I am an ex-ELT/EWS. I got in trouble at prototype and with recent events in ELT world (USS Hampton/Scranton) I have been de-nuked. I am awaiting the fallout of this to wrap up. It looks like I am going to be involuntarily discharged. I am losing my security clearance, as of today, with the possibility of having to repay my bonus. I am still in limbo, but any employment advice would be welcome. I am still working on preparing a resume. Thanks for your advice.

[I deleted name]

I replied as follows....

Thanks for your letter. These days many of the utilities are hiring like crazy and navy nukes are in big demand. I think that if you are honest you will find something. There are many ex nukes in the industry and they will help; that is, unless they uncover something you did not admit to. If you want I can post your message on KP Site (w/o your name) and you can see how people respond. One or more folks may be willing to help. I have 1000+ nukes on my site and more than half work in the utility industry. Here's what I suggest: send in an anonymous message to KP Site --explaining everything--in detail. I can forward suggestions back to you. If you were EWS and an ELT you are worth your weight in gold to someone. You can address ethical stuff one on one with someone later.


Here are the details:

I am fine with you posting an anonymous post on KP. What happened was I initialed for an EOOW review of a PAS. Then NR caught it and I did not admit to it right away. It blew up and became an integrity issue almost immediately. It was mostly pride and embarrassment that prevented me from coming forward right away. They threatened all the people on my crew. That night I couldn't sleep, or look at my son without breaking down. I came forward the next day and told my XO what I had done. At the time, I knew I'd lose everything I had worked for. CO gave me a suspended bust and 1/2 months pay for 2 months. I was told they were going to let me keep my clearance, but that has also gone along with a big chunk of my bonus. Now I am looking at getting kicked out. I fear this will impact my opportunities to make a new start in the civilian sector. I was an ELT/EWS with a year a LELT/LPO. I have a BSAST in nuke tech from TESC. I was supposed to start master's classes but my TA was suspended. I might still make chief, which would be funny to me, as now I am shunned by the prototype site. Thanks for your help and communication. I really do appreciate your advise.

So, guys. This man seems like a good guy that just did something stupid. He seems like a man of integrity and I'm hoping someone can give him useful advice. I'll post what you send me and direct email to this man if you have personal communication.


Someone Else Looking for Help

Hoping someone could help me! Looking for a Sammie Watts..... I think he served around 71 when the Big E was in Newport News..... any ideas or anyone know how he is????



A new show to download for those collecting bootleg P-Mooj shows. It was a so-so show. I wasn't on pain killers or anything interesting but I was 'on another planet,' as they say. In the crowd was an odd looking obese man who kept lifting his shirt over his head and shouting 'f--yeah!' Not sure what that was all about but it did inspire us to play a bit harder than usual.



Job Opportunities


I had the good fortune to have spent this week at one of Nucor Steel's large facilities. I was told numerous times that they have many ex-Navy nuke electricians throughout their corporation, and they are very impressed with them. I believe they have 38 various steel plants located throughout the country.

After speaking with one of their engineers today who participates in hiring, I asked and he agreed to allow me to submit to your site that Nucor Steel is always looking for carrier nuke electricians. Additionally, they are always looking for persons with hydraulics (not valve op water hydraulics, but conventional hydraulics) experience such as A gangers.

I interviewed many employees while on site, and can say without reservation that Nucor Steel is an excellent company to work for, is very safety conscious, and has excellent pay and benefits.

Their website is

Jim W.


KP Note: Thanks, Chief. I know you haven't been called "Chief" in about 20 yrs but to me you will always be "Chief." Today I was bombarding my son with old sea stories and mentioned the Oompa Loompa Man tale. He almost crapped himself laughing. I'm not even sure if you remember it. I think I have it on this site somewhere (its the tale where you tell MM3 Jennings to go get his TLD prior to a plant s/u; he does, or tries to ... the TLD was at his home in Sacramento).  

July 4th Virtual Toast

KP, Willy, Larry Z and I have been exchanging E mails recently about an upcoming event. I'll be 30 years ago this July 10 that the three of us were honorably discharged on Treasure Island. Just where the hell does the time go?

Willy's in Rhode Island, Larry's in Michigan and I'm out here in California, but we will be doing a virtual toast that day. I contacted some of the other 70's guys since most of us got out in June/July of 78. We have all agreed to have a larger virtual toast on July 4 at 5PM West Coast time (8PM East Coast)

KP, you and your readers are invited to join us on July 4 to raise a glass to those who came before us, those who served with us, and those still in uniform.



Dear Paul

Please change my listed email to I am listed in the 1970 to 1979 group, a long lost brother of Joe Vierra, Paul Burke, Grit Smith, Bob Kopecky, Warren Banzet, Tom Gonzales, Pete Sears, Fergy Ferguson, Dennis Dukeman, Dickie Varga, Rick Timmons, Kenny Higgins, Willie Clyde Thompson, Ken Buns Belding, Jim Hughes, Larry Carter, Guy Saladin, Gene Kurtz, Jim Bratton, Steve Shupe, Paul Stock, Jules LaMontaigne, Trooper Welch and on and on and on.

Many of us are toasting our 30th anniversary of leaving the Navy on July 10th during the race at Daytona. Feel free to join.

Please does ANYONE have contact information for Joe Vierra who was in RM3 in the 1975-1979 time frame?


Douglas Ortego


Joe Drees Gets New Email Address

Joe Drees EM-14 1982-1986 new email address is

Thanks !


ET - C School - Oct 20, 1972 - Great Lakes

Hola Senor,

Just received a nice foto from Lou Frank and we hope to fill in the blanks of names. Either it's our bad eyes or failing gray matter, either way we need help. This is ET - C "Radar [as I recall]" School Graduation - nukes all as I see it. Thanks all,

Jules J. LaMontagne, ETI, West Pac '74, RT and 3 Plant... aka Don Julio la Montagne de la Vega... now happily lost in the Caribbean...

L - R... 1) xxx, 2) Jules, 3) xxx, 4) xxx, 5) xxx, 6) Lou


From a Toober...

Shouldn't your duty station be COMCIVBACKYARDSIXPAC?

Donovan Hixson ET1(SS)


KP Note: Yes! I guess it should:)....Speaking of Tubers someone (not Donovan) sent me the following 'scope view'. I have no idea what they were getting at.

Coury Clements and Brian Bradley Come Aboard

Hey. Could you add me to the list of contacts. My email is: Coury Clements

RC23 and 14 1997 - 2001

Thanks, Coury

Also, a friend Brian Bradley would like his added.

RC11 1996-2000


The reunion date has been changed to the 16th of August. Same place/ same time.



KP NOTE: Please contact Chester and let him know if you're coming. He is expecting many locals but unsure of the guys living elsewhere. As of yet I have not bought a ticket. I'm hoping to snag a "cheap" Southwest last minute deal but that does not look likely. If I am not there please don't curse my name as you drink your Yuenglings:(  

Looking for a Friend


I was on USS Independence CVA-62 back in the late 60s where one or two of my colleagues made rate and were ordered to Enterprise.

I went to Lane Community College in Eugene, OR, with one Rich Gewax - and found mention of him in your pages. He does not, however, appear in your Contacts databases.

He and I (and several others) went from LCC to Boeing in Seattle in 1978 and kept in touch for over 20 years - I went to his wedding - he came to mine - etc. He got laid off just after 9-11 and I've lost track of him. None of the other classmates we came up here with seem to know where is either.

Have you any hints as to how I might get an email address?

Thanks in advance for any help,

Wm. G. ("Mike") Chapman


Shipmate Vice Adm. Harvey promoted...

See the links below to Harvey's new responsibilities as Director, Navy Staff.

Jules J. LaMontagne, ETI, West Pac '74, RT and 3 Plant... aka Don Julio la Montagne de la Vega... now happily lost in the Caribbean...

Vice Admiral John C. Harvey, Jr. Director, Navy Staff


To The Tubers...

Ram, You can tell the Tubers the same thing we told them when we where back at S8G. Those cross hairs on the ship in the "scope view" tell the mail plane where to land!!!

Gary Finke EE-30 86-89


About Der Assholt W__

I am responding to the post about EM2 W---- from EE50. If we are talking about the same guy, him being very German and what not. I remember playing Axis and Allies one night in the shop. I was playing the Axis side and was losing badly. I really pissed him off when I asked him if wanted to see Germany get their asses kicked again!!


Larry Cormican Finds a New Email Address

Hey Ram,

Just wanted to update my Email address and say hey! How are all my Big E buds doing?



John Jones Reporting Aboard

Back around page nine or so there was a very entertaining story from Arrgh about a scram drill in 4 plant. While I have no doubts that it actually happened, maybe it wasn't quite that way. The story goes like this

"Well, Mr. Baugh and the drill team come into the plant, and he comes into EOS and makes a remark about my sad condition of alertness, as I was nodding out and barely holding my own. I'm pretty sure John Warchol was on the 4A. As you probably have guessed, I lost it and fell asleep.

They Scrammed me, and I think I actually shit myself! I stood up, did all of the required duties, and was standing there shaking, while everyone in the EOS was laughing their collective selves to death! I looked over at John, and said, "Did I do everything right? Did I make all the right reports? Help me here, dude!" He said, "Man, you were textbook! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself!" Then he looked at the nub, who was staring wide-eyed in disbelief at what he had just seen, and told the nub, "See? In a couple of years you'll be able to do it in YOUR sleep, too!"

While I'm sure the stiory is true, it most likely wasn't John Warchol on the 4A RPCP. How do I know? Simple, I asked him about it this morning. See, John and I have worked together for about the last eight years. I also knew the author of the story, since while he and John were in RC14, I was in RC23

On other pages there were stories that Captain Kelly's career was ruined due to the grounding in April 1983. In actuality Captain Kelly retired in August 1994 as a full Admiral, and CINCPACFLT. Doesn't sound like a ruined career to me. He actually had more problems from tailhook that from the grounding. For verification see

John Jones

RC23, RC Shop 1981- 1984


Linked In

Ram, I've created a LinkedIn group called "US Navy Nuclear Operators". For those who are already using LinkedIn, they can search that name and find the group. It's growing by 5 or 6 members per day but would appreciate if you dropped a note on your site about it. I think it can be a useful tool for those in the job market.

Regards, Doug Miller


Latest BSOLP Shows...... sell outs, all

Be sure you subscribe to the BSOLP Blog so you don't miss all the fun and adventures. I actually got lots of feedback for the University of Ionnina poster. Who among the KP lot can tell me who "she" is.

Alameda Memories

King Paul,

 I didn't end up on the Enterprise but then again I didn't finish my enlistment as a Nuke but that's another story. I hung around some of my 8301 section 1 buddies that ended up on the Enterprise, one night in 1985 a shipmate of yours, Mr. Ron McMahon, some electrician named Rick? and myself went to an Oakland A's vs. Milwaukee Brewers game. We proceeded to get totally polluted while out in the left field bleachers. The bleachers were filled with former citizens from Wisconsin who lived in the area, being from Minneapolis and Ron was from Indiana we fit right in with the crowd. One of the two Enterprise squids slipped and ended face first in some girls lap, when we helped him up I expected to see some visual signs of embarrassment and to hear an apology, what I saw was a shit eating grin and a proposal of marriage. It was time to leave, we got lost heading back to Alameda and I heard Rick yell LOOK OUT!! Some how we had ended up at the Oakland Airport and I hit the white wooden arm that stops the cars to get the parking tickets at @ 60 mph and shattered it. Now we are all awake and we have a problem, we are broke, stuck in a pay lot with no ticket to leave so we have to pay the max amount, we cant go get our ticket from the machine because we are too drunk and people seen us drive in. So we did the sensible thing we got out and pissed, then proceeded to check the doors on every car in the lot until we found one unlocked that had a meter ticket we thought we could afford. when we left the lady at the gate was laughing her ass off, she saw the whole episode from the dramatic entrance to our departure. She finally stopped laughing and told us to get our drunk-asses bake to the base. I sold that car 4 years later and that white streak never completely came out of the windshield, many people asked about it and most didn't believe the story. 

Bill Webster, USS California, 8301, Sect 1


Welcome Aboard, John Jones!

Sorry if any of the details of my story of the sleepy SCRAM were inaccurate.... that was the best my few remaining brain cells could do. The nub that was on the 4B under instruction watch has been to the site and confirmed the story, but I can't positively identify the 4A RO.

Give my regards to Mr. W..... I haven't talked to him for a while, should call him up.


ps - maybe it was that other John, who has requested I not use his last name...


Ray H. Godfrey Changes Email

My name is Ray H. Godfrey and I am already listed in the 1961-1969 section.

Please change my address to

Thanks for your time and your site. I enjoyed the stories.



Road Trip


Reading Bill Webster's recent "Alameda Memories" entry brought up a memory :

3 Plant had an RM named Warren E. B____t. Seems like all the 3 Planters had at least 2 or 3 good stories about the guy. Warren didn't create most of the shit he got involved in, he was just one of those guys who always seemed to be in the line of fire when the shit started happening. My favorite Warren story was told to me by Paul Burke one night in the "Time Out" club on Lincoln Ave in Alameda.

Warren was a pretty hard core steamer. When in Alameda, his favorite steaming haunt was the bar of some hotel at the entrance of Jack London Square. The way I remember the story is that he even had his own barstool like Norm in "Cheers".

One weekend Warren is in his usual spot. There is a man sitting on one side of Warren and a woman sitting on Warren's other side. During the course of the evening the three strangers get acquainted. I'm pretty sure it was the alcohol talking when the man proposed marriage to the woman and she accepted. They decide to drive to Reno and find an all night "Marrying Sam". They invite Warren to come along and act as a witness. They politely offer to pay for his booze during the trip. No way would Warren ever turn down an offer like that. So they buy a couple bottles of booze and the three of them take off for Reno in the guy's car.

Several hours and much alcohol later, they pull into Reno and nobody is feeling any pain. They find some Marriage Mill that's open and prepare for the wedding. The groom is pretty well shitfaced and now he gets really excited about the impending ceremony. Somehow in all the excitement he shits his pants! As far as the bride is concerned, the bloom is now off the rose. She grabs Warrens hand and they run outside for some fresh air. Once outside, they get in the guy's car and drive back to the Bay Area.

I always felt sorry for this poor schmuck. One moment he's in Seventh Heaven, blissfully in love and about to be married. Next thing he knows he's been left at the alter. His pants are now full of shit. His bride-to-be has run away with another member of the wedding party. He now has no car, no bride, pants full of shit, he's miles from home and is probably broke. Talk about a turn of events!

(Maybe in the end the guy was lucky. He probably saved himself 20 years of trauma and drama, and the outcome would have probably been pretty much the same anyhow.)


P.S It's amazing how many of my old Navy stories contain some mention of someone breaking wind or soiling themselves. (You're a very sick man PP. Very sick indeed.)


Justin Stewart Comes Aboard

Justin Stewart

RM 14, RXDC 2002-2006


Halle Berry!


It is Bill Carter, the Truxtun reactor operator that has been infesting your Enterprise site from time to time over the years.

Do you remember when I told you about how one of those dancing beauties that came to do the USO show in 1986 in the deck of the Enterprise was Halley Berry? Well, here is an image from the Truxtun 1986 cruise book. It shows her in color on two photographs. She seems to have changed a fair amount since she was 18. I am guessing plastic surgery. Nevertheless, she is still HOT HOT HOT.

Have a nice Navy free day.


The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:



KP Note: Bill, I cannot help but notice that the above page was "stuck together" with another. Hmmm. 


Hey there, Just thinking out loud. I'm planning on taking a trip across this USA and hope to stop and see a few old Buds of mine. As for the thinking, it would be neat if the roster included an address, just city and state, so we would know where friends are. One never knows, there may be a Bud living near by and you would never know it. 

Thanks, Dan Fisher

KP Note: I would never be able to back feed that kind of data. Mainly because I am too lazy. In the future when you send in an introductory email, include your city and state and I will include that.

To The Fellow about to Leave the Navy:

Hello, I am responding to the article about the gentleman whom the Navy is treating like dirt for telling he truth a day late. I work at Oyster Creek in New Jersey. Please inform this man that the outside Nuclear World does not care what you did in the Navy. If you have a degree, are honarably discharged, and can pass a POSS test and mechanical aptitude test, your in. I would not even mention why you are getting out, they probably do not care very much. The Navy is trying to drag him thru the dirt. In our world you would probably have a letter put in your company file and then get back to work. On the other hand, if you do something wrong, no matter how bad, own up to it immediately no matter how personally embarrassing. It just makes life easier on everyone, including yourself. This is most companies expectation. Most companies would be glad you learned from your mistake, just remember to learn from it. Good luck in the real Nuclear world! You won't have any problem finding a job. Get your resume on the street and only state the important facts "ie I was a Navy Nuc from/to". 

Thanks, An Ex-Navy Nuc


George Daniels Comes Aboard

RM14 1989-1995

They'll make anyone a Chief nowadays, George E. Daniels MMCS(SW/AW) USN



Just thought I'd add my location and be the first. 

Dan Fisher, Easton, Maryland. 


KP Note: Holy crap, Dan, you'd actually admit to being from Easton? (Only kidding. Back when Mrs. KP and I were living in Maryland we actually looked at some houses in Easton. I recall it had some great historical homes. But it was too far from APG, where I worked.)

Leonard LaGrappe Comes Aboard


My name is Leonard LaGrappe. I served onboard the Big E from 4/79 to 8/82 in RM23. I later returned for a requal tour from 8/84 to 8/86 as a PPWS in EM11 and M Div Tech Office before going to Nuc School as an instructor.


Craig Forehand Comes Aboard

Really enjoying the site. Glad I found it for it brought back some good and bad memories, mostly good. Please add me to the list. I am only up to page 11 so I'll wait till I am caught up before I contribute.

Craig " Skin" Forehand RM-23 82-86


Jeff Branham Changes Email Address

My email address has changed – it is now

Thanks for making this update for me.

Jeff Branham


No Yankie Wankie!

In your Blog entry for my 86 Truxtun cruisebook photo of Halley Berry you said...

"KP Note: Bill, I cannot help but notice that the above page was "stuck together" with another. Hmmm."

Absolutely nothing like that KP. The entire cruise book experienced water damage causing ALL the pages to be stuck together in the same corner.

Yes, I find Halley Berry to be that attractive these days, but not so much then. She was unknown then. My thoughts at that time were on getting back to PI to hook up with the LBFMs. Know what I mean? OK. I'll admit my mind is in the gutter.


KP Note: Thanks for the clarification:) Although on a small boy like the Truxton I doubt anyone would have the room to whack off, never mind utilizing a cruisebook:)


Yankie Wankie?

Hey KP. I saw the above thing about whacking off. I was on a submarine so I didn't need to whack off while underway. Too bad for you surface pukes.


KP Note: I have no idea what this guy is talking about. 


Shakin' The Paint ...

I've been busy of late (that's why I haven't been keeping up here for a few weeks). Needless to say I got dozens of emails referring to the above comment about why tubers didn't need to whack off. I guess I just wasn't paying attention. I was scolded by many for letting that 'ball' hang and not knocking it out of the park. So, tuber friends, we salute you and all that you did or didn't do while under the sea, earning your blue noses.... 

From that exchange I did get a sea story. Enjoy:

"...This reminds me of a few stories while I was on Enterprise. When I first reported to the Big E, she was still stationed in Alameda. I had relatives in the local area and also in Redding, California. About one month after being on-board, I was invited by a distant cousin to a social affair at Cal-Berkeley. This was no party. It was a true social affair. Not really a black tie event but more of a think tank with an open bar. I made my way around the social setting but still felt quite a bit out of place. After boot camp, power school, and prototype, it just wasn't the typical sailor scene. I mingled for a while and after about an hour, a female professor came up to talk to me. She was probably around 40. Decent looking. And had a little bit too much to drink. (No worries, not quite a P.I. story). We exchanged some small talk and she said she knew my cousin. My cousin had been a TA for her a few years previously. I could sense that she wanted to ask me a question but didn't quite know how.

"So, you're in the Navy," she said.

"For a little more than two years," I said.

"So …", she hesitated. "Is it true that sailors masturbate a lot in the shower?"

I'm sure that I didn't handle myself with quite the diplomacy that I would now, but I stammered something to the effect of:

"Totally true. In fact, I get stiff when I hear water running."

She was pretty sheepish as she slinked away. And there was no Mrs. Robinson-ending. I'm pretty sure that almost every sailor used this line at one time or another. I had so many issues with ship-board living but the worst was either:

A. You bunked above or below a guy who was a total 'paint-shaker' every night. B. You had to do a health & sanitation inspection on a guy who was a chronic, Italian-porn viewing, master-in-rate-bater.

Have a great week, KP.

Shawn Griffin RM11, R23 1989 - 1995


Data Missing!

King Paul,

You had a great link on this site....

Did you ever notice that the Reactor Department update for 1989 is missing? It is supposed to be on Page 34 but its not there.

Shawn Griffin

Roy Harris Comes Aboard

Roy Harris RM-22 1996-2001



Hey KP, was wondering if you had (or anyone else has) pictures or stories from the recent reunion in NY?

Due to circumstances at work, I was unable to attend, but would love to see or hear how it went.

Thanks! Mark

ps--do we really want to know why tubers didn't have to beat themselves silly??

KP Note: There are pics on Crit Think. I'll try to get some added to this site.

Jim Carrel Comes aboard

RM-22, 1977-1981

Jim Carrel


Shaking Hands with Abe Lincoln?

Kp, and gang...

I served on both a sub and the Big E. I will say, in all honesty, the best hand shaking with Abe Lincoln I ever did was on the big E. No doubt about it. Laying there in berthing, the screws cavitating, rocking back and forth on a warm IO night, rack fan blowing, .... man! Plus, when they were doing the 2AM jet engine testing I could even scream and moan and no one could hear me. On the boat people were always poking their heads in my rack to see why i was making all that noise. Yep, I'd do it all again. I sure would! 



More From Jim Carrel


I signed in a couple of days ago and thought I'd tell you who I am. I was on board from 1976 to 1977 when I was in a car accident that killed my fiancee, her friend, and one of the best on board, "Grandpa".

I didn't make it back until 1978, but caught the pig in Subic Bay after waiting for two months in town. She was in the Indian Ocean and I was given the choice to stay in Subic or fly to the ship. The thrill of landing on the deck was much shorter than living in Olongapo City for 60 days and working for four hours every three days.

I was one of the four original members of the very first Schmegma House in Silverdale, WA and was the one who named it. We had two dogs, Daiquiri and Ryan, caught rock crabs and dug for clams. The Stables used to be just that. During the prohibition years it was an illegal tavern and the loft area was co converted to a bordello. It was later retrofitted to an even nicer bordello but was still just a whore house. We rented the place and it became the stopping place for more people than we could usually count. And, oh yeah, we drank beer and did stuff. We had a two-man kayak and did our best to kill ourselves by paddling out just after high tide after the beers.

I rode a 12-speed to PSNS which gave me just enough exercise to keep up the pace at the Stables Tavern.

I managed to spend the last few months of my enlistment in dry dock in the RM Office as the Machinery History Petty Officer, which was a made-up position that gave me an excuse to comshaw whatever I could get. I designed and had engraved the red short-timer badges that were passed down from person to person in each RM. I wore the first one in RM-22.

I was one of the few left on board who had steamed by the end of the PSNS saga, so I was granted CRAO and was the Qual PO for RM-22. I got out in May of 1981 after standing watch underway as Messenger, Feed Control and RAR before Bremerton. I stood SRAO and SDW before they gave it to the twidgets. Never stood Throttles, CTG, or CRAO underway. I left before she started sea trials.

Most of Bremerton was absolute boredom. We were not allowed to interfere with any of the civilian activities. We would sit at the coffee pot on the CTG Flats for our eight hour shift, unless we had Heise Gage or SRAO. We slept under the storage tanks on beds made of rags.

Thanks for keeping this site available for folks like me. I've enjoyed the hell out of the memories, mine and everyone else's.

If you're still in Phoenix, I get there three or four times a year. Let me know how to contact you and I'll buy you a drink.

Jim Carrel


KP Note: Sorry for the delay in putting this up, Jim. And, yes, anytime you're in Phoenix look me up. 

Will Do!

Just bored and googling my own name and I stumbled across Petty Officer Dr__k's recollections of his past.

Not only do I NOT recall ever doing anything of the sort I definitely remember him failing a rack inspection for having a zip-loc bag of his own jiz saved up in A-School berthing.

In any event, I humbly request you remove any reference to my name from Dr__k's posting.

R__ M___


KP Note: Sorry about that. I usually 'blank' out names if I can but sometimes something like that happens. I will fix the page where you are mentioned. And I will also ask PO D to share why he liked to save DNA in a baggie....   

More Berry


You might recall we had been speaking about that memorable USO tour the 1986 Miss USA contestants did to entertain us in the Mediterranean. The girls did a little song and dance on the flight deck of the Enterprise while we were in the Med waiting to hammer Libya. I found this photo that you might find interesting. It was taken of the whole gang (Miss USA and 6 of the runner ups) as they were about to depart on the tour. Miss Halle Berry is in this one too. She is the 5th girl from the left just below the "MAW" on the airplane. She is cute eh?

Have a good one.




A Question

Greetings, It has been a few weeks since I sent in a story, Sorry, I just have an suggestion. Is there any way you can make a live chat link for us from this site. I think it would be great. I damn sure not smart enough to tell you how, but bet some of our group is. John Lovell

KP Note: The Critical Thinking page is about the best bet for 'more' back and forth chit chat, as there are many old timers on there talking back and forth all day long. 

Kevin McLain Comes Aboard

Excellent site - Have forgotten more than I ever remembered Once I have read through I will add as necessary

Keep up the good work

Kevin McLain RM22 1981-1985


Nuke Resume

My navy nuke experience...please stay in-touch and keep me informed.

Thomas C. Sikora


KP Note: Sure thing...

Oh, that DNA incident 

- there wasn't anything ominous about that. I was just trying to jerk off without making a mess and woke up late and didn't have time to dispose of the evidence. It actually made for an interesting ride through Nuc school - having given everyone all the ammo they needed to rag my ass through school, I saved myself the trouble of everyone looking for my hot-button and pushing it... and by the time we all got to the fleet, that shit seemed tame. For the record, I jerked off in every shaft alley on Enterprise, every reactor and engineering berthing head, both aft engine rooms (lower AND upper levels), both aft booster flats, inside #3 DFT, and I busted one on the center rod of 3A Rx. Not to mention my rack, the M-Div showers, the forecastle, the forward gym, and Cell #3 in the brig. So there.

MM2 D__ck


KP asked to deliver airborne sample?


I think you may be my illegitimate father! Can you send a DNA sample to my halfway house? I live at House of Blues, Olongapo, RP. I look just like you and my mom says she remembers a man from Enterprise playing butt bongo solo on buttocks during intimate gene transfer session. She thought it was Cream's Toad. Must be only you, Joe...or I mean KP.

KP Note: Who knows? I certainly don't anymore. 



Hey, I'm the one who suggested changing COMNAVBACKYARDSIXPAC to COMCIVBACKYARDSIXPAC.

Anyway, here's my resume. Compiled from sampling from the ones on your website and others, using the gist of those to effectively word (I think) my own attributes.

Thanks you for your website! You should put a little a note with the person's hyperlinked name that is what they are: "sub ET," "surface MM," "surface officer," etc.



Mr. B Remembers Kevin

Damn, I remember Kevin McLain.

When I first reported onboard, Kevin was in the same 3-stack that I was (right along the port/starboard p-way in RM berthing).

Kevin could not go more than a couple hours without getting up to smoke. At that time, smoking was allowed in berthing and I was the unfortunate recipient of much of his second-hand smoke.

Thanks Kevin.

MrB … RM23


Pole in the Hole type Photos (not those kind-pervs)!!

here's a bunch of pics from the steam generator, pressurizer, reactor head replacement we did at fort calhoun station in the fall of 2006. lots of them ...

had to cut a big hole in the containment in order to get the old out, and the new in ... the first 3 pages show that kind of thing.

page 4, 5 start to show a little bit more ...

page 6 shows taking the old steam generators out. as i recall ... each one weighs around 270,000 pounds ... well hey, it's been almost 2 years so don't hold me' to that. they're heavy, ok? ;) had to use some of the world's largest cranes ... and a trailer that had lots of tires and pneumatics. a bit larger than your typical 18-wheeler. ;) is the pressurizer replacement. sorta contaminated ... so had to be 'bagged'. all this stuff was transported by those trailers to a 'mausoleum' built on site, for storage.

it was fun. really. and they paid me too ... i wasn't there just for the love of it. ;)

i know i have more stashed somewhere. will find them one of these daze.



Sperm Bag


When and where did R____M_____ go to "A" school? I remember having room inspections at Snipe's Castle in GLakes, but our lockers weren't checked. Perhaps when we were in A school, the khakis were confident that no one was storing DNA samples in their locker, as evidently was not the case when R___M___ was attending. How sure is R___M___ that the contents of the baggie came from the shipmate whose locker the baggie was found in? Maybe this falls under, "Don't ask, don't tell."


KP Note: I think it was 1990s


Hi KP, a quick request – do you have any pictures of the grounding incident in SF Bay in 1983? I’m doing a school project which is a documentary of the Westpac I was on (1982-3). Yes I was onboard, but no, I took no pictures (what a boob). Anyway, if you have none, please feel free to post this (prior to 10/31/08) and ask others. An extensive search of the web came up empty handed (hmmm, government cover-up?) In the meanwhile, here’s a quick story of how industriously funny a squid can be.

KP Note: I've been told it was a front page story w/ pics. Anyone still have a photo or copy of newspaper? 

A squid, some paint, and an apple.

As I’m sure most of us recall, when running a major drill when we were deployed, those not in the plants mustered in the forward most seating area of the aft mess deck. Standing around for hours was boring but upon further investigation of my surroundings, I discovered something which delighted me to no end. Some good humored squid had obviously been tasked the horrid job of painting this rather large area. Taking a break to eat an apple, an impish thought must have come to him…whereupon he proceeded to take this apple core and wedge it between a stanchion and the aft bulkhead (the two were quite close together). He then immortalized his deed by painting said apple until it was quite desiccated and shiny white. It must have been many coats of paint…

Too funny. Does anyone else remember this apple?


Another Resume

Not sure if you're even still monitoring this address, but I'll submit my resume - and current position!

Steve Warfield

KP Note: Steve, I notice you were of the bubblehead class.... Any chance you want to weigh in on our latest surface vs. sub discussion about doing the one arm shim.  

Butt Bongos

Re: KP sending sample to Olangapo. 

Hey, I knew KP and spent many hours with him in the Subic City/Barrio area. I can vouch that when I was in the next room with my honeyco He never played Toad. I did hear an occasional Babbalooo though.


Midnight Tale...

Setting the clocks back an hour tonight so it's 13 hrs to kill in the powerhouse. Thought I'd kill a bit of time telling you of my room mate Bruce.

Bruce had to be one of the strangest people I've ever met, and that’s quite a statement since I did frequent Bezerkly in the 80s. Bruce was a really nice guy, but just plain weird !

Bruce was in my class in Orlando, 8108 if I remember right. He had this thing about spending money. He just would not spend a nickel if he could avoid it. He bought an old Volvo in Orlando for $100.00 and had planned on living in it when he got to prototype in NY. Well we started school there in March and the old Volvo broke down and he ended up sharing a 60' trailer with a guy named Doug and myself. He lived in the laundry room. He rode back and forth to prototype on a $10.00 bike and on his days off would hitch-hike all over the place. He would bring home clothes he found on the road and wear them. Once we watched our landlord's cat and he ate the cat food we had left over. Funny thing was he was a real chick magnet. Go figure. He later decided he was going to ride his bike to Norfolk with all his gear stuffed in a duffle bag. I still have the pictures of him falling over with that 100lb bag dragging him down. He ended up on the California in Alameda in 84 or so. He only left the ship to do other people's laundry. Navy finally offered him a CO discharge. Last I heard of him he was living in a park in San Francisco. Anyone know what happened to him please let me know. Bruce Curtis was his name….



One Arm Shims?


Chuckled a month or so ago when a guy referred to "Shaking hands with Abe Lincoln". Chuckled again when you yourself mentioned "One arm shims" Finally had to weigh in myself.

Back in the mid '70's, we were not allowed to have anything of a non work related nature in the plants. So, when we needed a diversion, we would gather at the CMO's throne in front of the LP turbine and play various word games. One of our favorites was to take 5 minutes and, in rapid fire, list as many alternate terms for a particular subject. (Usually something of a politically incorrect nature.) Here's just a few of the terms we came up with for the current subject :

* Beating off * Jacking off * Spanking the monkey * Whipping the puppy * Loping the mule * Jerking off * Cuffing the carrot * Shaking the dew off the lily * Self abuse * Auto eroticism * Wringing the weasel * Stroking it * Slamming the ham * Beating the meat * Jerking the gherkin (Thanks to my feed pumper, Darrel Rule for that one.) * Pulling (or pounding) the pud

In 5 minutes, a good E.R. watch team could easily name 3 times this many.

Amazingly, we never mentioned any female variations of these terms. Several years ago one of the local radio stations had females call in with their terms for "the deed". Laughed my ass off when a sweet, innocent sounding, young gal called in and spoke of " Flicking the bean."



Flickr site with Big E Photos...

See this site for good and different photos of the Big E. And add your's if you like.

Jules J. LaMontagne, West Pac '74, 3 Plant


Sad News About a Shipmate Passing:


Just got the news, John "Woody" Woodward passed on Sept 29 2008. Woody was on board for the 82-83 and 84 Westpacs in RM div, 1 plant. Thought I'd share for those who knew him.



Marlin Quarberg Comes Aboard


I have been turned on to your website by a common friend we have: Mike Brubaker. I guess you and he went through Nuke School together. Right now, he is my Shift Manager at Sequoyah Nuclear Plant near Chattanooga, TN. I was surprised as he mentioned your name, I was still able to put a face to the name.

I was an inmate of RM-22 from 1987 to 1991. Many of the names you have featured on your site are very familiar. Of particular interest was a story by Todd Miller about Chunk Wiggins and some Prussian Blue. I remember that some short time following that incident, David Sanger (Hoser) had a can of paint fall on him when we were getting ready for an ORSE. The paint was, of course, blue. So for a short time, RM-22 was home to the Blues Brothers.

I enjoy reading through your site. Many stories have brought back memories of stuff long forgotten.

Please post my email address in your Contacts page. Great job on the site.

Marlin Quarberg, MM2

RM-22 87-91


KP Note: Hey, Marlin! I remember you. 


How come you never update this website? I check it all the time and the same shit is always up. Why don't you turn this into a blog or something. If you can't update this site in a timely manner please find someone who can. 



KP Note: Wow, sorry chum. I didn't know my laziness was affecting you that much. As a rule of thumb I usually update the site Sunday night (for sure) and other nights when I can. I'm a busy man, Gus. I run a business, live a secret life as a rock star, coach Pony League baseball, write books that will never be seen by anyone, and do many other non essential things to better mankind. I do admit lately I've been a bit lax getting stuff up BUT IT'S FREE TO ALL! I do it only for the love of my shipmates and our sordid memories. So mellow down easy.

Remembering Woody

Hey there, Sad to hear of the passing of Woody. Mike Takacs and myself have been wondering about our old Budd for quite some time. Many a good time spent with those guys in an effort to get away from the Big E. Sometimes it takes a bit more than luck to find someone. That brings up the question, does someone out there subscribe to a people finder service. I'm too tight to foot the bill on that one myself. If someone does, Mike and I are looking for William "Bill" Timberlake. Originally from Maryland. He was on the E in 80, 81 or 82. The memory is slipping. He reupped and slipped off the radar. Thanks for the help. Attached is a pic of Woody in 1985 all dressed up at Dan Dean's wedding. Every one looks like a movie star in the right suit. 

Dan Fisher


Job Postings

Dear RW,

I was looking at your website during my search for a few Nuclear Trainers and I thought I would email you the descriptions for what I am looking for in case you or someone you knew was interested. You can even post these positions on your website if you would like. I appreciate your help.


Derrick O'Konski

Corporate Recruiter


KP Note: I didn't upload the postings (too lazy) but gave Derrick's email. The jobs are for nuclear trainers. 

Another Pic of Woody

Here is a little more for Woody. A link to his Obituary and a guest book to check out if you like.

A classic Woody and Mike Takacs pic.

Dan Fisher





On November 9, 2008 you got a rather snooty post from a person who signed as MS (probably meant PMS). I for one do not agree with him. You definitely should not make this into a blog as it will be filled with completely irrelevant BS.

That guy needs to take some preparation H and mellow the hell out.

Bill Carter


KP Note: I agree. I am asked often by people to turn this into a blog but haven't, as I (as editor) want complete control over what appears here (not that I'm that discriminating). Only Big E or navy nuke stuff is relevant here. We do have a 'blog' of sorts that about 25+ ex nukes keep active and everything is discussed on Critical Thinking. [Ike Mike, wherever you are, get back in there.]

And a Beer goes to Peter Wentworth!

On page 56, below a poster of Latest BSOLP Shows you ask "who she is" Don't know her name but she was a Floridian who died in the 30's (I think) What is so remarkable about her is that an Optometrist was so infatuated with her that he dug her body up and through massive amounts of embalming fluid and various surgeries kept her body in the state as shown in the photo. He kept her in his bed and there are rumors that he had fashioned a cardboard tube and inserted it into her nether regions. - Earlier this year there was an article about her in the magazine "Mental Floss"

Best regards, Peter Wentworth webmaster


KP Note: Yes! here is a link to the sordid tale. For those following the BSOLP they are now headed to America! Be sure to look for them at a town near you!

Query about Past Transgressions

How did you guys smuggle booze on board? Myself, I would clean a laundry detergent bottle fill it full of booze, put a little bit of detergent on the outside and carried it on in my clean laundry, store-bought booze kicked the hell out of bilge wine. On a lighter note, a friend was on leave from the Army and was sharing some hash with a friend from home. While smoking the hash the local ask where the soldier got it from. "Amsterdam" was the reply. When asked how he got it back home the soldier explained that he wrapped it in saran wrap and shoved it up his ass twice, once to get it back to Base and the second time for the flight home. Funny thing is that soldier retired a few years ago as an E-9. For all of you dopers, what was the different schemes you tried to beat the piss tests, some of them must be pretty funny. After I became a conventional, my LPO would drink his own urine because he was told that that would invalidate the tests. We encouraged him and even the chief knew about it and thought the guy was a complete idiot.

Bill 8301


KP Note: Hmmmm. Dope talk got me in trouble on this site back in the old days. Feel free to answer but as always anything that is found objectionable by anyone can be removed. My generation did not overtly use or talk about drugs but alcohol was often smuggled aboard. I know many a steaming locker that had sample size bottles hidden inside. I personally avoided doing anything that could get me into trouble (I see all your faces smirking).  

Another Ship Mate Has Passed Away

While contacting old friends, I was informed of the passing of another old friend. David Hasselbring. I don't know any other info but I looked him up on the Social Security Death Index and found the listed dates. Known to some as Grub. David had the great ability to fashion many a tool from old navy coffee cans. A Knights armor helmet was one of his larger creations. I recall watching music videos, Duran Duran I think, on his video disc player. For you youngsters, it was before the DVD and about 12 inches across. David would also set up his train track on his bunk and we would watch it go round and round. Good guy all around. The passing of another too soon. David Hasselbring April 20, 1961- March 31, 2006.



Positive Feedback

First of all I wanted to apologize for being so late with these last few postings. I got weeks behind due mainly to end of year business. When this happens I usually get a few nudges, like "did you get my email" and I send back the "yes, and I will get it up as soon as possible." During this downtime I got a very nice note from a fellow tar who asked that I not post his note, as it was personal. If he doesn't mind I would like to at least pull a quote from the message: 

".... I would like to thank you for your hard work on this site and to let you know that your hard work has made a difference in my life. When I look back at my life from high school until I was married I have been accused of wasting 15 years .... That isn't true and reading these stories help drive the point home that my time in the "Canoe Club " wasn't a waste of time." 

That message totally sums up why I keep this site going. It reminds US ALL that our time in the navy was not a waste of our youth and in many cases the best years of our lives. I have said this before and I will say it again: those of you who I met, sailed with, worked tirelessly with, and saw the world with, were the best people I ever met and my life would have been orders of magnitude less spectacular had I not known you. To all my shipmates.... Thanks!


Andrew Sutandar gets New Email Address

Hello, First I'd like to say what a great website. I was wondering if there are any Mooj shirts available. Also, I was hoping to have my email address changed on the website.

Andrew Sutandar 1995-2000

Thank you, Andrew Sutandar


KP Note: Thanks, Andrew. Hey, are you a fellow Hindustani? The name Sutandar sounds Punjab (I could be wrong). Sorry I don't have any of the original Mooj Head T-shirts available. We are about to get some new band T-shirts made. This time we'll try to sell them instead of giving them away as we're pretty much the only band in America that loses money with everything we do:) For those who give a crap I am almost done with the entire Mooj Enlightenment newsletter series (65+ newsletters re-written). Once they are done I was going to try and bind them and sell them as books ... but, history tells me no one will buy them so they will wind up as free PDF downloads (so look for them soon). Once I am caught up with the 'back story' I will resurrect the website and begin publishing newsletters by Mogender Singh to promote the BSOLP (or the Psychedelic Mooj if my band mates have given up on the idea of preserving our brand image). Obviously the 'un-named saint' that commands the BSOLP to be a rock band will turn out to be The Mooj, who is dead but still enlightening the masses from beyond the grave. I am also working with some local bands (like the IIfs, who have a dark sense of humor) to perform a BSOLP-style psychedelic circus with us. We just need to find a place that will allow the madness to occur in real time. I get so bored doing 45-minute sets of music. The "mooj" in me wants to actually do BSOLP-style madness and mayhem on stage (even if it means I might get hurt). 

Shipmate Looking for Work in Bummerton area

Currently looking in just the Bremerton, WA area. Don't know much about your website, just came across it and figured it couldn't hurt.

Thanks, Nathan Axtell



Another Resume

Carlos A. Berrio


KP Note: I'm not sure if posting resumes actually helps anyone find a job but I have been told by many soon to be civilian nukes that seeing the resumes of other ex-nukes helps them 'phrase' their experiences. so for that I guess I get some good karma points:)

Bill Radek Comes Aboard


Thanks for taking the initiative to start and maintain this website. Found it via Wikipedia. Here's my info:

Radek, Bill RM #3 Plant & RT Division 22 Mar 1969 - 29 Jan 1971

Thanks again...

Bill Radek

KP Note: Wikipedia has a link to this site? Think of the shock some poor people have when they stumble onto it expecting to read about service and duty:) Speaking of Wikipedia.... We need some die-hard Psychedelic Mooj fan to get a band entry for us.

Tom Holzwarth Changes Email Address

King Paul, My E-mail address has been changed to RAINMANS2@NETZERO.COM 

Still living in Silver City,NM 'The gateway to the Gila Wilderness'. Driving those big haul trucks in the mine. Hauling 240 tons of rocks, dirt, and ore in a big hole in the ground. Finally got to see Molybednum in it's natural state. We mine Copper, Molybednum, Lampblack, and sometimes find very small amounts of Silver. On U-tube they have a video of one of the smaller trucks running over Toyota Land Cruiser. If I would have seen a video like that in high school I probably would have started driving them sooner. As tall as a 2 story house, 27' wide, and 50' long. 

Sincerely, Tom Holzwarth

KP Note: Tom, send some pics of you in your truck!

Biloy Beach Bottom Blowout


One of my former co-workers just took a vacation to the P.I. As a former merchant seaman, one of his destinations was Subic Bay. He says it's almost unrecognizable from the 70's. He E-Mailed me from his lap top while at Biloy Beach. This beach was just off the road between Olongapo and Subic City. Brought back the following memory :

In June '78 the boat was in Subic and had only about a month left before being discharged. Several of us decided to take several weeks leave in Olongapo while the Enterprise went back out to sea.

One day I went out with a buddy of mine to Biloy Beach for a day of snorkeling. In the late afternoon we headed back to town. As we waited for a jeepney, some local kids came up to us selling various snacks. Being hungry from snorkeling all day, I bought a few pieces of rice candy and wolfed them down. Halfway back to town I started having some serious digestive issues and could tell that it was from the rice candy.

Less than an hour after I ate the rice candy, the jeepney dropped me off at my hotel and I was already one very ill young sailor. I ran into the lobby and very excitedly asked for my room key. There were four 30-something Philippinas sitting behind the reception desk playing cards. They casually looked up from their game and mistakenly assumed that I was going to let them finish their hand. I banged my hand on the counter and loudly demanded my room key "Right f**king NOW!" They practically threw the key at me and I made a mad dash for my room on the third floor.

Holding ones cheeks together to prevent an accident is hard enough on level ground, but when negotiating stairs three at a time it becomes impossible. In the tropics I rarely wore underwear and NEVER wore long pants. What I can only describe as raw sewage was soon following the pull of gravity. By the time I got to the third floor, the backs of my legs were a nice chocolate brown. As I'm trying to get my key in the door, my innards are making audible gurgling noises. A couple down the hall stopped and stared in amusement. ( In retrospect, it was probably in disgust.) I finally got the door open and made a mad but futile dash for the toilet. By the time I got my shorts down, turned around and sat down, the walls, mirror and sink were dripping with evidence of my ailment. Thus began three long days of agony.

On the afternoon of my first full day with the disease, I remembered that most people in third world countries who die of dysentery do so from dehydration. I wisely didn't want to drink the water as it might add to my symptoms, so I called down to room service and ordered a bunch of San Miguel. I spent much of the next three days literally pouring San Miguel through myself. It went through so fast that it didn't even change color. About all I did is put a head on it. Incidentally, I later found out that using alcohol to stay hydrated is a bad idea. It has the exact opposite effect.

I spent about 90% of my time for those three days on the toilet. All I had for reading material was one old Playboy magazine. I was way too ill to enjoy the pictures, but I think I read the magazine cover to cover several times. Occasionally, I would lie down in bed for a few minutes out of utter exhaustion, but I don't think I actually got any sleep. As soon as I got comfortable I'd start experiencing contractions again and it was back to the toilet. My poor sphincter was so sore and raw I couldn't even wipe. I had to stand naked under a running shower, bend over, and spread my cheeks.

Once, during the height of my misery, I looked down at my abdomen and it looked as if I were in labor. I was experiencing violent contractions over which I had absolutely no control. The body is an amazing machine and will work hard to expel anything it sees as a threat. After three long days of this ordeal, the symptoms finally eased up. I was finally able to lie down and get a few hours of sleep. When I woke up the entire bed was soaked. At first I thought I had wet the bed, but I discovered that it was actually sweat! (And this in an air conditioned room.)

The following morning, I forced myself out of bed and went to the base to seek medicine. While on base, I stopped at the gym. I had weighed myself a day or so before my bout with dysentery and now I was 15 pounds lighter. (And this at a time when I didn't have 15 pounds to lose.) This is what happened to a 25 year old military man in the peak of his physical health and it could have killed me.

While overseas, I used to be a pretty "adventurous" eater. Despite warnings, I bought and consumed countless foodstuffs from roadside stands, but this was the only time I got sick from it.



KP Note: sometime in the near future someone will google the phrase: "my poor sphincter was so sore and raw I couldn't even wipe" hoping to see [I can only imagine] and find your story. 

Pics From Today's Subic Bay


My buddy who just vacationed in the P.I. sent me back a bunch of photos. Some of them are from the Subic area. Since I know a lot of your readers spent some time there back in "the day" I decided to share a few.

Photo #1 : The highway between Manila and Subic. This is VERY much improved over the '70's. My buddy says that there are no lights and that at night it is still a very bad place to have car trouble. If you look close, you can see Subic on the road sign.

rx-121210-Picture036.jpg (132518 bytes)

(Click to enlarge)

Photo #2 Grande Island. This was always a great place for a day of snorkeling. Also a good place for a ship's party. We had Capt CC Smith's promotion party here.

rx-121208-GrandeIsland.jpg (246419 bytes)

(Click to enlarge)

Photo #3. This is the old Leyte Pier in Cubi Point where the ship usually tied up. (I only remember tying up on "Main Side" once in my 4 years aboard.)

rx-121208-CubiPt.jpg (174664 bytes)

(click to enlarge)

Photo #4 : The Cubi Point NAS air tower. Evidently they still use the old Cubi Point runway.

rx-121208-CubiAirTower.jpg (176714 bytes)

(You know the drill by now...)

Photo #5 The Kalakan Light house. This is where Shit River enters the Bay. (Evidently not the Shit River of our memories.)

rx-121208-Kalaklan.jpg (164528 bytes)

Photo #6 Biloy Beach. An Aussie refurbished the place a few years ago and changed the name to Blue Rock which is a bar and restaurant. Another guy from the UK owns the local dive shop there. Lots of retired Americans frequent the place.

Rx-121208-BaloyBeach.jpg (204506 bytes)



KP Note: Thanks, Pat! great photos. I wish I was sitting the beach with you guys throwing back some San Miguels...

"Hard Weekend?" 

K.P (keester pounder?)

Last Monday, after a hard weekend in The City, I decided to Google "my poor sphincter was so sore and raw I couldn't even wipe." On the second page of results I came upon your navy nuke web site. WOW, and I thought I was a pervert. You guys in the '70's and 80's navy really went the extra mile!

In my reading I did notice one thing, however. Once females became a part of the crew, the stories of depravity seem to get toned down. Have the sailors really cleaned up their act, or has the whole thing just gone underground?

As I was thinking this over, I put on an old '70's tape. As I listened to The Village People singing, "In the Navy" I got to thinking. Is there still a place on a carrier for a guy like me? Let me know. (If they don't ask, I won't tell.)

Affectionately Yours, NAMBLIN' MAN (aka The Folsom Street Fair Festivus Pole Sitting Champ") 


[KP Note: This letter was sent to me as a joke. It wasn't meant to be added to site but I figured more than two of us should enjoy the gag:)]

Paul O'Shaughnessy Comes aboard..

Please add me to the Big E Alumni List.

Paul O'Shaughnessy - Reactor Electrical RE02/RE04 1981(in Bremerton Yards) to 1984 - NPS Orlando 8005

I have some interesting memorabilia I'll scan and pass on.  Signs and patches etc.  I'm dregging the brain cells for some old stories also.

BTW - Do you know the origins of the Dopey Book?  It ha s been years since I thought of one of those and they may be unique to Enterprise Nukes.  Just wondering.


From Arrgh!

Finally!! The internet is truly an amazing thing.

My brother insists on sending me hundreds of pictures of his children. I talked him into finding a place on the internet where he could archive them and I could look at them without filling my hard drive and eating up all that bandwidth. He generated a Facebook account, so I made one to be able to access his pictures.

Last night I received a contact from Paul O'Shaughnessy, formerly of RE-14 and a former roommate in California when the big E was in Alameda.

Hey Paul.. remember that HUGE cricket that invaded our house, and you screamed like a little girl? Then I saw it and screamed too? It almost didn't fit in that mayonnaise jar! And the roaches that lived with us? Reminds me of the movie "Joe's Apartment".


ps - sorry about the speakers from your stereo, dude... I have an amp now.


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