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The Jumper

I remember that jumper all too well from JTFEX 98. I was in RT Div when that happened and guess who got picked to escort this loon to NAS Roosevelt Roads? We catapulted off in a COD with the loon restrained with leathers. I dropped this kid off at the base hospital and got a room at the BOQ. Nice place for 3 days. Sun, gin and the pool. Alas, it ended with a flight to Norfolk where loonie was dropped off with the MAA for transfer to Portsmouth. I, on the other hand, had to catch a flight back to Puerto Rico in the morning with an eventual arrested landing on the PIG. I got 5 or 6 days off …. The wife met me at the terminal, but will leave the rest to your imagination.



David Cherry Comes Aboard

could you add me to the 00's roster?

Cherry, David EE03/EE04 2002-2006



The Ghost of 2/3 SWGR

KP, Thought you might get a kick out of this picture taken in 2/3 SWGR There's a very retarded story behind it that is not even worth telling.


Supplies Surprise and Horcking 


The posting on "Supplies" reminded me of our never-ending quest for rags leading me to the MAA who had a shitload (I'm not using this term gratuitously here) of abandoned sea bags that they would allow us to appropriate to use for rags. While going through these sea bags, among the dungarees, working whites, and SS uniforms, I came across a pair of skivvies caked with shit. Needless to say, I immediately eliminated abandoned sea bags as a source for rags.

Duden, what's up buddy! I'm glad to hear you're doing well. I hope you remember me, Fast Fred Fresquez. Although my memory is shit, I can think of at least 20 stories involving you. Good times. Do you remember that crazy fucker at A1W? I think his name was Dale Jensen. He would eat anything for loose change. Anyway, I remember you horcking up a bloody loogie onto a dorito and then starting a collection to see if he would eat this hors d'oeuvres from hell. You couldn't have collected more then a couple of bucks in change. Dale didn't flinch. He put it down like he was eating oysters on the half shell. The rest of us witnessing this didn't take it as calmly. I recall a whole lot of gagging going on, and none of it from Dale. Like I said, Good Times.



A Story that uses the words "A Monkey Fucking a Football..."

Hi, I have posted many sea stories but thought one from the end of the ship would go pretty good. The first watch I qualified to stand was steering gear. There were two very large hydraulic pumps. they were very noisy. The ship shifted from one unit to the other during the 4-8 watch. They did all kinds of drills then too. I was standing this watch, it was hard to stay awake so I started reading books to keep awake. I was and still very near sighted. To read, I would take off my glasses to see. Well, as luck would have it the alarms went off, then the bell to center the rudder. I did this with no problem. Then to my horror, the bridge call on me to steer a course. My glasses were on the other side of the pump room and I could not see the gyro. I climbed on top of the pump to get close enough to see the gyro and reached behind me to steer a course. I looked something like a monkey fucking a football. I managed to steer a true course and only now does anyone but me know. 

John Lovell


KP Note: This story did not have a title so when I read John's description of himself looking like a Monkey fucking a football I almost laughed myself into a heart attack....

A Shipmate From the Big Fire

Although not a “Nuke” I interacted with all the divisions quite a bit. I was in supply (AK-2, S-1 Division). I read part of one letter talking about a General Quarters drill. A real awakening came for a lot of us. That day in 1969 when I heard “This is not a Drill-Man your battle stations. For a young kid, this really woke me up. By the time this was repeated, I ran from the forward chow hall to just aft of the aft chow hall. That was my station. It would be interesting to visit with others that were involved at the time of the “Fire”. We all did what we had to do. The result was the ship was saved and casualties and injuries were at a minimum. This was the reason we had so many drills and practice situations – thank God!

John Nemec


Burnt Ass

Smile, damn, Guy I have a million stories to tell, but first of all I would like to drink a few Coors Lites with you guys. Yes, I know I am a bit older than you, but wtf. Stories are stories, sea stories usually have a bit of truth in them some where, Just after refueling in the yards in New Port News we got many new people. One was a first class Bosuns mate. The first week He was meek mild and friendly, the second week He thought he was promoted to God first class. He had the seamen chipping paint like crazy, one told him they did not need to do all the shore power risers at the same time because they were color coded to denote what went where. He Had them all chipped and primed. When we got to Nob Norfolk they missed a few hookups. Shore steam was put in the fire main. I was standing rover watch in Central controlled when this happened. The officer of the watch was somewhat new and demanded no swearing on his watch. We could all hear the sound conjucug ghung . The fire pump gages were bouncing off the far peg. I said in a loud voice sob, the officer of the watch kicked back from his desk and demanded an answer for my statement, I said the stupid sob's have cross connected stem to the fire main. Fire main water then was used for many different things like flushing water for the shitters. Some poor guy got 2nd degree burns from flushing before he stood. I remember valve packing was blown in many major fire main valves. Guess who got transferred. 

John Lovell


Sea stories from a chick!

To answer the prior posted question. Yes, I did qualify Load Dispatcher. I was the second chick to do so. It was a big deal for grrrls to finally be allowed into EE div. Me and my other female e-div trail blazer were hand picked by Big Troll. And it is too funny that you said not to be ashamed...I did plenty on that boat to be ashamed of...oh well, onward, right??

Here's a quick one for you. There's the big brass bell in central, and it just so happened to be missing one morning after turnover. A pal-o-mine, happened to be the e-div black-ops specialist who liberated said material. Well, clearly this caused quite a stir, and a puss-ass bell replaced the triumphant bastard that had been freed from the Enterprise. Said pal had liberated it the day before his exit from the Big E as well as Naval service. Of course the flail was on full. There were watchstander interrogations, threats of NCIS investigation, threats of bringing the thief back to active duty from the reserves to prosecute was awesome! And when I left (after near six years on the Pig) that sad little bell was still being used...cheers to my black ops pal, miss you much JP!



KP Note: Maggie, I do believe you are the first female Big E-er to send us a sea story! Send me your snail mail address and I'll see that you get one of my band's new T-shirts as soon as they are made. 


Hey King Pud,

We're selling an old year book from your ship. It was our Uncle Tim's. He said he had lots of fun on the Enterprise. He says he got the clap (whatever that means). Is the clap something bad or good? Because people clap when they see something they like, right? Anyway we're selling it on EBAY. Right now the bid is $10.00 but it should go up. Uncle Tim says he wants to use the money to buy beer.

Kevin and Steve



Lower Level Man

For Starling, who wanted to see the Mobile Chernobyl patch one more time... and for Maggie, who probably never saw it, as it was almost immediately banned aboard the ship - of course, since (and he will remain nameless as I've forgotten his name) one of the RT instructors was selling them out of the void the entire time I was there.

I've managed to hold on to this creative outburst from some parachute rigger since 1996 when I paid $35 for it - worth every penny. It's one of my prized possessions, right there with my rate insignia, ribbon bar and ship's rockers in a shadow box that stays at my mom's house.

Man I wish I had a pic of Lower Level Man to show you guys. Back in the hazy late 90s, the very first female nuc watch officer qualified in 2Plant, where me and my Toxic Twin brotha-from-anotha-motha Eric T. were mired in ERLL watches from then 'till eternity. Another forgotten name, but I won't forget the night she toured lower level to find Eric standing watch in nothing but his boots, a nasty black piece of lingerie that his girlfriend had sent on the cruise with him, and a Lone Ranger-style mask he had fashioned out of rags. To complete the visual, Eric was probably 6'4" and his girlfriend was 5' if you stretched her, so what was nicely revealing on her was, well, just plain exposure on him. Eric, of course, responded with panache, chasing Ms. Watch Officer back up the ladder, one nut sticking out of each side of this thonged teddy, shouting in a singsong voice, "Lower Level Man is here to save the day!!"

Anyone here ever get a lap dance from Lower Level Man in Maneuvering, or whatever the hell we called it on Big E? I went to S5W and time has confused some of that. We used to pin watch officers in their big tall chair, duct tape them in, and let Eric embarrass the hell out of them.

We never did duct tape Ms. Watch Officer to that chair, or anything else, to my knowledge... but we probably should have.



Jerry Compton Comes Aboard

Jerry Compton RL Division 1986-1990


KP Note: Obviously I knew you if you were in RL Div from 86 - 90. I need to grab my cruise book and look for your picture. I know the name; just can't place the face.

Name Fix and Notes

Hello Ram:

Please change my name to Jerry vs. the current Larry. Never been a Larry, don't want to go there.

Actually, I have been reviewing the website and it has provided much needed research material for a paper I am writing about Autism in the military.

I appears that Nuclear Power has hidden all evidence of Autism in our society by provided all the dysfunctional and social inept smart kids with a much needed job. Thanks god for nuclear power and the Navy. Where else would these kids learn about the lusts of the flesh either in PI or (for those who are same sex oriented) in the nearest fan room.

While the enlisted ranks seem to be full of dorks, the officer ranks show that even college graduates who 'need that last badge to become an eagle scout' can find employment with uncle Sam. If science could harness the energy of indecision and panic of a watch officer while on watch...there would be not need for a reactor.

Thanks for the website.



Big E History: First Female PPWO

The first female PPWO onboard ENTERPRISE was a young lady from Wyoming by the name of Kate Hitchcock. She had her career pegged on heading to NASA. She spent more time on the bridge than in the plants. She became the first female Officer of the Deck. After leaving ENTERPRISE, she went to the Naval Academy and then to University of Maryland to complete her MS in MechEng. Not sure where she is now.


[KP Note: When you have plenty of spare time be sure to check this out. It's all there!]


Michael Hutchison Comes Aboard

King Paul,

I really enjoy reading the stories on your site. They bring back memories (some good, some not so good). I was on the Big E from 1985-1988. I was in the A&O shop, EE-50. Please feel free to add my e-mail to the "contacts" section. It is:


Michael Hutchison


Mobile Chernobyl & DIW

Yeah, I have seen those, not lucky enough to posses one though. I have a different patch that I'll have to find and scan for you, it wasn't as creative, but still pretty good.

I'm stoked to be the first sea-story teller. Has anyone ever mentioned the day Big E went dead in the water!???

It was my last "out to sea" on Big E. I had already turned in my TLD, and it was a stupid weekend three day float (I can't remember why, pickled liver, pickled brain). I was in my rack (no TLD, what the f else was there to do). When I hear the announcement over the 1MC, "loss of vacuum 3 main condenser, loss of vacuum 6 and 8 sstgs, dual scram 3 plant", I chuckled in my nap, "woops, someone fucked up". Then "loss of vacuum 2 main condenser.....dual scram 2 plant". Me thinking in my nap..."no fucking way", and it continued, marching on forward, lost 'em all. And to top it off, 1EDG failed to start. It was very hot, very loud, and very dark. The whole time I was onboard ship we never even ran a DIW drill, and here it was the no shitter!! It turns out, we backed over a sandbar right off the coast of Norfolk. Too funny, what wasn't funny was the follow up "Mud Sunday" where every condenser she's got had to be opened up and de-mudded. At least some of the dudes involved got some awards for it. I was skipping off to RCT school at the time...


KP Note: If my memory is correct the Big E has only gone DIW three times. Who can name the other two times? Speaking of the Mobile Chernobyl patch, back in the early days of this site someone sent me one. That was back in the days when fans of this site used to send me stuff as a goodwill and thanking gesture (hint hint). I used to get a lot of Yuengling beer, too (hint hint hint hint). 

Surry Power Opportunity!

KP, I have been a lurker at your site for years. I was an RO on the Ike (86-90) and I follow both your site and the Ikebites pages. I might even submit a Larry Corrigan Story from Nuke school some day. What I'm about to ask might seem a bit unconventional but you know Nukes, we are anything but conventional. I am an I&C instructor at Surry Power Station and a former Nuclear Instrument Technician in the station. We are looking to fill some slots in the I&C shop. As you may or may not know, Dominion, is "considering" building a nuke plant at our sister station, North Anna Power Station. Due to this "considering" the Engineering and Ops departments are sucking up techs from the shop. The primary focus of recruiting for the company is this "consideration" of building the new plant, so the I&C Supervisor at Surry is having a difficult time finding qualified applicants.

If you would be so kind as to put the word out on your site that if any Navy Nukes (former or current) are looking to move up by moving out, then they can contact me at and I can fill them in on the job. They can and should send their resumes directly to:

Mark Gabriele, I&C Supervisor 5570 Hog Island Road Surry, VA 23883

Thanks so much and keep up the great work on your site.

Michael Greaney I&C Instructor Surry Power Station 757-365-2162



One of the other two times was Spring 1969 leaving Pearl for sea trials after repairs following the Big Fire. Some small ship got in front of us in the channel and the Captain had to reverse the props to stop the ship. The props stirred up the mud on the bottom, silted the condensers, and DIW. Had to be towed back to the dock.

Dale Keys


Braden Brajkovich Comes Aboard ...

Please add me to the list. This is a great site, I wish I had found it sooner.

Last name: Brajkovich First name: Braden Work Center: RC 23, RC14, 1991-1995 email:

Thank again,

Braden B


Want a Flight Jacket?

Hi again, Back in the early 70's The ship started the electrical safety shop. I was picked to be the PO in charge. It was good duty and we had several guys to teach. There was a machinist mate that managed to get those great flight jackets with the fur collar and nifty leather. He was selling them for 25 dollars. I bought one and hid it. well a few days later the shit hit the fan, the guy from the machine shop got caught, busted and the word spread anyone with a jacket would suffer the same fate. The Safety Shop was forward on the 2nd deck just below the foc'sle. Just forward of the guy now, the cage is there still. In that space was the entrance to a dc void that was between the hull of the ship. there are hand holds in the ribs of the ship and you can go a long way there. I hid my jacket there and never went back. Who knows a new old leather jacket could still be there. 

John Lovell em-2 Dec 67- 71


A Request for Help ...

I'm helping a Navy veteran gather information for a claim. He was on board the USS Enterprise in the 60s. He was injured in a bar fight in Subic Bay Philippines while on shore leave. (Imagine that.) But this fight was serious enough to get him med evac'd to the U.S. Naval Hospital in Yokosoka, Japan where he underwent surgery and remained for a couple of months. We have been unable to locate any medical records to substantiate his claim. I came across your web site and thought I'd ask for any assistance you might be able to provide. His name is Michael Lenling. The incident occurred in February 1966. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Buddy statements carry some weight with the VA.

Vickie Adams Director Monroe County Veterans Bureau


Cruise Book Sells for Big Bucks ...

Hey Kind Poo,

Uncle Tim's Enterprise book just sold on eBay for $2500! Totally cool. Uncle Tim says we can use some of the money to go to college. If you guys have any more year books Uncle Tim wants them to sell. He says we can sell all his other Enterprise stuff too. Tomorrow we're going to list one of his sailor hats and a pair of used rubber shower shoes. He also has a towel that has his name and a bunch of numbers on it. Who knew old navy stuff was worth so much. 

Kevin and Steve


Deep Water DIW


It was interesting to read about the Big E going dead in the water. My generation of Big E nukes may remember a DIW incident that may not have made the history books. And this one didn't happen in shallow water.

I'm guessing it must have been 1977. We were off the California coast doing ref training, carrier quals or whatever. I do recall that for a number of reasons this was a period of maximum discontentment among the nuke community.

We had been having some engineering problems, but there was a real push to pull out anyways despite the problems. (Failure to meet scheduled commitments is a major hit on the resumes of the Big Brass.) As a result, we put to sea steaming cross connected between the forward and aft groups. (Only time in my 4 years I recall doing this.) I don't know how many reactors we had critical, but I think it was a record low for that era. Essentially, one of the groups (I think it was the aft group) had absolutely NO reactors on line. Not really a desirable steaming line-up.

At the time, certain valves could be shut hydraulically from the second deck. Key to this line up was a valve that cross connected Main Steam between the forward and aft groups. ( I believe the valve was physically located in 2AMR.) This valve was one of those which, in case of emergency, could be closed from the second deck passageway.

I had just gotten off CMO watch in 1MMR and was standing on the hanger deck taking advantage of the cool evening breeze and watching the last sliver of the sun as it sank below the horizon. Suddenly the hanger bay went dark! I knew instantly that this was NOT good! It took what seemed like a full minute before the diesels kicked in and light was restored. The 1MC came alive with all sorts of excited orders that I no longer remember.

It seems that some clown(s) had "inadvertently" closed the Main Steam forward/aft cross connect from the second deck! This deprived the receiving group of main steam. Somehow, the situation set off a domino effect and the reactors of the supplying group scrammed out. It's been over 30 years since the event and I'm not sure exactly how it all happened, but the old CMO in me makes me think it had to do with DFT levels and pressures. I think we rolled around in the waves for the better part of an hour before we could recover and get under way again.

To the best of my knowledge, they never caught the culprit(s). It was naturally assumed that a nuke was involved. I mean how the hell could someone with no knowledge of the ship's propulsion systems accidentally shut the one valve that could bring the ship to it's knees? Fortunately, whoever caused the event had the intelligence to time the shit during a period of no flight ops and while we were not in a major shipping lane. Could you imagine the ramifications if it were otherwise?



KP Note: I never heard about this one (so does that make it 4 DIWs?). Never had a DIW in our era but we did have a total station blackout in dry dock (Loss of SP and all the EDGs were tagged out). Here's a question for ya. What was the fewest RXs you recall being underway with? I know in 87-88 era we had only three up once and the old man was screaming to get more up so he could fly (I think there was a standing order about how many RXs needed to be crit to conduct flight ops). Once--and only once--did we celebrate being underway with all 8 critical. In the latter 80s it was quite normal to be cross-connected fwd & aft and 3 plant was usually trailing shaft.



I remember the Hunter's Point blackout (DIW sans W). I think it was around Jan/Feb of '87. I was on one those 6 & 6 duty days, supporting 6 or 7 section duty, standing SRO in 4 plant with both reactors on a N2 bubble using Rx compartment fans for cooling. I think it happened in the afternoon. Just sitting there shooting the breeze with the phone talker when suddenly everything went black. Luckily someone had recently changed the battle lanterns batteries in the EOS, so we had some light.

About 15 minutes later, Larry Roeckner came in, telling me how he was walking back to the ship when he noticed that a contractor was cutting or welding something up on the catwalks forward of the Quarterdeck, and the red hot slag was dropping onto some shore power cables. He said he told the quarterdeck OOW that hot metal and electrical cables are not a good mix, but the officer said that the contractors knew what they were doing. Later on, Larry said he told the RCA and the RO too. As far as I was concerned, all it did was breakup one of those real long watches.

Later, I heard that the resulting short tripped the substation feeding the dry dock, tripped the breaker for the whole shipyard, and took out most of the local area too. It was amazing how quiet the whole ship got. You never realize how loud all the background noise is until it all went away.

As far as the fewest Reactors up, I think one is the answer, if you count the grounding coming back in from the WestPac in 1983. I wasn't on board yet, but I believe 4B was the only one left and it was setting off RPFW hi temp alarms. Ask Arrgh, Tom Kreischer, or Mike Nolan.

Larry C


KP Note: Hey, Larry! Yeah I was on board too (but don't think I was qualified SRE yet). I might have been LRPT in 2 plant that day. I wasn't on watch but was elsewhere when it went dark and quiet for (I thought less than 5 mins). It was a big-to-do, as you can all imagine. I was told by someone that all the EDG emergency start motors were red-tagged off so that they wouldn't start at once and produce the moment/torque needed to rock the ship off the blocks. A new Standing Order was written right afterwards to leave one EDG on each side ready to go in case of a loss of SP. I was told later (by I think Scott Campbell at UCLA) that this was all bullshit and that 4 EDGs starting all at once couldn't rock the boat off its blocks no matter what and that Never would anyone authorize all 4 EDGs being made unavailable under any circumstances. I dunno. I just know what I was told. Who can shed light on this long forgotten FUBAR moment?

Sad News About a Shipmate and an Email Update


Could you add Joe Massey ET2 Died 2006. He was a member of RC 22 in the 90’s with me.

ETCS(SW/AW) Eric S Reynolds

1993 – 1998 RC22 Nub

1998 – 2002 NPTU Ballston Spa

2002 – 2007 RTLPO, RC13 LPO, RC LPO, RC 14 LCPO, RIMR / TPL LCPO, RC22 LCPO, RTLCPO ß Long assed tour

2007 – PCH Bush CVN 77 Crew B LCPO

Contact E-mail update



97 -'01 - I saw one guy in dress whites float by EL3 - Had an ET nuke jump while being counseled by ETC Wimpey, at night

both recovered by Helo

Jim Tecson, MMCM, retired BIG E 97-01


Job Posting

FYI - Here's an employment opportunity for anyone with certified gage calibration experience. SAIC is a very reputable Gov't contractor and Cris told me that he can immediately hire three personnel who fit the bill and will hire more in the near term.

Feel free to engage directly if you know of anyone who qualifies and is out or transitioning soon.

... I appreciate you putting the word out about SISCAL opportunities with SAIC. The qualifications are 2 years Navy Regional Maintenance Center Level II SISCAL team member experience (documented SGCP and SISCAL certifications mandatory), US citizen and capable of lifting 50lbs. I am particularly looking for personnel in the Norfolk or Fl area but I am willing to consider people who are outside those areas and are willing to travel. Our pay and benefits are very competitive.

You can contact me anytime at 757-408-0969(C) 757-459-6464(W) and


Cris Kidwell



Hi all, After reading the stories of loosing power I remembered a story about 1 diesel. It is a huge 12 cylinder GM. engine that starts with compressed air. The damn thing will scare the crap out of you when it starts. For all the newer people, on the stack is painted a busted cherry and written under it "twas busted". There was a second class motor mechanic doing PM one Friday, he did not finish so he covered the valves with clean rags and put the valve cover back in place. After a weekend of doing what most sailors do, he was a bit hung over .The next Monday, He finished putting on the covers and started the engine. Yea it ate the rags and I thing both he and no.1 diesel got busted. 

John Lovell


Silver Shoes ...


Several topics are intertwining as I try to write this story, so try to bear with me while I ramble.

NPS in 1975 I remember a Buffalo Springfield poster along with some other psychedelic stuff back in the instructors' offices. Of course there was geek paraphernalia as well. This was before geeks were cool.

A sampling of instructors:

Mad Dog Miller - Reactor Principles, I think. A submarine lieutenant who had been underwater enough to not worry too much about formalities. Really a smart, funny guy. When explaining why certain things were measured in logarithmic form (or decades) he started drawing lines on the blackboard, counting out 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. First decade. 11,12,13,14,15......99,100. Second decade. 101, 102, 103...999,1000. Third decade. 1001,1002, 1003.... he is down the hallway writing on the walls, (with chalk, this was 1975) yelling out numbers and by the time he got to a few thousand, we all had the point. Good teacher. We all learned a lot in his class.

Mr. Hess. No nickname. Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow. I think he joined the Navy so they would pay his tuition through Carnegie Institute of Technology's advanced program in god-knows-what. He said he hated us for being so stupid, and from his viewpoint, I really can't argue. You could tell he secretly liked us. Good teacher, as I recall.

There were a few other good ones, the details elude me right now...

There was also the condescending math woman who actually BELIEVED we were stupid, sent in to pinch-hit when the Sandman was having a hard time keeping us awake. When she pulled down the projector screen with the gross (50 year old women seemed pretty old at the time) Hustler centerfold attached, she was gone.

That's enough pure science, on to applied science...

It was sofa king hot in 3MMR. One of the reasons was the leaking steam pipes everywhere. Just low-pressure drain lines in the bilge, nothing all that dangerous, but they heated up the deckplates, which due to their dark red-deck paint, turned the floor into a giant continuous radiator.

Thinking back to Nuc school and black-body radiation and heat transfer and whatever, we decided the ER would be cooler if the deck plates were a lighter color.

To our amazement, Chief Hughes (good guy) was not only willing to consider the idea, he got a formula for silver-colored deck paint from some chief buddy of his! And got the OK to paint the deckplates! Holy Shit! Somebody cares! We are Loved!

According to formula, we mixed white paint with silver paint pigment for the high-temperature piping, and maybe some other stuff, and got to work. The paint dried, and I bet the engine room temperature dropped ten or fifteen degrees. Yeah, baby!

I guess the paint wasn't quite dry, because some of the silver rubbed off on our shoes and made them kind of silvery looking the first day.

The next day, the silver was still coming off on our shoes, making them even more silvery. And so on the next day. Then there was a trail of silver paint leading out the airtight door to the second (?) deck and down the hall in either direction. I think sick bay was right there and they didn't like it but oh well. The best part of the whole thing was that we looked GREAT with our SILVER SHOES and the BLACK COVERALLS that the M-Div Officer, CDR Stout had given us to boost morale or whatever.

Which leads into another topic. The M-Div Officer, while not "one of the guys" was a decent individual with a sense of history, and during the overhaul in Bremerton he allowed the guys in 4MMR to have the insulators cover and preserve the painting by "The Stub" on the MSR with lagging as opposed to tearing the whole thing out or painting it over. I hope it's still there.

Back to the silver paint: were we set up? maybe. Was the Chief set up by his chief friends? A strong maybe there. Did we mix it wrong? another maybe. Anyway, as I recall they put in stainless deckplates during the overhaul so it's a moot point.

All for now,

R infinity


KP Note: I'm not sure if I'm remembering correctly but I think the 4-plant deck plates were red in my era (late 80s). Maybe I'm thinking or RAR side. 

Critical Mass?

Re: How many Rxs needed to be up for flight ops: 

Three to steam; four to fly – If I remember it right. It’s been a long time.

Sinkkanen, rc22


Looking For Shipmates

I am tying to get in contact with any EE30 people who served onboard from 82-85 if you have any EE30 emails I would like to contact them. Thanks,

Steven Sullivan / CEO


KP Note: Have I got email addresses? You bet:

Big E Computer

Hi again During the yard overhaul/refueling in the late 60's. I helped install the first computer on the Enterprise. It was a huge monster that took up an entire compartment. The best I remember it was six ft tall about 5 feet wide and about 12 feet long. It was located just forward of sick bay by no 2 edg. Across the passageway was a fan room where we installed a 400 cycle motor generator. In the late 60's this was a huge step in computing, it used data cards and huge tapes. My lap top most likely is faster and has more memory. 

John Lovell Em-2


KP Note: I have no doubt that your laptop IS faster and has more memory than that big computer installed on the Big E in the 60s. When I was on Big E in 86 - 90 era nothing was computerized. We used typewriters to do all our evals, watchbills, reports, etal. I recall they initiated the "new" QA program right before I left and that was going to be computerized. (The computer, I think was in the RC 3 plant?). ETC Finney and ET3 Bagley were (I think) supposed to start it up. Too long ago to remember details, my salty pals. Anyway I avoided the whole thing because I refused to learn how to use a computer. The only computers most of us RX Dept guys saw in those days were the ones that guys kept in their locker and set up in the non-smoking lounge way in the back of RX Berthing. These guys used those ancient things to play games. THE first time I ever used a computer (because I was finally forced to) was in college in 1990 when I took a Fortran 77 class. I was terrified!  

MMR Memories 

When I left in 1998, the deckplates in all the RARs were stainless, unless I'm sorely mistaken, but one tends to remember those endless Heise watches and everything around. The decks in 3MMR were stainless with dark-red areas (esp. in lower level) and the decks in 2MMR were the same. 4MMR was red almost everywhere, and I remember it being the most spacious of the plants. 3MMR was the smallest, of course, and by far the hottest, temperature-wise. I always heard 1Plant was hottest zoomie-wise. 2MMR was my favorite to stand watch in - it was fairly open, had a good desk in upper level and a workbench in lower level, neither of which 3MMR really had - there was the small CMO's desk at the Ship's Speed/Shaft RPM/Main Steam Pressure gauges. 3MMR had steaming lockers inboard the reduction gears. 2MMR simulated this by giving everyone a drawer in an old Vidmar toolbox under the lower level ladder. The Booster Flats were under the ladder from the Main Steam Flats in 2MMR and you could feel the heat off them as you came down the ladder. 2ERLL was probably the coolest watchstation, temperature-wise, that I remember steaming. I still stand 2ERLL in my sleep sometimes, just like back on the Pig. <lol>

Anyone remember the pneumatic bilge pump in 2MMR? Against the forward bulkhead of 2ERLL. You hooked up the plant air via hose to a quick-release fitting on the top of it, and it was supposed to drive a piston-powered positive-displacement pump. It ran just fine, except that it didn't pump water - the rings were shot and there were no replacement parts because it was so old. We requested to replace it with a stock impeller pump from the Navy system a hundred times - hell, we could do it with ship's personnel easily, we were all MMs. But they would never give us permission, even though we had a pump sitting around waiting for the word to do it - NR would rather us have the known-not-working pump than a pump that works but wasn't a part of the power plant plans - damn the rising water levels! So if we were inside 12 miles, we'd just run the pneumatic pump to cover the sound of the illegal eductor.

I don't remember 1MMR very well. Seems like I was never a cold-iron up there. My roomie Adam was a 1MMR guy and it seems like we were always on watch at the same time.

Someone a long time ago mentioned rigging a pump motor or the like into a shaft alley space for storage, as it was the only one left in the fleet, or the like - if it was in 2-Stern, below the aft messdecks, it's still there, or was in 1998. It's secured to the hull on the outboard side, all the way forward in the compartment, and probably doesn't work anymore because there's no bilge pump back there and the shaft seals leak pretty bad, and the combination of those factors, plus some really crappy watchstanding by yours truly and others who remain unnamed, led to the flooding of that space nearly to the overhead during the 1997 yard period, which of course submerged that motor in seawater for nearly a day, until a non-shitbag watchstander discovered the flooding. Most people stood that watch from their rack - no lie. We got out of trouble by pointing out the lack of a bilge pump and asking if the PPWO would rather us light off an eductor at the pier at Newport News, where the output would be seen and recognized by anyone walking up the Ho Chi Minh trail. Instead of getting hammered for standing watch from the M-Div lounge, we got a stern lecture about asking for help when we didn't know what to do, and the DC-men got to pump that space over the side with firehoses and portable pumps.

I remember that space well - when it was finally cleared for entry, the first thing I did was check the air duct and make sure the Shaft Alley Porno Stash was safe.



Uncle Tim Rakes in More Buck$

Hey King Dud!

Uncle Tim's Enterprise shower shoes just sold on eBay for $750! Totally cool. Uncle Tim says we can use some of the money to buy online porn. If you guys have any more used shower shoes Uncle Tim wants to sell them. Tomorrow we're going to list his old blue-stained skivvies.  Who knew old navy stuff was worth so much?

Kevin and Steve



While I was a new bee we had to put fire protection on all the deep fryers on the ship. This was my first new construction work ever. installing the fire protection system, We installed a donut machine in the aft bakery. It had 440 volt heating elements and 110 volt drive motors. Our third class decided to use the control transformer for 110 power for the drive and mixing motors. I tried to tell him not to because anyone could tell the transformer was much too small. At any rate they had the captain and xo down for donuts just in time for the transformer to go up in smoke. The captain did not have a sense of humor. 



Another Good Job awaiting Ya!

Just ran across your site. Good times! I'm an ex MM1SW (Nuke) ELT. I'm currently working in the data center construction and service industry. It turns out that operating a reactor plant is really good experience for working in mission-critical data center environments. Who knew?

I separated in 1999 and haven’t split an atom since. If you know ex nukes that need a job in the Washington DC area let me know. I may be able to help. Also, check me out at:


My cousin Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh Finally has his dream come true!

My cuz told me he just signed the NEXT BIG THING! They're a band out of the Punjab and he says they totally rock! They are about to embark on a World Tour and it is hoped that some of you will let them stay at your house while they travel around with their huge entourage. Check them out at Hide your wives, daughters and pets!




"Drum solo from In-a-Gadda-da-vida played by a man wearing handcuffs"?!? I'd kinda like to see THAT!



KP Note: So would I! I'm thinking of asking Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh if he'd consider taking the P-Mooj on as a client.

Megger Me

Hi all, I have a bite of trouble telling this story. When I was young I could be a bit of an asshole. We were in route to Alameda from an extended time in the yard at New Port News. Just before crossing the equator, I managed to get a trouble call ticket on the flight deck to repair a welder. As most of you nukes and engineers know it was sometimes months before we saw sun light. I fixed the welder and noticed a large group of guys near no 2 jbd. I went to see what was going on. They had captured a guy throwing things overboard for the shell back party. This guy was sulking and would not move or talk. There was a first class with the nastiest scar on his head I had ever saw. HE HAD THE GUYS PULL DOWN THIS MISFIT'S PANTS AND PUT HONEY WITH SCOWERING POWER IN THE CRACK OF HIS ASS. DUMB ONLY ME WALKS UP AND SAID WHAT IS GOING ON. THEY INFORMER ME THIS POOR SOUL WAS SULKING AND WOULD NOT MOVE.. I had a 500 volt megger with me. I said I could make him move. The first class touched the leads to this guy's codds With 1/2 a turn he was gone. I do regret being this mean to any person and to a fellow sailor. 



New Addy for Eric Tew


Please update my email address. Eric Tew RM-23 1996-2000

Thanks, Eric.


Randy George Comes Aboard

Randy George RM 4 plant 1977-1980



Just a Reminder

If, by chance, anyone is in Dhaka on March 4, be sure to catch my cousin's big show:




20 years later and still pulling everyone's chain. Those posters are hilarious.



Arggh Loosens The Phlegm


I'm just recovering from a bad cold and was catching up on my reading. While reading the site, I nearly bit the big one after reading those posters for the BSLOP. I began laughing uncontrollably, and when my 18 year old daughter asked me what was so funny, I choked up a massive lougie and nearly expired. It wasn't pretty, but after I could breath again, and wiped the tears from my eyes, I must say... this site IS the greatest! Long live the Mooj. Long live KP's site!!! Long live sea stories and old sailors!!


ps - this site is better than any expectorant I know of


KP Note: Thanks Ed and Arggh! I guess you guys 'get' me (unlike all them folks that turn down publishing my Mooj book). Alert minds should remember who Mogender HV Singh was in the original Mooj Weekly Standard. He plays a more prominent role in the Enlightenment re-writes and sufferes from the same 'problem.' I believe MHVS was actually the brainchild of "Nitro" many moons back. I'd have to check the archives. Be sure to check up on the boys as they do a show in Bhutan next week.   

Randy George Gets New (or Fixes an old) Email Address

Randy George my correct e-mail address is


Tom Holman Comes Aboard

I came across this great website by accident. What a flood of memories it brought back for me. I spent nearly 5 years on the Enterprise, 1984-1988, and they were not always fun but they sure created a lot of memories for me. I was an RC23 nub originally but switched to RC11 later. What a great move that turned out to be. Later I went to RT where I spent my last year on the Pig. I got lucky and was able to do three years of general shore duty in Subic as a military police officer. After that I did 2 years on the USS Lincoln, then I left the Navy. Since 1995 I have been working as a 911 Dispatcher and later a 911 Supervisor in Colorado. I would love to hear from Louie Wingo, Greg "werlan" Weiland, Jud Woodings and all those crazy clowns I worked with all those years. Feel free to e-mail me and update me with all the goings on.

Tom Holman


KP Note: Tom! I remember you well! 

Schmidty Returns from the Sand!


Was able to get through the newest pages. Recently returned from the sand. Send some more pics soonest. Couple observations:

-For those of you currently over there (active reserve or contractor) safe! -Didn't like being shot at especially since I only had my personal patriot missile battery (aka M-9). Resolved myself to "it'll be fate if those rockets or mortars land in my vicinity." Besides it was 150 yards from the hooch to the nearest bunker and you had about six seconds from "INCOMING" to impact. If I could run 150 yards in six seconds….

-Hodgies are rude at best -There are never any road accidents with injuries…only fatalities as they (hodgies) drive like maniacs. -Qatar didn't think much of the place -Kuwait Qatar in a different location -Iraq. A sniper bullet would have been better -HOA is tolerable but the heat and humidity are murder -Bahrain was off the hook. Met up with an officer who relieved me on the CG some years back. Had thoughts of getting her really drunk but she must have had a hollow leg or something..Took me 1/2 hour to get back to the room only 50 yards away.

-Dubai is a lot like Bahrain -miss my compadres in Special Forces. No finer group of professionals to work with. -still feel guilty about putting forces in-country even though it was my job. Perhaps if I was a little less proficient they wouldn't have been on the road that day and run over that IED. Semper Fi! Your faces are still burned in my memory.

-still drop to a knee at loud noises and reach for a weapon that is no longer there. Hoping it will pass. -nice to be promoted while over there

Nice to see some familiar postings on the site. Alas for me my Navy career has hit twilight time. Can't get a billet near the family and will not move them as they are happy. Daughter has to finish up her cancer regime and Exceptional Family member, in my opinion mean nothing. Time for me to bid adieu. Twas a good run for someone who was only going in for six years for the nuke experience and ended up in logistics for a twenty plus year career.

All take care out there

Schmidty (RL 90-94)

Slide one is at an undisclosed location in Kuwait. Slide two is me have another wonderful day at Ft Jackson, SC


Richard Allen Gets new Email Address

Please change my e-mail addy to

Richard Allen 1963 - 1967 R- Div. Shifitter Shop.


Pics From John

I hope you like them and yes this is my picture on the gun mount and with a flat belly 

John Lovell


KP Note: I remember that gun on Grande Island! It's probably still there rustier that ever.

Greetings from Across the Pond

Hi, I am a Englishman who is nuts about the US Navy and while searching the web for a project on you ship came across your website and just had to tell you how I have enjoyed it and how it has helped me, especially the list that gives the Squadrons that have been on all of her Deployments as I have been trying to find this info for some time. The reason I need this is because I am quite often asked to display my collection (see attachments) and each time I try to have a main theme/ship and would like the next one to be on the ENTERPRISE.

I have managed to obtain a model of her as well as a "Tab" (name of ship warn on uniform), I intend obtaining a ships patch/s, I know of two types but have been told there have been others, if you have any info. on any at all I would be most grateful then I can see if I can obtain them. I did intend trying to get one of each Squadron that had been on board but after seeing you list I think I will just see if I can obtain ones of the ones on board at the moment. I have been given permission from a website to use any photos I need but have seen a few on your website that I would like to use, how/who do I go about getting permission (there is one by katjon30 I would like to use), I would also like to obtain a "Welcome aboard" booklet as well a ships newsletter or two, I am willing to pay for anything, plus postage.

Please answer if its only to say you cannot help in anyway, but if it is o.k. will you be willing to help with this project.

Thank you for your time, good sailing.

John Bowder


KP NOTE: Ahoy, Mates currently serving aboard our fair Lady. Can you make contact with John to assist him. John, please keep us updated on your display! 

Calling I&C Techs ...

I&C Techs needed for the upcoming Refuel Outage at Fort Calhoun. We need a few more good men ... iow ... EM's, MM's and other nubs need not apply ... this is an exclusive gig, man. ;) Your pimp: Mel Morgan J.Givoo Consultants, Inc 410 Holly Glen Drve Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 [obviously tied to the mafia] 315-676-4112

-steamer- use me as a reference if you dare. well ... for an envelope every week ... you know how it works.


Mark Laney Comes Aboard ...


Please add me to the 80's list.

Mark Laney, RL Div, 1989 – 1991

Hello to all the Big-E gang!


Mark Laney


Mark Clarke Comes Aboard

Mark Clarke 4 Plant Mechanic '84 thru '87

KP Note: Holy shit, Mark.... You write in so nonchalantly ... don't you remember me? We drank more than a few beers in O-Town together! Share some of your Don Foster, Terry Mackey & gang stories with us.

re: Arrgh Loosens The Phlegm

hey! seems to me ... arrgh and phlegm go hand-in-hand. ;)

well ... i'm thinkin' TAAQ - Thermal And a Quarter ... is gonna give BSOLP a run for their money.

great stuff KP ... shades of the ole MWS.

thank you. -steamer-


KP Note: De Nada (as mi empoyanos say). TAAQ is actually a band that my cousin runs with. He's in a band called Five8. I sent him a Myspace friend request from the BSOLP and he never responded (at a loss for words I guess). So I wrote him back and asked if he and his band wanted to go on the BSOLP's world tour. He had to let me know ASAP so I could rent a bigger car. He's still ignoring me.

For those in the 'hump' area, here are some shows you shouldn't miss:


Jim Craft Comes Aboard

I’m Jim Craft. Was on the Enterprise from 1979 to 1983.




KP Note: Jim, since you didn't say which Div you belonged to I'm going to assume that you're ashamed of your past and belonged to RM23. (Only kidding. Write back and tell me your div.)

William Shafer Comes Aboard

Hello, Would like to be added to your roster. 94-98, RC-11 & RT Thanks!

William Shafer



I used to hide here when JellyBelly was looking for a spot check pm victim, haha! . There are other decent Enterprise vids on youtube in case you haven't seen them.

I noticed Eric Duden checked in. You were the first guy I met when I got on board. We took a couple roadtrips. Bronco 2 was it? Good Times..

Happy St Patrick's Day everybody, a round of Guinness on me!

Skip Donham


KP Note: I'm pretty sure that video is from the catwalk outside of the RT Void. How many hours did we all hang out there!

KP Pisses off Another Wife?

My wife thought I was having a heart attack and came running into the den to see if I was okay. I couldn't even talk and she kept screaming what's the matter! what's the matter! She then saw that I was reading the Myspace blog for the BSOLP. I was still laughing too hard to talk and she made her whatever face. Later I caught her going through the browser history trying to find the BSOLP page. When she found it she said what's so funny about this? it's a band. big deal. 

P. Rogers


Grande Island ...

HI again, When I first went to Grande Island in the PI there were no women allowed and we could pretty much go animal. I do remember a party by e-division. Lots of beer and good times. The next time we were there there were clubs, slot machines and such. It was not the same.



The Storm and Why We Fight

This was a storm we were in in the 68 area. 



Looking for Nukes

I’m looking to touch base with some old Navy nuke friends. Know any good websites or resources?

I was in 1988 – 1994. Seems like a whole lifetime ago.

Mike Layser

KP Note: Ummm, how about this website? Or better yet try Critical Thinking.

Travis Rolison Comes Aboard

Sir, Want to say great job on your website. My name is Travis Rolison and I too served aboard the USS Enterprise(1998-2001). I worked in the Power/Motor Rewind shop (EE02) & then went up to Flight Deck Lighting (EE09). Thank you for the work you have done creating your site!


KP Note: Sir? Wow, no one ever called me sir before. I'll take it!


Check this out. Wow, did NNPTC really change.

Cindy Moody


Joseph Hegendeffer Comes Aboard

I would like to be added to the Nuke list. I was in RL division from 1996 to 2000. My name is Joseph Hegendeffer. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thanks, Joe


Rock Out With Your Mooj Out!

Yo, my humble friends. Here for your listening adventure is the latest P-Mooj show download. It was a rare sell-out 1,000+ crowd night where I was under the influence of good vibes and had a heavy wah wah foot: HIT ME, KP!



Latest BSOLP adventures:

The above right poster features the photography of our pal Steamer.



Danny Clark Comes Aboard

Hi. This is Danny Clark. I served from December 1983 to June 1987. My rank was ET1 and I served in RC-22 with the likes of Michael Stonebreaker, Clifton Teeter, Boyd Beltz, Richard Halstead, David Shoop, Larry Coster, James Shostak and Christofer Hoover. I hope the first names are spelled right. My e-mail is

Thank you.


KP Note: Danny! You write in like you don't remember me! (Maybe you don't.) I sure remember you! You were a very nice guy and made me earn all those sigs you blazed off on my BNEQ card when you were tending us wayward RTsians.

Darryl Ricks Comes Aboard

Hello, I recently came across your site looking for an old friend from the E, and wanted to get my name and e-mail added to the roster if you're still updating it. My name is Darryl Ricks, and I was in RC-23 from 2002-2005. The best e-mail to reach me at is Thanks very much.



Scotty Pulley Comes Aboard


Could you add me to your list. I was in RE03 and RT from 1993-1997. My email is


Scotty Pulley EM2


Is This the Famous ....?


Every week or so I drive by this old bar in Silverdale with the apartment on top that a lot of sailors lived in over the years, especially during the Bremerton YardPac. I think there is more than one reference to it in your website.

Jim W.


Dennis Doyle Wanders Back into The Cove ... Pitcher of Mojo in His Hand!

Long time no hear, I just wanted to say "Hey." Discovered this site by accident. I saw my name on it as a contact so I must have discovered it by accident prior to today but I can't remember, (Getting OLD). My new address is I live in Long Beach now, so if you're down this way, let's get together.

Hope everything is well.

Dennis E. Doyle


KP Note: Big Ed! Hey, bro.... you're memory must really be whacked as you were also my first ever story submitter! I'll call you tonight ... 

Shawn Griffin Comes Aboard ...

King Paul,

Fantastic site. Ivin Rhyne just referred me to it today. I can't wait to read the 'sea stories'.

Please post my contact information:

Shawn Griffin, RM11 & RM 23, 1989 - 1995,


Thousand Island

King Paul,

I'm sure this won't be the last story that I post but I always thought it was pretty prophetic of life on the 'Big E'.

A few months after getting on board and going through Reactor Training, I was sitting in the galley with Darrell Corbin (who tagged me with the nickname 'Brutus' that stuck for my entire 11-year career) and Sean White. Corbin and White were the stereotypes of RL Division, way too much f#$%ing time on their hands.

This was just prior to the World Cruise in '89.

Some 'sea dad' stopped by the table, I wish I could remember who it was, to make sure we were doing ok after our first couple of months.

He proceeded to tell us about the 'abandon ship' drill and in the case of the ship really sinking to make sure to head to the galley and grab a one-gallon drum of Thousand Island Salad Dressing.

I’m pretty sure that my response was "WTF?"

He told us that the "Thousand Island" could be used as shark repellant.

We laughed our asses off at this recommendation … but I'm sure that Darrell, "Butch" (Sean White) and I actually considered this as an option for at least a day or two. But we did re-tell the Sea-Dad's story to our fellow knuckle-grinders.

That story was forgotten for many years until we ready to take the ship out of Newport News shipyard. We were in the middle of sea trials and I was having lunch with DC, he and I were one of the few that were still left.

Then we heard a conversation at table diagonal from us from a few sea-pups (completely unprovoked) … one third-class said to the other, "Hey, did you know that if we have an abandon ship drill, you should grab a tub of Thousand Island Dressing?" is complete seriousness …

I'm pretty sure DC and I both lost a little bit of our lunch laughing our ass off …



Lookin' for The Dev'l


Do you have MMCM(SW/AW) Deville's current e-mail address?

KP Note: No. If anyone sees MMCM at their local watering hole tell him to update his info on KP Site. 

RM11 Stories 


I've spent the last couple days enjoying the web-site. I wish I had found it years ago when it began. I'm about 1/4 of the way through but felt the urge to reply more than the 'Thousand Island' story.

You and your many readers have hit all of the high notes regarding Reactor Department on the 'Big E'. I haven't seen a lot of familiar names but it made me think of and remember so many of the people that meant so much during that time. Like you, I sometimes hear myself repeating something that was said by some old 'salty fucker' who I thought I was ancient at the time.

I came on-board with the rest of the nubs prior to the 89-90 World Cruise and was promptly greeted by the likes of Master Chief Twigg roaming berthing and Brad Stephens in Reactor Training.

I thought I'd mention a few of the people I've been thinking about the past few days.

MMCS (SW) Cleary -- Senior Chief was a chief when I first arrived at RM11 and consistently busted my balls along with MM3 Brian Baliko. If it wasn't enough, you had Cleary preaching the Boy Scout straight- arrow routine while Eric Duden busted our balls for not knowing anything and being fucking worthless. Both taught me a lot.

MM1 Terry Jenkins -- I saw that you mentioned Terry in the first dozen pages or so. Helluva nice guy but he was an even bigger pain in my ass. It seemed to me, there were quite a few 'types' of sailors on board and one of those types was the 'muscleheads' and the other was type that would leave as a sloth the entire cruise. Baliko and I tried our best to hit the gym or the basketball court whenever we could and got in pretty decent shape. Doing pushups, pull-ups and sit-ups on 1 Turbine Generator Flats will do that for you.

Anyways, I was standing watch with new Chief Garcia during the cruise and we were talking about where we grew up ... both of us in the inner city. The topic moved to drugs and we had just left Thailand. I made the comment on how "easy it would have been to smuggle hash, thai sticks, just about anything, and stick it in the ventilation ducts until we got to shipyard." Terry overheard most of the conversation and then the comment that would haunt me.

"Shit, I'm been cycling juice for months. Look, I'm losing my hair. I'm getting huge (I was probably even a jackass and kissed my bicep). And no one has said a word," was one of the final comments I made to Garcia.

Three days later. RM Division got hit with urinalysis. Two days after that. All last names 'G' got hit with urinalysis. A week later, it was Reactor Department. Then a day later, all SSN's ended in '3'. I got hit four times in two weeks. I started to get pissed off.

Of course, I wasn't doing any steroids. It was just a 'turbine generator flat sea story'.

The story doesn't end.

Since I tested negative, about two weeks later Terry Jenkins walks up to me in the chow line and asks to talk to me. I said sure, he was the LPO. He then proceeded to tell me that he was worried about "me and my use of HYPERBOLIC steroids",

I about shit myself.

Terry had turned me in but it came up 'zero'.

I had to laugh because all I had been using was GNC supplements. The irony was that years later during the Mark McGwire controversy when they showed his bottle of 'Andro', it looked strangely similar to a bottle of stuff I was taking at the time.


I was going to mention more people but I'm sure I'll miss quite a few of them. And there is more to mention than just names.

ET2 Phil Heuker - not sure whatever happened to Phil? I stood 1CTG watch most of the cruise with Phil regaling stories out on the flats with me as RCER. ET2 Chris Nelson - Chris, Jeff Johnson, Brian Baliko, Dave Raithel and I all hung out all the time in Norfolk. MM1 Darrel Corbin - Great guy. Very funny Thailand stories about Darrell. MM1 Chuck Burchfield - anyone remember 'Goober'? MM2 Mike Shoemann - speaking of muscleheads? MM1 Eric Daw - the biggest fan every of Bon Jovi and Mexican women. Eric and I graduated 8804 from D1G together. MM1 Greg Boyle - fantastic guy. MM1 Gerry McClendon - my sea Dad at D1G and then I ended up signing his card when he came on-board. ET1 Tom Cluney - One of the few guys on-board the Pig for more consecutive years than I was. EM2 Bruce "Amway" Ostrout - He's gotta be selling something somewhere. Totally a scammer. MM2 Ivin Rhyne - one of the most talented young nubs I'd ever seen. CDR Bersticker - an RO I liked a helluva lot. I will never forget playing an intramural basketball game versus the officers and Bersticker took the court. At 6'3", I matched up the best with Bersticker was closer to 6'4" or 6'5". I thought for sure I'd school him big time. Hell, the guy was like 45 or 50.

Bersticker could have replaced Shaq's nickname, "The Big Fundamental". He scored on me in every 'old school' way possible. I'm sure I held my own but he outplayed me.

Later on in Norfolk, I found out that Bersticker's son, Brian, played for Indian Hill and then played at North Carolina. The kid was 6'11".

I could go on and on including Andy Mejia, ET3 "Big" Don Smith, ET2 "Metallica" Don Smith, EMCM(SW/AW) Hugh Mosley.

Anyone seen or heard from these guys?

King Paul, thanks for a helluva web-site.

And I'll be sending more stories soon.



KP Note: I know I've told this story ... but who knows if its in here. The above reminds me of the time we were in H-Point during the '86 SRA. We were rooming with Goldylocks and he came home one Friday night -w-a-s-t-e-d-. He told us all about it. The next morning he refused to get up for Saturday duty muster so we left him asleep in BEQ. After muster they informed us our duty section had to take a piss test. We fought over the privilege of going back to BEQ and waking Goldylocks to give him the good news. He took the test but wasn't popped. Either the test was flawed or he was lying about smoking ganja all night.


I was wondering if you ever thought about putting in a link to open positions? If you would post this I would appreciate it!

I work at the University of Missouri Research Reactor and we have some open positions for reactor operator trainees. The job description is at the following This is not an all inclusive description though. The benefit of this place is the school. The university will pay 100% of 6 hours and you can actually go to class. We work a rotating shift, but if you are at work and have class that day you get to go to class and make up the time later. It is a great opportunity for someone who wants to make a pretty good living (especially for the area) and wants to finish their degree at the same time.

I completed a bachelors in chemistry here and am currently working on a MS in environmental science. Since I have been here, from the Enterprise alone 2 others have finished bachelors degrees (Chem Eng and Journalism), 3 have finished masters programs using a Thomas Edison bachelors (Nuc Eng, Stats, and Public Admin), and there is still one other Big E guy here working on his masters in Nuc Eng. That is just Enterprise guys! A lot of places will pay for your education, but this place will actually let you get one.

The positions are here right now so please take a look or if you know any one that might be interested, let them know. If anyone wants to ask me a question about the position my contact info is on this site, just put something like RO position in the subject line.

Eric Hood RL 1996 - 2001


Shout at The Devil

For all you guys looking for Carl Deaville ….


KP Note: Thanks, Mark.... for know...  



2008 reunion!
Hosted By: Rick 'Chester' Newman EM-23 84-88
 and Tom 'Spoon' Wotherspoon RM-14 82-86
I live about 30 minutes from Niagara Falls, New York. I have 3 acres and will be having a picnic at the house Saturday August 2, 2008. Friday and Sunday event details to follow. Weather that time of year is 75 - 95F and humid. Little chance of rain.
Closest airport would be Buffalo International. It is served by many airlines including Southwest, Continental, Delta, Jet Blue, Northwest and United. There are also several low cost airlines. Buffalo is one of the cheapest airports to fly into. Alternative airports are Rochester or Toronto (both about 2 hours away).
Lodging is in abundance in the area. Niagara Falls, Lockport, and Lewiston are the 3 closest areas. I recommend the Lockport Holiday Inn or Comfort Inn.
I would assume that several people would want to bring their families due to the unique natural wonder of Niagara Falls. Maid of the Mist, Cave of the Winds, etc. Other attractions include Lewiston, NY (proclaimed by Pres. Carter as the most historic square mile in
the country). Fort Niagara (owned by the British, French, Americans and then a WWII 
POW Camp). Lake Ontario fishing (King Salmon, bass, etc.), 2 casinos  (1 American Indian owned, the other just across the border in Canada), Darien Lake amusement park is 45 minutes away (formerly a six flags park with 6 or 7 roller coasters) , Darwin Martin House (Frank LLoyd Wright) is in Buffalo, Niagara Wine Trail (Niagara wines allegedly rival Napa Valley in reputation), Buffalo Bisons Baseball (Triple A affiliate to Cleveland Indians), Whirlpool Jet boats (takes you up the lower Niagara River to do high speed turns in the whirlpool and rapids), Artpark (free concerts on Tues and Weds variety includes Styx to Molly Hatchet, Hootie and the blowfish, etc.), Erie Canal (boat rides through locks). Allentown art festival, Many ethnic festivals in Buffalo, Indoor water parks. numerous golf courses, and many other attractions.
If you planned on Canadian attractions or flying into Toronto you will need a passport.

Rick 'Chester' Newman

Terence Nash Comes Aboard

Please put my name on this list. Terence Nash RM-23 2000-2004 E-mail address:


Thought the group here would get a good chuckle out of this (from P kagel).
Misheard comment leads to evacuation of nuclear power plant in Wisconsin

258 words
11:33 am, 04/10/2008
Associated Press Newswires(Internal Content)

MILWAUKEE (AP) - Hundreds of employees were evacuated from a nuclear power plant for several hours Tuesday because a clerk at a nearby convenience store misunderstood a comment by a new plant worker.

A man entered the store about 7:15 a.m. and asked for directions to the Point Beach nuclear power plant, the clerk told Two Rivers police. As the man was leaving, the clerk heard him say he "came to blow up the place," authorities said.

She called police, who tracked down the man's rental car at the power plant.

He told FBI agents he was a contractor reporting for his first day at the plant, and said that what he told the clerk was that he "hoped he wouldn't blow up the place" because of his inexperience, police said.

Authorities searched his vehicle and found no evidence of a threat. The man was identified only as a 23-year-old from Hull, Mass.

About 450 nonessential employees out of the roughly 500 people at the site were evacuated for less than four hours, said plant spokeswoman Sara Cassidy.

"There's a zero-tolerance policy whenever you have anything like this," Cassidy said. "If we have a situation where people make a threat, we're going to make sure we're taking every precautionary measure we can."

The plant is on the Lake Michigan shore at Two Rivers, in Manitowoc County about 30 miles south of Green Bay. It's owned by FPL Energy based in Juno Beach, Fla.


Bill Hilow Has New Email Address

Hi Ram,

When things slow down at work I love to visit your/our site.

Want to thank you again for creating this site. I heard from Kevin Kidder (EE30) a couple months back and that was just amazing. Thank you, thank you.

My new email is

Thank Ram

KP Note: Always good to hear from ya, Bill. Since you reminded me.... I must spew special thanks out to Kidder for all his hard work helping to spread P-Moojism. He is now a famous graphic designer and he has done many of the logos you see on the Psychedelic Mooj posters I've been putting up everywhere. 

Speaking of the P-Mooj, be sure to download our show at Club Red. We got a call two days ago asking if we'd take a slot last night and we did. It was a blues festival and so we basically Blues ala Mooj (gone bad). We actually had two former Blasters come on stage after us and they remembered our bass player (they all ran together in the SD circuit 25+ years ago). Here's a link to the show.

Reunion Help...

I have experience flying into this area... another airport to check out is Pittsburgh, which is only 2 1/2 hours away. If you're going to rent a car anyways, you may wish to check that option as well. I've found cheaper flights into there then the other major airports in the last few years. Good luck, and see you there!!



Steve Gies Comes Aboard ...


You probably don't remember me, but I served with you as an ET in RC-11 on the Big-E from 1986-1990. A co-worker of mine (an ex-Enterprise airdale) came across your website. You have done a great job on it! I'll have to dig out my old photos and scan them in for you one of these days. (They're all stuffed into a box in the attic.) Thanks for keeping some of our memories alive! Oh, by the way, could you use my home email for the list? It is:

Thanks again,

Steve Gies


KP Note: I do indeed remember you! Welcome aboard. I KNOW you have a few stories to tell. I assume you have emailed Louie Wingo by now. 

Chad Frazer Comes Aboard ...

Thank you so much for making this database!!!!

Please add Chad Frazer, EE04/EE05 1999-2003, my email address is

If you need help funding this site, let me know!


KP Note: Thank you for your offer, Chad. At present the only help I ask for is that you and my many past, present, and future shipmates continue to send in stories!!! 


April 2008 General Quarters, General Quarters

The flow of traffic is up and off, over and out!

Brad Stephens, late to the party as usual - See my profile at for my story and pictures of my wife of 18 years, Theresa, our kids William age 9 and Matthew age 7, and Sparky the Pirate Dog.

I was a 2 Plant RE from 86 to 90. I hated the f**king Navy while in, but low and behold, with perspective and age, it does not seem so bad now. Never, never feel bad about the things you did while serving your country. You don't know sleeze like I do. I have worked in construction, Big Multimillion dollar projects, and the back stabbing and sleezery is beyond anything I ever heard of or saw while we were haze gray and underway. But more to the point..... Musical interlude #1 (to the tune of "Ghost Riders in the Sky" )- a tribute to a bar in Idiot Flats, I mean Idaho Falls.

                      She came waddling thru the door, one dark and dusty day
                      She said she'd like to f**k me, but I told her I was gay
                      She said it didn't matter as she threw me to the floor
                      Grabbed me by the hair....... and dragged me out the door 
                      Yippee Kaia, Yippee Kioooo, hog riders at the HUB 
                      She said we're going to f**k, and it better last and hour 
                      I asked her where the kitchen was, I knew I'd need some flower
                      I rolled her in it for a while and looked for the wet spot
                      Good as guess as any....that would be her twat
                      Yippy Kaia, Yippee Kioooo, hog riders at the HUB 
                      Hog riders at the HUB

Now this ain't no shit, but..............

There was once a nuke nub who showed up in berthing with a teddy bear. He slept with it - in a nice way I mean. Some naughty RE thought it would be funny to steal teddy and ask for ransom. " Do my burn bag run or the bear gets it" or some such. Tension escalated as the lonely young man came to grips with the fact that there was not much sympathy on a U.S. Navy warship for a wog nub dweeb that kept his teddy bear with him all through power school and prototype. Then came the day that would change this young mans life forever. A photo of the bear being cornholed by the perpetrator. After that, He had to GROW UP and join the real world. The bear, meanwhile, was the most popular date on the ship. Teddy was the best f**k I ever had.

So we were sitting on the mess deck choking it down, when I turned to the clueless airdale next to me and said, "You know, if the ship ever sinks, the cooks have orders to open the French salad dressing and pour it overboard, as a shark repellent." Fast forward 2 1/2 years. I'm sitting on the mess deck eating a Veal Wheel, when this clueless airdale says to me " You know......." I shit thee not.

A friend of mine was a talented watch stander and a good electrician. He was standing generator watch in the haunted switch gear when the orders came thru to bring up the idling generator, parallel the two generators, balance the load, transfer the load, and take the working generator off line for PMS. He did so competently, using only his feet. At no time did his hands touch any control - he used his bare feet to do the whole evolution. Later that cruise, Happy Hanson was qualifying, and was ordered to do this same evol, in 2 plant switchgear. Happy is a good, likable guy. But he was soooooo squared away. I think he ironed his shirts during ops in the IO. Hair cut was always SAT! He was always ahead of the curve, and competing with G Dubbaya B to finish quals, and chidding us less than motivated types to git 'er done. So on that day, I watched him mess up bad and reverse power the off going generator. I believed in God from that day on. I love my life and would not trade a second of it if I had to miss the dead silence that followed that reverse power relay tripping the breaker open, or the look on Hanson's face as the L.D. called to find out what happened. Ha, ha ,ha.

I think that the guys in 2 plant were the best on the planet. G Dubaya B where are you now. Bernie M ?? Mark " I think I'll take a rental car to TJ, so it can get stolen and I can find out the awful truth about American insurance in a foreign country" S ?? Terry was the second black guy I ever got to know and it changed my way of thinking for all time. RBH - was the first person of Jewish extraction that I respected and liked. The guys from RM 22, Dan Coyne was one to remember, and MM3 Martin, who took a kid from Oklahoma into the Tenderloin Dist. in San Francisco " I can tell a woman from a man dressed up in womens' clothing " said I. No, I could not. Or almost did not. Almost. But damn he/she was cute. C.T. told me stories of married life that held me in good stead for 18 years so far ( " Admit when you're wrong, even if you're not " and " always be sincere, whether you mean it or not."). Even the Dogstraddler - an upper peninsula snot rag if there ever was one- had his moment. Singular. More from the memory banks later. I'm only to page 8. I was going to claim the Tank requisition as my own, cause it is a classic, and I'm a classic kind of guy, but the real perp beat me to it. Ciao, Brad Stephens

KP NOTE: When I first put this site together it was purely for selfish reasons. I wanted to find all my old shipmates, especially the RE gang from 86 to 90. It took years to collect friends through this 'clever ploy' and today I just found another of my 8502 EMB brothers; Brad is someone I had hoped would have found this site long ago. But better late than never, lad! I did a search on the site (Steamer showed me how) and saw that Brad Stephens is mentioned on no less than ten pages! I'm assuming Brad will come to these stories as he reads aimless on his path forward and add to them. 

Holy Shit! I remember the Teddy Bear Incident! My faded memory places it belonging to George D__amera but he was never on the Big E so I'm pretty sure this horrific episode happened at NPS. I remember [someone] doing unspeakable things to that blindfolded teddy bear (while photos were taken) and mailing them to poor Georgie. Yes! It was NPS! Because I just had this major flashback of Stephens, Firestone, Cawthon, Lapardi, Freisleben, Severns, Kidder, Paul Porter (later on the E), and me being called into ETC Whittaker's (our section adviser) office and him telling us (and I can still picture his face trying to look stern--without laughing): "Okay, you jackasses. I thought I'd never have to say this as a chief ... but will you please give Petty Officer Del__ara back his Teddy Bear!" 

It's all coming back to me now! We kidnapped the bear and the ransom was (because George was the only guy in our quad that had a car) simply to drive us to Daytona Beach for spring break weekend. 

George actually did drive us to spring break if you can believe it. I guess he was happy to get his teddy bear back, even if it was missing body parts and defiled. Forgive me if I have already told this story (I might have). I can totally remember this like it was yesterday. Brad may or may not have been with us but I know for sure Severns, Cawthon and Lipardi were there. George drove us to Daytona and that spring break weekend (unfortunately) coincided with Bike Week. We were cruising in George's big orange Monte Carlo and we pull alongside some fine lookin' Canadian babes. We picked up on them (so we thought) and they gave us their hotel and room number. They told us they'd meet us back there in an hour. We found the place, parked, wait the hour, and then take the elevator up to their room (so we think). One of us knocked. A biker opened the door, saw us, then slammed the door. George said (and I kid you not): "Well, Fuck you too!" The rest of us (horrified) decided to run like hell. I cannot remember if we were chased (I told this story to quite a few people in the ensuing weeks and each time the story was embellished such that an entire motorcycle gang was chasing us -- in reality it might have just been one guy and he probably only chased us as far as the elevator).      

Speaking of poor George D, I think Brad might have also been the 'heartless bastard' that put a 25-gallon water filled condom in bed with him one night. George awoke, poked the thing, it exploded, and he (and his bed) were soaked. 

Welcome aboard, Brad!!!!! I can tell a whole new bank of memories are about to surface.

Eric Hinton Goes goes Legal

Hey! I'm leaving my college job to go to law school. My new e-mail address is



Good Gawd in Heaven .... Time for Page 55: Click Here


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