Letters, Random Memories and Assorted Sea Stories (Cont.)

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Hi Ram,

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The Sleep Game ...

Man, the hazing stories recently came in hot and heavy didn't they? Any of you remember being scared shitless by your Nuc school instructors' stories of crap that happened to them when they piped aboard various ships? I know we were - our instructors told us stories of being hydroed with fire hoses, taped to jacking shafts, looking up from ERLL through the ladderhole to see an assortment of <male genitalia> hanging down at them, and I remember Ron Leonard telling me one time about taping the door to the ELT shack really tightly closed when they caught the new ELT flaked out in there. Guy at work asked me the other day about chow on the ship, and what the options were if you missed meals... damn ex-Marine chowhead... I told him that real Sailors were on a 5-hour one-in-three watch schedule (his eyes bugged out at that one) and that we generally just stretched it into a thirty-hour day with two watches and two ten-hour off periods. Told him once you were on that rotation all the way around (Five actual days, or four 30-hour days) you figured out where breakfast, lunch, dinner, midrats, the geedunk machines forward, the ice-cream machines aft, and both ships' stores fit into all that... not to mention trips to the gym, and any actual business at personnel, disbursing, etc. that had to get done. The reason I mention it is because it reminded me of a game M-Divvers used to play when I was aboard called the Sleep Game. It was played like this: Two M-Divvers with roughly the same amount of rest at the start of the game partner up and decide that if one of them is awake, the other must be, and vice versa. You would think this would mean that they only slept at pre-agreed times, but given the competitiveness and general meanness of most M-Divvers, it really meant that they tried to keep each other awake for as long as possible. The first one to give in and rack out without his game-partner's doing the same was the loser. I remember seeing zombied-out mechanics with 8-ball eyes walking around the hangar bay trying to stay awake for that 91st hour to beat someone at the Sleep Game, standing watch after watch, relieving people early and *living* in the gym just desperate not to lose. I wasn't very good at it, as I was known for sleeping (and probably for snoring) more than any other one trait besides taping people up and blazing the inport Shaft Alley logs every time I stood the watch, nub or not.

Anyone else remember the Sleep Game?




Yet another Youtube video of the P-Mooj has surfaced. We are playing our tribute to Robin Trower (a song called "1974" that will be on the next album). Hope you like it (you should, as I didn't ruin it by singing).



P-Mooj News

Latest Unofficial P-Mooj Newsletter just finished. Find it here, if you dare!



Welcome aboard to Romo!!

Romo, I'm a little upset you didn't mention me or Bill Isom in your post. I do remember you. I thought you made it through prototype though. No big deal as you went on to a great career anyway. You missed some good times on the E. You also missed some crappy times too, but no need to dwell on those. My best recollection of Romo comes down to two words: "Metal Church". I remember you having a sick devotion for this band. To this day if I ever hear anything Metal Church I laugh in memory. I also remember you always giving me a hard time about my haircut. Truthfully I lived an unsat life with respect to my military bearing and in particular my hair. Quite the rebel.....

Your post brought back some great memories of other friends too. Man, Mike O'Leary was a living legend. Truly one of my very best friends from the Navy and I'd very much love to get back in touch with him. We kept up for about 3 years post Navy and then we both moved a couple times too many. Try googling his name, impossible chore to find him. Ike Mike you must have served with O'Leary, trust me you'd know if you did. What a character.

I remember the other lads too. Sampson, Breedlove, and Ricky Houston. Shocked to no end to hear that Sampson made commander. Not that he wasn't smart enough or enough a leader, if you were in 8503 I'm sure you know what I mean. Ricky was on the E for a short while and then moved on to the Lincoln I believe. He left with my old pal Mark Fritz.

Pedro, I believe the senior chief that made you miserable was the same SOB that made me miserable. He was an ET though as I recall. ETCS Robinson. Had a handlebar mustache and droopy bloodshot eyes from being hungover all the time. I have a story about him I'll post someday that you won't believe. That will go with the tale of the "MANWAM". The chief before him might have been an MM, his name was Rickman. That guy was one of the best chiefs I ever knew in the Navy. Great guy, really helped me get my head on straight when I needed it.

Were you in the same section as Randy Jestice and Mark Groseclose?

Anyway, welcome aboard brother, glad to have you on!

Louie Wingo


Pray for this man

I'm not sure if this means he is out of prison [link removed]. It probably does.  Seeing what he looks like today (2007) shows life was not kind to him. As much as I hated him I will keep him in my prayers.




Is that the now infamous MMC T__gs? I don't think so. Unsure if I would pray for him other than a slow painful death for what he did [...]. Does anyone know the former MMC's first name? If you do then go here:

This is the Federal Bureau of Prisons website. Type in first name and last name and search. I thought he was convicted federally in the case. Just want to ensure he is still locked away. The individual presented in the previous posting, while presenting some similarities maybe too old. Wouldn't think the former douche bag would be no more than 59 now and the date of the crime was between 92 and 94 I think. (damn hazy). To think I use to talk to him in two plant when he was PPWS.

Schmidty (RL90-94)

KP Note: You're right. I doubt our MMC was that much older than us (maybe the age is wrong on the website). Same name, same eyes, lives in Norfolk.... maybe it's his dad?  


Still Locked Away

The MMC we were talking about a few days ago is still in prison and was NOT GRANTED parole in 2006. 

Let me explain how I stumbled upon the previous photo (of a similar but much older man). Many years ago someone sent me a link showing MMC in prison in Virginia (he was previously in Leavenworth I believe). I was reviewing old material and clicked on the link. The page was no longer current so it directed me to another one, where I had to type in the name. So I did. Then it opened the page I had linked to a few days ago. Holy crap! When I saw the picture of an old beaten up man I thought, "Wow, this guy was about our age--look at him now. This page also indicated the man was free and living in Newport News so naturally I thought it was our MMC. I was alarmed that 1) He was free and that 2) he looked like an old beat up old man.  Schmidity was quick to catch that this man had to be too old and them MB did the leg work to verify that our MMC was still safely tucked away. 

Sorry about causing such a stir.



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I recommend adding a last revised column. If you need help maintaining the list let me know.

Frank Orego

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Parole Denied


Appreciate the update on the former MMC douche bag. Restores some faith in the judicial system. Been trying to find his case in the newspaper archives for Hampton Roads but no joy yet. I know he got a relatively long sentence and parole eligibility might start happening in 2013 or so. I 'pray' its longer.

T minus 65 days till BOG in the desert for me. All take care out there.


KP Note: To close this sordid chapter here's what I found: 

Parole Denied 2006

Locked up Here

He's actually been re-categorized with a "lifer" code, whatever that means.

Good luck in the desert--send pictures!


IKE Brother Comes Aboard! 


I served on board IKE in RE-01 from 1986 to 1990 (with almost a year off in there when I broke my collarbone).

Your site is awesome and has forced some very dusty old memories out into the light. I find myself laughing until it hurts, even if the majority of the stories are from the Big E. The similarities to happenings on IKE are scary.

I see that Joe B and Mike from IKE are on board and I plan to post a few stories myself as I begin to sort through the wreckage of those memories and trying to find where the pieces fit.

Currently, I am the Multi-media Production Coordinator for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY. How did I get here from Nuclear Power School? Well, like you, I had no desire to work in that field once I was out of the Navy. I took a part time job at a radio station in Utica,NY (because I love music and loved radio and did some of that in my college days). That led to a full time job which then led to a job in Production at a TV station in Utica (WKTV-the NBC affiliate). That led to makings contacts at the Hall of Fame, due to our proximity, which eventually led to this job. Although I never did use the education taught to me as a member of Class 8504 in Orlando, Florida, I will say that the rigors, routine and mental torture of NPS, Prototype training and constant qualifying and requalifying taught me more than just the formulas, physics and facts of nuclear theory and how to make a ship go through the water. I wouldn’t be where I am without that experience and certainly wouldn’t be the guy that I am without the relationships and memories (both good and bad) that were made on-board.

Great job on the site and I am about to go sign on-board.


Roger C. Lansing

More from Roger:


Great site. I find myself laughing until it hurts and shaking my head in disbelief as I read stories of happenings in-plant on the Big E that sound eerily familiar to stories from IKE.

Your site has caused some long dormant, dusty old memories to stand up and shout that they are still there, hiding in the deep recesses of my brain. As I begin to sort through the wreckage of those old memories I will try to put together a few stories from IKE, although they may need some back-up from “Mike from Ike” and “Joe B” and any other EX-IB-er out there. I was thrown off the flightdeck of the IKE onboard a COD in July of 1990 and I swear that a lot of those old memories were pulled out of the back of my head from the G-forces of flying off of a carrier. The airdales probably swept them up as FOD (isn’t that what they called it?) after we left. Funny what stupid things you remember. Your site has made me recall lots of Bitch Book writings and the lists of old Navy terms that guys are posting has brought a lot of that out of the shadows, too.

Thanks for all of your work here. I look forward to posting some stuff soon. Maybe I will dig out a few pics and send them your way.

Roger Lansing


Current 4-Planter Stops By for a Visit:

Mike La Manna, RM-14, Aug 03 - Oct 07

KP Note: Welcome aboard, fellow 4-planter. It's been a while since a current nuke has checked in with us. It appears Mike is 'short,' soon to be a three-digit-midget. Without getting yourself in trouble, how about sharing what's going on on the Big E these days?


Talkin' The IB ...

Good to see Roger Lansing has arrived. Thanks again, KP, for opening the site to all Navy nukes--not just those from the Enterprise. I recall "talkin' the IB with Roger". IB stands for 'Ike Bites' just in case anyone is not clear on that. Back in the late 80's our term that we coined for bitching about our pitiful plight in the Nav was "talkin' the IB". It truly made us feel better and helped the time to pass a little easier. I almost have to work at it now to remember how I felt back then. Simple pleasures that I take for granted now like sitting on my comfy sofa in the evening watching whatever I want on my (fairly large screen) TV were not available back then. Anyway, specifically I was going to mention how part of talkin' the IB involved not talking in Navy terms. I hated how the Navy had words that it loved a little too much such as 'secured', and these words would get used to the point of abuse. It's easy to imagine some lifer all too happy to tell you that the 'head is secured'. I like to think that I had a little to do back then on 'Dwight' (we started calling him 'Dwight' because Ike was a term of endearment, and this simply wouldn't do) with starting a trend of using alternative words rather than the conventional lexicon. I couldn't bring myself to say 'the head is secured', but I could rattle off 'the bathroom is tied to the floor' with mocking brio. One of my favorite alternative terms was instead of 'liberty'--'fundamental freedoms'. It sounded cool to say 'fundamental freedoms are tied to the floor!'

Joe B from Dwight


MMCM B ...


The Newport News guy, who I remember but am not familiar with what he did, got me to look up another name that we served with. We'd just gotten to Idaho in 1988 when MMCS B-b-f become an MMCM. Within a period of time his "status" changed and he was no longer on site.

I'm certain this is he who many of us served with and knew. Idaho was my third tour with him. Although it doesn't mention Navy at all, the volkswagen, Idaho, the same name as in the Idaho penal system, etc. And the age would be appropriate.


Can anybody else confirm that this is the former MMCM?

Jim W.


Our Story ...

Dear Mr. Tuli..aka "King Paul"

I hope you don't mind an e-mail out of the blue. I wanted to draw your attention to our efforts that we are just starting to make a place for individuals to share their stories on the USS Enterprise.

Here is the URL:


Eric Hinton Changes Email Addy:

Hey! Can you change my address to

Thanks! Hope everyone has a great summer this year!



Joshua Clark Comes Aboard ...

I am Joshua Clark. I was on the Prize from 1996 to 2001. I worked in RM22.


Glen Lane Changes Email Addy:

Please change my e-mail address to I am listed in the 1970-1979 section. Thanks for your help and for the site. Pull Rods and Make Steam.

Glen Lane


Randy Fugate Comes Aboard ...

Heya! Add me to the list.


Randy Fugate (aka "fukit") RM11 1979-1983

Randy Fugate



Hey all,

As you may know or soon will, we had originally scheduled a reunion at my place (Kansas City) for June 8-10. As it turns out I have to re-schedule. I sincerely hope this hasn't caused anyone any serious difficulty or heartache, if so I do humbly apologize. The new date will be July 27-29. I do hope you all can attend, would be great to see you again. Please feel free to forward this to anyone we served with except certain khaki's we don't have any desire to see again.

As the duly designated hosts for this year's get together Bill Isom and I would like to cordially invite you all to show up for our reunion.

When: July 27-29, 2007

Where: Beautiful Kansas City, MO. More specifically the northeast corner of the metro area, Liberty, MO.

Link here to Reunion Page for more Info.


Dick Davis Comes Aboard ...

Dick Davis 1996 - 2001 RM 03, RT, RM AFT Group, RM LCPO



More From Randy Fugate:

I got to the Big Pig just after she pulled into Bremerton, so I got to experience the whole overhaul, and I left the day we pulled back into Alameda at the end of the 82-83 cruise, so I got to experience the big "grounding" in SF Bay, as well. I was settin' in the port side 1st class berthing in civvies and with a packed bag thinkin' about the plane I was catchin' back home that evening, when the ship, which was rollin' a little anyway, rolled to port and kept going for w-a-y too long, followed by some serious loud thumps from below, and a bunch of A-gangers flyin up from below decks like their heads were on fire... I said "Fuck!", went to my pit and slept thru the rest. No heroics from me, I was a 2-digit midget at the time with 30 days leave startin the next day!

I got to experience the Schmegma House (both the original and Schmeg South) and all the tweaks that lived there. Even played music with a full band in the livin' room there once. I also roomed at an equally infamous den of iniquity known as "The Consumers". An old 2-story farm house plopped in the middle of 40 acres of conifer forest just outside Bremerton (I forget the name of the little berg it was in.) It got its name from the fact that everything that came into it, legal or illegal, food, girlfriends, wives, CONSUMED. It housed of rotating door of anywhere from 5-9 Rx/Eng dept types at various times throughout the overhaul period.

We had some great knock-down, drag out parties there including one 6-kegger at which a local band, "Black Sheep" played in the livin' room. The room rocked so hard the plaster cracked up one wall, across the ceiling, and down the opposite wall. I remember one of my roommates, Tim Haines (RM14/RT - 78-82), yellin' "Dudes, WE BROKE THE FUCKIN' HOUSE!!!" The next day, there was hardly a horizontal surface that wasn't occupied by either an empty beer cup or a prone body!

I see a few ol' buds on here: Looks like ARRRGH can type as fast as he can talk. Still playin bass, dude?

Speakin' of playin' music, KP ain't the only one with a CD out... Click on the "band" link. I'm the long-haired fool on the right. On the "Audio" page you can listen to the entire CD via streaming audio. Hillbillies from Hell if yer into that sorta thing.

And I see a couple posts by Billy Wayne Deaton...(Billy Wayne...who showed you the good hidin' spot on the top of the #1RAR decon shower ;) )

I'd like to say hey to Willie May, Bubba Jack, and Billy Ball...saw their names listed. Billy is right...the upstart 4plant "DirtBag" had nothin' on ol' "dirtbagbrown" (aka "The Grote") from RM11. I went to his house once while we we're in the yard. He lived with an equally notorious grunger known ironically as "The Goat" (The Goat and the Grote... Sounds like a 70's sitcom). I can't remember who I was with, but we sat there talkin' (and, of course, sharin' the Roscoe) with The Goat for what had to be about an hour, when what I thought was just a pile of dirty laundry on the other couch started movin'. I was considerin' a hasty exit when ol' dirtbag stuck his head out from under the dirty clothes and said "Hey assholes, you gonna share?!"

I'm gonna dig up so ol' pics and send them once I get them scanned. Some post-crossin' the line ceremony pics and a couple from Olongapo including the group shot from the RM div party in '83.

I'd also like to request a memorial post for Don McKracken (IIRC...RM14 80-82) who passed away in Sacramento just before the start of the '82-83 cruise. He was one of my roommates at "The Consumers" and I still think of him often.

Thanks KP for puttin' up this site. It's already got me in contact with one of my good buds from the cruise, Guy Gaines.

Randy Fugate

KP Note: Wow, always great to hear from an early 80s B-town survivor, as you guys were undoubtedly the most squared away bunch to ever yardpack and sail the seven seas. (If you saw the face I'm making you'd realize my sarcastic facial expressions give me away).  I Downloaded and loved your music and glad to see at least one other ex Big E middle age ex-nuke out there who refuses to cut his hair! Do you guys have a Myspace Music Page up? If you do I'll 'friend' link it to the P'Mooj one.


P-Mooj Cracks Top 25 on No Timewarp Radio



1.     Charlie Daniels - The South's Gonna Do It Again
2.     Arc Angels - Sent By Angels
3.     Black Crowes - Under a Mountain
4.     Rolling Stones - Hold On To Your Hat
5.     ZZ Top - Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings (Live)
6.     Arvel Bird And One Nation - Red Ride
7.     Aerosmith - Rats In The Cellar (Live)
8.     Rush - Far Cry (Edit)
9.     Sting - The Soul Cages
10.   Junior Kimbrough - Lord, Have Mercy On Me
11.   Bob Marley - Get Up, Stand Up [Live]
12.   Eddie Kendricks - Keep On Truckin'
13.   Simple Minds - Waterfront [Live]
14.   Joe Jackson - Memphis
15.   George Harrison - Wah-Wah
16.   B. B. King - Philadelphia
17.   Psychedelic Mooj - Mondo Mooj
18.   ZZ Top - Millers Farm
19.   John Trudell - Rich Man's War
20.   Joe Perry - Twilight
21.   Rolling Stones - Little Red Rooster
22.   Robbie Robertson - In The Blood
23.   Van Halen - Up For Breakfast
24.   Indigenous - Blues From The Sky
25.   Big Audio Dynamite - E=MC^2


More from Mark Romero:

Wingo! Of course I remember you. I saw your picture in here somewhere. Did I harass you about your haircut? Damn, I don't remember. You know I was one squared away mofo; well, as much as any overweight, lazy, Hispanic ET could be. I actually found this site while googling for Bill Isom.

Metal Church. Yes, I actually still listen to them. I'm shocked you still remember that. Haha! I would also love to track down O'Leary and had the same frustration when Googling for him. My email address is Shoot me an email sometime. I'm currently in Germany (home) for about 7 weeks. Currently I'm working at Tyndall AFB and will be back in Florida later this year. See ya. .



Charles Evans Comes Aboard ...

i would like my email added to the page i work in 1MMR/EM-11 from 2005-present my name is charles evans email is


Mike Springer Comes Aboard ...

Please add me to this list of Enterprise alum.

My name is Mike Springer


1975 – 1978

Email =




This person from our 'past' is now the Skipper of The USS Blue Ridge.

Who can name him?


First Winner of the Quiz:

ANSWER: Finally, one that I can answer. That looks like our old friendly neighborhood RCA, LCDR Sevald. Am I right? And it looks like he’s moved up the ranks a little bit, too…

Mike Lontoc


Answer From BoBo:

Regarding the Last Pic - Looks like the old RCA, LCDR Sevald...Am I right? What do I win?! LOL. I remember him well, he was actually a great guy, for an officer... Regarding my "Post", I wasn't aware that my e-mail would end up being displayed for all to see since I hadn't explored the site yet. I might have written it differently had I known, just a heads up. Since you added me to the e-mail list, my years on the pig were actually 85 to 89. And yes, it was Hordyke. I never really gave him crap about that cause I was friends with him, but, he must have really suffered in school for that name! LOL



KP Note: Sorry, BoBo. Didn't mean to post your email without your consent. I do that often (and I shouldn't). If you want I'll yank it and replace it with something else or just yank it. Now that you've read the site you can see there are quite a few memories from your RC23 brothers, with lots of stuff about you. As far as I'm concerned you were one of the good guys I met on the ship, and we shared many fun times together. As mentioned, you taught me many songs on the guitar and I think of you when I play them (sometimes live). As far as a prize for submitting the correct answer, Louie Wingo will buy you a beer in KC next month. (I still don't know if I'll make it to KC yet. I hope to.)   

More on Sevald ...

When I found that photo of Andy Sevald (our beloved RCA in the latter 80s) I was happy to see he has had a successful career in the navy. He was always good to us and I recall only one incident when he came down hard on us (RC & RE Div) and that was largely the result of Skelitor coming down hard on him (but I cannot recall the specifics). For the most part then Lt.Cdr Sevald was a friend to RE and he kept us insulated from much of the BS thrown at RX Dept from the likes of Skelitor and MMCM. There is one classified story that I'll hint at here. During the 88 cruise RE found itself with a "problem" and The Group Supes supposedly went to the RCA and told him about this and things were taken care of in a matter of hours. End of story. It was Sevald's way of helping us out for doing everything he asked of us and we were forever grateful to him. I personally had a great relationship with the RCA and he was missed dearly when CHUD took over as the new RCA in '89. Thank you, Capt. Sevald. Thank you for being one of the "good guys" during many of our tours on The Enterprise.



Jerry Trahan Comes Aboard ...

Jerry Trahan MM2 #4 plant1968 to 1970


Comi ... CHUD?

KP, didn't you have list somewhere on this site for the CO's of the 'prise? Did you ever make one for the RO, ChEng, RMA's and RCA's. I remember Gunboat Joe as the RO, Lt. Cmdr Gastrock(?) 83-86, Lt. Cmdr Comi 86-? as the RCA's. Was Comi the CHUD? I remember people blazing sigs for him.

Great site.

Larry Coster

KP Note: As I recall there was an incomplete listing of ROs that the present command was putting together. For some reason this site turned out to be their best source of information. 

When I showed up in '86 Comi was the RCA. He was replaced by Sevald after the cruise. Sevald was replaced by "CHUD" in late 1989 (right before world cruise).

Mr. Comi was a very nice guy (as far as I recall, ask Gil (Kid Pillow) and he'll tell you otherwise. I think I did my SRE and RE boards with Comi and he was pretty mellow.  

Skellitor was the RO when I arrived in '86 and he was relieved by Capt. Bersticker in '89. I liked Bersticker. I was FGS by then and had to get many a "night order" signed by him or report about some unforeseen mishap at the department 8:00PM meetings (God, do you guys remember those?). He never screamed or yelled or asked for excessive details. "Take care of it," he'd say.


ROs ...


Reactor Officers I have known.

Do remember CDR Bersticker. Damn good RO. Tended to leave the nukes alone and boards with him were I wouldn't claim easy but they were thorough. He was promoted to CAPT and took the USS LONG BEACH on its final cruise prior to decom.

Next was CDR Morin. Flame spray throughout most of his time on board. Understandable as his area of responsibility was gutted and emptied. Certain individual trying to burn it down or NNS contaminating a whole space. I remember my senior board with him. I was ready to talk all things operational but he insisted on talking Charpy V-notch, RTT and Brittle Fracture. I remember thinking "How is regurgitating this rot going to help during a casualty? That’s power school stuff." He mellowed out near the end and believe he ended up at NR.

My final RO during my tour on the illustrious BIG E was CAPT Dahl (sic). Another damn good RO in my book. Most fond memory on him is he stood up and spoke for me at CO mast (CAPT Naughton presiding) likely saving me a stripe plus other pays as those pesky charges of "Failure to obey a lawful order, Failure to obey a written order and Dereliction of Duty were dismissed. Still had to make amends for my evil ways thus my workdays were 18 hours long for the next six months and assignment as poster boy for MTT.

All take care out there

Schmidty (RL90-94)


KP Note: Wasn't Morin the RMA in the mid 80s? I seem to recall a Moran (or maybe I'm thinking of Mordus). Sadly, I cannot recall any of the RMAs during my time, as I interacted little with them. I do remember The CHENG (name escapes me now) as I had to sit my LD board with him. I was lucky he didn't throw me out on my ass:)   

4MMR in the late 60s:

First of all i'm happy to find this site, and after reading a few pages I laughed so hard my sides ached. While reading one page there was remarks made about a certain piece of art that was painted on the ms in #4 plant. The cartoon was from a late 60's playboy, it was titled THE STUBB. It was a large picture of a three masted, seagoing bottle of Jack Daniels complete with captain, crew, and a bare chested lady doing a swan dive off the bow. Sorry to say I don't know who painted it. I do remember the sad looking mouse outside #4 EOS was painted by Dave English. Dave was the first 4 planter I met when I came aboard in 69. Another familiar name that I see on the list is Lt. Lash H. great guys, great times. Just for the record, the sf grounding was not the first. In early January of 69 was when we had the fire and explosions, followed by a long lay up at Pearl. About the only thing we did the whole time there was watch the japs sink the Arizona. They were filming some scenes for the movie Tora Tora Tora. Anyway after all this took place we were finally ready to go to nam. We got under way and were turning in the channel when some hot shot tin can skipper got in the way forcing the old man to avoid a collision, and putting us into a mud flat. We were pulled out on the next incoming tide but we had to tie up a ford island to clean out all four main condensers. That' s about all for now, till I can remember more. 

Jerry Trahan class 65/3


Patrick McCarthy Comes Aboard ...

Hey how's its going I love the site. My name is Patrick McCarthy, I served in RM-22 from 2002-2006, and would love to be added to your list of "Terrorist Ass-Kicking" 2000s. Keep up the great work. I love reading the old stories.

Have a good one,

Patrick McCarthy


Corpsman Visit:

KP, I served on Big E 1976 - 1978. I was a 'pecker checker.' I found your site several days ago and read all the stories and memories. I laughed so hard that it hurt. I haven't thought about the navy in a long time. Now it seems like it was just yesterday. How do I buy one of your CDs?

Tim Johnson  

KP Note: Thanks, Tim. As far as buying a CD, just go to our official site and click on the buy now button. I have no idea what happens after you do that but no one has complained about not getting a CD so I assume the pay pal and subsequent shipping thing works. In late July our 2nd CD will be ready and you can buy that one too:)   


Evan Barnard Comes Aboard ...

Hi, I was wondering if you could add me to the list.

Name: Evan Barnard a.k.a. Barnyard

Workcenter: RM-22, the double deuce, 2001-2005





RMA Circa '83:

I was told by Mark B. that the RMA from 1983 to 1985 was Bruce Castleman. Andy Sevald relieved him for about 18 months, then Sevald relieved Pat Comi as RCA. I forgot that Sevald was the RMA before becoming the RCA. I remember him saying being the RCA was better than being the RMA because the RMs were so stupid (I'm only kidding!!!!)

MMC Mordus, by the way, was an M-Div chief in the mid 80s.



Picture of ?

Mark B sent me this photo but I have no idea who it is. I assume it is the RMA from the 80s (we were talking about above). This man does not look familiar to me at all. Anyway, Mark B, am I right? 


Comi ... Man of Good Humor...NOT!


very funny, ask Gil what he thinks of Comi, .... ya the dude took me to Captain's mast, where he recommended the brig with bread and water for a stupid bike in the switchgear room. What was the big deal..... I used to asked Comi if he was going surfing in Hawaii, and give him a surf signal, and say "what's up, dude." Maybe that along with the bike issue got me to Captain's Mast with Rocky Spain (doesn't that name seem made up - like Kid Pillow?!?)

Carry on my good seaman.

kid pillow


KP Note: Yes, I do recall how much Comi loved you.  Speaking of "Rocky" I did a Google search on him a while back and saw that he was some big wig in the San Diego Harbor commission (or something like that). You should look him up. You might be neighbors. I wonder if he has ever googled himself and found this site? If he has he was probably happy to see that many of us remembered him as being a good skipper.  

Seeking Information about EMI Todd A. Gugluizza:

Hi, I am Todd A Gugluizza's cousin and I have been out of touch with him for years and I just did a search on the web and found out that he has passed away. I was wondering if you could help me understand what happened to him. I understand that he passed on 10/24/05 in San Diego and I just want to know if you can put me in contact with any of his shipmates/friends, or anyone that could help me understand. I know this is a long shot contacting you this way and you probably don't know Todd personally but please I beg of you. Help me

Thank you, God Bless, Sincerely

Heather Gugluizza-Amin


KP Note: Heather gave me her phone number in the email message above so I called her and asked if it was okay to post her email address. She said it was okay. If you knew Todd, or know anything about his death, please contact Heather.

A Family has asked us for our help:

I have now been contacted by another family member concerning the death of Todd A. Gugluizza. The family has been searching for Todd for many months and reading that he has passed away on this site has been very upsetting to them. I am asking anyone who may know anything about Todd's death to please get in contact with Heather above or to me and I will relay that information to his aunt.  Here is what we know. On 11/2/05 I was sent the following email:

"Hi my name is MM1 Jodi Smelser I was a nuke on the Nimitz. I am currently stationed at SWRMC (formally known as SIMA San Diego). EM1 Todd A. Gugluizza passed away 10/23/05. I know he was on the Enterprise before he came to SIMA and I saw his name on your site a few times. Someone found him in his apartment dead. The command said his cause of death was unknown." 

If anyone knows MM1 Jodi Smelser, knew Todd in San Diego, knew Todd at SWRMC, or knows anything about what happened on 10/23/05, please share that information. I know many of you are still on active duty and have connections within the navy  (and some of you who are great at investigating things in general).  

I am unsure of when Todd served on the Big E, but I do recall him making contact with me and sending in memories or stories. I could not find them on the site, however. (If anyone finds them can you email the page number.)



Talking the IB

To all of you guys who mentioned Mike O'Leary -- everyone in Rx Dept. on Ike knew who O'Leary was. He definitely was a character and man, could he talk!! I was actually on the Ike Reactor Basketball team with him...I kept the bench warm in case anyone needed a place to sit.

Glad to see that Roger Lansing has checked in. Rog, you definitely have one of the coolest jobs in the world!! I may show up in Cooperstown one day.

Regarding "talkin' the IB" (as Joe B mentioned), I would like it known that I am the originator of the phrase, "Dwight Bites." James Funk was trying to think of a way to replace "Ike" and to me it was obvious..."Dwight". Jim Funk was a guy who was easily excited, and I thought he was going to kiss me when I mentioned replacing "Ike" with "Dwight." Jim Funk was also a character. I remember he would check the lock on his rack about 6 or 7 times before he left the ship. He would then walk to his car, think about the lock, and walk back to the ship to check it again!!

The "replacing" Navy terms with other words used to crack me up! My favorite was when the guys changed the name of the reactor to "the atomic pile."

You nucs are a strange bunch...

Mike formerly of Ike


From MrB:

That is a picture of Bruce Castleman. He was the RMA from 82 to 85, then he was relieved by Sevald.

Did you guys realize that Sevald’s tour on ENTERPRISE was his FIRST nuclear tour? He was Chief Engineer on the John Hancock and then went through the pipeline to ENTERPRISE.

He stood his first underway watch in the plants with me in 3 RAR.


AKA : "The Pig"


I was Googling "USS Enterprise " a while back, looking for pictures of the E. I was checking out one semi-official looking site and stumbled upon a short list of nicknames for the ship. Included in the list was "The Pig"

I've seen numerous references to "The Pig" on this site, and rarely (if ever) in a flattering light. I kind of wondered when, where and how the shit got started. Back in the mid 70s it was not used all that much, but it WAS there.

I still remember distinctly the first time I heard the reference. It was early '75. I was down in 1MMR when one of the non-nukes asked our LPO, MM1 Mike Bobof, if he thought we'd pull into New Zealand. Bobo replied, " Naw, they'd never let this Pig pull in there. We'd just f**k things up." From then till I got discharged in '78 I only recall hearing it but only infrequently.

I can only recall a handful of times when I used this term myself. And let me tell you : when I used it, it was definitely NOT a term of endearment! The few times I used it I was irate to the point of yelling and throwing things. I don't think I aimed my ire at the ship itself (which I honestly looked upon as some sort of engineering marvel). I was usually pissed at some lifer or (more likely) some inane bureaucratic policy that was coming down.

Well, I think I can vouch for the fact that the term "The Pig" dates back to at least early '75. Wonder if anyone out there remembers it from further back or knows when it started getting wider usage.



More about Todd G.

Todd served in E-Div from 1997 to 2002. He checked into this site on Page 6 and sent in a few words on page 17. We would appreciate hearing more about Todd from his fellow E-Divers and other shipmates. I would also like to share these memories with his family. 




Another Kind of RM:

Ram, I've reading your site since the start. I am not an engineering type, I was an "RM" type, as in radioman. I was on the enterprise 3/81-5/84. I was on the 82-83 westpac, crossed the line got the crap beat out of me because I was a special case according to my LPO, my attitude was pretty bad before the ceremony I thought it was all BS. Anyway one of my senior cheifs was RM S Jerry whitworth, best friend of john walker. Whitworth was on the 82-83 pac, currently in prison for 365 yrs along with best friend walker. Please email me anytime; and arrrgh!!! a good friend of mine worked in the plants while I was there. I can't remember his I'll consult my cruise book and get back with you, hope to from ya.

Richard Parker


KP Note: I had no idea the infamous Jerry Whitworth was on the Big E. No doubt one of the biggest scumbags in naval history. May he and Walker burn in hell. Here is something about the Walker case for you nubs.

More from Richard ...

Ram, I'm back.  your site has really brought back a lot memories to me, the "E" was the first of three ships for me, the others were usns waccamaw Tao-109 and the USS pyro, both of which are in the mothball fleet. I got out of uncle Sam's navy after 15 and a half years in 1990. Anyway my buddy that worked in the plants was mm2 or mm1 David Kettle's I believe his real first name was Richard, he was on the "E" for six years. Even though i had nothing to do with engineering you would be surprised at how much you learn, the same goes for aviation, i had seen a number of casrep msgs go out from us regarding the plants. The pyro that i mentioned was a mess casrep after casrep. A fast cruise we did in san diego on the pyro we were diw more than just a few times. I lots of stories to tell the ones who were there in 1981 up at psny. Hope to hear from someone that was there. email me anytime.

Richard Parker


Weis Checks Back in ...

First, I have an email update. my name is Erich Weis, i served on the pig from 98-02. My new email is not that any1 would ever want to talk to me again.

A few things I remember.. Darth Mallow, the stab was the highlight of my day. Going down to watch and finding the newest copy stuck in the logs was always a pleasure. Yella and his FTN stickers that got our berthing repainted, he became a recruiter and always some new 18 year old on his arm....damn you scott. Oh, and taking his guns away after he broke into his ex-gf's house. That prick ELT and his mole that always found lead bricks thrown thru his windshield on the pier, haha. When we took over the admirals laundry above the RE office and had our own washer/dryer for 2 weeks at sea, so nice to wear clean clothes. Picnics in the plant during GQ. Crazy Dave if you are still out there, best way to spend drills. finally...The ride home from the 98 med cruise. The pilots where putting on a play when the RMA, who was the EOOW at the time, called down to 1 SWGR and had the SWGR op trip the breaker to the Fo'Castle. When Dave got the order, he looked at me and handed me the phone to confirm the order. I asked Charlie Brown to repeat the order and sure enough, he wanted us to throw the breaker. After throwing the breaker and wondering why he wanted it done, Charlie Brown (the RMA) came over the 1MC and announce to the ship, that while the flyboys get all the glory and praise, everything on the BIg E started and ended with RX/Eng Depts. They could put on their plays, but only by our good graces.

On another note, I knew Todd Guglizca (still cant spell it) pretty well. He was a good guy and I am sorry to hear of his passing. He took a lot of shit for always standing his ground, but never backed down. He was one of the good guys, never mean or judgmental and I hope he finds peace where ever he is.


Gerard Trahan Gets new Email Address:

e mail change Gerard Trahan can be reached at


KP Note: Gerard, I can't find you in the roster. What was your era?

Shane Moison Comes Aboard ...

Moison, Shane RM11 2001-2004 Thanks



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