Letters, Random Memories and Assorted Sea Stories (Cont.)

Gary Setser Comes Aboard ...

Put me on this email list with the other derelicts:

Gary Setser RL Div, 1979-1982 YARD-PAC


F-14 "Tomcat" Final Flight...

"The Navy’s last eight F-14 Tomcats, and the sailors who fly and maintain them, made their final cats and traps on July 28, marking the last at-sea mission of the venerable warplane." Mark D. Faram / NavyTimes Staff


from Jules J. LaMontagne, ET1, 74 West Pac, 3 Plant and RT Div.


Thoughts ...


Reading Eric Roberts' submission reminded me of my first job after the nav, working as a power plant operator for the City of Burbank. I was hired along with two other guys who had recently separated from the Navy. One, who is a very good friend of mine, was a nuke off the Long Beach. Bruce had the same attitude about the Navy as I did. His attitude having been tempered by similar experiences in his naval career. The third guy was a lifer who actually showed up in his dungarees and boondockers. You can imagine the abuse Bruce and I heaped on the poor guy.

Anyway, what prompted me to respond was Eric's comment about his pay now being much more then he earned as an E-6. That comment brought back a flood of memories from my last 6 months in the Navy. I remember those pamphlets the Navy would put out, using Navy math to show how much money we were actually making. I thought it was hilarious when they would hit us with the job security argument. I remember my sentiment being that I could get a job at McDonalds, put in as many hours as I was required to in the Navy, and come home with the same check. The advantage to McDonald's being: #1. No duty days, #2. If my supervisor was an asshole, I could tell him to pack sand and go work at Burger King, and most importantly #3. McDonald's never went out to sea.

My first paycheck from Burbank was more then most officers made. My buddy Bruce mailed a copy of his check stub to the Long Beach, where it was posted in berthing. His brother, who was an ELT on the ship, told him that check stub actually changed the minds of 3 or 4 guys who were considering re-enlisting. Of course, the first khaki to see the check stub tore it down immediately.

Of course, without the training and experience I received in the Navy, I probably wouldn't have the career I do. Ever since I left the Navy, the pay to work ratio has been way in my favor.

Once Burbank saw how easy it was to train ex-Nukes, they would snap them up when they applied for openings. Later, when I moved to the California ISO. if you had Navy Nuke on your resume, you were as good as in. In fact, there was a couple of years where all the new trainees were exclusively Navy Nukes.

For all you current Navy Nukes, I hope this gives you a little encouragement to continue to put up with the bullshit. I know it sucks, but the perspective you gain by enduring it is as valuable as the knowledge and experience. No matter how shitty my day at work is going, it's not as bad as it got in the Navy.

Charles "Ed" Fresquez

Automatic Generation Control Dispatcher WAPA-Sierra Nevada Region


Help A Shipmate Help Others:

Dear Family and Friends,

On January 14, 2007, I will run the Houston Marathon. Rather than just run, I am running for a reason.

While there are many deserving charities needing funds, I chose to support the Texas Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America. I was drawn to this organization because as a veteran myself, I wanted to find and support a charity that steps up and really provides assistance to injured, in this case, paralyzed veterans.

Please consider a donation to this worthy cause using my fundraising page:

Providing education, advocacy, transportation assistance and more, the Texas PVA is a worthwhile charity that helps our paralyzed veterans and their families. The Texas PVA is small compared to many charities out there and appreciates even small donations. My initial $25 donation got a mention in their newsletter. See their website or the parent organization for more information.

Many of us served or know someone who served our country in the armed forces. This is a chance for us to show our support for veterans needing help.

Thank you for your support!

Rob Shane


Some Great Pics from The Past:


Here are a couple of pictures I drug up from my files that I thought I had discarded some years ago. This first picture is of the "E" pier side at Pier 12 in Norfolk, VA, N.O.B 1965 after her first major yard period at NNSB&DD.

This second picture is from the doorway of the shipfitter shop looking port. As I recall that area used to get real warm from the machinery that was under it. For those who may not remember, we were right under the main Wardroom. This shot was taken at three in the morning in 1966 underway for the Gulf of Tonkin.

Rich Allen May 63 - Oct. 67 R - Div


Mr. B Sends More Reunion Photos:

Found these pictures in the camera. Some more stuff from the reunion


P'Mooj Opens For Robin Trower

And what a night it was! I described the event in Crit Thinking but I'd be glad to talk about it again...

Here are some Photos someone just sent me. If it looks like I'm 'on top of the world,' I am;)



From Last Summer...

I was looking at some pics I took last summer and found these from the reunion weekend. The first shot is my kids standing in front of our old familiar Pier 4 in NAS Alameda. That's the USS Hornet park where the Carl Vinson used to be.  Commercial ships are now tied up in our old berth. The bottom photo is from the brow of the Hornet, looking out over the old parking lot, where many of our rust buckets sat parked in the days of yore. I had a memory looking over that parking lot about a long ago afternoon when I let Dicko borrow my car. When he gave me back the keys I forgot to ask him where he parked and spent hours looking for my car, walking aisle by aisle. 



Future Big E Ops?

Never was in the Navy, other than a little Air Force ROTC, I was never involved with the military. My Dad spent over 20 years in the Army and advised me I would not do well there.

Been seriously engaged as an engineer and in public life as you can see if you Google on my name.

In the last year a certain cult has made it very hard for me to get work, so I have been writing fiction set in the post singularity era. (Sample chapters if you want to see it.)

In the process of writing about the future, I had to generate physically possible projects that would shape this future. One of them is the solar power satellite project I was deeply involved with back in the mid 70s.

You can't make sense of such a project using rockets to lift hundreds of thousands of tons of parts, the energy payback is too long. In the mid to late 70s we were proposing to build them from moon rock or chunks of asteroids. The problem was that the path was too complicated for money people to take seriously.

The geosynchronous space elevator concept has been even longer, but the materials problem, light and extremely strong cable, stopped it. Now it is starting to look like carbon nanotubes might be strong enough to do the job. Sizing one for constructing power sats requires lifting 2000 tons per day to geosynch and almost a Gw of power to drive it.

For weather reasons, the western Pacific has been picked as the best place for the earth anchor. There are very few mobile power sources in this class, the Big E being one. Since the Enterprise is due to be retired about the time in the story that the space elevator and power sats are being built, I am working it into the story.

But it might actually turn out to be a workable idea, assuming nanotubes are strong enough. The flight deck would be one scary place if this was done, cable under high tension coming down out of the sky at 1000 mph, going around a 30 foot wheel and back right out of the atmosphere.

Anyway why is the Enterprise sometimes called "the pig?"

And would you like to read a bit of first draft about some poor pulley inspector dude who gets fired out of the Enterprise at 20 g?

Best wishes,

Keith Henson

KP Note: I had Keith send me a copy of his draft.  He is willing to share it with any ex-nuke on this site. Contact him at:


John Kesterson Comes Aboard ...

Please add:

John Kesterson, RL, 89-94,

Thank you,



Joe Drees Comes Home From Iraq:

Just to let you all know I just got back from my deployment to Iraq. Not as much fun as a westpac, but it "Looks good on my evals!" Started my re-retirement paperwork today. Finally decided that war is too hard on the body after age fifty. Take care..........Joe 

BTW I served with a former MMC, now CEC Lt. Loberg. He knew a lot of you. He's pretty cool for an officer.....

Joe ...........................................4MMR 82-86


KP, Man of Character?

KP, I never served in the armed forces but read your KP and Mooj site often. I found it about a year ago when researching one of your nuclear power plant safety culture papers. Do the readers of the KP Site even know that you were a famous nuclear engineer once and published in Nuclear Technology ? I think you are the most unique individual I've ever run across.  Now, to amaze me even further I read that you formed a rock band and opened for Robin Trower (my all-time favorite guitar god).  I am not worthy... (I say this as I bow to you).

Kevin Wuerthner


KP Note: Thanks for your kind words, Kevin. I forgot that I used to do real scientific stuff in my former life. I'm not sure which I'm proudest of: publishing in a major journal or opening for Robin Trower.

The Libya Event


The other day I was in a conversation about US airpower. (A pet interest of mine.) The subject of the Gulf of Sidra came up. Sometime in the 70s, Muammar Gaddafi drew an imaginary line across the mouth of the Gulf of Sidra and referred to it as the "Line of Death" declaring that anyone crossing said line would be punished by death. The USA was not impressed, and sent a Navy warship across the line. So Mr Gaddafi set a new line closer to shore and declared this to be his new line of death. He then double-dog dared us to cross it. So we did. If memory serves me, we cycled through this scenario a number of times over a several year period. I even seem to recall reading somewhere that the Big E had a role in this pissing contest. Finally Gaddafi sends out a couple of Russian made fighters. They fired off several air-to-air-missiles at a pair of Navy F-14s. BAD IDEA!! Result : Tomcats - 2 Sukhois - 0.

Eventually, Mr. Ghadaffi started creating a bunch of shit and we needed to give him a reality check. We sent a group of F-111s from England down to Libya to deliver a very clear message. Our other European "allies" wouldn't allow us to overfly their countries on this mission. The F-111s were forced to fly out over the Atlantic Ocean, around the Iberian Peninsula and through the Straight of Gibraltar in order to reach Libya. Numerous mid-air refuelings were required.

My favorite story of the era was told to me in the mid 90s by a guy named Randy. Randy is retired Air Force. At the time of the Libya raid, Randy was stationed somewhere in the Middle East. His work group was shown several videos from the operation. (The kind of stuff that never makes it out to the public.) One of the video clips was from the nose mounted camera of a radio guided bomb. The bombardier/navigator (B/N) uses this camera to steer the bomb to the target.

The video clip opens with snow. Suddenly the camera comes to life and you see the horizon. Next you hear the B/N call for, "Release!" The horizon goes in and out of view for a few seconds while the bomb gains aerodynamic stability. Finally the camera focuses on the ground below the bomb. The B/N starts talking the bomb toward it's target. "20 thousand feet." The ground seems to be getting closer. "15 thousand feet." The grounds of Muammar's palace come into focus. "10 thousand feet." Now the viewers can make out large tents on the palace grounds. "5 thousand feet." What appears to be the front porch of the palace comes into focus. It's now apparent that the bomb is really hauling ass. Literally the front doors to the palace come into focus and rapidly get larger till they almost fill the entire frame. Then the screen retreats into snow. Several seconds pass, then the B/N can be heard saying in a rather non-challant voice, "Knock... Knock... Motherfucker."

Regardless of your political leanings, you have to recognize that we didn't hear much from Mr Gaddafi after that.



KP Note: Are you sure the "Line of Death" thing wasn't 1986? Or maybe what happened in '86 was a repeat. The Big E was awarded a Navy Exp. Medal for that day (OP Eldorado Canyon). I recall buying a T-shirt that said: "I crossed the Line of Death." We were in the Med and I recall seeing dozens of Soviet "trawlers" afloat near us. Every few hours we'd launch every aircraft we had and then land them all. Each time we did this the soviets were radioing to Libya that another attack was coming. Ah, the Cold War.    

P'Mooj Album Finally Gets Reviewed!!!!!

Thickest of the heavy blues

Reviewed October 2006

Unless you live in or around the Phoenix area, you're unlikely to have gotten turned on to the heavy '70s jam grooves of a band that carries on the spirit of outfits like Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash, Robin Trower, Savoy Brown and Humble Pie.

As with those legendary blues-based bands, the Mooj's magic begins with a solid but supple rhythm. Drummer Tracy Miranda-Binkley and bassist Hellhound Dave Hull create a foundation of such tremendous cohesion that guitarists Richard Chavez (rhythm) and Bill Tuli (lead, slide) can paint their thick, swirling musical fractals with complete confidence.

Tuli pulls a rippling, muscular sound out of his axe, and his solos are nicely non-linear in their improvisation. While the band is stylistically much more in line with those offered as comparisons above, the chug-a-lug rhythm with razor-sharp guitar leads dancing over it reminds more than a little of Creedence.

The songwriting is shared by all the members of the band, and most of the songs are as good as what we got from those great early '70s heavy blues combos: Long, meandering guitar solos, thick-as-a-bowl of Southwestern chili rhythms.

The only real weakness is the lack of a strong singer in the band. Tuli is the best of them (Chavez and Hull also take turns), but he's competent at best. As Trower proved with his longtime singer James Dewar, you don't need Pavarotti on the mic to create great music, but you do need a singer whose confidence and chops are equal to what the members of the Mooj bring to their instruments.

Review by Jim Trageser. Jim is a writer and editor living in Escondido, Calif., and was a contributor to the "Grove Press Guide to Blues on CD" (1993) and "The Routledge Encyclopedia of the Blues" (2005).

Korean War Service Medal Fact Sheet


Please post this in case there's any old dudes like me who were on board in '69. Thanks,

Dale Keys


Korean War Service Medal Fact Sheet

Eligibility Criteria:

Available to military veterans or primary next of kin

Period of service from June 25,1950 to July 27, 1953

Area of eligibility within the territorial waters, landmass, or airspace over the Korean peninsula

Service must have been performed as follows:

While on permanent assignment in the area of eligibility, or

While on temporary duty in the area of eligibility for 30 consecutive days or 60 nonconsecutive days, or

While as a crew member of aircraft, in aerial flight over Korea participating in actual combat operations, or in support of combat operations

Examples of Documentation Required for Verification of Eligibility (one of the following is mandatory):

DD Form 214, Certificate of Release/Discharge from Active Duty

DD Form 215, Correction to Certificate of Release/Discharge from Active Duty

NGB Form 22, Release from Duty

(One of the following is optional)

Assignment Orders to and from the Area of Eligibility

Temporary Duty (TDY) Orders and Travel Vouchers

Special Orders for Awards and Citations for Awards

Documentation Sources: (if you do not possess any of the above-listed documents, you must contact the following for copies):

National Personnel Records Center (Military Personnel Records) 9700 Page Boulevard St. Louis, MO 63132-5100 The above address covers, Army, Air Force, Navy, USMC, and Coast Guard records.

Processing Procedures: If you are eligible based on the above criteria and have a copy of the required source document(s), you should prepare your request using the example format provided and mail it to the address in the example.

Re: Korea Medal

KP, Please edit what I sent you re: the medal. This was awarded to us for our participation in Task Force 71 from April to May 1969.

Thanks Dale


KP Note: Actually, Dale, I'm confused. Did The E earn a Korean War Service Medal? What was Task Force 71? 

A Shipmate Has Passed Away

Sorry to inform you that Pablo (Speedy) Gonzales, DC3 Forward Hull Shop 65/67 passed away last Sunday at 05:55 and will be sorely missed (He also ran the typewriter shop for a year or so) by his Family and myself. 

Jim Zuvich DC3 65/67


Steven Brown Comes Aboard ...

Please add me to the list:

Steven Brown EM14, 1987 - 1991

What a cool site!


James Ross Comes Aboard ...

James E. Ross EM-22, EM-23 March 99-Jun 03



TF 71 & KDSM Info:

KP, Attached is a link to info on the Enterprise and task force 71, also to info on the KDSM.


Link 1

Link 2


Because I Can ...

I noticed that there has yet to be published a Psychedelic Mooj newsletter (from the official site anyway). I have no knowledge of who has signed up for these newsletters or if they'll ever be written (and by whom). So guess what! I'll write my own for "my" intended audience.  Here is a link to it:

Unofficial P'Mooj Newsletter

On a side note, I saw that Dr. Raj Kumar Chawla (my fictional editor) is now listed on an official Indian "Who's Who" webpage. 



The Libya Event (Revisited)


Did a little Google search on the Libya event(s) and found some interesting info. To my surprise, there were TWO Libya vs.Tomcat encounters a number of years apart.

* Gaddafi first declared the Gulf of Sidra to be the sovereign territory of Libya in 1973. This was the first of several times he drew an imaginary line in the territory and used the term "Line of Death".

* On 19 Aug 1976 two Navy F-14s from VF-41 Black Aces off the USS Nimitz were patrolling the airspace over the Gulf. They encountered two Sukhoi 22 Fitters who, without warning, fired two AA2-Atolls at the Tomcats. They missed. In retaliation, the Tomcats returned a pair of Sidewinders. They did NOT miss! (Rumor has it that this event was the inspiration for several of the scenes in the 1986 movie "Top Gun".)

* In the ensuing years, Gaddafi continued to be a dick on the world stage. Finally, President Reagan decided he had had enough of Gaddafi's shit. On 14 Apr 1986, twenty-four USAF F-111s were dispatched from the UK in Operation El Dorado Canyon. A highly successful bombing raid which cooled Mr. Gaddafi's jets ( no pun intended) for some time to come.

* On 4 Jan 1989, two F-14s from VF-32 Swordsmen off the USS John F Kennedy were back on Gaddafi's side of the line. They encountered two MiG-23 Floggers. The Floggers unwisely fired on the Tomcats without provocation. As in the first encounter, the air-to-air missiles missed. The Tomcats returned one Sidewinder and one Sparrow. The results were the same as in the 1976 encounter. ( 'nuff said.)

Hope everyone has a great Veterans Day, 



Jason Watson Comes Aboard ...

just wanted to get added to your email list. i was in RM-14 from 94-99. Thanks a lot.

Jason Watson



To all my fellow Vets, Happy Veteran's Day! At 5PM EST Sat, Nov 11, let's do a Virtual Toast. Wherever you are, raise your glass (mine will have beer in it) and toast all who proudly wore (and still wear) the uniform.


Airdale Seeking Help

King Paul,

I am an ex-Navy aircraft mechanic, currently writing a (partly true) novel. Problem is, I spent my enlistment ashore, working the F-18 opeval, back when that was a radical new airplane.

The story takes place aboard a near-future, near-derelict Enterprise, and I know nothing of such details as the reactor room layout, realities reactor operation, etc. I'm getting by on artful vagueness so far, but I'd really like to improve the detail.

Anyone who can help will get free updates of the story (this is a fraction of what has been written) and may even be written in if they display a sufficiently pungent personality. When we make the movie you'll really be rockin'. 

AMS2 Walter Mitchell


KP Note: Walter sent me the first few chapters and I quite enjoyed them. If you would like to assist Walter with his project, please contact him via above email addy. Walter, you may also wish to join Crit Thinking, our navy nuke clubhouse (or as we like to claim, the latter-day balcony of O- Town's Shark's Cove). Many of your ideas can be bounced around there as well. 

RP Jones Comes Aboard ...

Jones, R.P. "JAFO" EM-11 2001-2005



Walter Mitchell, when I exited the Nuclear Navy in August of '85, I had to sign an agreement with the Navy regarding non-disclosure of Naval Nuclear Power information. I still have a copy of that sheet for memory sake. It basically covered any thing having to do with the program. If you read through KP's terrific web site, there are a lot of general references to plant activity in all the great stories involving the life of a nuke on board the greatest bird farm ever. There is nothing that I have seen that would be specific, but there is a lot of reading and I could have missed something specific. I would be leery about putting specifics in writing and having my name tied to it. On the other hand, it has been twenty-one years and I am not sure what the current stance is regarding this, but I would fail to the conservative side. Just a thought . . . You never know who is reading the internet.

Rusty Maxwell EM1 RE Div 81 - 85


KP Note: Walter is currently learning all he wants to know with the Crit Thinking bunch. Most of the 'ex-lifers' on there know what can and can't be told. Never turn to poor KP for this type of discretion, however, as NRRO is always 'correcting my ways' on this site. 

She's HOME Again!!!!

I don't know how long they'll have it up, but right now the Norfolk, Va newspaper's web site has a video of the Enterprise homecoming Saturday morning after six and a half months. The link is about halfway down the page on the left side. The URL is

Joe B


More News

I found it rather refreshing that they mentioned the Nukes in the article.




To all my shipmates, past, present and future....  Have a great Thanksgiving. I am so happy that the current crew can spend the Holiday with friends and family (unless they are nukes). Here's a virtual toast to all current Big E sailors for a Job Well Done!


Ports O' Call (2006)

Update for the Deployment list

We Left May 2, 2006 arrived Nov 18, 2006

We hit:

Split, Croatia
Pusan, Korea
Hong Kong
Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
Jebel Ali, UAE
Lisbon, Portugal



KP Note: Wow, The Big E saw some old Westpac favorites such as Pusan, HK and S'Pore.  Alas, No Subic or Perth.

Schmidty is Back!

King Paul,

Finally back. Actually got back to the Nuke world so to speak. Supporting Bubbleheads now. What a bunch of queens. Think I am heading to the desert in about eight months. Nothing else yet as I have to catch up on about 10 pages or so. Toots to John Kesterson. Whaddup, Bro?

Schmidty, RL 90-94


Gary Finke Comes Aboard!

Hey Ram

Scott Fullam told me about your site a few years ago but I didn't have a computer then. Great site!!! Please post my e mail address.

Gary Finke EE-30 1986-1989


KP Note: Gary! I remember you very well. I'm pretty sure we exchanged many sigs on our qual cards when I was doing LD and you were doing RE. Are you in Alaska? 

A 3-Plant Story

How ya doing? Great web site. I would like to add a story.

I was on the pig from March 1990 until October 1997 so I had to endure the full yard period during the refueling and complex overhaul. I originally worked in RM-11 but every once in a while, especially after the 3 plant high airborne fiasco, was sent over there to help out. One of these times the yard birds were in the process of relagging the whole plant but as we know testing waits for no man. Then MM1 Mike D_lton, now MMCM, and I were tasked with performing a PZR venting evolution. For those of you who have never done this, it's kind of scary. 600 degree water and 2500 + pounds of pressure shaking the whole damn plant as it leaves / turns from steam into water. Anyway we start moving water, the whole place is shaking, dust/lagging/etc. is flying off the pipes, yard birds working everywhere oblivious to what we are doing, etc. In the process I smell something burning and ask Mike if we should stop and as usual he says to fuck it. The next thing we know some yard bird is screaming like hell running out of the bilge with the back of his coveralls on fire. Apparently he was sitting on the wrong pipe at the wrong time. Mike and I almost shit ourselves we were laughing so hard. Same situation later on in one plant where they called away a fire in disbursing. Apparently that length of pipe never was relagged and some SK thought it would be a great storage area for paper.

We had an arsonist while in the yards and were constantly putting out fires everywhere including in engineering spaces. I would of liked to get a hold of that bastard. Some dopey book names (which I still have one of) which come to mind include 8-ball, stovetop the ultimate redneck, the fossil, rainbow warrior, LO chips, the bandit, ghostrider, elgore, etc.) 

Talk to you later, Frank.

Barracks 604

When I reported to NPS Bainbridge in mid 1973, I was assigned to the barracks at the end of the grinder. I don't remember if it had a number, but it was commonly referred to as the "Nuke Hilton". It was a fairly modern brick building but the rules were pretty anal. My room mate was none other than the infamous ET3 Bob Brock. Generally speaking, I was not a happy camper.

That first weekend I was over at the "Fiddlers Green" shooting the shit with a tableload of dudes I knew from MM "A" school. I somehow ran into EM3 Bob Atkinson who was from Richmond, Virginia and had gone to Sacred Heart Elementary School at the same time as me. (Though we didn't know each other.) Bob was in the class immediately ahead of 7401 and lived in Barracks 604. His roommie had just flunked out and Bob was looking for new companionship. We picked up a six pack of Schlitz and went over to the barracks so I could check it out. The barracks were within easy staggering distance from Fiddlers Green. Physically, the place was a rats nest, but there were no room inspections, we were openly drinking beer in the spacious 2 man room, you could do pretty much as you pleased. Next day I checked out of the Nuke Hilton and moved in with Bob. My good friend from "A" school, Barry Colebank also lived in Barracks 604 as did my future Enterprise buds Ron Ogan, Steve "Willy" Wilson, Burt Page and "Paulie" Stock.

Our room was on the second floor on the back side of the building. We had the last room on the hallway and were next to a door that went outside. We soon had a black light and posters to go with it. I had my stereo set up and we were starting a beer can pulltop collection which eventually went around the room. Life was good.

One night Barry and I came back after being over served at Fiddlers Green. We went to the second floor head to take a piss before going to bed. This was a weekend and the head was a total mess! I began complaining to Barry that people would leave the head in this condition. After I had taken a leak I went to the gear locker and found two 1 gallon plastic jugs of industrial strength ammonia. I poured the entire contents of the jugs on the floor telling Barry that that would fix the situation. We both then went to our rooms and turned in.

I had just settled in when I heard commotion out in the hallway. Soon there was a loud banging on my door. I groggily told whoever it was to go the f**k away. Barry's voice yells through the door, "Open up now, O'Neill!" I climbed out of bed and opened the door to see Barry standing there in his skivvies. He said, "The Command Duty Officer is here and he's PISSED!" I looked down the hall and there were a number of people staggering around and coughing. Some had blankets over their heads and were walking into walls. I put on a T shirt and followed Barry down to the head. The CDO was there and Barry was right, the guy WAS pissed! We each found a mop and started mopping up the ammonia all the while saying shit like, "Gee, who would do something like this? What a bunch of irresponsible assholes." When we were done, the CDO thanked us and said that he wished more people were responsible like us. We had dodged a very big bullet.

Barracks 604 closed a short time before we graduated. I had duty on one of the very last nights that the barracks were open. I stood the 00 to 04 Barracks 604 Fire and Security Watch. In my boredom, I noticed a lot of flies. I took the watch log book and held it open in my hands. Soon a fly landed on the book and I slammed it shut. I had smashed the fly in between 2 pages. I repeated this over and over for the rest of the watch in an attempt to squash one fly in between each and every page. I think I came pretty close.

A little over a year later I was having a few cold ones in some titty bar in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong. Somebody at our table told a story of being on watch in NPS and finding a fly smashed between each page of the log book. I busted up because the guy didn't know it was me.



Shipmate Asking for Advice:

Hello, my name is Nicholas D. I am currently an ET3, waiting results of the ET2 test. I have been in for nearly 3 years now, and eagerly await my 6 year point. I have been told by many, but proven by few, that ex-nukes can get good jobs. If you can forward me some good resources or point me in the right direction, that would be excellent. Also, do you have any recommendations for quals to get done before I get out. should I try to get ERS done? I have ESWS done and am almost finished with EAWS. I have been on the big E for almost a year now. should I reup for the two years and try to make ET1? Would that really help?


KP Note: First of all, welcome back from your 'sorta' Westpac. I'm probably not the guy to ask these type of questions to because I'm not really in an engineering profession at the moment. Hundreds of KP Site readers are, and I'm sure they'll have good insights for you. There are also many senior enlisted folks here (and on Crit Thinking) and they are full of good advice. (They won't bullshit you in other words.)  I recommend you join Crit Think and this will give you a better one-on-one rapid response to these type of questions. Those wishing to address this topic in general can do so on the KP site and I'll post it. 

Hey, tell us about your recent cruise! 

Some Great Photos from Bill Hilow!

Hi Bill,

The new Album looks cool. Sounds pretty good too. I have been meaning to scan and get these pics to you for years. I have dozens more of the guys. Briefly: 1) Which Swgr was this pic taken? 2) Remember Martin? Forgot the other dude. Think he was new. 3) Dennis Hrdina and Me. 4) Kevin Kidder, Schlegel, and some nub from Power Shop 5) Scotty Fulham and Hrdina Thailand.

Hope you can use them.

Wishing you and the Family the best of the seasons.

Bill Hilow former EM1 CVN 65 eng. Dept. 86-91 SF CA


KP Note: Great to hear from you again, Bill. Thanks for the photos. What a blast from the past! Of course I'd know 7&8SWGR anywhere, though I never stood watch there. Too many EE30 pukes hanging around:). 

That was S. Kirpatrick with RJ. Too bad RJ has his hand curled like he does. Otherwise you guys could have seen his infamous giant "Texas" size-Texas ring.

Can't forget old Dennis H. and neither can my poor sister, as he puked all over her living room one night. Did I ever tell that story on this site? If not, I'd rather not recall it. 

I'm not sure what Kidder and the other's are doing dressed like that in a place like Thailand. (actually, never mind.) Kidder was a great pal of mine and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned some of our hi-jinks on this site.  I have no idea where he is these days. I also remember those liberty boats in Thailand. You had to jump off in a few feet of water and wade ashore (and vise-versa getting back on). I recall this was compounded by having to carry a semi-conscious shipmate onto the boat one night.   

Speaking of renown E-Div'rs, the other night I was thinking of Scottie Crowe. Back in 'the day' he taught me dozens of Ted Nugent songs. A few weeks ago the P'Mooj was doing a show and a fan (I say that with confidence because she bought a CD and T-shirt) asked us to play Stranglehold. My bass player said he probably hadn't played that song in 30 years but that he could fake it, if need be. I remembered learning it from Crowe and so I said, I, too, could fake it so we'd work it into one of our Mondo Mooj jams. So we did. I noticed the 'fan' wasn't paying attention while we were doing the song. I kept calling at her over the mic trying to get her attention. She was too busy being drunk I guess. After a few more songs she came up and asked us, "Hey, when you gonna play Stranglehold?"  

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that a few nights ago we were doing a show at Alice Cooper's place. (Notice how I name drop now.) It was the night before the big Barbara Streisand show in Phoenix. Most of her crew came over after setting up the stage and totally dug us. Her head roadie even bought our CD and asked for our drummer's drum sticks (not sure why). He promised to play the CD where Barbara would have to hear it in the background somewhere. Hey, maybe she'll become Moojified!!!


I saw that Alyssa Ng__en signed on the site on page 41 and you said welcome to a new female sailor. Alyssa Ng__en is actually the Woman living inside of a Dude. No seriously, it’s a dude with a woman living inside of him. Thought you should know. I’m sure you’ve already gotten plenty of emails about this, though.  


KP Note: Huh? No, this is the only email I've gotten about it. I have no idea what this guy is telling me. Can someone (in private) email me and tell me what I should know.


Okay, Bros, the second book of The Enlightenment is ready and uploaded for your editing help. If you spot typos, let me know. This goes for Part One as well. Some of these PDFs are large due to graphics...beware.

Find these thrilling 'new and improved' newsletters in the Mooj Archives

I'd like to get these books published now. If you have a publishing agent you trust (or know of) let me know. Part Three and Part Four are almost done. I'd like to get them printed in a bound book (like the National Lampoon parodies) but I'm too cheap to spend my own money. 

Hey, Someday I could be rich and famous and then you could all be in my entourage!!!!!



Advice for Post Navy Life ..,

KP, This is Joe B from Ike. I got out after my initial 6 in 1990 and took a job with the power company as an operator at a coal-fired power plant. I could easily have gotten a job at a nuke plant, but I basically avoided them for two reasons. For one thing, the nuke plants in Va (where I'm from and wanted to stay) are located in rural areas, and I like to be in or near the city. The other reason had to do with wanting to avoid the highly uptight culture that is prevalent in the nuclear power industry. I'm in an office job now doing electrical engineering (more or less) work even though I never did get a degree. I would have more doors open to me if I had a degree. My advice to Nicolas D is don't stay in the Navy two more years just to make ET1. You've already seen enough of the Navy to make an informed decision whether you want to make it your career. If you don't want to make it a career then I would say to get out after 6. If you are interested in pursuing work in an engineering field after the Navy then you should get an engineering degree. You have enough time before your 6 is up to start putting money aside. When you get out you can take the money you've saved and apply for whatever loans and grants you can get. If you have to work part-time while you're a student then do that. Get a BS degree in the engineering discipline of your choice (probably electrical, electronics or nuclear?). Then go get a job serving in an engineering capacity. Work for a couple of years and then go back to school online or evenings or whatever and pursue a masters degree either in engineering or you could go for the MBA. In other words, do what I should have done but didn't because I was too lame and lazy or didn't believe in myself enough or whatever excuse you care to insert. Good luck. 


Joe Charette Comes Aboard ...

Wow KP!! It has taken me an entire week to read through all the sea stories! Very Cool Site, and hats off for hosting.

ET2 Joe Charette RC23 89-93

I vaguely remember you as a short-timer when I arrived on the E with a huge crowd of others prior to the 89-90 cruise, but many are the names of other shipmates that I have gotten hammered with scattered through the stories!!

I saw the question, and as far as I know, the Enterprise was called the Big-E… the Pig E then became too easy a step, and shortened to the Pig for those of us lucky enough to have sailed her.

Let me throw out a couple other names of the guilty to see if we can round them up and get them to acknowledge their presence, along with some story starters.

Dave Raithel’s name on the email list got me to your site. I saw it linked on wikipedia while searching for Enterprise trivia for people I work with.

Culp and Seery, two 3 plant RC divers that were always up to no good as far as I could tell, but were fuckin hilarious to stand LRPT for.

Kevin Vanderaa was LPO of RC23 when I reported in, I think Flange was our Chief.

A whole crew of us from Idaho all arrived on station at the same time, James Henninger, Curt McCaffrey, Pete (Otis) Smith and others.

John Mulvaney and I met the Ice Princess in Singapore

I spent Christmas day 1989 in Singapore grotesquely hung over on duty standing CPAW in 3RARLL. It felt about 150 degrees, I was bagged a whole watch, and I now can’t remember who bagged me. I do remember listening to the sound of a whiz-bang running in the bilge for 12hrs. (6hr port watches remember!)

Keith Baker and Hans Fairchild manning a chem shack while making parts for the ground pounder…

An unfortunate event in the parking lot with yellow poly and a little magenta!!

I saw Chief Witcher singed in, he was ET1 and my section advisor in A-School. “You can do that if you want to…..don’t know why you’d want to.”

Pat Hoban kept me from drowning in the crapper by holding the back of my shirt while I voided an excessive volume of alcohol consumed in Alameda prior to departure, and I don’t think I ever thanked him properly.

Neish was violent when you had to wake him up for watch, I used to poke him with a broom handle to keep from getting kicked or punched. (a second time)

The Applebees crew of the Overhaul!!

During the cruise, what was the name of the coop guy Vangasbeck maybe? And Ira?

Great to see all the names, I know lots more of the people who have posted, McMillan, Steele, Davis, and many others, great to hear you are all doing well.

Cluney, Scoggins, Arnauld, Wright, and many many others should be ashamed for helping me qualify anything, but anyway, proud to have served with all of you.

A watch officer during overhaul with a TGIDAY7 license plate. (lifer dude too)

A very cool WO who played Blackjack in AC on days off.

Anybody who remembers a story or addition to one of my starters, feel free to chime in.


Moojism On Parade


Just downloaded Part Two of The Enlightenment.  I was (am) a big fan of the Mooj stuff you wrote years ago. I have to say I never laughed so hard in my life. I know the original storyline and see that you kept it, while changing the characters. I can't wait for Part Three.

Steve-O- (Mooj Head, forever!)


KP Note: Thanks, Steve. I wish I still had Mooj T-shirts available. Well, actually I do (Psychedelic Mooj T-shirts that is). Send me your snail mail address and size and I'll send you one. I really enjoyed refining and expanding on this era of Moojism. Sadly, hardly anyone is downloading the 'free' book. If nothing else, check out the kielbasa artwork. I worked really hard on that;)

Nathan Hughes Comes Aboard ...

My name is Nathan Hughes and I served in RM-22 from 1997-2001. Could you please list me under



Dave Way Comes Aboard ...

Dave Way, RL-DIV 1993-1997.

I have a few stories to tell but i am waiting on the statute of limitations to expire. keep up the good work and thanx for this site. 

Thanx, dave


Dave Vernier Checks Back In ...


Rusty Maxwell's memory is correct on the Fwd Group Sup. turnaround. He turned it over to Mark Ohrstom who turned it over to me. Ricky Kuhn replaced Dave Hoffman as Aft Group Sup. then Jerry Wheeler. EMC Whitsett had just become the new Division Chief and I was the 4-plant LPO when MMC Bush wrote up EM2 Lee Schaaf for not clearing a tagout properly on the Rx fill pump. You know we always did our maintenance properly and quickly in 4-Plt. Anyway, Chief Bush had just bought a very nice 30 cup stainless steel coffee pot in Olongapo and needed it electrically safety checked before he could use it. When I showed up for my next watch I made sure I had my wire cutters for the safety check. I think the mechanics had Chief's berthing on speed dial because I did not make it out of the RAR with the coffee pot (minus the cord plug) before Chief Bush & Chief Whitsett came running down the stairs. I let Whitsett do all the talking (negotiating) and before the next morning , Chief Bush was brewing coffee in his new coffee pot, Lee Schaaf was no longer wrote up and I was the new Fwd Group Sup. and a marked man. 

Dave Vernier 83-87


KP Note: It is always great to hear from you, Dave. I remember nothing was better than seeing you come down early to inspect 4SWGR during that dreaded '87 SRA so we could get out of there (sometimes as early as 9AM). The poor aft groupers usually couldn't find Wheels until noon, and he never let them go without another hour or two of busy-work.

Don Rogers changes Email Addy:

Could you please change my email address to I served aboard the Big E during the refueling from 1992-1994.

Thank you,

Don Rodgers


Mike Donithan Comes Aboard ...


Just found your site from a referral from another Enterprise alum and I'd like to be added to your contact list, please.

Mike Donithan, RL Div, 1987-89,

Thanks, Mike


Mark Wadusky Comes Aboard ...

I would like to be added to the list of former REA division personnel. I served onboard from 2000-2004 in RC-22, then moved to Reactor Training (RT) and finally to RC-23. The email I would prefer to use is


V/r ET1(SW) Mark S. Wadusky



Dear King Paul, All my life I've loved sailors. My dad served on the LSD Ashland after he enlisted at 17. As an only child he could have easily avoided the draft, but chose to serve his country. He had to talk me out of enlisting when I turned 18. My husband served on the Constellation(2 yrs) and the Enterprise(4yrs) and now, for his 50th birthday, I'd like to find something special for him, and if possible, something special for my dad's 80th birthday, too. They would both like to find jackets that have the tours their ships took while they served embroidered on the back. My husband says he's seen such a jacket in the past - a black satin jacket with a 'map' on the back, but I can't seem to find one anywhere. My dad wants the USS Ashland 1944 cruise and my husband, 1978 westpac. PLEASE DON'T POST THIS IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO DIRECT ME - If not, do whatever you can. Merry Christmas! 

Thanks in advance 

KP Note: Can someone help this damsel find the gear she needs? I deleted her email address so just send info to me and I'll post it here. I recommend eBay, look under cruise jacket or ship's jacket. The best source for these kind of jackets was Olongapo but I'm sure all those tailor shops are closed down by now. I bought a 'cruise jacket' in '86 or '88 and gave it to my sister. I think she still has it.


David Raithel Comes Aboard ...

I was just catching up on the web site and ran across a lot more of the stories from my era on the Big "E" Oct.1989-Nov.1996. I saw one story about Skeletor, who I thought was CDR Morin aka. "Moron". I have lost touch with al ot of good friends since leaving the "Pig" and would like to get back in touch with them and hopefully this helps me. Unlike a lot of the guys from those days, I am still in the Navy and still enjoy it for the most part. Ewwwwww...did I really say that? I have recently got back in touch with Joe Charette, Frank Trapp and Tim O'Grady, but would like to get in touch with the following: Todd Hayward (RM-23), Scott Christina (RM-23), Rick Beard (RM-11), Dino Murabito (RM-11), Brian Baliko (RM-11), Jeff Johnson (RC-11), Chris Nelson (RC-11) and I'm sure there are others who I knew over my 6 years 11 months and 13 days on the "Pig". Please feel free to e-mail me at

I am currently at "A" School, made chief, got married after 36 years of bachelorism and still love to get out on the lake or in the woods fishing and hunting. I'll get back with some of the good old days sea stories with Jesse "3 Charlie" Adams, the "Iguana", the PI, the 89 World cruise with the XO passed out on the curb and all of the pictures posted around the whole boat when we pulled out of PI (CDR Naughton) and a host of others. Keep the site going fellas. 

Dave Raithel.....Delta Chi name - "Raw-Hell" aka...Kilgore (dopey book)


Mike Powell Checks Back In ...


Thought I would send this out to have you change my email address in the directory. I had to change it over to If you can change it over, I appreciate it.

I have been reading all the stories in the website, and I have to admit, I am getting scared to death. I am starting to remember some of the stuff that went on during my "trial of duty". I saw that picture of RJ and that scared me half to death. I remember shacking up with RJ and his mom in Newport News when we got back from the 89-90 World Cruise. I think I remember the fact that he showed me that damn Texas ring more than once. I also have this vivid image of running over one of RJ's mom's poodles in the driveway and having to bury her in the back yard. And for anyone that thinks that shacking up with the RJ's was are probably right, but I was young, dumb, and fool of stupidity. But at least I ended up getting a new vehicle out of it, with the help of Momma.

I don't have many souvenirs of the GPH, but I did find one of those lovely blue helmets that we were required to wear around the shipyard. I think mine was cracked when an acorn fell on it as I was leaving the parking lot to go on shift one night. I still have some of the "glasses" they provided us too. They make for some great costume extras for Halloween.

As far as RE02 is concerned, Fisher probably still wishes he could have kicked my butt for some of the stupid stuff I used to say to him. And that goes double for Spike. And I also remember trying to get into the RE Office late at night to study (go figure) and listen to the Boston tape that was in the office. I have no idea about anything else, but if more pictures are posted, the memories may come back.

Just to let everyone know (if you care at all), I am sitting here under ground in a Civil Defense bunker that was constructed in the mid 70's. I am surrounded by radios, telephones, and asbestos lagging and tiles, which that in itself brings me back to the days standing watch in the EOS or the Switchgears. If anyone wants to shoot the bull, I am usually logged on to Yahoo Messenger as huck911 between midnight and 8AM EST. I am the nightmare of the shift, and also the shift supervisor, but I am not doing the nuke thing anymore, but dispatching 9-1-1 calls for all fire, medical, and law enforcement problems in Allegany County, Maryland. So, if you're up and bored, give me a buzz, or just throw out a shout.

Thanks for everything in advance.

Mike Powell RE02 1989-1993

KP Note: Huck! Great to hear from you again. WTF? You lived with RJ and his mom? How come I didn't know that. (I guess I was gone before I could warn about the mysterious goings-on type of things that no one talked about.) Actually you probably know more than any of us. I knew RJ pretty much from A-School and recall that wherever RJ was (GLAKES, Orlando, Alameda) his mom was to. She was often at RE Div parties I recall. She was a riot. Sometime in the mid 80s RJ and his mom had this other guy as a roommate (Can't remember his name; I don't even think he was a nuke). It was one of those "The less I know about this the better" type things. One of these days I want to write a book about RJ, as he was one of my favorite characters on The Big E.   

SEE THE P'MOOJ LIVE (From the comfort of your own home--If you have High Speed Internet)

The P'Mooj was in town (because we live here) and did a show at the World Famous Trax outdoor arena. Some kind person bootlegged a few songs with a cell phone camera and put them on YouTube for us. How nifty! Here they are in no particular order:

Who's Gonna Love Ya (I'm singing out of tune)

Knockin' (I forget all the lyrics and make stuff up)

Steal My Heart (12 friggen minutes worth, no idea where I am or what I'm doing)

Bot, Bot, Bot (my guitar is too loud)

Bot, Bot Bot (from an earlier show) 

Speaking of P'Mooj!

Get your tickets early!


Jackets for the "Damsel in Distress"


Did some checking. Found several supply/order houses that may assist the "Damsel in Distress."

Happy New Year to all!

from Jules J. LaMontagne, ET1, 74 West Pac, 3 Plant and RT Div.


Kid Pillow Checks Back In


I was checking out your youtube and the Mooj band - very impressive, but what's up with using the name "Bill"? If anything it should be King Paul. As a favor, can you post one of your cartoons from the dopey book? - it should be required reading during boot camp or nuke school. Hey the story from Dave Vernier (good guy) was enjoyable - anything about Chief Bush is good reading. Once Bush made Buric drive back from a camping trip in Mendocino (3 hours away) just for a hair cut inspection. Bush inspected Buric's hair on Thursday morning we left to camp with our girl friends, but prior to leaving Bush said he wanted to re-inspect on Saturday (just to mess with him). I told Buric to tell him to cram it, but Johnny B being a good sailor drives back 3 hours to the ship, Bush inspects for 2 minutes and then said he was free to go. Bush was a dick. Only in the Navy could a guy like that survive.

I get over to Phoenix several times a year I'll try and call and see if you are around. Maybe you could show me the "Blues" I have an acoustic. minor 7's

Gil Miltenberger (aka Kid Pillow)


KP Note: Hey, KP (the other KP). I recall how everyone got us confused because we both signed our Dopeybook slams as "KP." And then poor Paul Smith would also get backsplash because people thought he was King Paul. Too funny.  I actually have both 87 and 88 Dopeybooks online at

I scanned them (pretty crudely) in 1999. All the good stuff is there, including your infamous "Rump Ranger" cartoons. Next time you're in Phoenix we'll sit down and go through the Dopeybooks again. 

Now that John Buric is a big time lawyer (and I hope has political aspirations) he can look up Chief Bush and give him the biz. 

Gary Finke Returns ...

Yes I'm in Alaska now, There wasn't enough cold and " SNOW " in Minnesota for me anymore! But I wanted to comment about Bill Hillow's pictures that he sent in. Even though I was a EE 30 puke the SWGR that Bill is in is 2&3!!! Not 7&8 as you stated, since there is no 7&8 SWGR. And 5&6 SWGR was where EE 30's shop was. Keep up the good work on the site, I check in frequently!!

Gary Finke EE 30 86-89


KP Note: yep, I meant 5&6; not sure where the 7&8 came from. I'm surprised all you other Load Toads let that one slip by! What do you do in Alaska? I sometimes dream about driving to Alaska along the old scenic Alaskan Highway. 

Mooj O' Rama

KP, loved your Youtube and Google videos. I can tell you really have no idea what you're singing about out there. Even when you sing the right lyrics you transpose them or get them backwards. When can we get Psychedelic Mooj T-shirts? I just bought your CD and loved it.  Is Bot, Bot, Bot a dirty song? What exactly are you trying to show that you got?

Tom U.


KP Note: Hmmm. Since this guy bought a CD I'll let his comments about me not remembering lyrics slide:) I admit I refuse to memorize anything that might take the space of my mind reserved for important scientific formulae (that will make me money).  

I have no idea when T-shirts will be added to our official site. It should be very soon. We sell lots of them at our shows since no one has figured out how to download them for free yet.    

I had little to do with Bot Bot Bot. In fact I'm not even on the studio version of the song available for free download because it was moving day and Mrs. KP wasn't in the mood to hear how I needed to stay late at a recording studio instead of helping her unload stuff. (This was the same day we recorded Lonesome Hound for the Buddy Blue Tribute Album). My band mate Richard Chavez wrote the song about search engines (he does that type of stuff for a living). I have no idea what a Bot is. People love the song; and, as far as I know it's the only song about search engines ever written. I like doing the song live (because I can use excessive whaa whaa pedal).  

Rob Shane Checks Back In ...

KP, Catching up tonight and saw Bill Hilow's pictures. I knew it wasn't 7&8 (come on, who sat on your LD board?) and figured 2&3. Ah the good ol' days. 2&3 sucked because no one EVER came in there, especially late or overnight. You had to load up on coffee or tea to keep from passing out hard. As I recall, there was a quart+ pitcher sitting behind the a/c unit because the funnel was too low to the deck and the rover didn't want to relieve you there either! I think that was where someone snuck down the escape hatch and made ghost sounds to the "delight" of Zippy.

Concur with Joe B's notes to Nicholas D about life after the Navy. If you have an idea of your direction, save up your money, go to school and go for it. Look at Dr. Craig, who was our EE30 bud. Me, I still didn't know what the heck I wanted to do, took a crappy maintenance job in Oakland for a couple of weeks while seeking other things and have been working at the same place for 16.5 years. Started as a computer tech covering northern CA and now am a manager living in Texas. I know KP remembers Tim Br__n from RE Div in our days; he's a salesman for my company in Orlando. Another nuke, tuber ET is a manager here in TX, he also started as a tech in Florida.

Opportunities abound for smart people who are willing to work hard; degrees are not necessarily required, but do help open doors. Work hard, maximize your experiences, don't lie to your interviewers!


ps: I was looking for something a week or so ago and found the reenlistment bonus charts for various deals and think i saw that the nuke bonus could be as much as 75K. Is that right? For a single guy, that might be worth an extra two years to stash for college. Seems like most of the Star-babies in the 80s had new Cameros and were always broke.


Time to Ramble On ....

Venture forth, my brothers, to Page 49 


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