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A Quick Note From The Illustrious KP:

Thank you for your patience while I toiled to get this site back up and running. I cannot even explain what happened. All I know is it appears to be working so keep your fingers crossed and hope it stays that way. Because this page was set up as a 'temp' holding place it isn't like the others. To avoid any more work on my part I will just keep it that way. Send in them sea stories, Mates!! The KP Site is back underway. It will probably take me a while to update the 'master email pages' so hold the line and I'll get to it as soon as possible. For now the E-mail addresses for newly discovered shipmates will appear below with their introductory messages. (Note to nubs showing up: please include your email address in body of text so I don't have to email you back and ask for permission to use the email address from source of the email.)

Mark Liddle Comes Aboard!


Just ran across your website, set up for all the old-timer Big E reactor & engineering department nukes, and thought I'd see about adding myself to your list.  Not sure if anyone will be glad to see my name, and either groan, shake their head, or smile remembering me, but what the hell, right?

Mark Liddle    RM-23    October 82 to April 87 (yeah, 3 WestPac/IO cruises in 4-1/2 years!!)

I did get a chance to go through the list of names for the 80's, and recognized quite a few, but still have a ton of pages of stories to go through.  I'm sure it'll make for some fun reading during the bits of spare time I find every now and then.  I've included a tale to add to your pages below.

Thanks, especially for all the work you do to make this site happen!

I think one of the funniest stories I can come up with, right off the bat, was shortly after we completed our first deployment, in 1983.  MMC Paul Burke (who's listed here) was my chief, and while he could be quite the taskmaster, he was always fair with us.  Anyways, one of our PMS maintenance checks came up, to cycle the coolant pump turbine generator steam inlet valves, to ensure their continued smooth operation.

Well, it seems that whoever the last person to shut down the "B" plant generator was, they either really torqued that valve down tight, or it was simply our relentless friend, Mr Murphy, playing a trick on us.  Bottom line?  We couldn't get that valve to open up, no matter what we tried!  Couple guys on the handwheel, no luck.  Added a crow's foot, still no luck.  Put an 8-foot breaker bar on it, and still couldn't get it to budge!  Oh, and yeah.......we checked first, to make certain it wasn't fully open!!

About this time, here comes Chief Burke, wondering what this clusterf**k is, and why we seem to be trying to break his CTG??  We explained the situation, and what we had already tried, and the chief decided all this problem needed was someone with a bit more ass to put behind it, and decided he was just the man to get that valve open.  With a warning to everyone to stand back, he grabbed the end of the cheater bar, and with a mighty groan, heaved upward with all his might, arms all a-quiver.  And sure enough, with a might CRACK!!, the valve handwheel turned in the open direction!

Imagine the chief's chagrin, though, when it was discovered that the handwheel was turning because he had succeeded in twisting and breaking the 1" diameter handwheel shaft going into the gearbox!!  Yeah, we gave him a bunch of crap about it, but I think we all realized that we'd better behave, or that might be us broken in half the next time!!!

Oh yeah, and we ended up having to defer that PMS item until we got the new shaft installed, and the gearbox unstuck!


PS--if you could also ask people if they have any info on the following folks, that were part of my "crew" I hung out with, that'd be great too.  Thanks again!

Gary Arne    RE-23

Ralph Hall    RM-14

Lonnie Long  EM-23

all served with me during the time I was on board for the 82-83, 84 & 86 cruises (though Gary left after the 84 cruise, when he got custody of his toddler son, and got a humanity transfer up to Idaho, to be a prototype instructor)

Danny James Comes Aboard

Just came across the site and thought I should throw my name out there since I saw "Fat" Tom's name up there.  I was on the big pig from 98 to 03.  I was a 3 plant nub, 4 plant wcs, and eventually RE LPO (yeah I was a switcher). 

Anyway.  Please list as my e-mail.  Thanks.

Danny James


Uss John C Stennis


Kinger Comes Aboard

Great Website…

I was just surfing the web looking for some Enterprise related subject and found this.  Please add me to your list.  I was on the Big “E” from 86-90 working in EM14.  I’m slowly working my way through all of the pages traveling down memory lane.  My email is




KP Note: Can you send us your full name for roster?

Big E Video

Just came across this link and thought you’d like to post it and see what some visitors to the ship had to say.  I saw the piece they did on TNT about the ship and it brought back some memories, some good, some not so good, but it was good to see.  Of course they saw what all the glory hounds do and not the poor fools locked away in the bowels of the ship, but it just goes to show you nobody has an idea of life on a ship unless they’ve been there.



John Lovell Comes Aboard

I was an electricians mate 2 class standing the mid watch in no 4 swithc gear. Sam Laughterback re em2 was asleep with his head on the out put breaker. I have to admit it was something to see him running like crazy when I paralleled the generator a little out of phase, well 15 degrees or so. there was a two foot ball of fire that chased Sam around the switchgear.   i laughed so hard  I pissed my pants.                           

 John Lovell em2

1970 or so


Some Information about Todd Gugluizza


My name is Beverly Lark.  My e-mai address is

I am the aunt of Todd Gugluizza.  I live in Chicago and just heard of Todd's death about a month ago.  Since then I found out Todd died of a "brain aneurysm".  I would just like to say Thank you for your site.  If it wasn't for this site I would not have found out about Todd as much as I did.  I did see Heather's e-mail and I have answered it.  I am so sorry I didn't keep CLOSER touch with Todd (2004-2005) but I wasn't aware I had so little time.  Any stories related to this would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.  I found out he's buried in a Military Gravesite in Florida. I read a tribute letter from Scott and it made me cry because it was talking about Todd's mom and he's finally with her in heaven.  Todd's mom was my sister.    

Thanks again for your site and sharing.


Beverly Lark or Aunt Bev  


Keith Stephens Comes Aboard

Hello King Paul,

I found your website when I was on the night shift last week and I had a great time reading the stories.

I am Keith Stephens RC-23,  83-87  When I first got to the Enterprise I was farmed out to the Ship's Master at Arms so I had to wait months before I was down in the plant.  I would love to hear from Rick Mauk or Dave Anderson or chief Cook.  I was the one who threw that party in 87 for Rick Mauk's bachelor party.  The photo hunt on page 8 was my brain child.  I have photos of half of the people at that party posing in front of the MMCM dart board and I would happily trade them for the original video of me at that party or proof that it has been destroyed.  The following is one of my memories from the Enterprise .

When we pulled into Singapore and I hit the beach with a topside ET friend by the name of Bruce Sterling Gallant.   Bruce was a great guy and a good friend who I went to church with but he had joined the Navy right after graduating from a small private  Christian High School and he had lived a very sheltered life.  Bruce was very "clean cut" which was probably why he had gotten an invite to a party being thrown by an American Engineer working in Singapore and living there with his wife and two daughters.  I decided to tag along with Bruce to the  Party but it didn't start until the late afternoon/early evening.  I knew that I may not be able to crash the party because there were only a dozen or so invites that were handed out to different departments on the ship, (NO NUKES allowed) so I got a 3# can of my private stock of Columbian coffee as a hostess gift and decided not to tell them I came from lower decks.  Bruce and I had to split up to do some shopping but we agreed to go to the party together.  Just before the party I showed up with several meters of silk and some other assorted knick knacks and Bruce and I rode the elevator to the top floor of a very plush penthouse apartment.  The "wife" of the engineer turned out to be this wonderful and beautiful middle aged woman who threw a big party every time the US Navy came to town and she had asked the Enterprise to send one of every rank and flavor so she would have a diverse group of sailors.  Enterprise staff knew better than to waste any invites on NUKES so I was the only engineering type at the party.  My lack of an invitation was instantly forgiven when my hostess saw the can of coffee I had brought for her, because she could not get Columbian coffee in Singapore .  Bruce and I could not believe our good fortune as we gazed at the regal apartment loaded with great food, lots of drinks, servants and two pretty teenage daughters.  The first thing that all the sailors had to do after we grabbed a drink was sit in a big circle while our hostess inspected our purchases and let us know if we had done a good job shopping for the best items at the best price.  She was the consummate shopper and gave us tips on where to find the best of Singapore at the best price.  She approved of my choices for silk but let me know that I had payed too much.  Bruce was next and he started to unload his back pack like everyone else.  He had a jade elephant and a framed cork carving of a  Japanese village, but what he pulled out of his bag next stifled the entire party.  He had pulled out a big red phallic vibrator and started to demonstrate how his new battery powered hand and neck massager worked.  I was the only one there that knew that Bruce had no idea what he had in his hand but while everyone was deathly silent he went through the entire sales pitch that some slick Singapore street  salesman had given him earlier when we were separated.  I could not take much more of the demo so I leaned in close and explained to Bruce what he had bought.  His eyes got as wide as saucers, he blushed and dropped the dildo on the floor like it was a serpent sent from Hell.  Some officers across the room were glaring at us and everyone else was either holding back a a huge laugh or were afraid that we were about to get kicked out of the penthouse.  Our hostess was a very classy lady but she realized what was going on and picked us the dildo from where it was still buzzing on the floor.  As she held it up to turn it OFF she said to Bruce in a loving and gentle voice that she was married to a engineer who was on travel for his work a lot and she knew how one of these "hand massagers" worked.  We all breathed a sigh of relief.  I kept the dildo and used it as a prop to tell the story to everyone in reactor berthing.    I love telling this story and I wish I could ask that long forgotten hostess if she tells this same story to the ladies at the bridge club.  Bruce if you read this I want you to know that you were always a better friend than I deserved to have. 

Keith Stephens RC-23,  83-87


KP Note: Hey, Keith! Man do I remember you. You are mentioned often in the annals of this site, as you were, without a doubt, un forgetable. I was happy to exchange a few "personal" emails with you and glad that you still remember me. Please begin downloading your memories now that the KP Site is back up!!!!

Remembering Mr. Comi

I remember working with Mr. (Ens, LTjg, LT) Comi when he was a watch officer in #2 Engine Room on CGN-25 Bainbridge ('76-'78). Always was a stand-up, nice guy. Where did he go after the Enterprise? 

Tom Lindmark


A New Nuke Website


I was on the Internet a while back and I “Googled” Ex Navy Nuke and I found your website at I submitted my resume; however, I have decided use my elite nuclear training to launch an official website and I would like your help in determine what should be on it. I want to be the place where all Ex Navy Nukes currently stationed to COMNAVBACKYARDSIXPAC can interact and where present Nukes can see what their lives can become after EAOS. Any feedback you could provide would be most helpful. Also, I was looking to pose this question to those that posted information to your site. The more feedback I get the better site it will be once it launches. When you get a chance let me know what you think.

Tony Green

ET “A” School 9434T

NNPS 9504

U.S.S. Topeka SSN 754 96-00


KP Note: It sounds like a great idea! I know many others on this site will join me and saying we'll do all we can to help!

60s Shipmate Comes Aboard

To kp, I was on the ship from jan. 69 to july 70. I was in rm div # 4 plant.

KP Note: Can you send your name? It wasn't attached to your email address.

KEVIN KIDDER Comes Aboard!


Mr. Tuli,
I see that you are still up to your old tricks!
Good to see that you still have a productive side to you.
What is new in your world?!
~Kevin Kidder

KP Note: Holy crap! It's my old pal and fellow So-Cal rabble-rouser Kevin Kidder! Of course Kevin and I talked on the phone when I saw his email and we caught up with about 15 years worth of life. As all of you know, Kevin is mentioned many times on this site. He and I were classmates in 8502 EMB and flew to Big E together. He was doomed to work in EE30 and I was blessed to work in RE. Kev has promised us some memories as soon as they surface!!! Here, I'll prod him: What was YOUR [innocent] role in the horrendous 8502 picture incident? (Kev, like me, was innocent but pegged as a ring leader. Well, we were sorta innocent.)

Corey Watson Comes Aboard

Corey Watson       Rx/RC-11      2002-2006     

Mike Mann Comes Aboard

Wow I just found this site. Brings back memories. Especially the RIP list. I came aboard the ship with Michael Bowden. Sad day when died doing SG cleans in 2 plant.

I remember standing the mid-watch on 1A panel during the 86 WestPac/Med Cruise (I was “Stud” in the dopey book) and Billy Bad Ass was on 1B panel. We were in ORSE rotation. Our watch officer was that skinny, casper looking geek, and for the life of me I can’t remember his name. Wilbur from on throttles, and the PT was a nub. We had flight op’s going, and answering flank bells. We had been having MF pump warnings all watch. Well we got another warning, which then went into alarm and tripped of the feed pumps. Watch officer never ordered the throttles shut, and so within seconds SGWL panel was registering no levels. I turn around and the WO is frozen. I’m yelling at Wilbur to close the fucking throttles and at the same time I scrammed my reactor then told BBA to scram his. WO is still frozen. Me and BBA get 5 and 6 gens going. I started all of my pumps. But BBA has 2 loops where Tgw-Tc is out of spec. At this time the Captain came running into EOS in his scivies, screaming at the WO “get these fucking reactors on-line now or I’ll have your ass”. I then informed the Captain that I could get Alpha on-line, but Bravo needs a feed and bleed. Now he goes ballistic. Anyway, I recovered mine and BBA started the feed and bleed with the engine room. About 45 minutes later I’m watching BBA’s meters and I notice he is in spec. He’s so focused that he doesn’t realize it. I slipped on my phones and whisper to him that he’s in spec – get the show on the road so we can get the Captain out of EOS. Man what fun that was. The WO was a real piece of shit, and never acknowledged that we bailed his ass out.

My contact information:

Mike Mann aka Stud

1 Plant Reactor Controls Division (RC-11)

1984 – 1987


Willie Pruitt Comes Aboard

My name is Willie Pruitt EM-23 2000-2005

Please ad me to your list. Thanks


Mr. Comi

Tom, I worked for Mr. Comi and then Mr. Sevald on my 85-87 second tour in RE. Both were wonderful to work for. Mr. Sevald is the one who told me that as supervisors it is our job to "create an environment in which others may succeed". He did that for RE. As for Mr. Comi, from Enterprise he went to Newport and taught engineering to non-engineering type senior line officers. He swore me in as an ensign in February 1989 at OCS. From there he went into the gator Navy, commanded an LST (Fredericksburg, or something like that) and retired as a Captain. Good guy. 

Jim W.


More From Mike:

Well I finally finished reading all of the pages. The SUR quiz sure brought back memories. One name that I didn't see (or maybe I just missed it) was senior chief Jennsen. Any one remember that guy? Another piece of work along with MMCM. He came to me while I was standing watch on 1A panel for a qual sig. I told him to draw the Th and Tc control circuits. He flipped out telling me I had no business asking a senior chief to draw a circuit. Needless to say I didn't sign his qual sheet which pissed him off even more. Son of a bitch had it out for me from that day on, to the point that he would not sign my papers for early out. He told me the ship could not afford to lose me, cause I was qualified RT (reactor technician). Could not believe the dick - I was gone either way, but he wanted to make me miserable. I ended up going around him somehow.

Saw a couple of blurbs about the Bishop Rock incident. Here are my recollections. I was doing a PM on a feed reg valve with Ces Garcia. One of the few times us ET's had to down in the engine room. EOS calls us and asked if we had dropped the feed reg valve, cause they heard a load noise. It wasn't us, but the WO told us to stop the PM. We did, and after talking with EOS we decided to go back to berthing. Walking down the starboard side I told Ces that it felt like the ship was listing. No sooner did we get back to berthing when the 1MC came to life calling for DC lockers to be manned. The captain then told the ship that we had hit something and we were taking on water. Sure enough, the soundings validated we were taking on water. The next morning the ship anchored to send divers over the side. That set off another event.... that morning I was taking a shower, and it just didn't seem like the water was "right". Everyone else was making similar comments. Then it hit us - the water was contaminated with JP5. The rock had ripped a 90 ft gash in the hull, including some JP5 tanks. Anyone remember how miserable we were at that time? Brushing you teeth with that contaminated water was disgusting. The bug juice tasted like shit, everything cooked in water tasted like shit, we ran out of milk. Of course we were told that the contamination levels were well within acceptable limits. I also remember walking up on the hanger bay and noticing the jar heads had their rifles out. The morons were standing shark watch - supposedly to shoot any sharks they saw while the divers were photographing the hole in our hull. Now, I had watched those jar heads do target practice (they used to shoot at the garbage bags being thrown overboard) and they sucked, so I can't imagine why a diver would want them shooting into their diving space. It didn't take long for rumor control to start - from the dredging of SF bay, to we are going to Seattle for drydock.



KP Note: Can it be true? Has ETCS Jennsen really been ignored on this pages? I remember that guy very well. He always gave me one of those looks, like he knew I was up to something and he was gonna fix my ass but good someday.  I recall that he was in quals longer than most since few people were willing to help him (now I know why). 

Blue Lou welcomes Mike Mann Aboard:

Hey welcome aboard to Mike Mann. Mike not sure if you remember me, I was a nub your last year on the E. Part of the great nub invasion of 86 with Lorenz, Weiland, Robbins, Fritz, and Galbraith. I remember coming down to 1 plant and you and Hetzel were the undisputed authority on reactor operations in that plant, and well respected throughout RC div. Of course Mumbleyak could have been if anyone could have understood what he was saying. Years after you and Billy were gone we were all being held to your standard, it wasn't easy to overcome that at times. A legacy you should be proud of.

I'm also proud to say that RC11 continues it's outstanding support of this site!!

Mike you still in touch with Billy or Tenario? What are you up to these days?

Louie Wingo


Quiz Correction!

Hey Ram, nice to see you got the site updated, at least a temporary page is better than nothing!

I've kept busy the past few weeks reading through the pages from the past, and was on page 42 tonight, when I spotted what I believe was an incorrect answer to one of your quizzes. Here's the question you posted:

A Quiz for The MMs 11/23/05 Here's a quiz that some of you MMs will surely know the answer to. Where was the "hottest" (temperature-wise, not zoomie-wise) place in the plant? What was the temperature there and how long was a person allowed to be 'in there' to work (stay time)? For bonus points, where was the loudest place inside the plant?


And most of the answers were either "behind the DFT", or "on the booster flats". However, I think there was one area that was hotter than either of those places. The area behind the DFT just felt hotter because of the absolute lack of airflow behind there (believe me, I know, as I got to paint back there while steaming!). The booster flats were usually in the vicinity of 140F, with little to no ventilation back there. I actually watched Gary Arne (RE from 3 plant) win a Coke one time by betting someone he could do 50 jumping jacks back there, then doing it (but, being in 3 plant, he was unnaturally crazy, like the rest of us 3-planters!!).

However, the area between the steam-turbine driven main feed pumps was actually hotter. I recall someone telling me that when we were steaming down around the equator, it would reach 170F between those pumps, and had an "official" stay time of 5 minutes per hour.......just long enough to slide in there and take readings every hour. Down in 3 plant, we had to go between two of those feed pumps in order to swap spoolpieces for shutdown/cooldown, but usually only AFTER we had the steam stops shut.

Oh yeah, and anywhere in the engineroom pretty much sucked when they'd run drills and drop the load center supplying the blower fans! Plenty of LRPT watches would get so busy that they'd forget to turn those fans back on after the load center was re-energized. At least, until one of the MM's down there would grab a phone real quick (while doing their casualty actions), and holler, "FANS!!!" Not that I ever did such a thing!

Thanks again for getting the site back up & running,

Mark L



I can solve the mystery of what happened to ETCS Jensen. He currently works at the at Advanced Mixed Waste Plant at the Idaho Site. I have seen him several times in the 2 years I have worked out here. On another note one of our comrades Brad Davis was called up for reserve duty and is heading to IRAQ. Brad is one of many ex enterprise guys who works at Idaho. Brad is good people and deserves our best wishes.


Freddie Flintstone RM-22 (85-91)


Back To Wingo


Yes I do remember you and most of the others. Thanks for the kind words. I have a great story about Hetzel and I totally snowing a bunch of Captains during an ORSE drill. I'll save that for another time.

Dave Boorn saw my name and sent me an email. I saw his return business email, and no shit - we both work at the same company - GE Energy. I just came to GE at the end of May. Dave has been here a while. I just finished talking to him.

After getting off the pig I went to work in the semiconductor industry. I worked in that industry for 20years, most of it on the capital equipment side. I did everything from final test, to electrical engineering to running a field team spread out over 4 states. At GE I now run a field engineering department based out of Concord, CA. covering northern California, nothern Nevada, and Hawaii. In fact I have a big job going on at Pearl Harbor in August. One of my guys is an ex-nuke from the Stennis. We install/maintain/PM switchgear and drives (motor drives).

I did a lot of skiing the winter after I got out of the navy. Me and Billy Bad Ass took a big road trip to Wyoming, and Idaho, along with 4 other ex-nukes. I also went to Utah with Rod Andrews, Billy and Dave Fullmer (who was an EM in 1 plant). Rod and I got stuck on a lift, and Rod decided that was his que to jump out of the chair and start skiing. They never caught him.

As for Billy Bad Ass, he lives in Sunnyvale, CA. I talked to him last year. We actually were roommates with 2 other ex-nukes (friends that we met in ET school in Great Mistakes) in the late 80's. He got married, moved to Utah, and ...................... you can fill in the blanks. It screwed him up, and now he is a hermit. He has worked at Beckman Instruments for 20 years. Doing good, except for participating in society.

As for me - doing well. After ditching my first wife (she decided to partake in extra activities while we were on the 86 West Pac/Med Cruise) I hooked up with my current wife. 4 kids, the oldest is going into his senior year at Stanford. Oldest daughter and younger son are going into high school this fall, and the youngest daughter is going into 5th grade. Quite a spread!!!!

I have a ton of sea stories, so in the coming weeks I'll start writing..............

I wish I could make the reunion this year, but I have business travel commitments. I'll look forward to next year.



A Very Mad Wife

My husband is on the USS Enterprise. I was looking on the net for something about his ship and found your site. You should be ashamed of yourself. This site is nothing but vulgar trash. There is no warning and so I read the first story and it was about two guys having BJs and making their whores stop to get them more beer. That's funny? This is the kind of thing you want families of Enterprise sailors to read? Too bad so many of your happy memories are so shameful. Thank God my husband isn't like you people.


KP Note: This letter has got to be a joke. I won't say who sent it, lest her poor husband be embarrassed. I SAY somewhere one the first page THAT NO WIVES ARE ALLOWED. Get real, lady. 

Actually, if someone on The Big E right now can email me I'll see if you can find this woman's husband. I'll send that poor bastard a P-Mooj Shirt. 

Kelly Conley Comes Aboard ...

I just found the site and can't stop reading. The stories bring back a lot of memories. Thanks for putting this up and keeping it up. I've found a few old friends on the contact list that I'll enjoy reconnecting with. I served on the Big E from 1987-1993 in RM11 and the Station Office during the Overhaul. My twin brother Kevin served during the same time and then came back for another tour later. I'll be telling him about the site tomorrow. I guess I should admit that I noticed a 9/16 crowsfoot, with EM11 etched on it, in my toolbox just the other day. Those Engineering guys were always misplacing their tools. I look forward to more good reading.

Kelly Conley North Little Rock, AR


Another Jensen Sighting ...

Ram, I couldn't make it to the reunion in KC this year. Did anyone take pictures like last year? Also, I have run into MMCM Jensen (sp?). He used to work as a Reactor Instrument Tech at the reactor I work at here in Idaho. He now works at the RWMC.


Eric McCauley


Polaroids of Pain


That entry from "A Very Angry Wife" reminded me of an incident, which at the time seemed extremely funny, but now in retrospect is kind of sad.

It occurred during my dishonorable exile on the USS Shasta. There was an EM who was a nice enough guy, but (as you will see) not very bright and a little strange. His wife on the other hand was a piece of work. During an Engineering Dept. picnic, she made quite a spectacle of herself, loudly sharing her opinion about how she knew what we did when we were out at sea and what a bunch of pigs we were and how her husband would never partake of such disgusting activities. You actually had to feel sorry for the poor guy because she was making such an ass of herself. I remember we single guys were kind of cruel when it came to Navy wives (I don't know if it was just an RM-11 thing or if other divisions felt likewise). Anyway, this guy's wife exhibited pretty much all the stereotypical characteristics we had attributed to "The Navy Wife"- large, loud, and with the need to be the center of attention.

In Oct-Dec of 89, the Shasta did a mini-WESTPAC. It actually wasn't too bad because in addition to only being out for only 3 months, we hit a lot of ports: Hawaii, Guam, Hong Kong, Okinawa, Sasebo, Yokosuka, and of course PI (twice). During our time in PI, our EM shipmate took Polaroids of himself getting orally pleasured by a bar girl in Olongapo. He proudly showed them off in the engine room, and of course the comment was made regarding what would happen if his wife found the pictures. From that point on, he always seemed to have at least a couple of those pictures on him at all times. The rest of us would laugh that he was probably dumb enough to put them in the family scrapbook under "What Daddy Did During the War".

I don't have to explain to a bunch of nukes where this story is heading. Sure enough, the DAY AFTER we pulled back into Concord, he was moving ALL of his shit onto the ship. He was so bruised and scratched up the pecker checkers on board made him go to the Navy hospital in Oakland. We all figured what had happened, we just wanted to know why, WHY the fuck he would take those pictures home? He really didn't have an answer.

So like I said, it now seems kind of sad.

Nah, it's still funny.

PS: My disclaimer, this is a recollection of a story of that happened a long time ago. Ingrained in the story are the attitudes and views I held when I was in my twenties. I'm not condoning cheating on your spouse, nor do I have anything against Navy wives at this date and time. I still think the story is funny though.

Ed Fresquez



Believe it or not we've actually have a long-standing taboo about 'wife stories' on this site. It's not an official thing. Big E sailors have just kept that part of their memories untold. But, man, could I tell you guys some wife stories!!! And I'm sure all of you could do the same. I guess the bottom line is we were loyal to our shipmates and 'looked the other way' at times. It wasn't exactly the right thing to do at times but it was the navy way. No doubt the worst thing that could happen was a guy would 'fess up' to his wife upon return from a lengthy cruise that he wasn't exactly an angel overseas but that so-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so also did such-and-such and such-and-such and such-and-such.  Of course Wifey would call the so-and-so's wives and tell them and then all hell would break loose. And, of course, the wives all had their own secrets. God-forbid someone from your division would fly home on emergency leave while the ship was underway and visit the E-Club (or any bar on Webster Street) while assigned to beach-det awaiting his flight back to the ship.  He'd undoubtedly see his pal's wives engaged in multiple levels of nefarious activity.    

So to our perturbed Navy Wifey, yes I'm sure your husband behaves himself at sea. We hope so, anyway.  



Paul Burke Returns

King Paul, 

Could you please update my Alumni Listing to include my first tour on the Big E 9/74-2/79. Thanks. And I think the story on page 52 about the 1" valve stem was exaggerated. I remember it as 3/4". And that story wasn't nearly as funny as when Dickie Varga twisted the valve out of the Radwaste System (MAY BE THE WRONG NAME OF THE SYSTEM), in 3 RARLL.


Zakk Long Comes Aboard

My name is Zakk Long. I would like to be added to your site. I was part of the mass hazing scandal of the early millennium, specifically I was the master-at-arms, keeper of the Soul-pole. I was in EM-14 & EM-23 from 1998-2002. My email should be listed as I believe that is all the info you will need. If not, I will supply what is needed.




Brian Alexander Gets New Email Address

Ram, I am Brian Alexander, I am listed on the 'BIG E RX & ENGINEERING ROSTER' second entry on the 1990-2000 page. My email address that is listed i no longer use. please change it to

thanks, -Brian


James Holland Comes Aboard


Please add me to your contact list. I served in RC22/23 from 89 to 93 (refueling hell) and hope to find some old friends. Please use this email address:


James Holland


Ronny Jacks Comes Aboard

Ronny Jacks RC4 1972-1976


Joel Nowak Comes Aboard

Love the site. Scanning through the list of people from the 90s brings back a lot of old memories. Please add me to the list. I served in EM-14 1992-1996 my email is

Joel Nowak


Kevin Swearingin Gets New Email

Thank you for this service...could you update my name on your list? My name is Kevin Swearingin and I was in RM14 from 1988-1992. My new email is Thank you again for having this website.



Gary Martin Comes Aboard 

What's up? I am an ex big E nuke, I was onboard from 98-02 in workcenters EM-22 and EM-23. I now work with Mike Bowman He told me about the site. Thanks, Gary Martin


USS Enterprise vs. USS Cree

King Paul

I ran across your site because the subject of the Cree incident came up in a conversation and I ran a web search looking for references. I was on board the Enterprise when it happened (not a nuke type, though, I worked on the big radar up in the island, the one that isn’t there anymore). Your write-up appears very accurate, although I don’t remember any animosity from the crew members of the Cree. They were pretty much fighting for their lives and welcomed any help that they could get. I always heard the weapons officer on the Enterprise got a reprimand due to the dud ordinance, but who knows, that may have been a sea story.

It was a pretty bizarre incident, and you are right, we were under big time gag orders when we pulled into San Diego afterward.

Fred Aylstock

OE Division



Karachi '77

On a recent business trip I ran into a guy who had been stationed on Diego Garcia. When I told him I had been in the I.O. on the Enterprise, he asked if I had ever been to Karachi. I had to reply, "Well kinda."

Here's the deal : We spent 2 or 3 months of the 76/77 cruise in the I.O. On this cruise the I.O. was a totally different beast than it had been in early '75. First time around the ocean was smooth as glass and bluer than the sky. My NPS bud, Ron Ogan, described it as "like blue oil" and I can't think of a better description. In '77, the I.O. was nowhere near as blue and certainly not as smooth. Maybe it was the time of the year or something. Anyhow, word started spreading that shortly before we returned to the Subic area we would make a brief stop in Karachi. We only had a few old salts around who had been to Karachi before and they were definitely NOT impressed. The general consensus was, "F**k Karachi! Let's forget it and head back to Subic early." As usual, our wishes fell on deaf ears.

Shortly before we were scheduled to visit Karachi, we were told that we would not be getting liberty, we would just anchor out and take on supplies. I forget what the official excuse was, but a rumor quickly spread. One of our nuke escorts (The Truxton or the Long Beach) had just visited Karachi and the visit had NOT gone well! Evidently, squids had been squids and the locals were less than happy. In retrospect this should have been expected. Think about it : Load up a Navy ship with a bunch of young men in their late teens and early twenties. Separate them from friends and family by sending them on Westpac. Give them several in-port periods in Subic where they will experience debauchery that they will still tell stories about 30 years later. Cut them off from civilization by sending them for several months of aimless wandering in the Indian Ocean. Drop them off in a third world Islamic city where music, alcohol and sex are not available, but drugs ARE! How could this shit NOT end up bad?

So anyhow, one morning we anchored off of Karachi, a long way from shore. You could see land, but nothing could be seen distinctly. Some sort of Russian ship (a cruiser if I recall correctly) had been shadowing is for several days and it too dropped anchor well away from us. CH-47 Chinooks started flying out supplies from shore. They dropped off pallet after pallet of food, aircraft parts, mail etc on our flight deck. I went up to the hanger bay with one of my buds and we watched this evolution. Suddenly my buddy notices that the ocean is alive with sea snakes. They were just EVERYWHERE! Tens, if not hundreds, of these little poison ropes were swimming around the ship. They would surface for a quick gulp of air, then dive a long way down where you could still see them due to the clarity of the water. Not a good place to fall overboard!

All in all I think we spent less than 36 hours anchored off Karachi. I was coming back from the gym with some buds and we and stopped on the hanger bay to watch the helicopters and snakes. Suddenly we all felt the ship moving. Several of the helos were still flying out from shore with cargo nets slung below them. In no time we were doing a flank bell. Before you could say, "WTF" we passed by the Russian ship and left it receding in our wake. The 1MC crackles to life and we hear "Now stand by for a message from the Captain." Captain CC Smith comes on and tells us that due to logistics in the I.O. it was common for conventionally powered ships to shut down boilers when they were not needed in an effort to save fuel. The Russian war ship had evidently done this and would not be able to work up a good head of steam until we were long gone over the horizon. CC concluded his message with something to the effect of, "I bet that old Ruskie wished he had a couple of these nuke reactors." We never saw that ship again.

So, did we ever go to Karachi? "Well, kinda."



New P-Mooj Unofficial Newsletter Posted!

Get it hot off the press, Click here!



Re: Karachi '77

Let's check the "Captain CC Smith" reference in the Karachi comments. As I recall, "CC" was long gone by the 77 IO tour - as I was. Was it Captain Austin? "CC" would have never allowed a no-liberty port of call.

Jules J. LaMontagne, ETI, West Pac 74, # Plant


Karachi '65

World Cruise 1965. (Attached to Med Cruise) Three Ports of Call; Karachi, Pakistan Sydney, Austrailia ***** Rio DeJanero, Brazil *****

As you can see the first "Port-of-Call" was Karachi, Pakistan. To "PP", your sentiments regarding Karachi, that being "F--- Karachi", is dead on for 1965 as it was for your cruise dates.

I am now 63 years old but in 65 I was a strapping hulk of a lad and was looking for anything with a skirt that smelled good. Also had the right equipment. (That ought to frost the mad wife). As my minds eye recalls it was a 50' launch that left the after brow (fantail) and headed into the area that was "Fleet Landing". It was summer, which meant having to travel in whites. The water was a brownish color and as you may know when traveling in a small boat one tends to get sea water spray on there clothing. By the time we reached the landing the entire liberty party, on that launch, looked like a spotted cows. Spotted browns had become the "Uniform of the Day".

I had just about made the decision to take the launch back but one of my shipmates said, "Once we get a beer and some trim, the skies the limit." I decided to travel on.

There was nothing around Fleet Landing, or even close, at that time that resembled a gut area that would have catered to whatever the needs of the fleet would desire. There were plenty of cabs? Some miles later we were in and area that reminded me of beginning settlement to the first humans that walked on just their legs. With the cabbie paid we entered one of the three establishments and ordered beer and waited to see what else there was in the offing. The guy that ran the bar/brothel made sure we had enough beer in us when he paraded out, for our approval, some of the local talent.

That did it for me. Never have I been a gift to women but I wasn't about to avail myself upon a thirteen year old, which I honestly believe was pretty close to the maximum age of the five or six young women /girls offered. I looked at the others with me and said, "F--- this hole in the wall, I'm going back to the ship." My shipmates left with me.

"F___ Karachi"

Never went there again and totaled about 2 1/2 hours in country. I would imagine it has changed a bit in 42 years.

Rich Allen "R" Div Shipfitter Shop May 63 - Oct 67


Rick Newman Gets new E-Mail Address

Please change my email to:

Rick Newman EM-23 84-88


More Karachi '77

Jules may have a point. I did a quick Google search (Us '70's guys are totally awed by that shit!) and found a few pieces of info. The 76/77 cruise started in July '76. Capt C.C. "Country Chuck" Smith handed over command of the Big E to Capt J.W. "Jaws" Austin on Dec 10 '76. If my recollection is correct that we were in the I.O. in early '77 then Jules is indeed right that CC was gone at the time. (though not long gone) CC was more of a "sailor's captain" than Austin was, so maybe that's why I attributed the "Ruskie" remark to him. (Funny how 30 years can blur the finer details) 4MMR Willy recently E-Mailed me that when we passed by the Russian ship, we passed so close that the Russian sailors could be seen distinctly and many of our crew gave them one fingered salutes. Willy recalls that before we disappeared over the horizon, the Russian ship put out a large plume of black smoke as they fired off in a futile effort to catch us.



News about Pat Comi:

I don’t suppose there could be very many of them…. Although there are plenty of Dennis German’s out there, which is very scary!

But anyway, I’m thinking I have some news about Pat. He ended up like too many former navy nukes working at Newport News Shipbuilding. By the time I ran into him he had worked his way into IT management and I worked for him a couple of months right after we were bought out by Northrop Grumman.

The last I saw him he was sporting a silver pony tail to compliment his shiny bald pate.

My estimate is that he was a good guy except when he would repeat what I said and act like he had thought it up.

I heard that he had passed on; I don’t know the date.

PS: the picture is of my new wife (Elsie) and me in Manila about 3 years ago.

Dennis German



KP Note: It is very sad news if Pat Comi has passed away. Has anyone else heard this? Dennis, you haven't aged a bit! I'd recognize you anywhere. 

Michael Yonts Comes Aboard

Sign me up will ya' guy! Michael Yonts, RM-22 1982-1986. Also, does anyone know what happened to Dave Peach?


KP Note: Aren't you already signed up? I'll have to check. If not, you are now!!! I remember Dave Peach! 

Cllllord Comes Aboard


Wooooooh. I just got back in country this week. I am finished! I am off line! I am free! This is probably the only site that can appreciate this feeling. There is a huge number of us that have been away from our family/friends/habits/comfort-zone for way toooooooo long and it is over like a West Pac cruise with out a conscience check.

Didn't need one this time.

I got on line and cruised those url's that I was used to. I found some junk and loaded it back on just thinking I would find some good old stuff. It was all crap except for this url. Yeeaahh.

I have spent some time going through the crap and crapola and life is good. It is good to see how we can all feel bigger than we are only to see in retrospect how full of os $#i+ we are too. ( Read our old posting? )

I saw the video on page 46/309, some where in there, and I know that what we did thirty some odd years ago is what sailors are doing and saying today. Was that a dopeybook on video or what? Well done! Well done! Dooooo more.

I have to go cause the truck has a burnt front wheel bearing, the other POS has a stopping alarm on the bow and I live to turn a wrench.

I have two notes to by brethern of the funkatorium: PP stop whinning, you are getting too serious, and Steve "LiL tank Wilson", your hung like a donkey so slip it in easy. The screaming will subside and life will be good. In 45 years I have never seen such deformity. My God!!!!


AA: Where the hell is JD Smithers? I double Red Dawg Dare you to speak up. You have the storeis butt face!!



Yell, I would address one of you but I dont think you are worthy as one. In the 70's, ok roodies, get a grip, we were issued Black jumpers. Now I have to say I was pissed off because we were "issued" one set and "dockedd" on our out pay chit the second pay day after. But DDDAAMM did we look good or what!!! The AirDales were off sides on all fronts cause really we looked COOOOOOLLLLLL. Now those black jumpers were about the most worthless damm things when it came to keeping cool or having to move around in the bilges or overhead but fook me side ways like a rollign donut if the GOD dam Air dales didn't just up and get the fook out of the way. They NKU we were newclear!! Sometimes I would stand in the chow line, vibrate, knock my shoulder against the bulk as hard as I could and act social. My cohort in crime would speak loudly, " the radiation will wear off soon, give it a couple days." We wouldn't eat first but we had a wide birth at chow. Who remembers those black jumpers? Dopeybook rules so fook awf!!! 



To: Mike 7/26/06


Your post wasn't just about a year ago from now. I have been working and not been on this site. I am sorry that I wasn't around to be there for you. This is not a Navy tradition but something that some people feel is right. This is nothing more than a cruel joke that, as far as I know, continued through the seventies.

I was on the mess decks and hangin out just forward of the pig stye in the weapons assembly area. There had been an accident the day before and four of our shipmates were there in bags. I was just standing there. Some POS CPO latched on to me, I suppose even today because I was staring at his buds. He had me pick up the bags, our shipmates, and lift them from the bomb elevator onto stokes. We rode the elev up to the HGR bay and loaded the bags onto a cart. I walked away and went about my business. I have never spoken of this until now.

I have run this through my mind a bizzilion times. I still have no answer as to why me. It just happened and I go on. I figure he had a bad day. I am still here. After all, !!! I served six years on the Tuna Prise, I can forgive a CPO for being an a$$whoe. Some of those guys were great. Some not. Ask Stevie Ray or PP or Pauli, or Golden Jim or LiL Blue..... We are still here. We are still Navy. Don't believe me, as a Marine.

Any one have a story about some CPO SOB?

Dopey book rules,



Randy Fugate Sends WESTPAC 82 Pics

Hey KP!

Glad to see the site is back up. I have a new e-mail addy:

And a few pics to share. These were all taken sometime during the 82-83 WestPac.

This was taken at the RM div party in Olongapo in early '83 I can't remember if it was the 1st day or the 2nd day of the party, as it was a 2 day affair and, needless to say, the memories are a bit fuzzy. That's me on Guy Gaines' shoulders in back. I was hoisted up there as I was shortest (in # of days left ;) ) Names I remember in this pic are Guy Gaines, Paul Burke, "Lilly-bud", "Woody" Woodward, "Duke" Boone.. the rest of the names escape me.

Here's day 2 (or 1 maybe ;) )

Some names in this pic: Guy Gaines, "Lilly-bud", Jim "Tark" Tarkowski, Dave Peach, Billy Wayne Deaton... the rest of the names went bye-bye with brain cells I killed during those years, :p

Me and Kyle M (?) jammin' at the above RM div party:

One of me jammin at the infamous Sierra Club. You can see one of the huge cat statues that were situated on each side of the drum riser. I'd like to say I was playin something really cool, but, alas, I was playin' Skynyrd's "Three Steps"...the shame! ;)

And last but not least, yours truly minutes after becoming a "Shellback"!

That's all I could round up. You're certainly welcome to post them on the site.


Randy Fugate



KP, A friend and fellow nuc was in Orlando a few weeks ago and got this picture. As best he could figure this was taken where the McDonalds was on base. I showed him the other pictures on this site and he still could quite figure out where exactly he was, just that he was on the old base property!! Some change from the drab old place!!!


Tim Fier Comes Aboard

May I be added to the listing on the web site?

Tim Fier

M – Div 2 Plant

1974 – 1978

Thank you,



Mr. McMullen Comes Aboard!


Please add me to your roster. Just found the site and am looking forward to reading some more of those stories. I will have a few to offer after I put some thought to remembering them.

Rick McMullen AKA "Reactor Rick"

I was an RL Div officer (Chemistry Assistant after Mike Donithan) from 89-91 and stood the majority of my watches in 4 plant (Sam Lee and I were the midwatch cowboys during ORSE workups). Stood a ton of watches with these jokers, but where is Spuds?: . Spobb was my CMO. MMCS (Paul?) Burke was my PPWS. He and I did 5 unsupported (cold) reactor startups during the summer of '90. I'll always remember his competence. Other 4 plant names I recall: Sloth, Minno, RJ, Longo, Buffy, and Sonny.

I left the navy but not the nuclear program. I joined the Bettis Lab as an instructor at the Moored Training Ship in Charleston. Worked with George Daniels and Phil Wirt down there. Did some time at the main lab in Pittsburgh before coming to NRF five years ago.

I stay in touch with a few of my former watch officers: Sam Lee, Scott Campbell, Ed Savard, Andrew Cheney, Mat Ware, and Bill Seaman. Bill is now the CO of USS Barry (DDG-52), but the rest of us are just civilian pukes.



I am Dyslexia of Borg. Futility is resistant. Your ass will be laminated.


KP Note: I was probably very short when you were standing your watches in 4EOS but you might remember me. I think I remember you. I certainly remember Sam Lee, as he was our RE Div Officer during my final days. I also know Scott Campbell, but not from the Enterprise (though we both served onboard at the same time). We were both graduate students at UCLA together. We had the same professor (George Apostolakis) and had many classes together. I just saw Scott last year at an Apostolakis student reunion. I may have mentioned this on this site (or maybe not) but Scott Campbell is without a doubt the smartest man I ever met in my life. He runs a plant down in Mississippi these days. 

We can't wait to hear some of your sea stories!

Ex MARDET Checks In...


I served aboard Big E as part of Mardet in early 80s. I found your site via link from another Big E website. I wasn't sure I would care one way or another about a bunch of old engineroom types but figured I'd check it out anyway. Great Stuff! This is without a doubt the best Big E website I've ever seen. Forget that, it's the best NAVY site I've seen! My son is thinking about joining the navy. He's really into electronics and stuff so I told him to check out the navy schools. For all I know he might go nuke. I sent him the link to this site. Who knows, maybe you may convince him he has what it takes. He's a smart kid and he's slightly demented. Sounds like a nuke to me. Anyway, you can post this if you want. Doubt you care what an old jarhead thinks but whatever. Loved your site. Also loved your band. Would like to buy you a beer someday.


Paul G. Rogers


KP Note: Thanks for checking in, Paul. I'll take that beer! Better yet; for about the same price you can buy my new album in a few weeks! 

Thoughts About Richard Austin

King Paul, 

I was deeply saddened by the passing of Richard Austin. Richard was professional and very sharp, but beyond that (and more importantly) he was a very good and decent human being. Richard was a big guy with a heart of gold. He received a lot kidding about his weight (Whale Bone, Whale Bone Jr.) and took it all in stride. Someone with thinner skin would have been offended, but not Richard. He delighted in messing with Chief Cook and Chief Davies (he had real ornery sense of humor). I received an e-mail from him a couple of years ago - working in Idaho. I know everyone in RC-23 during that period of time will be saddened to hear of his passing. I don't know if Larry Watson and Leonard Smith frequent the site, but the four of us were close. Do you know any details of his death and how I might contact his family? I would like to pay my respects.


Jonathan Morris

Lockheed Martin IS & GS


Toy Brain

When we went to prototype, four of us shared the upper floor of an old Victorian on Catherine Street in Saratoga Springs. Cap'n At and I went to S3G while Willy and Gomulka went to D1G.

Our landlady was a woman I'll refer to as "V" and she lived with her teenage daughter in a big old house in what was once the better part of town. The summer home of the lady who owned Secretariat (1973 Triple Crown winner) was right across the street. "V" was basically a lush and I don't think we ever went to her house when she didn't have a glass of Cutty Sark in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She had two miserable little f**king Chihuahuas which would have to be locked in the pantry whenever visitors were over, and they would yap the whole time.

"V"s daughter wasn't exactly a beauty, but I don't remember her as really being a bowzer either. Her name was "Y", but one of us gave her the nickname "Toy Brain" and it stuck. Our friend Twain James said she had the intelligence of flowers and small rocks. I don't think "Y" was genuinely stupid, she was just very naive and not really up on the social graces having been raised by that lush widowed mother of hers. I think "Y" had a crush on the 4 of us but we didn't exactly reciprocate.

July and August '74 were really good months for our gang. We had finally qualified prototype, the end of the pipeline. We were still standing, while a shitload of the guys who had started the nuke journey with us had fallen by the wayside. Finally getting off those 12 hour shifts and being in Saratoga Springs in the summer was a Godsend. It was a joy to ride my bicycle around near the race tracks while the trainers put the horses through their early morning workouts or to storm down the forested country roads cheating death on my motorcycle. During this time "Y" would periodically drop by to see us, but for whatever reason we usually tried to avoid her. Sometimes she would knock on our door and we would pretend we weren't home. One day 3 of us came home and caught Cap'n At and "Y" on the couch in a mildly compromising position. We really rode him hard about it.

I remember one day I was out behind the house polishing by Triumph motorcycle and "Y" came up to visit. I couldn't politely get rid of her, so I gave her a rag and some polish and let her help. For some reason she thought this a real honor and occasionally she would sigh and say, "Gee, I'm helping Pat polish his bike." like it was some really big deal. Finally I was done with the bike and went upstairs to get a cold beer. "Y" followed me up.

I got myself a beer out of the 'fridge and since "Y" looked to be 18, I gave her one too. Anyhow, maybe it was the beer, maybe it was the relief of recently qualifying prototype and being on 8 hour days, maybe it was just the beautiful July weather, but one thing led to another and I accidentally f**ked her. I'm not really proud of that.

Everything in this story is true until the last two sentences. Somehow that "accidentally f**ked her" line just flowed off the keyboard. For whatever reason I found it amusing, and didn't have the heart to delete it. The rest of the story is accurate however.



Scott Brown Comes Aboard!


I don't know if you remember me and I hope you don't mind a Zero writing in. I was assigned to M Div and Reactor Dept 87-90. Stood PPWO in 2 Plant with guest appearances in 4 Plant and 1 Plant from time to time.

Thanks for completely derailing my weekend. I found your site Friday afternoon when, for some strange reason, asked myself, "whatever happened to Master Chief Otto?" And the next thing I know, I am at your site, completely absorbed for hours.

This is Awesome! Thanks so much for putting it together. Tons of memories are racing through my head. I may have hurt myself laughing so hard.

Some things that stand out.

-So THAT's what happened to Rigsby!

-"GGUUUUUHHH" -Being a victim of the "Guuuuhhh" in 2 plant, I especially liked that one. I don't think I called the RE to EOS to investigate, but someone will write in and tell me I did. So I am not going to say.

-Stereo in the RC Shop - I was telling my son about the RC shop with the stereo that no one could find (I never heard the music on my tours, just heard about it) only to read the story about it.

-I also loved the one about the "Tiger Tour" with Don Youel on watch. He was my roommate. Too funny. Youel is a great guy. He went on to the Mighty MO after the Big and I lost touch with him.

One thing I need you to clear up for me. I was on watch in either 2 or 4 with EM2 Hudson as my LRPT. I remember he told us he had just been transferred to a new workcenter. From which, to which I do not recall. As he continued to share, it became clear that his LPO had traded him to the new workcenter for a multimeter! I almost lost it in EOS. I felt bad for the guy. He was really bummed that he had been traded for a multimeter (may have been some other piece of equipment). Bottom line is it was not a "we could really use you up forward, or back aft"....but a multimeter. I could not laugh although I wanted to.

Do I have that right? You weren't his LPO were you? If it was a joke, he bit.

If its okay with you I will chime in from time to time.

I count it a privilege to have worked with everyone of you. I moved on to a conventional cruiser after the Big E. Not the same. Not the Chief's, not the LPO's or the rest of the team. The level of competence and intelligence cannot be matched. You guys rocked, hands down!

Now, only 30 pages to go!

Thanks again.

Scott Brown M3 Division Officer 2 Plant PPWO


KP Note: Mr. Brown! Of course I remember you! You were one of the "good guys" and many of us who stood watch with you are happy to hear from you again. 

Yes. EM2 Hudson was, in fact, traded for a multi-meter. I cannot remember the specifics but recall 2-plant got the worst end of the deal (they got Hudson AND lost a multimeter). Hudson's new LPO (Mark Thompson?) immediately assigned Hudson the arduous task of painting the escape trunk (from SWGR all the way to the 2nd deck). The LPO told him to repaint everything that was "white" white. Hudson was left to his own accord to get the paint he needed and complete the work. The 2-plant LPO knew this was no small task and that it would take several days; thus, he didn't bother Hudson with anything else the rest of the week. Or the next. Finally, the LPO decided to peek up into the escape hatch to see how much was left to do. To his horror not one molecule of new paint had been applied! The LPO tracked Hudson down (in berthing somewhere) and yelled: "WTF? How come you haven't repainted the escape trunk yet?" Hudson with his infamous 'matter of fact' voice and enlightened facial expression, replied: "You said to repaint everything that was white, white. Well, the escape trunk walls are light green. There was nothing white to repaint." 

Speaking of multi-meters, they were actually quite sought after in those lean post ORSE 88 days. I recall waiting a long time to get one of those new Fluke 77s for my workcenter. Those big black boxes we had been using were vintage meters by the latter 80s. EE30 was also trying hard to get some of these flukes. One day I was sitting in Central and overheard a disgruntled MMC Romburger complaining that several EE30 Flukes had finally arrived and before his supply PO could get them they had been stolen (while sitting in boxes on the hanger bay). A few days later EMC did a favor for Lance Winters and Lance thanked him by giving him a Fluke. Romberger (rather than ask questions) was just grateful to have one of his flukes back. [I could be wrong about the 'item.' It might have been a Megger rather than a Fluke.]        

Lincoln Nuke Stops By ...

Hey man,

I’ve been reading your Big E site for a few weeks now, hoping to see some names I recognize and served with on the Stinkin’ Lincoln from 91-95, but no luck yet.

Would you please post my resume? List it under Dwayne Taresh (CVN-72 ‘91-‘95)

Thanks a lot,

Dwayne Taresh

Technical Instructor

Training Department, Nikon Precision, Inc.

General Physics


Todd Mizer Comes Aboard ... 


Please add the following to your E-mail listing from 1980 to 1989

Todd Mizer. 1982-1986. EM-14.

Thank you,

Todd A. Mizer


KP Note: Tom, I totally remember you. I'm positive you were the senior M-Div guy in 4-plant when I was a nub. I can totally picture you down in the MMR. 

Carl Lested Comes Aboard ...

Please add me:

Carl Lested RM-1 1973-1977

Thanks! Carl


RIP NTC Bainbridge

Well, 8 or ten guys when out to Laughlin to drink and gamble away a friend's 50th birthday last weekend and driving somewhere in the middle of the Stinking Desert birthday boy who used to be a nuke tells me that D1G was originally sodium cooled and that's why they had the ball, to contain a sodium explosion or whatever so I called bullshit on that one. It's not like converting a car to run on biodiesel, there have got to be some big changes when you change moderators and I wasn't buying it even if he was a staff pickup at MARF.

So, back to the coast and I bet him a cake and we shook on it. Mr. Corporate Success sided with birthday boy for a beer.

Off to the internet, look up D1G and S1C if you want to know why b.b. has to bake me a cake and that beer is going to taste good. One of the Wikipedia links was to NPS and somehow I ended up at a link to NTC Bainbridge where I went Nuke school. NTC Bainbridge is being laid to rest with a monument this Saturday Sept. 29th at Arlington National Cemetery or somewhere like that. I'm in a hurry, no time to check my facts right now. RIP NTC Bainbridge.

I was in class 7602. The last class at Bainbridge. A huge WWII base empty except for a few barracks, a corner of the giant mess hall, Nuclear Power School and the Fiddler's Green bar. Kind of twilight zone or Post-nuclear holocaust movie scene - hundreds of empty buildings. When I first showed up my roommate, who had been on lawn mowing duty for a month or two awaiting school, deserted after telling me what he'd seen and heard. Someone was burning down abandoned barracks for grins (PP, I think you covered this.)

Well poor me I am getting all whiny. Last whine: We had no underclassmen, so no one to pick up our menial tasks halfway through the course. I stood a midwatch the night before the Comp because my section leader liked me so much.

I've attached a picture of 7602-7. Can't remember half the names right now, I'll try later. Hi to all you guys from then...


Hazing - I wrote an excellent letter regarding hazing a few months ago but it vanished when I tried to send it. Maybe Homeland Security has a copy.

CC Smith - Used to play "California Dreamin" over the 1MC as we were getting back toward San Francisco Bay. No tears in my eyes, no sir, not me

Karachi - I was downstairs on ULER when an ahead bell (ahead full?) came out of nowhere as we sat in the water off Pakistan. S/Gs swelled, FP turbines whined, everyone sort of woke up. Then it was back emergency or something (no EOT on ULER,) S/G did loops. everything whined, we all looked at each other mystified. Everything went to Stop and all the equipment settled down. A little while later we cruised sedately away. Later I heard that they forgot to pull the anchor up before leaving.

All for now, R infinity

Hey there's a black helicopter outside my window!


rx-092707.jpg (587774 bytes)

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From and Old EN3

Great site EN-3 on dd-842 ran evaps throttles 67-71. have ? if CVNs after Enterprise have 2 reactors and enterprise has 8 are the 8 units real small or was it too expensive to retrofit? I guess labor was cheaper. thanks so much. look forward to all new pages.


KP Note: From what I was told Rickover wanted to use footprint of conventional CV ER so RXs were sized accordingly. They were small compared to the Nimitz class 2-rx set ups. I think Janes Fighting Ships has the MW specs for the different carrier RXs. I won't post them here in case they are classified. (If they are in Janes then someone send them in and I'll post them).

8 Vs. 2

Hi KP,

Just saw the most recent entry, entitled "From an Old EN3", concerning the 8 versus 2 reactors on Enterprise and Nimitz-class carriers.

The way it was explained to me, being at S3G prototype in NY, was that old Uncle Hymie wanted to transition from subs to surface vessels, but couldn't convince congress to put out the billions it would take to build a nuke carrier, without some sort of proof of concept, that multiple reactor plants would work.

For those not in the know, S3G was the prototype of the old Triton submarine, which was the first (possibly only?) sub to have 2 reactors and 2 steam plants.......coincidentally, pretty close to the setup that the Big E ended up with (though not as large as the E's reactor plants, being a sub). Once Rickover built that, and proved it could work, he was then able to show Congress that he could then put 4 larger plant setups like that on a carrier, and make it work......and they approved Enterprise to be converted to nuke (it was originally supposed to be conventional).

Only two more conventional carriers were built after the E, the America and the JFK. According to Wikipedia, "CVN-67, with a new reactor design, was reordered during construction as the conventionally-powered USS John F. Kennedy." Enterprise was supposed to be the first of 6 nuke carriers in her class, but construction costs kept it a single ship class.

Sadly, the old girl is scheduled for retirement in 6-8 years. Hopefully she'll become a museum somewhere. Even more sadly is that her replacement will be the Gerald R Ford..... oh well, at least they didn't name it the Carter or the Clinton!



Clyde Morrow Comes Aboard


I was onboard during the refuel in 1994 until the end of the deployment in 1996. I am now heading back for a final tour from now until 2011. I love the site and have had a wonderful time reading all the stories.

Thank you

Clyde Morrow 2 Planter

ps I talked with Doc Boyd not too long ago. His new wife is an accountant and he's her assistant in Tennessee. That's if anyone remembers this legendary guy.


KP Note: I knew Doc, but not on The Big E. We were in the same NPS class. He arrived for his tour of the E after I left. My good pal Paul Porter was another pal from BEE, EMA and NPS that arrived after I was gone. I was sorry to miss both those guys. 

Steven Sullivan Comes Aboard

I was a member of EE30 from 1982 to 1985 and would like to add my email address Steven.Sullivan@Delos.Aero

Steven Sullivan 


Help For Nukes

King Paul,

I came across your site and I am a Military Transition Recruiter.  I have openings with fortune 500 companies all over the USS looking to hire ex-nukes.  This is not a solicitation, I am former Navy and I honestly take pride in assisting my fellow service members. I work for the largest military transition recruiting firm in the country and place thousands of Nukes and other tech's everyday.
Your site was great and so I just wanted to let you know that there is help for those guys and gals looking.  So I amps ending you my contact information (see below) for anyone you think may need some assistance with their career search after leaving the Navy.

Nicole Thomas

Senior Recruiter - Military Division

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Something Old


Not sure if you'll care but I'll post a link anyway. Click on link to view my cyberspace License Plate museum. As many of you know I've collected license plates since I was a wee lad. Let me know if you collect plates. Also, let me know if you have any old plates you want to donate to my worthy cause:)



Charles Hickman Comes Aboard

Please add me to your roster. I served starting in 1974 to 76 in M div 4 MMR, from 77 to 80 in RM 11, RM 14 and RM 22 and 83 to 84 in 4 MMR. Email address is

Thank You,

Charles (Chuckles) Hickman


70s Photos

KP, Just wanted to send some pics in that I found. I think Karate Gabe and Jethro are mentioned somewhere in your pages. They have on the RM-14 Steaming shirts of WestPac 78.

I have a different view of NPS Bainbridge than others I have seen. This is a view of the front of the building we took it as we were leaving for prototype. By the way I was in class 7303, can't remember what section I was in, it was somewhere around 7 or 8, I know it was in the middle, not low or high. 

The last pic is one of the first times under the Golden Gate going out sometime in 74 right after we got on board. I'm surprised there aren't more of these, it always looked like we where going to take off the mast. I'm going to have to tell the story of my first arrival on board, first I'm going to have to check the cruise book and try to remember some names of those involved. After 50 what brain cells we have left are more blurred.

Chuckles Hickman


Phil Turner Comes Aboard

I would like to have my name added to your roster. I was in RL division from 1991 to 1995.


Phil Turner


70's Mast Photos...

Many thanks to Chuckles Hickman! Great mast photos and good to see you guys! I also enjoyed the swaying of our mast under Golden Gate Bridge with a Full Left Rudder. Here are a few more... from 74 West Pac preps...



Jules J. LaMontagne, ETI, West Pac '74, RT and 3 Plant... aka Don Julio la Montagne de la Vega... now happily lost in the Caribbean...


Roy Hosley Comes Aboard

I was on the Big E Nuc from 65- to 68 RM-2




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