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Letters, Random Memories and Assorted Sea Stories (Cont.)

For What It's Worth

Here's a peek back in time to the 1 February 1990 POD.  I found it wedged between the pages of my cruisebook (click to enlarge).  Enjoy:

rx-POD-side1.jpg (127473 bytes) rx-POD-side2.jpg (133665 bytes)

Remember The CREE!

Hey, Great web site! I served in E Div from Nov '77 to Nov '79. I worked in Lighting Shop and Power Shop and stood switchgear watches in the plant (most of the time in 2&3 SWGR). I don't know if it's still done this way, but in those days we were so short of qualified switchgear watchstanders that even us non-Nuc EM's stood watches in the plant. At that time I had already been qualified on two previous ships (Diesel and Conventional Steam pants) and had no problems with re-quals, but I recall several guys fresh from "A" school, who had to qualify for the first time, had real problems qualifying to Nuc standards. I have my own stories about the "haunted SWGR." One of the favorite gags to pull on newbys was to cycle the spare breakers by remote. The sound of those massive contacts slamming shut was enough to cause even the bravest heart to miss a beat. Does anybody out there know about the time the Big E bombed one of our own ships? During reftra off San Diego in early '78, one of our A7 squadrons dropped live ordnance on the USS CREE. The CREE had been towing a target (an old yard oiler) for bombing practice. The target had been hit and sunk by another squadron (I think from the Ranger), but the word never got to our A7's. When the aircraft showed up over the target area they mistook the CREE for the target and dropped three 500 lb bombs. One missed to starboard and failed to detonate. The second bomb missed to port, detonated and damaged the CREE's keel. The third 500 pounder was dropped just as the warning went out to the aircraft to "break off". It hit the CREE near the foc'sle, penetrated two decks, came to rest in a passageway, AND FAILED TO DETONATE!! I guess somebody on that tug had connections with the almighty. After the incident I heard that when we sent our EOD team over to defuse the live ordnance, they came back requesting an armed escort. Those sailors on the CREE were PISSED OFF! Gee, I wonder why? The result of all this was an extension to our at-sea period while an investigation took place. It seems the Navy didn't want any of our guys to get back to port and let the story out. It didn't make any difference though. The San Diego papers got wind of it right away and in a matter of days it we were seeing the story on the TV news. The investigation concluded that the "incident" was the result of human error on the part of the pilot's involved. I never heard what happened to them, but I do know that the Aviation Ordnanceman that armed the bombs before launch was written up because two of his three bombs didn’t go off! There were no casualties thank God, but the CREE had to go into the yards for extensive repairs and as a result was not available to relieve the USS UTE on westpac. Needless to say, when the ENTERPRISE arrived in Subic several weeks later, there were a number of incidents in the clubs between ENTERPRISE and UTE sailors. I have lots more stories to share, but I'll have to share those later. Now that I've found this sight, I'll be back again soon. Thanks again!

Jim Wood
Electrician's Mate
USS Enterprise


In my time both nukes and conventionals stood SWGR watches.  The only exception being 2&3 or 5&6 SWGR; those "double SWGRs" could only be manned by EE30.  Most of the guys standing 4 SWGR when I was the 4 Plant RE were from the power shop and I was good friends with all of them.  

I actually found pictures of the USS Cree after it was bombed by The Big E on the Web.  Here's the link:      

A Great Idea!


This is KD Higgins, RM3, '71 - '75. Instead of tying up your email with a bunch of pictures I started a photo page. This way you can pick or chose (or reject). I think you can link to it and it's public. You just have to go to Tools to register so that you (or anyone interested) can add or subtract pics. Address is  I have just begun to dig through old pics and found a few of interest. Over the years I have ditched most of the ones that would be of any liability. You can see I hung out with mostly 3 plant but I do remember getting around with a few from the other plants. I can envision some faces from 1 & 4 plants. The memory of names is pretty much long gone.

You site does jog and stir some old memories seeing some of the familiar names on the alumni list. It's a good thing your doin'. Hope you can sustain it.



Welcome To Another Old 4-Planter

…… I'm Tim Van Blaricom and was in EM-14 from 1987 to 1991. It's been a few months since I found your website and have spent many a "balls to four watch" (more on that later) laughing my ass off at some of the great stories on your site. I've never been able to get "power" out of my head. When I got out, I went back to Idaho, poked around IF for a couple days, had the great dishonor of staying with MM1 "dickhead" (former 4 plant MM2, EWS) for a day, and decided I wanted to get as far away from nuke power as I could so I went to work for Idaho Power as a hydro station operator. What a Navy Nuke dream, so simple I cried. I now work as the one of the control room managers at the one of the major electric transmission grid operators. 1/3 of my shift is ex nukes, unfortunately none from the Pig though. I check this web site every couple weeks or so on the graveyard when it's boring and everybody comes by wondering why I'm laughing so hard at 3am! Usually we end up telling assorted sea stories, normally I end up horrifying the rest of the shift. I remember well the great ORSE purge of '88, what a crock of shit! Threw all our tools and stowage overboard and then had to explain why we couldn't fix anything! Duh! I also remember a certain MMFA in M-div berthing who's goal was to have as many PI honeys as he could during WC '89-'90. Finally his duty day arrived and we were all graciously entertained by his stories of his 21 'accomplishments'. We all tried to tell him how dangerous his endeavors where but he knew the women and that wasn't going to happen to him. He ended up with the clap AND syphilis. Heh, heh!

Great site, thanks for making it happen. I never really imagined I'd ever see a 'nub' book again, what a nice surprise.

Tim Van Blaricom
P.S. Otto SUX!!!!


Hey Tim, I remember you well.  We stood many a watch together.  (However, since it was so hot and noisy down there in the MMR I hardly ever came down unless I was on a log tour or fixing something.) I didn't realize you engineering types were also affected by the "great purge of ORSE 88."  I guess everyone got screwed on that one. 


A Testimonial!

Every few days I get an email from someone asking me what a "Mooj" is (since it's the parent URL of this web site).  It has been a closely guarded secret for nearly 4 years but I guess since you guys have been found to be trustworthy by Uncle Sam I guess I can trust you too.  Click here for the inside scoop.  Anyway, a frequent visitor to this Big E nuke site learned of my secret and sent me the following testimonial.  I share it with all of you in hopes that you, too, will accept and spread Moojism:

... put a pic at Hig's site (Kenny Higgins) and am spreading the word but am really writing to say that I have just spent the last few hours cruisin' the Mooj site ;) hahahaha --- what a trip !!!! ;) you are nutz my man ;) thank you very much for making me laugh ... that's just what I need right now. I actually belong to a insight (vipassanâ) meditation group and have been hooked on Zen since my daze in the far east. I'm tempted to pass yer URL on to a some folks there but ...don't know that they could handle it. One guy for sure would get it ... he uses humor and satire a lot to give folks a smack now and then when they begin to get too serious. I may send it to him. I applied to be a Mooj minion I'm gonna go d/l all the newz letters so I can read them this winter....

Those of you who know me, know I love to pull off harmless (yet hard-hitting) gags.  The Mooj Site has been one of my most successful jokes ever.  Back when I started it I actually had my family and friends convinced that I was a devotee of this guy and was sending him lots of money.  They were horrified when they looked over "his" website and then did everything they could to try and convince me that he was a crook and that I shouldn't send him anything.  When they found out it was really me they loved it.  


Another 3-Planter

Hey - how's it going. Thought I'd give you another name for the list. I was in RM23 from 89-91 then worked for the RMTA from 91-93.
Great site!! 

George Vergos


Finally, Someone From E-3!

My name is Mike Cagle
EM2 worked in E-3 div 1985-89 
Load Dispatcher

Hey Mike, I remember you!  Our paths crossed many a time.  (You were usually working and I was usually loafing.)  Believe it or not I haven't found anyone from E-3 (EE30) on this site yet.  Some of my best EM friends (from A school and nuke school) wound up in EE30 and I'd love to find them again, as well as the others.  Pass the word on to anyone you still keep in contact with from your EE30 days!  Also, send in some stories! 



More EE30 Visits To The Site!

Mike Cagle came through and sent this site to two old EE30 buddies:

.... Mike Cagle sent me your link, great work!!  Just to remember Zippy the Pinhead brings tears to a guy.  Anyway feel free to list me:

 Scott Fullam EE-30, 1985-1992
Again great job!!!!

Hey,  Great site you've got there. Go ahead an add me to your list. 

Ken May 
E3 (1985-1990) 


Both Scott and Ken were great guys!  I stood many a "load dispatcher" proficiency watch with these guys sitting by my side.  (In other words, they knew better than to let me sit the watch all by myself.)  Do you guys still keep in touch with Kidder and VW?  I've been trying to find those two jokers for years.  Send in some stories! 



One of My RE Ancestors Has Found The Site!

Glenn Faus
IC-1(SS) RE Division Supervisor Plants 1 & 4 1965-1968

I never met you Glenn but nearly 20 years after you departed the Big E, I inherited your material history logs (when I assumed RE Fwd Group Supervisor).  I can neither confirm nor deny that they were in good shape.  



No stories yet, just vague memories from Ken May:

Between the Big E being in the news lately and reading the sea stories on this site, memories long buried are slowing coming to the surface again. I was in EE-30 from 85-90. I left just before the move from Norfolk. I didn't exactly fit in with the "NAM-Questers" in E-3 or the EM1 that was sleeping with his best friend's wife (an EM2 that was also in EE-30), so the last year or two I moved around to other E-Div shops. My oldest daughter (12) finds it amazing that the Enterprise is "so old" that I could have served on it. I have no full stories yet, only vague memories. Here are a few:

  • #2 SFTG blowing apart.
  • GQ in Central Control. I was lucky enough to spend all 5 years at one station or another in Central. The best memory of this is when we had a real GQ during a "Steel Beach Picnic". A Russian "Bear" got too close to the Battle Group and we had to push all of the BBQ stuff overboard to launch the alert fighters. I think we set condition Zebra in record time that day. I remember sitting at the Load Dispatcher desk in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.
  • I recall some images from PI. Something about lots of beer, a bus ride to Manila and a hotel. I don't think I'll ever remember the details.
  • Bill Shaut getting mad because my rack light kept him awake. God, we loved to torment that guy.
  • The EE30 lounge in 4 Diesel Switchgear (my home away from home). After stopping in PI, it turned into a stereo showroom.

As details are uncovered, I'll post complete stories.



Glenn F Sends A Story!

It's been so long that I don't even remember what a material history log is!!

Here is a story:

Sitting on watch in #1 switchgear and suddenly noted that the ring bus was set up wrong. It was in the classic "lose one sstg and lose em all configuration". Well suddenly, the ring bus lit up like a Christmas tree and the only sstg on line was one of #1's. I ran into the EOS and told the WO the situation and he ordered me to the lower flats to keep the Feed Booster Pumps on line... 3 of them ... and I only had two hands. Every time one would trip, I did a shifto-chango... Anyway after the dust settled I was back in the EOS and WO Lardener said that I would get a Captain's Commendation for my actions...That was pretty neat till the next day when I was doing PM's on the B-side Reactor Coolant Pumps and pulled the fuses to be able to megger the stators....WOOOPS, pulled the fuses on the A-side and poof, scrammed the only on-line reactor in #1. Walked into the EOS and said "I did it!"...The WO said YOU'RE EVEN....No commendation and a write-up in Hymies Badboy sheet.


My Old Buddy Jeff Moon Finds This Site!

Great sight. You can add me to the list . 
Jeff Moon, I was in RC 14 from 86-89.

This is just what I needed for some great laughs and memories!

Jeff, you make it sound like you don't remember me....!  We must have stood a thousand watches together and you were a co-conspirator in just about every evil deed we "cool club" guys perpetrated upon our fellow unsuspecting 4-planters.  If I'm not mistaken you were probably one of the ROs during that whole "mysterious telephone ringing" episode, too.  I hope to God you kept in touch will some of your fellow RC14 buds, like Spuds, Pfaff, Bellvile, Corn, Crete, etc.  I've been looking for these guys for years. 



Fresh Off the Big E!

Please add me to your nuke roster list for the big E

Frank McGuire, RM14 1994-2001


Welcome aboard to our most recent former Big E nuke!  Spread the word about this site to all your contemporaries; hopefully, we can get some stories about how good (or bad) things are these days down in the plants. 



Holiday Sea Story

Just thought I would drop a line or two for a new sea story for the gang. I just checked the sight and laughed some more. Had a note from Lyn Small, haven't seen him since about '68. Here goes with the story. The setting is New Year's Eve, Tonkin Gulf:

About Dec. 26 or 27 we did an unrep with supply ship and, of course, the conveyor line by the entrance of 4 Plant was under heavy recon. Low and behold here comes a big box of "Lemon-Lime Bugjuice," which rapidly entered #4.  A couple of the guys put all the dry ingredients into the small portable water tank (about 4000 gal.) and put it on recirc. New Years Eve, near the stroke of midnight, this tank just happens to go online throughout the ship at which time the assistant reactor officer, "Beno" (as in Be No damn liberty til moral improves) steps into a nice shower. Pow!!!! Best damn lemon-lime bugjuice of the cruise hits him in the sour old kisser. Needless to say he went ballistic and within 5 minutes the entire crew was up testing the bugjuice and laughing their asses off seeing "Beno" dripping in bugjuice. Beno raised hell about doing all kinds of things to everyone in the dept. until the two guilty guys came forward. Even though Capt. Hollaway thought it was a scream, he let Beno send them to mast on misappropriating gov. property. The Capt. was chuckling while Beno pushed the charges and he passed sentence, which was "14 days restriction to the ship commencing 72 hours after we leave port from our next port of call, PI of course. Have a good one. Keep it coming.

Dave English


A Visit From An Old Friend!

Through this website I have located many of my old Big E friends.  Hopefully, many others of you have done so also.  Last weekend The Goodman family came up to visit.  Before then I hadn't seen Roger since 1988!  Below is a picture of us "old salts".  


HME Remembers RE04's Salinity Nightmare

Hey KP, I was just paying my weekly regards & saw the story about GUH! My neck hurts from trying to hold in my laugh! Speaking of necks, remember Scottie's bullfrog imitation?

Oh, you said you didn't go down to LL that often in response to one of the m-divrs, but hey--remember all the time we used to spend with our heads in the bilge fucking with salinity cells?


No doubt about it, that salinity system sucked! I remember when "The Sloth" scammed us into making him the salinity PO if we took him off the watchbill.  The salinity system got worse and The Sloth became a pit monster!  Actually, he really did bust his ass and try and fix that slave and switching panel in 1AMR but that thing was so broke dick it was beyond repair.  I would assume that in the '91 overhaul that they yanked that piece of shit out and put in something that at least had transistors in it.  As always, great to hear from you HME!  Send in some more stories! 



NPS Bainbridge.....

I'm confused.  What exactly is "that" thing in the middle of the patch where the calculator should be?  Us nukes that went to NPS after 1973 have no idea what that "calculating device thing" is.  This patch is courtesy of KD Higgins (see Photos link).  Believe it or not I actually live very near to where the town of Bainbridge once stood.  Mysteriously, Bainbridge, MD has now disappeared off the face of the Earth.  (Go ahead, see if you can find it on a map!) 


What 7th Fleet Sailor Worth His Salt Didn’t Love Australia?

During the ’86 World Cruise/WestPac we were "borrowed" by the 3rd fleet for a month (or two) so that we could repeatedly cross "The Line of Death," and harass Khadafi following Operation El Dorado Canyon. I remember I was still living in E-Div berthing at the time and overheard some guy come down and say that he just heard a rumor that we were going to the Med through the Suez Canal. That sounded like absolute bullshit to everyone in the lounge and the guy was harassed for being an idiot.  We had just left Gonzo Station and were headed south; we were only a day away from crossing the line and scheduled to pull into Mombassa, Kenya a few days later. After Mombassa, we were scheduled to hit Diego Garcia and then Perth, Australia.

I couldn’t believe it when just a few minutes later I heard the familiar "now stand by for a message from the captain," bos'n whistle and then cap'n Spane came on the 1MC to tell us that we were going to the Med—through the Suez Canal! None of us cared about delaying wog day or missing the Kenya and Diego Garcia port calls—but losing Perth—now that hurt.

But King Neptune smiled on us and after doing our time in the Med we were scheduled to go to Perth once again. Once we were relieved in the Med we sailed at flank speed from the rock of Gibraltar to Australia. Morale was never higher! Not only were we finally going home but we were headed to Australia as well!

The night before we pulled into Perth, money changers came aboard and told us that Battle Group Foxtrot’s port visit was the biggest thing to happen to that area in years. On the first night in port the ship threw a party and over 40,000 girls showed up. Because of the stormy seas, liberty boat travel was severely restricted and only about 10,000 squids actually made it to the party. It was rumored that even the ugliest guy in the fleet left the party with at least 4 girls!

Even before we pulled into Perth dozens of boats came alongside to greet the ship and each boat was filled with dozens of beautiful girls—each one naked! I remember love hungry squids (myself included) running from sponson to sponson trying to catch view of these beautiful girls.

As luck would have it I had first day duty. This was a blessing because, as I mentioned before, hardly anyone got off the ship on the first day. The second day we got off with no problem and then couldn’t get back on because on the third day they secured all liberty boats due to the rough seas. We were literally stranded in Perth! (Those that had duty the second day got totally screwed—most didn’t get liberty at all.)  

We had a blast in Perth—never did we encounter friendlier people in the whole world. Cab rides were free and we never bought a drink anywhere we went—someone was always treating! And the girls—they were incredible! They followed us around everywhere we went.

I hit the beach with Dicko Hordyke, Lance Winters, "Blue Lou" Wingo, Randy Jestice, Mark Fritz and Rob "Guido" Gargano. One funny story that I remember during that port visit is about when one of our gang picked up on some local girl and invited her back to our hotel. She showed up while we were lounging about and enjoying a case of Emu beer. The girl became impatient with the guy and finally slipped him a note that asked him to get rid of us so that they could commence to do what she came up there to do in the first place. He flipped us all the "high sign" and asked us to disappear for an hour so that he could see what this girl had in mind. Before we left the room, however, Randy started a tape recorder and hid it under something near the bed. When we returned a short time later the girl was gone and we played back the tape—much to the surprise and displeasure of the guy. We couldn’t really hear anything other than the girl asking him to "hurry up" because she had to pay for parking and it was rather expensive.


Mr. 4.0

Back in my nub days there was one extremely squared away guy in RE Div named John "Happy" Han__n; this guy was about as 4.0 as any sailor could get. Before we pulled into Australia during the ’86 cruise we had this huge command inspection.  Most of my division, including myself, got stabbed with this multiple hour ordeal. Han__n, however, who seemed to be always blessed with great deals, was one of the few guys in RE that didn’t have to stand in the inspection. Since I was about as unsat as any guy could get I was given multiple hits when it was my turn to be inspected. When asked for my name and division I said that I was John Han__n from RE Div. (I have no idea why I would tell such a lie—but I did.) After the inspection I overhead another RE say that he, too, gave the name John Han__n when getting a bunch of hits.  Then another guy admitted to doing the same thing! In total poor John got about a dozen hits—and he wasn’t even in the inspection! I think our chief just laughed when he got the "memo" from the RO asking him why this John Han__n guy was such a dirtbag.

Han__n got back at me though. He was our TPO during most of the 86-87 SRA. I’m not sure how sleazy things were back then but they weren’t exactly kosher either. If memory serves me right John would make up his training records the day before MTT arrived. I can’t remember if we actually had tests—or training for that matter—but on paper we did and I was recorded as failing every quiz and test. The training auditor would always ask John, "Hey, who’s this Tuli guy? Doesn’t he ever study?"


A Small ORSE Problem 

The following story can be neither confirmed nor denied and should be treated for what it is—a faded memory that may not be true. 

Do you guys remember how ORSE always seemed to know who in your division was the biggest loser? They would undoubtedly ask to interview or observe that person perform a preventative maintenance spot check. Normally our guys—even the biggest of idiots—could get through these observed and graded evolutions without too many problems. But that was before "He" arrived; "He" was without a doubt the stupidest person to ever make it through nuke school. During the next ORSE we learned that the ORSE gods wanted to see this person perform a simple maintenance task. (Those bastards in RC Div probably tipped them off.) We had an emergency meeting in the division office and decided that we had no choice but do the unthinkable.  We got someone that looked like this guy and then made that person wear that guy’s dungarees and perform the spot check for him. Highly unethical, true, but entirely within reason given how incompetent this person really was.


More From Dicko

… I have been laughing my butt off at the stories on the site. You have got it pegged. The longer I am out, the less bad stuff I remember. I know for a fact that you and I talked about this when we were in. We would never forget the boredom and the morons but even those make me smile now. The one that really made me laugh was the "GUH" in two plant over the all stations amp. I remember more than once being called into EOS by a furious Watch Officer. They would have me isolate circuits while they made a long and GUH-inviting announcement. I'm sure you recall that the isolation box was on the other side of the desk from the WO so he never could actually see what I was doing. Usually I would frantically cycle spare and AMR switches while he made his GUH strewn announcement. I would always be just as upset as he was that we couldn't apprehend the evil-doer. "It wasn't in the RAR, the Engineroom, or Switchgear. Try it again sir!" Of course that attempt would fail as miserably as the first. It made them crazy.



Viva La France!

During the 1986 Westpac/World Cruise we hit two ports in the Med: Naples, Italy and Toulon, France. Both were unique and very different from the usual Pacific and Indian Ocean ports that we normally unleashed our wrath upon. Toulon was my favorite of the Med ports, even though I didn’t really do anything, go anywhere or see anything (and we spent two whole weeks there!) Yes, others may have ventured off to Paris, Morocco, or the beautiful Riviera but not me—all I did was party my ass off!

Back in those days I usually spent about $300 each port visit and had lots of souvenirs and mementos to bring home but not in Toulon, there I managed to blow twice as much and had absolutely nothing to show for it.

Toulon was actually a "working port," meaning that on weekdays "liberty" wasn’t called away until 4:00 in the afternoon (—who’s stupid idea was that?) And because we were in the 3rd Fleet—the "wimpy fleet," we had Cinderella Liberty (i.e., we had to be back on the liberty boat pier before midnight). So, basically, most Big E sailors had little time to do anything but get ashore and then drink and whoop it up for a few hours before having to rush back to the pier to catch the last liberty boat back to the ship. 

Each morning "Dicko," "Q" and I were in terrible shape. Getting forced out of our pits at the crack of dawn by that tyrant EM1 Mackey, the RE coop chief, didn’t help us much. At that time Mackey was forcing us lowly RE nubs to retile a portion of the 2nd deck passageway between the aft tobacco shop and berthing (for some reason RE was assigned this space). As we toiled in weary, near vomiting, conditions we swore to each other that at the end of the workday we’d just climb in our pits and go to sleep. No liberty for us that night! We were so tired and worn down that we could hardly function, especially during the second week in port. But then 4:00 would roll along and one of us would say, "Hey, maybe if we just went ashore for an hour or two to get some dinner ...." And the others would agree.  Then before we knew it we were in the familiar "off limits" bar district, partying until almost midnight with just about every other Battle Group Foxtrot squid!

I remember back in those days we were mostly hanging with our former RT buds, like Lance Winters (RM23), Rob Gargano (RM22), Bob Vanwagnon (EE30) and John Hutchings (EM23).  When we hit the bar district in Toulon the first day we bought a French-to-English phrase book. We memorized all the really stupid stuff and then used those useless French "sayings" to miscommunicate and confuse people.  Like, when a bar girl would ask us to buy her a drink, we’d respond [in French of course] with something like, "Excuse me but can I park my caravan here?" or "Can I leave this stool sample for the doctor?" or "Hey, my light bulb is burned out! Can you help me find my laundry?"

There was only one hooker in all of Toulon and she operated out of a dingy hotel room that had a line outside the door that was about a mile long. This woman must have had sex with the entire fleet! Towards the end of our port visit we saw her driving around town in the most expensive car in all of Toulon! There are many stories associated with this hooker but I'm too ashamed to tell them.  (VW? Dicko? Brad?  Perhaps one of you might remember a story or two about this —vacuum-tastic —woman.) Hopefully, some of you that made the '86 cruise will also share your Toulon memories.


Pig E Nuke

Found your web page through the losers page....

Terry Jenkins 83-86 RM22; 89-94 RM11,RM3,RM14; 97-01 QA, RM3

Looks like an excellent site you've put together. Will have to explore it more when I'm more awake. Keep up the great work.

Many times I'll hear from someone that served on The Big E during my era and won't exactly recall their name.  So I do what most of you probably do and dig out my trusty cruise book.  When I saw Terry Jenkins' picture I remembered exactly who he was.  He was one of the nicer guys down there in RM22 (unlike most of the other jokers down there).  Great to hear from you Terry.  You must be real close to finishing up your "20."



Another 4 planter!!

Conduff, Daniel W. (Wayne) RC04 1976 – 1980 


Another 2 Plant RE


Love the site. It was cool to see several of the old names I recognize from Reactor Electrical Division. Please add my name to the alumni list. I was onboard Enterprise from 8/89 thru 8/94. I was assigned to RE02 and the Reactor Electrical Division Day Staff during part of the overhaul at NNSY.

My email address is

Thanks again.

Stephen A Thomas 

Hey Stephen, I remember you ..... You showed up just as I was leaving.  I remember when all you nubs showed up during the end of the '90 cruise, we were so fat in RE Div that senior guys like myself were on 4 and 44s.  RE only needed about 40 people to function and we had over 75!  It was a great time to be short!



The Fire Truck

I don't know if this was a true story or not but it was passed down as folklore when I was on the Big E.  Remember how there was an NSN number for everything?  From what I understand one day a couple of jokers in 3MMR found the NSN for a fire truck and included it at the bottom of a list of items on a supply chit that was awaiting their DO's signature.  These fellows assumed that their DO would be smart enough to cross the fire truck off the chit before approving it but he didn't because several months later "out of the blue" a fire truck arrived for 3MMR.  Heads would have rolled except that the ship had been trying desperately for years to get a new fire truck (for the hangar bay or flight deck).  The story goes that 3MMR donated the fire truck to the ship's flying squad and everyone was happy.  Does anyone know if this story is true?


1990 World Cruise Quiz Number 1

EM2 Hudson, ET3 Walters and MM3 Bozin were members of what prestigious organization?

a.  The Pat Pong Posse

b.  The Sensitive Club

c.  The Geedunk Gang

d.  The BOHICA Boys

The First person to email me with the correct answer will win a free bumper sticker (if any are still available).


The Tiger From Hell!

During the ‘88 Tiger Cruise I signed Dicko and myself up for one of those Tiger Talent Shows because my dad was going to be on board and I figured it would give him a thrill to see me up there on stage playing guitar.  Originally Dicko and I were going to play unaccompanied but somehow I got the Big E Jazz Band to provide backup.

Dicko and I (and our accompaniment) were scheduled to go on toward the middle of the show. Before our act (as we were setting up our equipment) one of the Tigers asked us if he could play bass. The show director/MC wanted to get as many Tigers involved in the show as possible and so he pressured us to let the guy play.  We figured it was no big deal since the guy looked somewhat normal.  The Big E Jazz Band bass player was kind enough to lend him his bass and I told the Tiger that all we were playing was standard 12 bar blues in the key of E.  I then added that I would nod when it was time to wrap up the song. The name of the song we were playing was called Chicken Shack Boogie (I think it was an old Elmore James tune). When we were announced Dicko and I started jamming away and played the song pretty much the same way we had a hundred of times before.  (It was an aft lounge favorite.)  The song went pretty well until I nodded at the Tiger to let him know that the song was finishing up.  For some reason this lunatic bass player guy thought that I was signaling him to begin his solo and he went crazy.  Dicko and I looked at each other in horror trying in vain to figure out what chord, what bar, what note, what anything we were supposed to be on as this insane guy played his monster solo.  In front of about 5,000 people our act pretty much self-destructed. A 1988 Westpac cruise video was put together by the ship’s Special Services division and sold to anyone willing to shell out $5. I bought that tape for my dad and was horrified to see actual footage of Dicko, this lunatic, and I playing Chicken Shack Boogie as it rapidly disintegrated into pandemonium.


Two Salty Dogs!

I found this old picture of Dicko and myself.  It was probably taken during the '88 cruise.  I can't believe I was ever so thin!



From Former 2 Plant RE LPO Alex Kirk

Good afternoon.

I was in RE02, 1980 to 1985 (RE Div 2 plant LPO '84 & '85). Of course, with the last name of Kirk, what other ship could I have been on?

Enjoyed your site. I had to go pull out my 1982-83 & 1984 WESTPAC cruse books to put names with faces. Does the O3 (O2?) training void still exist? I remember the first time I descended the ladder to the O2 void (July of 1980) and seeing the one-eyed smiley face in the linoleum on the deck with the letters MFNP arrayed in a semi-circle around it: Mutants For Nuclear Power. He was called Phred, if I remember correctly. 

I was watching CNN, oh, three weeks ago, and they had a very bored reporter on board the Enterprise who talked so glowingly about chowdales and nothing about ship's company. It stirred up old passions and pissed me off. I remembered a T-shirt Curtis Coe (another RE Div Nuc) and I had made up in PI. The attached design (see below) is a replication of the design on that long lost T-shirt.

Alex Kirk


I went through RT training in the old 02 Void but I can't remember Phred.  I seem to remember the MFNP though so it was probably there.  You left about a year before I arrived.  I recall hearing a few stories about you from Kevin Willy and Gerry Wheeler. 

To be honest I haven't thought about the 02 level Void in years.  I remember during the '86 westpac when I was a nub my fellow RTsians and I would hang out on the catwalk just to the left of the 03 level passageway that led to the hatch into the Void (it was under that big crane).  We "nightshift" nubs literally sat there all night shooting the shit instead of studying or qualifying.  It was pitch black out there and no one could see us loafing.  Since our eyes were adjusted to the dark we could see whenever one of the RT instructors poked his head out of the 03 level door but they could never see us (we just had to be real quiet).  I remember one gag we used to love to pull was to stand at the opening of the 03 door and wait for unsuspecting people to emerge into the total darkness.  We would totally freak them out by pushing them back into the passageway.  Since their eyes weren't adjusted to the total blackness they had no idea what happened.  The first time someone did this to me I thought I was walking into Jello or something.

Great to hear from you!  Send in some stories.  (Also check out the story RE Division, Circa 1986 in the Vol. 5, No 2. Mooj newsletter; you'll probably remember most of the guys mentioned.)



Another RT Void Memory

Last year I took my family to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.  As most of know they have a huge scale model of the USS Enterprise there.  It is supposed to be the best model of the Big E anywhere.  As I was showing my kids the model I couldn't really point out anything of interest to them as far as my career as a Big E nuke was concerned (since you couldn't see the plants on the model).  Then I saw the old familiar 03 level catwalk on the aft starboard side where the RT Void used to be.  I pointed out that feature to my children and told them that that was where I spent most of the early part of the '86 Westpac.  

I remember when we were RTsians that's where the crates storing the arresting gear wires were stored.  We used to sit on those crates while we bullshitted the night away.  As many of you remember us non-chowdale types were forbidden to go onto the flight deck during flight ops.  We often watched flight ops from that catwalk since it was just below the 04 level flight deck and we could see the jets coming in for landings.  One afternoon a bunch of us watched as an A7 corsair approached.  It seemed unusually quiet and then we realized why as it crashed into the water about 200 yards away.  It had lost power.  I don't remember if the pilot made it out alive or not.

As far as BNEQ quals went I don't think any of us enjoyed having to climb all the way up onto that catwalk and then down into the RT Void.  I was never sure why they chose such a hard to get to place for RT (maybe it was to make you qualify faster). 


Another Airdale Thought

I guess since the beginning days of naval aviation there has always been animosity between the airwing and ship's company.  Everything seemed geared toward the airwing and they got all the glory while us lowly snipes toiled below decks for nary a mention.  Do you guys remember when they filmed Top Gun on the ship and then sent us a copy?  To this day I can't stand that stupid movie.  It seemed like every other day they were showing that stupid flick on KENT-TV!  

Speaking of Tom Cruise, last month I was getting my haircut and the barber lady kept blabbing about how much she loved the guy.  I sadly had to inform her that I heard from many reliable sources that he was a major league asshole.  I wasn't on the Big E yet when they filmed Tom Gun but I heard that he only spent 3 days on the ship and complained about everything.  He refused to talk with any of the crew or sign autographs and was finally kicked out of the wardroom because he bitched so much about the food.


Hong Kong-Subic Express

In the late part of the 70's, Olsgrit and I were musing over a few Tsing Tao's about how our PI girls always managed to latch onto us as soon as we stepped foot in town. As we were looking for a little change in scenery (did I say scenery? I meant Honeykos), we devised a plan to fly from HK to Manila at the last minute. It would be beautiful. The fleet would be out and we'd have the whole town to ourselves.

Money wasn't an issue. Being a dumbass, I had shipped over STAR a few months back for a few scheckels and was trying to keep from getting depressed by paying someone to stand every duty day of mine overseas (until later in the cruise when I needed them to recuperate). So we got leave approved, which was no mean feat, and booked a flight on Singapore Airlines to Manila.

Not being the types to plan far ahead, we were almost immediately thwarted at the Customs gate. We just hadn't had much use for a passport so far, but everyone in line in front of us had one. Olsgrit showed his ID to the guy and looked like he knew what was doing and I did the same. We got through, no questions asked.

Arriving in Manila (Quezon City actually) kind of late, we were faced with another problem.......martial law. We had to be inside an Olongapo hotel, preferably with some new girls, by midnight or the Shore Patrol would snatch us up and find less than suitable living arrangements for us. As I recall, that was like a 5-6-hr Victory liner trip from Quezon City to Olongapo and it was around 8PM so that wasn't happening. We found a cab driver who said he could do it in 4 hrs. That still wasn't good enough since it would curtail our "shopping" so we put him on a sliding scale incentive plan: $40 by 2330, $0 after 2330. He became very motivated then, stopped to get us some beers and offered some girls for companionship but we were mission bound and could not be bothered with such trivialities (except beer).

That cabby must have later found employment on the streets of Manhattan, because we went on a multi hour ride that I've only seen equaled in that fine city. We were flying down goat tracks at way-too-fast- mph in the dark, with him turned around facing us in the back seat half the time rattling on about something in Tagalog. "Tugalug, Tugalug, Tugalug," Olsgrit would chant. We were taking the "back way"! Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead!

I was getting a little drunk out and I realized we had just stopped. The cabby got out of the cab and started walking forward. We did the same. He'd stopped about 20 feet short of an unfinished bridge. We would have been bloodied with extreme prejudice had he not made that learned decision. I muttered something about this really screwing up our time situation, with humble gratitude of course. He got back on the "real" back way again and damn if he didn't drop us off in front of the Palladium with 40 minutes before curfew. We gave him a good tip...... watch out for unfinished infrastructure..... and sent him on his way. He had served us well.

I'd like to finish this story off by saying we went through about a dozen girls before the fleet came in 3 days later. I'd like to, but that didn't happen. The "grapevine" struck again and our girls found us in less than 10 minutes. They were ecstatic to see us and us with them-not! We had spent all our money by the third day. Now I know some of you had heard the expression "I'd sell my shoes for a pitcher of Mojo". No? Well I did anyway. I caught a lot of heat for that, but hell they were getting holes in the bottoms. Later that day when the Big E came into Cubi Pt. there where a couple of broke-ass squids waving and looking for some chumps to loan them some money till payday. All in all, a fun time.

My name in the BOK (Book of Knowledge) was Bongo Bill. I got that name because as I was headed back to base one night I unloaded a few pitchers of Mojo and San Magoo on some poor unsuspecting soul in a Bongo boat in Shit River, undoubtedly waiting for me to toss something else. Alas, youth is wasted on the young.

And so I sign this....Bongo Bill


Great Story!  I laughed my ass off.  (Sadly, I think we all knew someone who did this.) 



Once a White Hat Always A White Hat (by "Black Cloud")

Working for a major defense contractor, on occasion I've worked Navy contracts. A few years back I found myself on a big Navy Program, lots of brass oversight, and the program had several engineers who were prior Navy, but I was the only former enlisted man and the Senior Electrical Engineer for the Texas portion of the project. As part of his presentation at the big program review, the program technical director put a slide up with our names and said,

"We have several folks who were in the Navy..."

From my spot in the back I interrupted him,

"Yes, but only one of us actually WORKED for a living..."

I got a good laugh from everyone on that.

I also work for a huge defense contractor and my group is filled former army and navy brass.  As far as I know I'm only one of two senior engineers here that is an ex-enlisted man.  Many of the ex navy guys in my group are former nukes, including one that was the skipper of a fast attack submarine.  My former "big boss" was actually the skipper of a boomer and commanded NPTU Ballston Spa, NY.  I invited some of these ex-navy colleagues to look over this site and most found it .... well ... , "a wee bit vulgar." It must be a white hat/khaki thing.  



More White Hat/Khaki Stuff

As of this date I only have one officer listed on the Big E Nuke alumni roster and that is former Lt. Scott Campbell. (And poor Scott probably doesn't even know he's listed!)  Scott and I were on the Big E together during the late 80s but we never knew each other since he was a 2-planter and I was primarily in the forward group.  I met Scott in 1993 when we were both graduate students at UCLA.  We became and are still great friends.  He and I swapped many a sea story during our school days and as you probably guessed we had different points of view on stuff, like how funny the "Guhh" strewn announcements in 2-plant actually were.  

Scott's wife was also in the navy and was the head honcho in charge of all the LA County navy recruiting offices when were going to UCLA.  She had some great stories.  My favorite was the one where some guy came in to the downtown LA office to enlist.  When the navy did a background check on the guy they found that he was a convicted arsonist.  Scott's wife had to tell the poor kid that he was ineligible for the navy since he was a felon.  The guy left totally pissed off and swore that he would get even.  That night the recruiting office burned down!  (And, yes, they knew who did it.) Another favorite story of mine was the one where a mom brought her son in to join the navy.  As Scott's wife told the son all about how great the navy was the mom thought it sounded so good that she joined as well!  Scott's wife sent both the mom and son off to boot camp on the same day!  I think I'm gonna have to harass poor Scott and get him to send in some stories. 


1988 Westpac Quiz Number 1

Who was the Pride of Rx Dept?

a.  ETCS Roark

b.  MMCM Deaville

c.  MMC Bush

d.  ETCS Jensen

e.  MMC Triggs

f.  None of the above

The First person to email me with the correct answer will win a free bumper sticker (if any are still available).


"The Fonz"

How sad it was that we so often sought out "weak minds" to torment while at sea. It was a survival thing; most of us would probably have gone insane had it not been for the many deserving assholes out there that we could totally mess with on a daily basis. During the '90 cruise there was a certain chief in RT Division that was "singled out" for "this treatment" but I can't remember why.  I can't even remember the guy’s name (I think he was an EM that eventually went to E-Div). Anyway, this poor fellow was deemed worthy of harassment (for whatever reason) and so my officemates and I felt obligated to mess with him each and every day. 

We did this in a novel way by leaving stupid messages for him whenever he stepped away from his desk in the RT void. We had a spy within RT that would inform us when this chief "stepped out" and so we’d quickly call and leave a message for him (with whoever sat nearest the RT phone). This chief was baffled by the fact that no one ever called him while he was actually at his desk, but, lo and behold, as soon as he stepped outside for a moment someone would call. The worst part about it was that these messages were anonymous and didn’t say anything of importance (e.g., "I’ll call you later," "Just checking to see if you were there," "Sorry I missed you"). 

When it was discovered that this chief didn't have a sense of humor these messages soon began to take on a new life. Most, then, had something to do with "The Fonz" (you younger guys will have to watch re-runs of Happy Days to learn who the Fonz was). The messages were usually stuff, like: "Tell chief [whatever his name was] that the studded leather jacket that he left at the tailor shop with ‘I’m The Fonz’ on the back is now fixed and ready to get picked up," or "Tell chief [whatever his name was] that we’re painting chief’s berthing and need him to remove all his Fonzie posters," etc. Of course this poor chief would just curse the poor idiot that took the message for him and throw it in the garbage. The guys in RT (especially the ones that took the messages) thought this guy was a nut.

Because so many of his messages had to do with "The Fonz," this guy was eventually referred to as The Fonz and people would always say, "Aaaaaaaay," and hold up a thumb whenever he walked into the room.  I have no idea whatever happened to this guy.  Hopefully he didn't go insane.


EMC Ma__ney

The history of RE division during the late 1980s is one that is filled with countless stories of brave and noble men. EMC Mah__ey (or was it Mal__ey) was not one of those men. He arrived to take the place of EMC Whitsett before westpac ’88 and was quickly replaced by EM1 Shackett before the cruise was over. I don’t even remember what his real name was because we always called him by the wrong name (on purpose) – and, boy, did that drive him nuts! 

Poor Chief M’s biggest mistake was that he tried to run RE like a real division. For example, before M. showed up we never mustered at sea; we just did the logical thing and did a headcount in berthing. (Berthing was also our "man-overboard" muster place—we were always the first division on the ship to have our man-overboard muster in since most of us were in our pit no matter when the drill was called away!) Anyway, Chief M thought that was totally unsat and decided that RE would muster at 0700, sharp, on the hangar bay like every other division. On the first day only a handful of people showed up (they were the nubs that didn’t know any better). Chief M was pissed and marked everyone who didn’t show up UA. Big mistake! Everybody knows you can’t mark someone "UA" while you're underway unless they’re actually missing and you think they fell overboard! MMCM Deville chewed Chief M a new asshole for submitting a muster that had half his division missing. Chief M finally had to give up on the morning muster idea since he never got more than 50% participation.

Another funny episode I remember was when Chief M decided to have a daily LPO meeting at 6:00 p.m. During our first meeting all the LPOs showed up except for Big Dave Conklin. EMC told some poor nub (that just so happened to be in the office looking through the mail) to go back to berthing and look for Big Dave. The guy returned and reported that Big Dave was asleep. Chief M ordered the nub to wake him up and tell him to get to the office ASAP. (We didn’t envy that poor guy.) When Big Dave arrived in the office he was in a very foul mood and mumbled something like, "This better be good….or else!" The meeting began with Chief M announcing that there was nothing to talk about that night so there was no meeting. Big Dave then went ballistic and said: "You mean to tell me that you woke me up for this shit?" We thought Dave was going to kill M. Chief M was so terrified of Big Dave after that that he never had him woken up again for anything, even if it was a dire emergency.  A dopeybook cartoon was drawn depicting this sorry episode (see below).  I can't remember what the "Dave's Hot 100" was all about.  HME, do you remember?

I also remember how sometimes Chief M would wander down into 4 SWGR, take his jacket off and hang it up on the back of the 4A RCP SWGR before standing a UI watch. Gil M. (a.k.a., "Kid Pillow") would always fill Chief M's jacket pockets up with red tags, green scrubbies, tools, rags, or ... just about anything that would fit. When Chief M came back and put on his jacket he’d get this real confused look on his face when he put his hands in his pockets and pulled all this stuff out.  He would then put it all back into his pockets and leave.

rx-mahooney.jpg (117891 bytes)


Old Nuke From 4 Plant

Great site. It sure brought back memories. I was a 4 plant pussycat from Nov 68 to Mar 72. I have found two other nukes from that period. I'll send their e-mail address for inclusion. Let them protect themselves if they can. Trying to find out who may have a dopey book from that era. We will try to scrape up some sea stories from the old days. Somehow I think Stiemsma and I may have some from the Singapore inport in Nov 71. Two weeks of sheer hell. Who the hell was Legs anyway? I Think she had cutoff Levis, all the rage in those days. Keep up the good work. I'll check back often.

John Cover


Pattaya Beach Memory

I was going to send in a story about Thailand but then thought better of it because surely my soul would burn in hell for remembering such filth.  I thought I saw everything until we pulled into Pattaya Beach. That place made PI look like Salt Lake City!    


Those Two Old Timers Down In Central

I forget what their names were but whenever I went down to Central Control there were always these two old guys standing watch down there.  One was a 2nd class and the other was a 1st class.  I think they were HTs because they were always manning the flood control board.  These guys were old .... I mean ancient!  They had to be in their 50s.  The 2nd class guy was always bragging that he "made 3rd class more times than he made 1st class," meaning he was always getting busted.  Those two old timers always seemed to be fighting about something (they were basically grouchy old men).  I could always hear them arguing in the background whenever I stood load dispatcher.


Welcome to Another Old Aft Group RM!

I'd like to be listed.

Dan Dean,  RM-22, RM-23, RM-03, 1981-1985


A Very Shameful Act

Whenever I think about what it is that I am most ashamed of during my life and times as a squid, it is something that happened near Bangkok.  (And no, it has nothing to do with the Pat Pong district.)  During my latter years in the navy I started to do more "touring" and less drinking and carousing during our port visits.  So naturally when we pulled into Pattaya Beach in '89 I signed up for a Special Services tour of the ancient city of Ayuthaya.  This 3-day tour included several stops at historic and notable places, including a memorable night in Bangkok.  The bus ride to Ayuthaya was very scenic and would have been peaceful had it not been for three loud and obnoxious BMs.  These guys just couldn't shut up!  They were all from Brooklyn and the whole bus heard these guys yak for two straight days about the stupidest stuff imaginable.

The tour guide was an old Thai man who couldn't count.  Basically, at every stop the guide would miscount the tour group and then tell the bus driver to go.  The whole bus would have to shout, "Wait!" as the unseated stragglers alarmed by the moving bus would run and quickly board.  

Then on the 3rd day we stopped at some remote golden Buddha temple.  As usual when the bus was about to leave the tour guide made his inaccurate count and told the bus driver to go.  Everyone on the bus knew that the Brooklyn BMs were still inside the temple.  One guy was about to speak up when everyone told him, "Shhhhhh."  So we did it, we abandoned those poor saps in the middle of nowhere.  I felt terrible, especially when I saw those three idiots running with all their might toward the bus as we drove off into the sunset.  We didn't feel guilty for long because it was a very quiet and restful drive back to Pattaya.


Our Expensive Yellow Fish

I was always amazed at how many squids would go ashore in some foreign exotic port and eat at a McDonalds or Pizza Hut.  We used to at least try to eat something culturally authentic if given a choice.  Once when we were in Hong Kong Dicko, Lance Winters, Q and I decided to abandon all good sense and find the most expensive restaurant we could.  We seemed out of place but we had lots of HK dollars and so we were readily admitted and seated.  The menu was all in Chinese and we had no idea what to get.  Lance told our waiter to just bring us his favorite meal no matter what it cost.  We sat there waiting in great anticipation as we looked about the room at all the exotic food that was being served.  To our horror the waiter returned with a giant yellow fish on a platter (the thing had to be about 20 lbs!).  We picked at it with our chopsticks until we realized the thing was so untasty it wasn't worth the effort.  We left the restaurant both hungry and broke.


Another 2-Planter!

Sign me up!!

Brian Heasley
RC22 1995 - 2001


Welcome aboard!  Always nice to hear from someone fresh off the Big E.  Is 2-plant still the pride of RX and ENG? 



Marksmanship in the Sandpit

Something that none of you 80's and earlier guys will know about is the "Sandpit" in Jebel Ali, or Gerbil Alley, as we called it. Located in the sunny, inviting Persian Gulf, this was the home to many a drunken night, since we were restricted to a 100 sqyd enclosure with several food vendors and the MWR trailer selling beer for a dollar a can. We were lightweights; only drank 65,000 cans in 5 days.

Well, this particular night everyone was sitting around, drinking heavily, as usual. The RO and ENG showed up, bringing beers to the troops and drinking quite a few as well. Unfortunately, the RO didn't realize that buying beer didn't mean that he was safe. When the guy next to him asked for another beer, the incoming can nailed the unsuspecting RO square in the forehead, since he decided to stand up at the worst possible time. To his credit, the RO refused to leave the table until his beer was finished; then he went back to the ship, took a few stitches, told the Doc that it was a crazed Iraqi terrorist that attacked him, then went back out for more. Talk about true leadership!

And the best part was when the RO presented the deadeye ET2 with a Marksmanship Certificate for his outstanding performance in his duties as Beerman.  



New Old Salt

Aha !!! John Cover finally finds his way back to the boat ...  Seems we had that problem a few times in S'pore and PoTown, eh John? ;) John taught me everything I know about being an RO and then continued his training and teaching me what a sailor is supposed to do once ashore ...  I fondly recall his PoTown honey introducing me to her little sister ... cute girl and so sweet. We just danced and had a drink B4 I went on steamin' the rest of the night. The next time I ran into her ... during the following inport, she tried to cut off me huevos with a broken beer bottle ... just for chattin' up another sweety !!!! Talk about staking a claim !!! I didn't even recognize her much less think we were an "item" !!! Oh well. While G. Lawler and V. West dodged the flying 5 lb glass ashtrays as the "girl fight" escalated, I just ensured that my back was against a wall and tried to stay out of the way. My new sweety got fired, screamed who knows what at me in Tagalog, and spit on me for being a butterfly & making her lose her job !!! (damn ... she was soooo fine too). Love those passionate girlz ;) So ... Little Sis then felt bad and promised to make it all up to me ... which she did ;) She was mighty fine her-own-self and one wild child !!! From then on John and I steamed together and had our own PI family.  White Rock Beach in the daytime and home cooked meals in the eve.  All'z well that endz well ...  I'll let him start the S'pore stories ...

Oh yeah ... some Cover skinny ...  I swear to Buddha this is true ... John only took a dump about once every 30 dayz or so ... it waz strange enough and happened so rarely that I recall someone once summoning all hands in Rx berthing with, "Hey ... youse guys !!! ... Cover's takin' a crap !!!!" whereupon we all gathered in the Rx head to bear witness. This was an experience that rivaled crossing the equator ... we should have gotten a card, man !!! That's the only time I ever recall him taking a dump in the two years I knew him ... must come from being an old desert rat ... some sorta conservation of H2O and recycling kinda thang.  Welcome aboard John ... been too long mate ... good to see ya here.  Hey ... still got contact with Lawler, Hume or West ???? Hmmm ... Dicky Wooden ? 



Two Plant Stuff

I know that this will probably come as a surprise (or maybe not) but Two plant has become the home to all of the dirt bags, idiots and shit heads of both departments. It is no longer the Show plant, just the breeding ground of sarcasm and discontent that makes nukes the target of every haircut checking, uniform inspecting topsider chief around. I guess that's why I fit in so well there. Still can't figure out how they gave me a commission, though. 

Brian "Bob" Heasley, RC22 LPO, LCPO (now just a lowly Ensign)

Hey, that makes you our first real orcifer!  Hopefully you can persuade a few of your wardroom brethren to send in some stories. 



Another Old Bud!

Scott French

Hey Scott!!!!!  You were like one of the RE gods when I arrived during the '86 cruise.  I remember the first time I met you you were sitting at your SPO desk in the RE office and told me: "Remember my son, sleazy is easy."  I had no idea what you meant until I became fully ingrained into the RE lifestyle.  

I'll never forget that party at your house following the '86 cruise when the radical and rambunctious Gerry Wheeler drove his car off a cliff and landed in a tree.  I think you, Dicko and Jeff Rich were his thrill seeking passengers.  How you guys survived that one I'll never know.  I remember someone took a picture of the car in the tree and stuck it into the 3-plant dopeybook.  Anyone know where that old 3-plant dopeybook is today?  

Anyway, great to find you.  As I told Alex Kirk (above) check out the Mooj story about RE Div, circa 1986 (you can attest or detract from my.. er, ... I mean Jules Vermilion's memory).



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