Letters, Random Memories and Assorted Sea Stories (Cont.)

Mark Groseclose Comes Aboard!!!!


Damn you’re a hard working man. I just found the site. Actually, my wife did. Do I have some explaining to do thanks to Wingo!

Man, going through this site brought back some long repressed memories. Feel free to post my email. I'll write something later and get it to you. My wife said there is a reunion in Vegas in Oct. I may be interested. I'll actually be in Vegas this weekend. So long for now. Great job on the site!

Oh yeah, I was in RC-22 from 1986-1989. I definitely remember you. I hung out with Joe Carl, Wingo, and a bunch of others. Looking back on it, I guess we were all just one big family in a way. It's funny how you only remember the good times of a less than ideal living situation. Later!

Mark Groseclose


Mark!!!  I remember you like it was just yesterday!  I can still picture you and your sinister smile.  I noticed in your email footer that you work in Tucson.  I'm in Phoenix so we'll have to hook up as soon as possible.  

I'm not sure what's going on with the reunion.  We couldn't find a place in Vegas in October so we had to move it back to early next year.  No date has been set as of yet.  Maybe I'll just have a BBQ in my big warehouse;)  

Now that you found the site, it's time to free your memories.  Tell your wife the KP site is off limits;)  


As The Pig Floats ....

Been a long time since the saga was told, need to finish up the 86 westpac……

When I left off the last time we had just left PI and headed home. Plan was to stop in Hawaii, and the airwing would fly home (no more greasy chowdales!!!!!), some guys would take leave and Tigers would come aboard. Tiger cruise is where you are allowed to bring on a family member for the final leg of the cruise and give them a taste of your life aboard the ship. My father had been in the Coast Guard for 30 years and for him this was a special treat. For me I thought the Navy sucked and couldn't wait to get out, and I think the reason I brought the old man on board was to show him just how bad things had gotten in the Navy, and try to persuade him that me getting out and going to college was a good idea. How naïve could I be??? The Enterprise was like a cruise ship compared to the cutters and troop transports he served aboard. My plan was a failure from the beginning.

So dad flew out and greeted us in Hawaii. As I recall we only spent a day in Hawaii. For that matter I've actually spent more time in Hawaii as a civilian than I did as a west coast sailor. There's something fundamentally wrong with that…Well, the tigers had a detailed plan that they were expected to follow, they actually had a qualification card that they could do and therefore receive some kind of certificate as an honorary crew member. This is great, now not only am I getting bitched at for not getting my nuke quals done but my dad is out getting all these signatures and tearing the course apart.

So I showed the old man around in between watches and good movies. They put on an airshow for the tigers and let them play with the guns under the direct supervision of the jarheads on board. Even did a talent show that I didn't get to see. But all in all my dad had a great time. I also had help from friends who weren't on watch when I was who would take him around for me. In retrospect this was a really cool thing for me too. I was able to show dad my new world and he got to go back out to sea one last time. Something he really enjoyed.

Well, we finally pulled into Alameda and the long cruise was over. The theme song the last month had been "Take me home" by Phil Collins, and we were finally home at last. I'd never experienced anything like this and it was something that words really don't capture. When you pull in under the Golden Gate and you see banners flying from families that have been separated so long. The joy on faces when reunited and fathers meeting their new babies for the first time. Of course I could only appreciate these as there was no one waiting for me on the dock. I was in the group of single guys ready to take the beach. We hit it pretty hard for several days after and celebrated the fact that we were back in the USA. If nothing else my travels abroad gave me a profound appreciation for the country I love so much. I really missed the USA.

So now we're back and the ship is in line to head over to Hunter's Point and begin some overhaul work. Knowing that life on board was going to be intolerable I teamed up with my old buddies Mark Fritz and Joe Carl to get a place in Vallejo. We were now ready for in port life, but we had no idea how bad Hunter's Point would be….

Side note:

Welcome Mark Groseclose, one of my best pals from the Navy!! Great to have you aboard buddy, and sorry if I got you in any trouble!

Louie Wingo


To Tark and Others ....

Tark: Just catching up on things on the site and saw that you had found the site. I was very saddened by the loss of "Andy" Anderson. He was a good man with the ability to see beyond the first appearance of things.

You signed a lot of my qual cards (in order to get on a better watch rotation). I was recently recalling chipping out and needle gunning a void where we had to get down and over several voids and hang in a harness in the last void over to do the shitty job. I don't know if you were still there then. We had several strings of lights set up to try and provide some sort of definition through the haze of grit and dust. I think it was the "grape ape" (Herman?) and his small counterpart ( I don't remember his name) that got caught down there during a short term power outage one day. When some of us remembered and got to the void he had climbed out from the abyss totally blind in the dark. It was actually an amazing feat since he had to find the void passages and climb to several different heights without a harness in the last two voids. I can't recall if he ever went back down there again.

Do you remember when that steam drain line let loose down at the feed control station when Adam Mosher was there sitting on the trash can. He literally shit himself on the spot. What about all the paint storage areas on the "Mud Flats"? 4 Plant always seemed to be able to paint over the dirt to shine up the flats. The coffee sink self initiated water trap was probably the best one ever created. Others copied it but it was never the same.

Tack: Now there is a name that brings back some thoughts. Do you really have the old RM-14 dopey book? There was some great feuds that were fought out in those pages along with some fantastic slams. If I recall correctly, that dopey book was one that was well hidden at all times and protected with passion. You always did a great job of picking on Willie in those pages. It boggled the mind that he put up with all of our shit for so long. He had a great sense of humor.

Brian: Hey "Barkey" I recall many a night where you derived pleasure running drills on the nubs making their life miserable. I also recall when you were that nub and how frustrated you got over the bullshit that you had to put up with. You mellowed out and gained a lot of respect if I remember right. I think you got more rack time than anyone during GQ down in the plant. You could sleep anywhere and often did not wake up until the relieving watchteam got down into the plant.

Hey ARRRGH have you placed me yet?????

Someone you should know.


More From Mark G.


I'm in PHO often, at least every other week. We have a large office there and my main project is with the City of Phoenix. I would love to get together for dinner sometime, have a few beers, and tell some stories. I just need to remain sober enough to get home.

I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the site. I laid awake most of the night last night trying to remember some of the stupid shit we did. I don't know if you know this or not, but I was at the Nippa Hut - The Human Zoo with Wingo that night in Angeles City (page 26 I think). I think I was sailor number one that did not partake but it's very foggy after all these years.

Anyway, let's keep in touch and get together. I think I'll be in PHO on 9/1. Later!



You bet Mark!!!  

I'll email you with my work phone no.  Can't wait to see you again. 


Mystery Man, Arggh Needs Your Help!

C'mon, man, you got to give me something a little more specific to go on to try to peg you. My own division officer has come to the site, but can't really remember me (?). So, the years do take their toll. Also, I really don't remember the RMs very well, except for the ones that I hung around with (Guy Gaines, Tark, Mike McFarland, DirtBag and a few others). I knew very few steam side guys, and really never hung out with them much after the yards.

If you can identify some event or liberty excursion we had in common, I could probably nail you down better. Or, I may have killed off the brain cells which contained the memories of you (I was pretty good at killing those brain cells, as you are no doubt aware...) Fortunately, I got out of the habit of wiping out my brain cells shortly after leaving the Navy, so I have been able to preserve many of those, well, precious? memories...



KP Note: I'd help you out Arrgh but I don't even know who our mystery man is! 

Shaft Alley Patrol

I really loved the recent "Star Alley" entry. Being an old 1MMR steam side guy, I made literally hundreds of trips down to that very place. The Star Alley thing evidently happened 4 years after I left. No doubt, some of those stickers were applied to paint that yours truly had slopped on the bulkheads and shaft sometime earlier. I can just picture what Star Alley must have looked like. I only wish we had come up with this in my time.

I think I stood my first Shaft Alley Patrol watch in Feb 1975. Due to plant needs I qualified ERLL at pretty much the same time. SAP was a MUCH better watch. The good thing about this watch was getting to leave the plant once an hour to run your shaft. Lots of ladders to go up and down, but when you're 21 years young ….. The only bad part of SAP was that you had to wake up the watch relief's. That almost always sucked! Some people just don't like being woke up after 4 hours of sleep. No sense of humor I guess.

Standing SAP in port was the worst. You had to run not only your own shaft but others as well. You had to push a button down in each compartment that lit up a light on the Load Toad's panel. I guess this was to prove that you were actually there. Each hour the Load Toad would reset the lights and you had to start the process all over again. I hated those Load Toads because they would almost never cut you any slack. On the last hour of watch you had to wake up all the M Div watch reliefs. There were some of the AMR guys that were notoriously hard to get out of their racks. I remember physically pulling one dude out of his rack and dumping him on the floor. He seemed not to even notice.

Shortly before to the '78 cruise we wiped our jacking gear pulling out of Alameda. We had to replace it at sea. This required us to uncouple the shaft in the future "Star Alley" while underway. That was no easy feat. The coupling was held together by something like 24 threaded and tapered pins. We had to use a sledge to beat the 4" ID nuts off the end, then stand on top of the shaft to beat the tapered pins out. They had been in for a long time and whoever had installed them hadn't had the courtesy to use anti-seize. (The assholes.) Once we uncoupled the shaft, we could trail the screw while keeping the reduction gear stationary. We replaced the jacking gear, recoupled the shaft and were back in business all within 48 hours.



Protecting The Guilty ....

Read in Mark G's post that he can no longer identify which squid he was that night at the "Nipa Hut: The Human Zoo." To protect the guilty I will not divulge who was who. My guess is that if you ask any of us you'll find that we all professed to be gay that night, except for me as I covered myself in the original story. Man I wish had another tale that could top that one. I should have drunk less when I was in the Navy….I might remember more…Perhaps a Nome de plume may help free some of these stories...

Louie Wingo



A few of us Copper State ex Big E dudes are thinking of having a BBQ over Labor Day.  If you live in Arizona (or nearby) and would like to attend, email me so I can figure out how and when.



Snappy Comebacks .....

The other day at lunch we were discussing snappy zings or come backs. Here was my offering :

I slept in Rx berthing the entire 74 cruise even though I was assigned to M Div halfway through the cruise. In those days Rx berthing had 2 lounges. One was on the starboard side, one deck down, and was called the non-smoking lounge. It was about the same size and temperature as the sauna at the gym I go to. It was over one of the screws which made it terribly noisy. The TV barely worked. This lounge was rarely used. The lounge on the port side was larger (actually less small) and was called the smoking lounge. It was the main hub of activity for Rx berthing. Card games were almost always in progress. When we had a good movie on TV, we'd cram in about 5 times the amount of people that the lounge could comfortably hold. Ventilation was poor, and the room soon got so smoky that everyone's eyes were watering.

One such night, the featured movie was a great car chase flick called "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry" featuring Peter Fonda. The lounge was packed. An RM named Jules was perched up on the "rafters." Jules was one of those guys who ALWAYS opened his mouth before engaging his brain. Jules had recently received a care package from home and had a rather large pepperoni which he was cutting with his pocket knife and eating with gusto. He was making a great show of letting everyone know that HE had a pepperoni and THEY did not. A polite, naive, young RM (I believe his name was Kevin) spoke up and said, " Hey, Jules. Can I have a piece of your pepperoni?" To Jules great discredit, he took the easy road and responded with one of the obvious classics : He grabbed his crotch with his free hand and said, "Hey, I got your pepperoni hanging."

This retort did not pass muster with the crowd. First, Kevin was a nice guy who had done nothing to warrant this treatment. More importantly, Jules had been inexcusably lazy and unimaginative with his retort. You could see everyone in the lounge straining to come up with something to fire back at Jules. After several long and pregnant seconds, the offended party himself blurts out, "I said a pepperoni, Jules, not a Slim Jim!" This was probably Kevin's first ever comeback and while it wasn't exactly world class, the reaction to it WAS! The entire crowd erupts into catcalls and guffaws. Anything loose was hurled at Jules. Paper cups, cigarette butts and even a couple of ash trays. Jules fled the lounge in shame, and we didn't see him again that night. Kevin was proud as a peacock, and you just couldn't wipe the smile off his face for several hours.

I don't know about you, but I've always had mega-fun watching David taking on Goliath and winning.



Some Great Pics

My email has changed recently to:

I have also scanned some old photo's , they range from car's on the flight-deck, (my only story on the site) when we left Bremerton in '82 to a long distance shot of NPTU Idaho (S5G was the one I was at) to some friends going through Wog day (and for the life of me I can't remember if these shot are just the 82 westpac or they include the 84 westpac) to Shit River before the wall was put up to block the view and peso throwing, to my photo's taken from the aft sponsons of the NorthPac. And even a shot of the 82 Orlando NPS intramural volleyball team. Enjoy!

Patrick Dunaway former RC 11/RC 22


KP Note: Thanks for the photos P.  It's funny how when you see old wogday photos, everyone always seems to have a smile on their face.  Were we just happy to be doing something besides sailing around aimless for a day?

Jerry Gates Comes Aboard ....

Please list me on the roster. Jerry Gates, EM23 1979 - 1984

Thank you


An 8502 MMF'er

Hey man,

I'm not a Big E sailor although I did qualify at A1W. I've referred a couple ex Big E ers to your site (after I accidentally cruised into it). I ended up in the Bay Area as a bubblehead based out of Mare.

The reason I'm writing is I noticed you were in class 8502 down in Orlando. I too was an 8502er (section MMF). I ended up nailing one of our Math instructors on graduation night LOL.

I'm currently a Shift Manager at a commercial reactor (A BWR) and I just wanted you to know your website rocks, it's about the most hilarious (and friendly) site on the net. It just goes to show you, squids are always most comfortable with their own.

Be safe man



KP Note:  I'm not sure if Mike wanted his email posted or not (so I didn't post it to be on the safe-side).  I think a few of you were also in MM-Section F so I will retain Mike's email addy in my "secret file" and dole it out to those wanting to revisit their old classmate chum (or, perhaps, get more "low down" on the NPS instructor adventure).  Hey Mike--PLEASE--send us some submarine stories.  You bubblehead types never tell us anything--the cold war is over, you know!

'83 Wog day Memories ...


Nice pix. I remember you flailing away with a makeshift cat-o-ninetails, but I don't remember you having a camera. How did you keep your camera clean on wog day? Did I see Jon Schmidt and Pete Gigliotti in the foreground of two of those snapshots? I was at the receiving end for that line crossing and it sure brings back memories. I can still smell the whole putrid, stinking, unpleasant mess. I'm not complaining though. I gave as good as I got on the next trip.

R/Thomas Kreischer


Joe Vargas Comes Aboard ...

My name is Joe Vargas (aka "Smokin' Joe). I was in RE-11 from 1995-1999.

PS: Love the site!!


KP Note: What?  You mean there was another 1-plant RE named Smoking Joe????

Four NIS agents arrive on Truxtun and leave with one arsonist bound for Leavenworth ...


Here is another Truxtun tale. It was another boring night during the 86 westpac. The Truxtun, along with the Enterprise and the Arkansas had just transited the Suez and were patrolling the Med keeping an eye on Libya. I was standing secondary control watch (a junior reactor controls watch that involves monitoring reactor protection instrumentation in the well air conditioned room behind the control room). It was 0230 hours and I was going to wake up the oncoming crew for the 3-7 watch. I had just passed the mess decks and was headed forward into RC division berthing when I smelled smoke. I could not see any smoke or signs of a raging fire, but the odor was unmistakable as a class A fire. I tried to localize it, but was unable to. Clearly the smoke had gotten into the ventilation system. God only knew where the fire was located.

I continued with the wake ups and then called my watch officer in the enclosed operating space in 2 plant (our jargon for the control room). I informed him of the smoke odor. I also told him that if it were my call, I would not call the at sea fire alarm (at 0230) since there was no signs of an obvious threat (raging fire). As I continued with the wake ups, the on duty Master At Arms stormed into the berthing spaces trying to find the fire.

I heard nothing more about this until a helicopter, with 4 Naval Investigator Service agents made a special trip to the Truxtun to investigate. It arrived on our flight deck the day after the fire. They interviewed a number of people including yours truly. I was informed that the fire was found in one of the trash cans in the RE division head (just below RC division berthing). It had been set deliberately by a disgruntled sailor. The NIS agents had a suspect. The next day, the helicopter left with the 4 NIS agents and one sorry looking Truxtun sailor. I heard he was from 1st division (paint chippers). The rumor spread through the ship that this fool got a Big Chicken Dinner and a long stretch in Fort Leavenworth.

What an idiot!



Attached is another picture from Nine Mile. This shot is of an irradiated fuel inspection in progress. We do these from time to time to evaluate the condition of our oxide layer and to diagnose fuel failures when they occur. My job is to coordinate such projects.

Wog Chief?


Your name is familiar, and the time is right for you to have been aboard with me, but I don't remember puking on you or anything. Great pics! I distinctly remember the Midway along side during that North Pacific thing, and the Coral Sea off the other side. And isn't that the one and only Frank Davies about to get whacked by that green shirted Airdale? Man, that sure looks like the Chief... Tom, what say ye?

Arrgh! RC-14, 80-83

Wait! I looked you up in the cruise book, and I definitely remember you. I still don't remember puking on you or anything, though. You obviously had the good sense to steer clear of Arrgh! the derelict...


Mac Takaki Comes Aboard!!!

RM Div. 4 Plant

1969 – 1973

Qualified Po-Town Steamer

Some of the people (steamers) I had the honor of crossing path/standing watch with: H.Rap, Hippie, Hippo, Animal, Mad Dog, Bull Frick, Swede, Jumpin Jack Flash, Hooker, Hulk, Dad, Porno P, Lifer, Flag Waver, Sarge, and I apologize to those who I forgot...

The little things in Life that bring back so many memories both good and bad :

1. San Moogo came from two different locations as identified on the bottle. 
2. What caged animal was outside of Paulina(?) 
3. Was it really possible to drown in the Shit River? 
4. If you fell in the Shit River you immediately went to the Brig and then sick bay for an initial round of four shots followed later by boosters. 
5. The Jungle was not a name of a bar. 
6. White Rock parties and the bare ass diving contest. 
7. “Wilbur Sux” (I thought this was a someone’s real name) 
8. Funk Brothers’ comics
9. “Puma Country”
10. Haircut/Side Burns chits


A fast cruise is not what it appears to be

I know it must sound like a rapid trip to sea

To all who are sane, I know this may sound queer

But during a Navy fast cruise we never leave the pier

We suffer all the hardships of a regulation two-day cruise

But we never drop our lines, we never turn our screws

Even though we never come close to leaving the Golden Gate

We still suffer Navy chow and stand our 4 and 8

Even though we're still within easy walking distance from the nearest taxi stand

We're constantly under attack by an infamous aggressor Nation

Our families are all waiting but off this ship we cannot go

But no one can complain for tomorrow we're entertained by the USO

All the watches, work, and GQ's don't bother me a bit

I'll given the Navy another weekend instead of wasting it

Yes, all the work is done and there's nothing they can say

But the place is still a shit hole and we'll have to hold field day

It's true, we need the practice, or at least that's what I've heard

After all it's been two months since we've steamed this floating Turd

Well, you sleep well this weekend, America, that's all I have to say

For the mighty Enterprise is on station in San Francisco Bay!


Hulk Poem ....

hey KP ...

if another ole steaming pal, Mac Takaki, hasn't sent this to you ... here is a poem he typed out from some of the dopey books he has from 4 plant circa 1972. (see above)

he has some pics as well but claims to be computer illiterate so ... we will see if we can get him up to speed ... or at least get his kids to train him ... and somehow get more stuff to you.

the classic Hulk thing was his Thanksgiving Poem ... written as we were bombing on thanksgiving 71 or 72. that ... i will bug Mac about.

i just found the lad after searching since 1990 and turned him onto your site ... said it made him laugh and cry all the same time. ;)



Marlayna Schoeneman Comes Aboard ....

I would like to have my email address listed on the website

Marlayna Schoeneman EM23, 1999-2003,

Thanks, Marlayna


Hey!  Can it be?  Are you our official First female Big E nuke???  (If you're a dude with a name like Marlayna then I don't know what to tell you.)  Please send us your memories and tales of debauchery so we can compare notes;)  Glad to have you aboard!  Please email me your home address so I can send off a Mooj T-shirt to you (I had one saved for my first Big E nuke female). 


Another Teaser for Arrrrgh!

ARRRRGH !!!! I have a hard time believing that a squid of your talents and resolve can't follow the clues that have been left throughout my postings. Perhaps your brain cells have been fried like a sacrificial anode from your years of contented partying???? I have been contacted by several others who seem able to place me. I suppose I could give you more specific clues, but I never thought you enjoyed being spoon fed. The ARRRRGH we all knew was a man of stubborn dignity (at least on watch) who never let you forget it. Oh well, since you asked.

I was an accused lifer who never served a life term. You were not short when we first met down at your beloved RCPA in 4 Plant. You put me through many thorough knowledge quests but signed my card anyway (you wanted your guys off the LRPT watchbill as soon as possible).

I could occasionally be found in the guarded "pink room" off base (sort of) drinking and such, while unnamed others would partake of numerous vices. There were many quiet individuals who seldom let others know their habits, some of rank both by position and by bars on their shoulders.

I was greeted (sometimes with genuine hellos) by all rates but seldom got mistaken for my formal classification.

I was at "C" (assigned for 6 months) and you might have been gone, but my brother (The chowdale) was in the barber shop when the beloved "Tuna" hit Bishops Rock. The arrogance of the guys who bravely guided our ship into harms way will never be forgotten.

Enough of that, Hey Guy Gaines!!!! It was great to see your name on the site a while ago. I still remember how you went out in Australia and got that chunk of dirt that people thought you were crazy to pay money for. I believe you had the last laugh when you finished cleaning up the gems that were inside of it. Good for you.

Does anybody know if Erick ever got his pilot's license?? Did the "Grape Ape" ever evolve??

Pulling 1, Pushing 2 & 3. 

Someone you should know.


A Mac Attack!

"A Mac Attack" ..hippo has been waiting along time to say this and now he can return to the primeval ooze in the Colorado river where he awaits the call to unite...ahh Mac, a Korean's best friend and perhaps the largest of the Samurai known to Christendom. Pictures of Swede(Thor) and The Jew(Alex) and Hulk and Mac splashing through the mud (sometimes over my dead body) litter the mind. The ever thoughtful Steamer and Little Bud urging me upright to avenge some cowardly slight...Animal with his shit-eating grin and Bull falling in love, again. The smell of patuli oil and the cacophony of Janis and Jimi. The skewers of "I don't want to know" from the tiny braziers and the humidity only leavened by a sweating bottle of Macarthur's favorite. The fecund smell of LBFM's..Yes Mac, I remember you well.....hippo


The Ponderings of an ex IKE Nuke ....

I was on IKE 79-84. And here are a few of my sea stories. (The reason they are so boring is because they aren't made up :) 

#1. All watchstanders were busy sprucing up the plant for an impending ORSE (which we eventually failed by the way). 4th deck watch was up in the port access trunk with a 5 gal bucket of white paint painting the bulkheads when GQ was called. As you all know, during GQ, all the heads are secured... well someone in Repair Locker 4 had to go sufficiently enough to wander down the trunk, pry open the paint can, and leave a log. When we secured from GQ and resumed the 4th deck watch came down and let us know about it. In hindsight, it would have been very easy to spot the perpetrator... just look for someone sporting a white circle on his rump.

#2. Not only did CGLL have a lot of machinery, it also had condenser vent funnels (groin high) that served admirably as urinals. One day the CGLL watch had to use the bathroom and the funnels did not quite suit his needs (if you get my drift). So I... (I mean he) lined a bucket with a plastic garbage bag and crawled down into the bilge. He was halfway through this "evolution" when he looked up through the deck plates and saw the Reactor Officer staring down at him.

#3. I was fresh on board IKE and a group of us were taken into the RX compartment for a tour. This was right before we were heading out on a cruise. Shortly thereafter, they secured the RX Compartment and started getting ready to start up. One of the last things done before RX startup was the RX Officer making a tour. On his tour, he looked through the periscopes and in one of them, found that someone had drawn a Playboy bunny on the inside. Fortunately he had used magic marker and not a pen that could have cut the glass. Anyway, everything had to be delayed while we opened the RC back up so we could clean it off. No one came forward to confess, so everyone who had been in the RC for the last few days was punished. (welcome to Navy justice)

#4 Every so often, one had to stand training watches for all watchstations otherwise one would lose qualifications and have to requal. There was a period of time when it seemed everyone was having to do this... what this amounted to was a massive sleazefest, where folks were just signing off each other on training watches. For some reason, the Reactor Officer started scrutinizing the logs and the signed qual sheets (almost as if he didn't trust us). People had been very casual about these qual sheets and either had the hours stood on these training watches strung back to back with their regular watches (indicating they had stayed awake 48+ hrs. to get their quals) or even worse were people like me who had been so casual as to have the date/times of several training watches coinciding with the date/time of my regular watch! The RX Officer would have well been within his rights to have denuked us all... but considering easily half RM Div was guilty, we would have had a problem manning enough watchstations to make it back to port. After that episode, I was always more careful when I gundecked something.


Randy "Mo" Graves Comes Aboard ....

Hi, A fellow shipmate told me about your site. I was a Reactor Operator in 4 Plant from '74 to '76. I was nicknamed "Mo", so put me down as Randy "Mo" Graves. This is my e-mail address,

Thanks, Randy "Mo" Graves


Heads Up!

There's an Enterprise 76-77 cruise book on eBay at auction right now. Auction #5919123160 if you are interested. Auction ends Sep-10-04 19:15:17 PDT

By the way, let me know if you ever see a Cruise book from the 81-82 cruise. I'm watching and waiting...



Thought of The Day:

Real Engineers do Steam, Real Nukes do ENTERPRISE



Wog Chief ....


I think you're right: that does look like Frank Davies getting the business from the airdale. And no, you never puked on me. When I hit the beach, I went for the small, low key, out of the way places like Minda's Bos'n Locker.

Your mystery man has me stumped too. It does seem like he had a very long tour though.

To the former Ike nuke. If you came aboard in 79, there is a good chance we know one another. I was there 78-80. Ever notice anything odd about 1 plant?

Thomas Kreischer, RC14 83-85


GW Greetings ....

Awesome!  I was a nuke on GW (95 - 99).  I totally hated the navy but now I look back on my time as something out of the ordinary.  Now, like most of you Big E guys, I only remember good friends and good times and my hardworking mates that busted their ass no matter how f*cked up things were.  I spent countless hours reading through these memories and felt like I knew all of you, and that we are bonded in a way that few others can imagine.  Thanks for all your efforts in putting together this website.  As stupid as this sounds, I feel proud to say that I was a navy nuke!  I don't think I ever said this before.

Mike H.


Funnels on the Flats ...

The 'Ike nuke from '79-'84' reminded that I too was fond of using the drain funnels on CG lower level for urinals. I can't relate any good stories re: the other necessary bodily function except to say that there was some suspicion of Newport News shipyard workers using the bilge in the plant as a repository of human offal during the '85-'87 overhaul. By the way, I got to Ike in the spring of '86. I wouldn't be surprised if the Rx officer the other guy talks about was none other than 'cool-hand Luke Williams'. He was there when I arrived in '86. He was a pretty cool cucumber, but he didn't miss a beat, so one would be circumspect to not let his apparent coolness create the wrong impression.

Joe B, RE Div on Ike from '86 - '90


Remembering PO Schoeneman ...

I can attest to PO Schoeneman’s presence on the Big E. She was in the first class of females sent to us.

This girl was assigned as a ‘knuckle-dragger’ in 3 plant and she qualified quickly.

She was the first female to qualify CMO and then Water Control in Central. Outstanding watchstander !!!

Her equal in RM Div was a young woman named Monetta Little. She will definitely be a CPO one day.

If I remember right, Schoeneman was going to get out and pursue a medical degree of some sort, but the brain cells are a little foggy right now.



Two Old Salts ....

Crossed paths with former EE30 Load-Toad Terry Gardner yesterday.  If Terry looks more "squared away" than yours truly, it's because he's still in the reserves.  He claims his former mates would shake their heads in disgust if they knew he was a chief these days.   


Old Salts?

Look more like old farts to me! Especially that goofy looking one with the long hair. Like, it's the 21st century, man! hehehehe



KP Note: Ah c'mon Arrgh!  You know I refuse to grow old gracefully;)  

Chief Flashlight ...

In 1977 1 Plant had a PPWS with a peculiar habit. He was a chief electrician. Once per watch, the PPWS was required to come down into the hole to review and sign the ERUL and ERLL logs. This chief would come running down to ERLL, sign the logs, and then shine his 3 cell flashlight in the bilge between 1B and 1C main feed pumps. Next he'd sprint to ERLL. He'd sign those logs, then shine his flashlight into the piping above the gland exhaust fan by the forward bulkhead. Then he'd sprint back to the safety of the CTG flats. This routine never varied. He only spent two minutes tops in the hole. We figured us M-Div types had the guy intimidated. This was just fine with us, since we worked long and hard to cultivate our image as a bunch of crazed, rude degenerates. This image helped keep the riff-raff out.

One evening I was in my rack and had just settled into some serious REM sleep. The Shaft Alley Patrol came by and woke me up. WTF? It CAN'T be time to go on watch already. The SAP just says, "They need you down in the plant." Intrigued, I dressed and headed down to the plant. When I got down to CTG flats, there's Chief Flashlight, looking pissed and holding the CMO log book. Didn't even have the balls to wait for me down on ERUL (The CMO logbook was a 3 ring binder that held the one page CMO turnovers. These weren't official documents and as such didn't need to be reviewed by the PPWS. The front of the page had little check off squares to indicate equipment status. The back of the page was just a bunch of lines for CMO comments.)

We had two small air compressors just forward of the main air ejectors, and one of them was at the shop at the time. Ed "P.A." Kennicott had taken it upon himself to strip and repaint the pedestal and associated piping while the compressor was gone. When I had relieved Ed, his first entry in the "Comments" section was, "Leave my project the f**k alone. (Ed didn't use asterisks.) When I got relieved, my first entry was, "Left PA's project the f**k alone." (I didn't use asterisks either.) Chief Flashlight was HOT! He goes into this big diatribe about me not being profession etc…etc… Nothing ever came of it though. I think Chief Goat bailed us out.



Glen Brendel Comes Aboard ...

Your website has jogged many memories, some of which should stay forgotten. Please post my name and e-mail address on your website Glen Brendel, EE30 1986-1991,



KP Note:  Wow, an electrician from my era .... I searched the cruise books and found you.  I recall seeing often in 5&6 SWGR.

Virtual Toast

Gentleman, if you will.  Tonight drink a toast to my old friend and shipmate Dave Freisleben.  He was my 8502B classmate and roommate in Saratoga.  He was killed 19 years ago this week (9/15/85) in a car accident.  



A True Arrgh! Story ....

Ever have coincidental situation that left you wondering if there were such things as coincidences? The odds of what happened in this true story are phenomenal, at least....

Back in 1985, I was living in Ohio with Steve "Worthless" W_egner, working at the Perry Nuclear Plant. It was in late summer, and one evening the phone rang. It was our old buddy Clint "Madrock" Maddock, who was about to get out of the Navy (finally). Seems old Clint had some kin folks nearby, and he wanted to stop in for a few evenings of partying, just for old times' sake! Well, we were certainly up to it, and looking forward to it as well. He called on Wednesday evening and was in California (Alameda) waiting to be processed out the following day. He was going to get into town Sunday night or Monday. Steve and I were going out of town to visit his sister in Wisconsin that weekend, and we weren't expecting to get back into town until Sunday night, so we warned Clint that we may not be home until late Sunday. He said that was fine, that he'd just check into a hotel and catch us after work Monday.

Sunday afternoon we decided to leave a little early from Steve's sister's place and we got back on the highway headed to Ohio on the interstate. We took the Arrgh! mobile, a beautifully non-restored '63 Valiant, which had been painted red since Clint had last seen it. We pulled off to get some gas, and after refilling the tank, we headed back to the freeway. On the ramp I was telling Steve how good it would be to see Clint again. As we were merging, I looked over at the car in the other lane and it was Clint! Amazingly, I merged right along side of the guy as he was driving to our house! Figure the odds... we were over 100 miles from home, getting on the ramp while coming home from two states away, and we run smack into a guy headed to our house from California.

He recognized us right away and we all pulled over to shake hands and laugh at the situation before driving back to our house in Ohio. Wow!



Some Photos From Mark

VIP visits to ENTERPRISE were not uncommon ....

Mark Valdick from RM-23 joined the regular ARMY after serving onboard ENTERPRISE.

Maybe these photos will bring him out from hiding !!!



KP Trivia:  Here's a question for all of ya.  I don't know the answer but between all of us we can figure it out.  How many US Presidents have been aboard the Enterprise?  I know of three: JFK, LBJ and Bush 41.  Anyone remember seeing Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton or Bush 43? Anyone have any stories about seeing "the Big Guy" aboard?

Female Nukes and such ....

Ram, I hope you are willing to post this letter. Just for the record I am not trying to cause a ruckus by expressing this opinion, just hoping to get some responses that might shed more light on the subject. Maybe we could even get some opinions from the female population or currently active shipmates which seem to read this site more than contribute to it. If by expressing my opinions I offend someone I apologize in advance, but remember, even if something is said that you might not agree with, it doesn't make it wrong or untrue. I look forward to others expressing an opinion hopefully without fear of recrimination for doing so. You won't see me telling you that you can't express yourself.

I know that this subject has been kicked around by many souls more worthy, but, for the sake of my two cents (which I partially earned while we followed the Minsk around out in the Indian Ocean while it was doing it's shakedown cruise) I just can't believe that things are as capable now with female watchstanders as they were back then.

I was there when women first started going through prototype. I admit some could learn the books, but they often cracked under pressure on watch and with few exceptions could not handle the physical demands in the engine rooms or even the throttle board for that mater. I know of one who injured her wrist while shimming for critical. I watched as the few women who were qualifying were given preferential treatment because everybody was afraid of being accused of discrimination (or worse). It was actually just the opposite, and many good guys got treated poorly as a result of such circumstances. Maybe things have changed, if so let me know from first hand experience. Not all the women were incapable or left their post crying, but a higher percentage fell into that category and were allowed to slip through the cracks. (given enough time you could qualify a chair if you had to)

There were often rumors of "favors" exchanged for favorable assignments and/or even passing final Qual Boards (it gave a whole new meaning to the term "Oral Board"). I have no such first hand knowledge, and I'm sure that not all the stories are true, but, there is often a portion of truth to such rumors which can't be disregarded. Many a bizarre facts occurred to a lot of us while we experienced the adventures of the NAVY.

The first bunch of female MM's were just given ELT billets or SPU status regardless of their Qualifications for the job. I really didn't understand why there were any female RT's in the first place since they couldn't go to sea and there were far too few shore duty assignments for the ET's. It caused a lot of anger and pent up frustration when the women got shore duty when others were more deserving. How many extra years at sea did we spend while they took up those billets?????

I was not at sea when the women invaded our ships and changed things forever and I am glad of it. It was hard enough having to deal with all that crap on land, but at least when your workday was over you could leave it behind. This might not be an opinion that many others would express or be allowed to share. For the moment though I am living in a free country and I should not fear to state my opinion on such matters.

I realize that there were guys that took advantage of the system too. Eventually though, those people were left unshielded from their benefactors and had to face the music. The system in place was not perfect but seemed to have enough checks and balances.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against anyone who could accomplish the job in a manner that did not cause hardship for others in the process just through their mere physical presences. YES, many guys caused people hardships, but, they could be weeded out without fear of reprisal or serious consequences. I don't know of any situation where that applied to a female NUKE.

I guess that many might call me a male chauvinist pig and not consider the facts of the situation. They have the right to their opinion. I challenge anyone though to really take the time to consider the things they might have observed (or experienced) and make a case for the opposite position. Not the RARE EXCEPTIONS who finally got through the program, but the situation as a whole. Tell me how things are better now and we are a more capable fighting force to be reckoned with. I just don't think that is the case.

It must have been an opinionated morning. 

Someone you should know.

P.S. In case anyone thinks that I am hiding my identity so others don't know how or who to address a possible response to that is not the case. I will gladly respond to anyone who wishes a reply. (yes, even you ARRRGH!!!!). Just post your opinion and request for a response on this site so others can read your views. I will get back to you as feasible.


Andrew Kuether Comes aboard ...

Cool website. Can't wait to read some stories. Please add my name to the Alumni list.

Andrew Kuether ( 1992 - Christmas Day, 1996) RM 4-Plant



Alas, The F-14 is No More!

King Paul, The F-14 is no more! I thought I'd pass on this article and photos from the local Tucson newspaper. As you may know, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson is home of the huge military aircraft bone yard. Well, the last of the F-14's has arrived in the bone yard. I'm sure all carrier sailors from the mid-70's until recently remember the first time watching F-14's during flight ops from the island, especially at night. What an amazing sight to watch an F-14 taking off at night! I remember while sitting the panel, you could always tell when a F-14 took off because it would cause the highest transient spike in steam demand due to it's weight (Damn, I can't believe I remembered some of the nuke lingo). I'm not even sure if that last statement is true, but that's what we believed at the time. I also remember watching flight ops for the last time before we pulled into Subic during the '89 world cruise, and being just as fascinated as the first time 3 1/2 years earlier. I'm sure some Enterprise sailors from the '85-86 time frame remember the filming of Top Gun. I still think all carrier pilots must have the hugest testicles on the planet, even the females! That was one sexy airplane!

Mark Groseclose


ARIZONA DAILY STAR - September 14, 2004 The last five F-14A Tomcat fighter jets, the plane made famous in the 1986 movie "Top Gun" arrived at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base on Monday for retirement from active military service.

The planes were from Fighter Squadron 211 out of Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, Va. They will be dismantled for parts and stored at the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center adjacent to D-M.

The F-14A was the original version of the famous Tomcat, designed to take the place of the F-111B fighter-bomber, which was too heavy to take off from an aircraft carrier. The first F-14 prototype flew on Dec. 21, 1970. The first production aircraft were delivered to the Navy on Oct. 8, 1972.

Between 1969 and 1992, Grumman Aerospace produced nearly 710 F-14s in different configurations, from the F-14A to the F-14D. The plane is capable of speeds in excess of 1,500 mph.

The F-14s are being replaced with the F/A-18 Hornet, built by McDonnell Douglas. But about 80 of the newer Tomcats will remain in service until about 2005.

The two Tomcats used in filming "Top Gun" are also retired at the center.

Remembering Mark Champman Schultz

Please add Mark Chapman Schulz to the Memorial listing. He died in 1996 of cancer. He was an exceptional RM from 1 plant and was in RT for a few years also. He was on the E from October 1971 to September 1975.




Females in Berthing ....

Okay, here is something for you old timers …. How about the female nukes living in Reactor Berthing? Yes, when the women started reporting to ENTERPRISE, we converted the port side of RM berthing to female berthing and the old RE head was converted to a female head (was there a difference? --- Sorry, couldn’t resist).

The middle lounge was co-ed. Everyone had to wear at least gym shorts and t-shirts. So it was one big happy family.

It’s been 3 years since I left, and I am not sure if this continued. It made for interesting berthing inspections, which we had to do on a rotating and random basis.



Ahoy Enterprise!

Mates, On this date in l960, the world's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise was launched in Virginia, according to CNN. That is all. 



It's That Time of Year Again!

Dang Homies.... Just got my invoice for another year of Mooj website hosting.  I guess I'll pay it, as this part of the site is finally hitting it stride.  The Mooj, if anyone cares, has been dead now for over a year and nothing of any significance has been added to his ever bounding adventures.  I'm still laboring away at writing my soon to be bestseller The Mooj Book, but I'm lazy .. and well, you know.  

When I called the guy who hosts my site ( to renew for another year he proudly informed me that I was his "oldest" customer now, as all the other late 90s dot coms of my vintage have dot bombed.  I guess technically speaking I've dot bombed as well, as I never made a dime on the whole Mooj master plan.  The only consolation I have is that this KP site brings me great joy and I love sharing our adventures and memories.  So here's to another great year!  (I'm sipping a San Miguel as I speak.)



Anthony Ackels Comes Aboard (again?) .....


Thought i had my name up here before but i guess i will have you add again, thanks

Anthony Ackels EE04 2000-2004


Wog Chief, Cont.

Yes that is Chief Davies! And there is D. Banks growling like a dog also, as well another four planter, Pete G. doing the back stroke in one of the other photo's. I also believe that, that is S. Leonard looking up from the hanger bay floor. R. Friend is next to Davies and in another photo just getting up to kiss the baby. I have often wondered what happened to some of those chiefs, that were so nasty. Davies just use to love to screw with me, he took much joy (I believe) in scaring the shit out of me along with a lot of others. Pretty much every chief we had loved to screw with the blue shirts or so it seemed. Of course the worst was a certain LDO Ensign.... I just could not understand how someone that came up through the ranks and then totally forget how it was when they were our shoes standing the watches, doing the maintenance. As time passes and I get to be more senior at work and receive promotions, I have not taken that as an opportunity to mess with any of the junior people. I have always tried help the junior guys coming up behind me, by making it little easier on them by letting them learn from my mistakes. Too bad the navy chiefs (at least the ones I was around) didn't treat me that way, if they did I may not have been so eager to get the hell out (I remember, counting 1300+ DTG)! What me bitter?



The Lost Glasses ....

Once upon a time a drunken sailor (me) was walking with his honey and some friends to honey's apartment after a night of drinking and dancing with the Ozone Rangers and Rangerettes. We were strolling down a side street, which branched off of Magsaysay near the New Florida Club, laughing and joking on the way. l was leading the pack, anxious to get home so l could "get busy" when l encountered a pile of sand/garbage/dirt which had been dug out of a drainage ditch and left on the side of the road. Being the clown that l am, l decided to jump over the pile, which was about a foot or so high. "Hey everybody, watch this!" l exclaimed as l stood in front of the pile and hopped over it. Well, there was some sand on the other side of the pile, and when my feet hit the sand they slid out from under me and l was on my ass in micro-seconds! Sometime during this evolution my glasses went airborne and landed somewhere nearby. Feeling rather foolish l picked myself up off the ground, dusted myself off, and told everyone to freeze, exclaiming that l had just lost my glasses. Thus began a frantic search as l can only see clearly about 18 inches from my face. Within a minute or so l heard an unknown voice ask if there was a reward. After a night of steaming l had a minimum of pesos (maybe 20P) so l said "Yeah, 20 pesos" Alas, my glasses could not be found and l was too drunk to figure out at the time that the unknown voice had my specs. So, l was forced to blur it out for the rest of the night. The next morning, l had to go back to the ship, so l slowly made my was to Magsaysay, which was a typical mob scene; throngs of people and Jeepneys massing towards the Main Gate. l knew which direction to go, but hesitated for a minute as l didn't want to appear like a blind person. The next thing l heard was music to my ears! "Hey Willy!" l heard ,and knew it was PP--l was saved! Someone to lead me back through the throng safely to the base! l guess PP had noticed l didn't have my specs on right away and l looked lost in the crowd, not to mention hungover as usual. So, thanks to PP l made it back to the ship where l had back-up specs; but these were special US Govt. birth control specs with the black frames and my usual coke bottle lenses. At least l could see clearly again. Several days later l decided to get another pair of glasses as honey was about to cut me off (not really) and l was tired of looking like a dork. So, not wanting to wait for the inevitable pair of Govt glasses, honey and l went to an optical shop on Magsaysay . We were looking at frames when l noticed a pair l liked. When l asked to see them, l realized they were the frames of the glasses l had lost!! SOB, l exclaimed! these are my old frames! So, l bought the damn things for the second time!!!

Willy 4MMR


Willy's Lost Glasses ....

Willy and I had some recent correspondence regarding his lost glasses in Olongapo. In reliving the event, here's a couple of additional observations that surfaced :

I was riding in back of a jeepney, heading for the Main Gate. Shortly after turning on to Magsaysay, I spied Willy standing on a street corner. Willy was just standing there looking dazed and confused. This in itself wasn't unusual for Willy on an Olongapo morning after. As we drove by, I yelled out a greeting. Willy's head snapped around in my direction and he practically screamed out, "Pat!!!!" There was real desperation in his voice. I stopped the jeepney and got out to see what was wrong. Willy was squinting in my direction and I noticed he was without his glasses. I had known Willy for about 4 years at this point and knew he was blind without eyewear. Willy told me about losing his glasses and asked me to escort him back to the ship for a fresh pair.

Escorting Willy presented a dilemma. We didn't want to walk hand in hand. And we didn't want to walk arm in arm like we were going to the prom together. I wished Willy had a white cane so people would understand what was going on. I guess we were afraid of people calling us gay.

(Well it wasn't exactly "gay" they would have called us.) This sounds kind of trite to me today, but remember : this was the mid 70s. Guys could be cruel in those days. "Political correctness" hadn't been invented yet. And "sensitive" was just a word on a package of condoms.

Anyhow, I escorted my myopic friend back to the ship. He got his spare glasses and rejoined the sighted population. 



Dan Landon Comes aboard ...


I served on the Enterprise from 1969-1971. I was a Machinist Mate reactor plant operator. Can't remember much more than that.

I was aboard when the Enterprise was refueled in Newport News, and was discharged in early 1971 before it departed for overseas.

Dan Landon


Front of The Line Privileges!

KP-Please Post:

Any Big 'E' people looking for contract work - I will be able to help. E-mail me resumes at or Company is AMES, inc. website is We have work in almost half the nukes. Big 'E' people will be put at the top of the list. Right now looking for I&C techs for 30 day outage in Michigan.


Jim Tarkowski 724-612-7134


From Arrgh!

here's a couple of pics to use... or not, as steamer always says...

Arrgh! ;)

for the "badger" one, here's some text if you decide to use it...

In my experience in construction, a similar phenomenon as that noted in the ad was found. We had to start putting "ass gaskets" in the heads to make sure people didn't get stuck, since they were in the stalls so long. We never saw this handy product...



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