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Letters, Random Memories and Assorted Sea Stories (Cont.)

Two 2Plantlosers and one 4Plant King;)

Last Christmas The Wood Dog was in town so, as we always do when he's around, Dove (Shane Wikfors), Woody and I hooked up for some beer and social interaction.  As usual we had a good time.




Also, last weekend Bongo Bill and his wife came to Phoenix.  Though we had never met before, it seemed like we were life-long friends!  I was honored to finally meet the infamous Bongo Bill!


Bishop's Rock n Roll

King Paul,

I'm obsessed with the collision of the Enterprise with Bishop Rock in 1985. (We surf big waves out there from time to time...see I can find ZERO official naval data on the incident. To your knowledge is there any definitive "unofficial" account of the grounding, specifically the exact damage sustained? (I've found a few comments about Leuschner, but I'm more concerned with the ship...) There's also an urban legend that Navy Seals blew up the upper portion of the rock following the crash. Any facts or lies surrounding that one would be appreciated as well.


Bill Sharp, Project Director, Billabong Odyssey Newport Beach, CA

I wasn't onboard The E during the collision so I can't really help with "insider" info.  I have no idea if this information is even classified.  Seems it made the papers so it's probably public knowledge.  The damage assessments, however, might still be classified. If anyone wishes to share information with Bill Sharp or this site, please do so.  I recall reading somewhere that Bishop's Rock has been a bane to sailors entering San Diego Harbor since the days of Cabrillo.  Countless ships have been sunk by it.  


More About Moral .....

KP There are a number of reasons that I left the Navy after my six year obligation, and moral is right at the top of the list.

My Dad had been in the Army for 30 years so I was prepared for low pay, harsh living conditions, short hair, being away from family and friends and the rest of the stuff that's a part of military life. What I found as a nuke was beyond that. I hope I don't come across as a whiner, because I'm not. I kept a pretty good attitude all through boot camp, MM"A" school, my first ship (DD-827), nuke school, prototype and even my first Westpac on the "E". The shit didn't really hit the fan till we got back to Alameda. That’s when reality reared it's ugly head.

The '76 cruise had been extended do to the fall of Saigon, and they promised us an extended "stand down" when we got back to the States. This lasted all of one week. Then they announced we had to get the ship back to full readiness ASAP, so it was back to full workdays and 3 section duty. And oh, by the way, all your work uniforms look like shit, from all that chipping and painting we made you do underway, so buy new ones. And get that hair cut too, or we won't let you have even the little bit of liberty we allow you now. This was the first of many times I heard the term BOHICA. And it went downhill from there.

Not that there weren't times that moral among the nukes was pretty good. Just before and just after visiting a foreign port moral was pretty high, especially if the port was Subic. The first week after ORSE was also pretty good too. The powers that be would congratulate us and say that the recent ORSE was the best one yet. Then, a week later they would say that the material condition of the plants was terrible and we only had 51 weeks to get everything in shape before the next ORSE.

In retrospect, like most, I had some pretty down moments, but I think I generally kept my sense of humor. It’s hard, however, to keep it up when you are in a program with a less than 5% retention rate. I had a lot of what I'd call close personal friends, and only one of them re-enlisted. (Good old Paul Burke) You'd have thought the Navy would have noticed that they were training all these bright young people just to piss them off and loose them.


Wayne Bahr Comes Aboard ....

I'm one of them 60's guys from Enterprise Reactor Department

Bahr, Wayne

RM - One Plant July 67 through January 71


Enterprise today and memories of the past ...

Like some of this bunch, I am in the Navy today. Unlike most of this group, I'm in the Navy Reserve, as a Corpsman no less. I was browsing through Yahoo a few days ago and came across a Yahoo group for 90spouses and friends of the crew of the Enterprise. Some of the comments and complaints haven't changed in twenty odd years.

I remember there were times that really pissed me off; and I remember times that were a great deal of fun. There were also one time when the Reactor Officer got me off of one of those "fast cruises" in Alameda to attend my grandfathers funeral. I was very glad about that. I had nightmares about being on board after I got out, but I have come to realize how much I experienced in a few years.

I was working for the MAA's during the last part of the 83 WestPac and into the workup and refresher training. I tried to keep an eye out for people, as I figured that is was easier to keep someone out of trouble than to deal with them after they got into trouble. There wasn't much I could do about the haircut attitude, but I never gave anyone grief about it. They never had me stand brow watch, except when they wanted random searches for contraband. What always pissed me off was the guy that would come back drunk, and openly be carrying a pot pipe. It would take me nearly an hour to fill out the paperwork on him, then get his division up to watch him all night for being so drunk. As you might guess, I have never suffered fools and idiots gladly and anyone that couldn't guess that there were brow searches going on and ditch his stuff to me was fair game.

I'm sure that you have heard enough of my rambling tonight.

firefly aka Larry Smith

Reunion Feedback

On Page 25 (at the bottom) I mentioned I was collecting feedback on our planned reunion.  I'll collect it here and bookmark it (and link from index page).  Keep checking this box for the latest info!

I will attend anywhere within 500 miles of the Bay Area. July and August are booked already.

Dale Keys

KP, Not sure that Phoenix or Vegas is a good idea in the summer, for some strange half the guys would drop dead from the heat. March is pretty busy for me, but once we set a date and location, I'll be there if at all possible. A fall reunion would give everyone plenty of lead time to work out their schedules. How about late Sep-Oct?

San Diego could be a destination to get stupid like the good ol' days. But Phoenix or Vegas are good too.

You shouldn't have to ask why to have a reunion like this.

Later, Rob Shane

whaaaat????? ... we ain't doing it in Potown!!!!

well ... i only plan 2-3 daze ahead so just tell me where and when and i'll be there. or not. ;)

btw ... i saw that pic of you and mrs kp ... and bongo bill and his better half. man ... did you spring for that meal? looks pretty 4 star, eh? IHOP? doggie bags? ;)

ok ... you can tell us ... that's the only place that would let you in with Bongo wearing that shirt, right? ;) hehehe


I can meander anyplace the cabbages grow high and the mud is wet and deep but the high hot sun cracks the skin on my back so later in the season is more conducive to my well being. I hear that dingo's like to nibble on my flanks. There aren't any dingoes in the southwest, are there......????.....


Hey, KP,

I am soooo behind. I haven't looked at the KP site for weeks now, and have been spending my time at Critical Thinking. I completely missed the reunion thing. I am down for whenever, wherever. I have a friend from elementary school who works at the Luxor hotel in Vegas, I can ask her about any event planning she can help with if Vegas is the decided point. I can also inquire about the Bay Area if need be. Maybe the USS Hornet (which is berthed where we used to be in Alameda). they have New Year's Eve parties there. Might be a thought. But count me in regardless. I can pass the word to a few other fellow nukes here in town.


I work with a guy who was a Marine Corps sniper in Viet Nam. A couple of years ago his unit had a reunion in Vegas. I believe he said it was at the El Dorado or the Monte Carlo. Anyhow, he said that they treated them absolutely GREAT! Sounded like they were set up cater to just this kind of event.

If people get tired of drinking beer and shooting the shit with their old buds, there are plenty of other things to do in Vegas. If you can't find something to do there, you ain't trying. If Vegas was the location, Summer would probably not be the best time.

It makes me chuckle to imagine of a bunch of aging former Enterprise nukes taking a group tour of Hoover Dam. (I hear they opened up the interior to tours again.)


KP –

Here is an idea for the reunion. Those interested could join the USS ENTERPRISE ASSOC ( and tag along with their reunion plans for Irving, TX on 22-26 September.

We enjoy camaraderie with all the ENTERPRISE folks and then we could retire to our own ‘ROOM OF MOJO MADNESS’ … kind of like a hospitality room that the airdales used to have (and that we used to crash and drink their beer).

Their plans are already made and we could just enjoy the ride without anyone having to engineer our own bash.

Just an idea.

Mark (3/8/04)

Hi Ram, Glad to hear a reunion might be down the road. Any thoughts on who, what, where, when, how? Maybe a block of rooms at a hotel to cut down on the travel. I'm in whatever. hope it works out. I was on the site tonight and laughed my ass off at the "Sea of Shit" story. I was there, it was a sight to behold. Let's try to make this trip into the past and back again one to remember! 

R2O  (3/9/04)

Ron Ogan has been to Vegas a time or two and says he'll forward some info about a couple of places he knows that will be good potential sites. I talked to a former marine at work who attended a reunion in Vegas a few years back (mentioned it on the site) He said the hotel they stayed at was definitely the Monte Carlo, and highly recommended them. I'm contacting them for some info. I'll hold on to what info I can gather until we have a "point man" to share with. Looks to me like two things need to be done :1) Find a volunteer to be "point man" 2) Find a way to take a vote to finalize time and place and get an approximate head count so we can proceed to the next step. I just looked at the Alumni page. (Damn, that sucker has grown!) and was thinking : Is there a simple way to use this to send out a "Mass E mailing" from where you sit? This might be used to accomplish the issues listed above. Incidentally, Mark's idea of tagging along with the Enterprise Association reunion ain't perfect, but could be a lazy man's option if nobody volunteers to be point man.

PP (3/15/04)


How much response have you had? If you think it'll be a light turnout, we should set a date and place and all hang out. If there's going to be a load of people there (like >20-25), we'll probably want something more organized. I have no idea nor experience in reunions, but check out

Let's at least set a date this month (March). How about October 15-16th? It's 7 months away and having it on Friday-Saturday means us working stiffs can take 1-2 days off plus the weekend. Looks like the average temps in Vegas are good in September/October too.

You still remember what NAVY is an acronym for, I'm sure: "Never Again Volunteer Yourself." In that spirit, I am officially not volunteering myself, mainly due to time constraints, but will help where I can once a brave soul takes the lead.

Rob Shane (3/15/04)

The Following Email was sent out to all email addresses on "contacts" page,  3/22/04:

Fellow USS Enterprise Nukes:

As discussed on Ram Tuli's unofficial Reactor and Engineering Departments website (, we want to pull together a reunion this year (2004). While nothing formal is planned yet, we are tentatively looking at Las Vegas in October. It's time to gauge interest in the reunion and get a basic headcount to see how much space we'll need.

Who: USS Enterprise Nukes as well as other Reactor and Engineering Department members, past and present. (though Nukes from other ships won't be turned away)

When: October 15-16, 2004

Where: Las Vegas


Since we first need a rough headcount, please respond if you can (>75% chance) or cannot attend. We're also going to need some volunteers to help with planning. Anyone out there willing to help? I expect to firm up the plans before the end of April.

Send me an updated email addresses! I am sending this to all addresses listed on the contact page ( Please forward to fellow Big E nukes not listed.

Thanks, Rob Shane EE-30, 1986-1990

KP Note: Cruiser Ghost, Ike Mike, Joe Brown, and others who frequent this site, who served on other ships, are more than welcome to attend (and it is hoped that you do!)


1.) Highlight the invitation to all nukes. Subs, prototypes, etc have small compliments, can't typically mount the sort of initiatives you've got going ... but we're still all nukes. It's a win-win deal.

2.) Bear down on the site-selection issues. Las Vegas? Are we looking for a 'liberty town'? Urban costs - hotel rooms, entertainment, convention facilities, etc - all will drive up the 'price of admission'. Many of us have 'independent deployment' systems - RVs (reflective of our economic success) or simple camping set-ups - which we in fact use routinely for traveling, visiting and get-togethers. Cut the cost of the city and you'll get more people.

3.) Lower the profile of the 'diversion factor' for a better-quality Reunion. There will be those who want to find a blackjack table, or hunt down a whorehouse, or sit in a bar and get stupid. Let them get in the car and drive somewhere for that stuff, or bring their own props & supplies and pull together like-minded buddies in their RVs, etc. But keep the main/official focus on our Nukedom, and de-emphasis the 'strip'.

Rob, as you know, there are a lot of us nukes 'out there'. I think [the] Mooj project has located a 'live button' - I know it affected me that way, and I seldom think about my nuke past.

Ted Clayton SSN 677



Post Navy Job Interview ....


4MMR Willy and I recently discussed our first job interview after getting discharged. Thought I'd share an edited version.

Willy and I were discharged on Treasure Island July 10, 1978. At the out processing facility, there was a large bulletin board with the addresses and phone numbers of places looking for Navy vets. Willy and I set up one job interview within the next few days with a company called the Hartford Steam Boiler Insurance Company as boiler inspectors. Our interviews were in a high-rise in the financial district of San Francisco on something like the twentieth floor.

Willy and I were only about a week out of the P.I. and no doubt still had traces of lumpia, "monkey meat" and Sam Miguel in our systems. During the interview I started feeling pressure in my lower bowel. I wisely decided not to break wind in either the interview or in the reception area afterward while waiting for Willy. Once Willy's interview was finished, we got in the elevator for the ride down to the street. It was lunch time and the elevator filled quickly. Everyone (except Willy and I) was in professional business attire. There was a well dressed, genteel, fortyish lady standing pretty much between us.

I started experiencing some serious lower G.I. discomfort, and decided to perform a small "controlled vent" to relieve pressure. Done correctly, and with a strategically timed cough, this can usually go unnoticed. Unfortunately, once the genie started coming out of the bottle, there was no turning back. What resulted was an award winning fart. Conversation on the elevator came to an abrupt halt. This was a "reverbarator" and in the confined space of the elevator nobody could determine it's source. (Or so I hoped.) Then the odor hits! The interior of the elevator soon reminded me of Shit River on a Summer day. (Willy recently told me it made his eyes burn.) In the embarrassed silence I turned to the lady and said," It's OK ma'am. Just give me a dirty look and they'll think I did it." Just then the door opened on about the 10th floor and Willy and I practically dove out the door. On my way out the door I quickly ran my fingers down the row of buttons so the elevator would stop on every floor.

We took a different elevator down to the lobby and when we got out to the street we were laughing so hard we had trouble breathing. Four years on the Enterprise had warped both of us sick f**ks to this level. The Navy should think about having some sort of "decompressing" program to put guys like us through before turning them loose on society.


P.S. Sorry I resorted to "potty humor" again. Guess I'm STILL sick.

Gentlemen, try as you may, you just won't find good stuff like this on any other website in America.  PP, I laughed so hard that I almost choked.  I can actually picture the look on that poor woman's face.  You never told us, though, did you guys get the job?


The Lumpia Effect

Brother tars, I shall remain nameless because of my prominent place in American society.  My constituents just wouldn't understand this the way you, my fellow Big E squids would.  Actually, anyone whoever set foot in PI could probably relate to this tale of woe.  

After reading PP's awful story (above) I thought I'd share mine.  Like most of you I was prone to eat anything I could off those carts that lined the mighty Magsaysay.  And, like most, I was usually drunk out of my gizzard so I wasn't exactly discriminating in my tastes.  So it never failed that when I returned to my rack after days of partying I would lie there, half-dazed, half-coherent, half-oblivious to all around me as the ship began to rumble and get underway again.  And then I would get "that" pain.  You know, the one that tells you you have a little gas that needs venting.  Maybe it's more than that but you're too tired to pull yourself out of the rack that it took you about ten minutes to climb up into.  It's a little gas so no big deal, right?  

Ooops it wasn't.  Now you have to get out of your rack and make your way to the head hoping that no one will see your skivvies dripping with your innards.  And when you do actually get to the head there are no open seats since all of berthing is experiencing this same post lumpia/monkey meat/chicken feet/san miguel/mojo  trauma that you are.  Man, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat! 


More Potty Humor ....


The recent stories about "bathroom etiquette" have dredged up another memory that I had thought long ago lost.

Once while the Pig was in port Alameda, I was at some park in SF playing volleyball and drinking beer. Graceful and petite I am not, so after some aggressive playing I tore my jeans right in the crack of my ass. No problem I thought, I'll just drive back to the ship and get changed. Low and behold I get stuck on the Bay Bridge in Saturday afternoon traffic. I start to get that twinge, you know, like "I'm gunna need to pee soon."

So I squirm around for a while, cursing at the drivers in front of me, almost willing them to "GO!" Another half hour goes by.

Desperation is starting to creep in. I can't get out and pee next to my truck, and there are obviously no trees around. After some foraging under the seats I find the Holy Grail, a large milkshake cup from McDonalds. I'm saved!!! "I'll just fill this mother up and pour it out the window just as easy as you please," I laughed to myself. Finally I start to relieve myself and I'm feeling good already. Ahhhh. I can feel the warm liquid as it is filling up the sides of the cup. But wait, the cup is almost full and I'm still going strong. No problem, I'll just roll down the window and pour it out and continue the drainage.

I start to roll the window down and raise the cup to about shoulder height to dump it out and the wax MELTS right out of the bottom of the cup, emptying its contents directly into my lap. F-ME!!!!! I'm soaked, pissed off (and pissed on), still stuck in traffic. And to make things worse I still need to pee! I said the hell with it, and just peed the rest in my pants.

When I got back to the base I sat in the truck for almost an hour with the heater blowing to dry my pants enough that I could walk up to the quarter deck.

Pat Hoban

That's what I like about you guys.  Though we may be semi-respectable people now, we're still willing to share our most horrific stories with our fellow swabbies.    


Even More Potty Humor .....  "The Atomic Fart"


After reading PP's story, I felt that I could share this story which I meant to tell months ago. A lot of the details have been forgotten as it was another NPTU drunken weekend, but here goes anyway. 

Four of us left Saratoga on weekend to get some white belts in Groton, Conn., and to visit a fellow 7401-3 classmate at a NPTU in Southwick, Mass. We left in two VW bugs and had fun passing each other on the way-each time one car passed the other, the passenger window of the passing car was completely filled with ass. So we mooned our way to Mass., and our friend was on shift, so PP and myself hung out at his apartment and drank. (Don't recall where our 2 buddies went.) To further amuse ourselves, PP and I decided to have a fart-lighting contest. After an hour or so of this, I was in the lead with a 6-in diameter "ball-shaped" blast. Then PP says non-chalantly, "Well, got another one coming." What I witnessed has never been bested; PP lit his next emission and a streak of blue flame shot vertically towards the ceiling at least12", then briefly mushroomed horizontally for about 8", with a beautiful orange hue. I was speechless! At that moment I promptly threw in the towel, PP had beaten my best hands down. Shortly thereafter, we went canoeing at night in this pond behind where we were staying which was dubbed "The Sea of Sh*t" as it had so much brown algae growing at the water surface, and attempted to decrease the frog population by beating them with our paddles. Ah, the fun we had drinking!!! In another 2 1/2 weeks, I'll have been sober for an entire year! Who would ever believe it of this old party animal! Later guys,

Steve (4MMR Willy) Wilson

From Someone Most of You Know .....

King Paul: I was told about your site recently and checked it out. Not bad, worth my time for sure. I have spent the better part of the last two nights jogging the gray matter by reading some of the postings (Much to the wife's disdain). It has been a great ride down memory lane and I could no longer just read it & had to dive in. If you would, please post my "stories" on your site. Please keep my identity and E-Mail address "unknown" for now, until someone "admits" they remember me. I assure you that it will be worth the time and effort by all.

I will mention a few memories and undeniable happenstance that will remind all that there are people who watch what happens and just enjoy the ride. First, just a few things in response to what I have read so far (up to page twelve so far) It would be nice if people dated their postings so us "newbies" can get a clue as to when all of this was written. (today is 2/14/4) I went to NPS many moons ago with J. Gilmore AKA "The human Sasquatch" and others. I personally drove him to the ABC lounge on numerous occasions where I observed his legendary ability to down a fifth of jack, along with anything else he could scrounge, on any given night. He also had the ability to stare down the inspecting officers and get away with the most "unsat" beard in the NAV right in the middle of the circle. My RT card was signed by numerous characters within your site (including the infamous ARRRRGH). Contrary to his "Dubious Rep" he actually cared about passing on his knowledge and such (if you brought him a coke). Considering the other prices paid aboard that was nothing.

I learned to "relax" From my future LPO while playing bridge in the RC (Thanx ANDY). Our TLD's were busy getting Zoomies by the check valve and we had time to kill before getting across the brow that day anyways. I can verify most of the "no shitter" tales told during my time including the "Shim for 7 DPM" and the reason we all had to start wearing skivvies due to the "Wang in the face Incident" (I was wearing a different hat at the time). ARRRRGH was right about many things he has shared, including how belligerent the RO's were in properly questioning the repeatedly stupid orders and such from all too many "Officers" in charge. They did take some extravagant liberties with their power though. Absolute power results in absolute corruption, or so they say. IT IS GOOD TO BE KING!!!!!!

I was onboard at the time of the "running aground" occurrence and actually helped swap the RPFW coolers in 4RAR which kept us on line (it was not my idea ALAS the honor has to be given to someone else). Although I had nobody waiting for me on the pier I Almost felt sad for the guys waiting to "be" with their wives who had to hold on to themselves a little longer. The band playing and the balloons and such were nice to watch from a distance though. I still remember the talk of the town was how the Sailors couldn't wait to get home and "hit the first bar they ran into". It was a shame how the CO lost his opportunity for COMCARGRU7 because of that. He treated us OK. Just goes to show you that not all who deserved it got recognized. I will get back another time when I get a chance, the wife wants my "attentions" at the moment and I am still able to muster for the occasion. I will provide one more clue by signing off with my old DB alias: "The Enforcer"

P.S. HI MIKEY (Nolan), great picture of all of us in the P.I.. More another time. By the way, the first name of the 4 MMR guy that got sick at the sound of C note was Erick. I wonder if he ever got his pilots license??????  

From Bongo Bill To all Of You:

Hey KP, thought you might want to post this (or not)



This is awesome…

I'm told that there is a huge rock near a gravel pit on Hwy. 25 in rural Iowa.

For generations, kids have painted slogans, names, and obscenities on this rock, changing its character many times.

A few months back, the rock received its latest paint job, and since then it has been left completely undisturbed. It's quite an impressive sight. Click on the link below and check for yourself. Be sure to scroll down and check out the multiple photos (all angles) of the rock. I thought the flag was draped over the rock, but it’s not. It’s actually painted on the rock too.


Hartford Boiler Inspection ...


PP referred to Hartford Boiler Inspection. I need to know if he worked for them, or if not, does he know anyone who did in the 70's and 80's. I've been trying for years to locate someone who might've worked with my friend Rick Reeve who entered boot camp with me under the old "buddy system" and went through nuke school together until he went subs. Maybe you can forward this to him.


Dale Keys

Russell Deedon Comes Aboard ....


I'm an ex-1 planter. I was on board the Big E from 89 to 93. I was in ENGR in M-Div, and worked in #1MMR.

Home email address:

I love the dopey book excerpts. I'm the proud owner of the #1MMR dopey books from the 88 West Pac and the 89-90 World Cruise. If you ever want any of the stories scanned for your web site I'd be happy to oblige.

Russell Deedon

I know I speak for everyone when I say we'd all love to see some excerpts from those dopey books.  Since you 1-plant M-Diver's were in a league all your own, I can't imagine how brutal things were. 


Chris Reynolds Comes Aboard .....

Great web site, brings back some funny memories.

Chris Reynolds

EE30, 1989-1993

Hey another Load Toad! 


The Enterprise and The Rock ....

I still had friends onboard the 'Prise when it hit that rock. If my memory is right, I was told that it tore a 100 foot long gash in the starboard side of the ship. There was mention made that if the ship had not been built with torpedo belts, armor and a large number of voids at the outer hull, it would have sunk from the damage.

There was another incident about the same time. This was a fire in the MAA/MARDET berthing compartments. No one was seriously injured in that one, but I heard the compartment was pretty much totaled.

Some mention was made by AAARRRRGH! and a few others that they couldn't place my name to my face. I'm attaching a photo that was taken at the start of the 82-83 WestPac, shortly before I made MM1. Lets see if it jogs any brain cells free.

firefly AKA Larry Smith

To Someone They All Should Know ....

I haven't pegged the individual who wrote this post yet, but if he was swapping coolers in 4RAR after the grounding, he's in a very select (and small) group. I've lost touch with my old buddies who could name the individuals. I recall Mike McFarland was down there, and he would dime you out for us (unless you're him). I could probably figure you out from the picture Mike sent in, but I don't have time right now. My wife is calling, and I MUST obey, or go without. hehehe!!!!


Sea Marv's Playhouse

It's been a long time, but does anyone remember Sea Marv (Carl Carlson MM2 - One MMR )? Sea Marv was a character in any era. Off the wall. In one cruise book, 1967 I think) - he had about a dozen pictures taken of himself (with slightly different looks and names) and got them all in the cruise book. He wrote some great verse ('Ereactorotica- and 'Rumbling Noise in the CMO's Trousers' come to mind). When we were in Hong Kong in 68, Sea Marv bought a motorcycle helmet - took it to a tailor shop - had it covered in wool and two Viking horns added. He was stopped in every town he rode through.

His greatest achievement was Sea Marv's Playhouse

Back in 67 or 68 (during a yard period in Hunters Point or Bremerton) , Sea Marv crawled up into the overheard above # 1 Booster Flats and drew a large mural high in the pipes , with cartoon characters and other things. You had to work to get up there (and do it when the heat was bearable) , but it was worth it During the Newport News Refueling (July 69 to January 71) , the yard spray painted everything , but we were able to cover the Playhouse and save it.

Does anyone recall seeing it ?

Funny the things you remember after all these years

Wayne Bahr MM2 RM 1

This was a great description of a memorable character! I love learning about such folks from the different eras.   When I saw this email sitting in my inbox with the title "Sea Marv's Playhouse" I almost deleted it sight unseen 'cause it sounded like porn.  Glad I didn't;)

Keep 'em coming Wayne!


Richard Beard Comes Aboard .....

I was in RM11 from 1991-1995.  Please add me to the list with this email. I really appreciate your site as I have already contacted many of my lost friends.

Richard D. Beard III, Esq.

Cruise Book Photos

Reading about Sea Marv (above) reminded me of all the goofy stuff we tried to pull for cruise book photos.  During one cruise RE Div planned (but it was thwarted) to have Mark Stohl sit for each of our photos.  He was willing to do it but some of the more sentimental folks put an end to the scheme before it was hatched.  In retrospect I'm glad we didn't do this since it would have been awful not to remember what people looked like now that nearly 20 yrs has passed.

It was also not uncommon to pose wearing someone else's jumper top (this was more for convenience than anything).  Thus, many ETs and EMs can be spotted with MM screws above their crow (and vise-versa).   Folks were also fond of wearing their ribbons in the wrong order.  

Then, of course, there was the whole "nerd glasses" thing.  Someone would inevitably put tape on the bridge of some BCs, wear them while being photographed, and then pass them to the next guy waiting in line.  In one book (1988?) many in RE and RC Div appear this way (myself included). 

RE Div also loved to grow "long" unsat sideburns for cruise book photos.  My 1990 World Cruise book shows most of my division looking like Elvis.   


Bubba Jack Comes Aboard ......

I was in RM-ll from 1977 to 1981.

My name is Vernon Tsosie and I was known as Bubba Jack

E-mail address -

Recognized some names - Bill Ball, John Carlson and Pat O'Neil.

Enjoyed reading some of the sea stories and maybe I'll submit some of mine.

"Getting The Shaft"

K.P. In late '74 my generation came aboard the E. So many of us knubs reported on all at once that we overwhelmed R.T. Division. The overflow was assigned to a "Tiger Team." If you never spent time on a Tiger Team : this just means that you get sent to different engine rooms to paint for 8 hours a day and ruin every working uniform that you own.

One day, on the transit between Hawaii and the P.I., my good friend Gary Steinke and I were sent to I believe 2 or 3 MMR. (I just recall that one of the forward shafts ran through ERLL near the Main Feed Pumps.) Steinke and I each took on a running feed pump to paint. (I don't recommend this in tropical waters.) With about an hour left in the workday, I finished my feed pump. I didn't know what I was going to do for that last hour, but I knew it sure as hell wasn't going to be painting another feed pump! All day long I had been watching the shaft lazily go round and round at a steady 45 RPM or so. I got an idea. I'd just get a paint roller, some gray paint and let the shaft do the work. I thought I was pretty clever. (Imagine that : using the power of a nuclear reactor to apply paint.)

Thinking back on it, a guy just out of nuclear power school should have given some thought to gear ratios etc. As I poured gray paint in the roller pan and got the paint roller good and soaked I was blissfully clueless. My "good friend" Steinke however, understood exactly what was going to happen, and he moved to a better vantage point and didn't say a word. Without a care in the world, I applied the dripping roller to the rotating shaft. (A little quick math here : Propulsion shaft : ~30" OD. Paint roller : ~2 1/2 " OD. 1 shaft revolution = 12 roller revolutions.) The paint roller instantly spooled up to 540 RPM. There ain't any paint in the world that's going to stay on a roller at that speed! In seconds the entire front of me and my uniform were a nice Navy gray! Steinke almost pissed himself laughing.

I'm smarter than that now!


Swapping Coolers and Such ......

2/19/4 ARRRGH!!! You are quite right about Mike McFarland, he could party with the best of them. If you remember though, he could also operate a plant with the best of them too. He taught me (and others) quite a bit before he left. We had a group of guys down there that were second to none and would help each other out whenever it was needed. If I recall correctly, I was just recently BNEQ Qualified and was only assigned to RM-14 for a short while and went down (got called down) to the plant to help out when all the shit was hitting the fan during that cooler swap. The group of guys that were in RT during that cruise really made life easier to take the next several years. You never forget those who shared your misery (or those who helped you SKATE along). When I joined RM-14 it was known as the place to go if you wanted to really learn what things were all about. (of course, it was a matter of contention at times what was really learned) The water fights in that time were second to none and happened quite frequently while we were supposed to be cleaning. I also recall several people who ended up with a "Prussian blue ear" answering the sound powered headset in RARLL. I can't recall the name of the guy that returned with us on a westpac who was getting married shortly after our arrival who had to explain how (and why) to his fiancé how he got the words, "I like little boys" blued on his chest/belly shortly before our arrival. I think it was a 4-plant M-Diver or such. 

I finished reading the rest of the pages on this site (26 and counting) and recall even more bizarre things that "really happened." The visit to Mombassa via the cattle barge reminds me of how a group of us who were waiting onboard this monstrosity of the sea were amazed when we saw a mangy black cat crawl out of some area that had only one eye that appeared to work and it was looking really beat up. We all laughed when someone said, "If you think I look bad, you ought to see the Rats I just left below." Come to think of it, does anyone recall seeing a rat on board that Barge????? If people recall, the ship was having a steel beach pic-nic (was that our two beer day???)when the floating Jellyfish fiasco happened. Most everyone else just relaxed when the ship moved off while there was a lot of fun stinking up the engine rooms and such going on below. As usual the engineering department took care of what was needed so others could enjoy the day. I will check back now and then to read the tales of woe etc. I will try to add a few personal recollections (maybe about a poker game or two) next visit. 


Bob Keller Comes Aboard ....

Not sure if I qualify for the alumni list, but I was an adopted Nuke. Came aboard in Aug. '66 as a Yeoman (YNSN) in the Reactor Department office/RE Division. Made the '66/'67 Vietnam cruise. Kind of like a little boy growing up amongst the wolves! Left Big E Aug. '67 to new duty station - Naval Intelligence Command in the Pentagon, Wash. D.C.

Bob Keller

Great to have you aboard Bob!  How about some stories about them "wolves"?  Actually, since you worked in the admin office, you probably knew more about what was going on than even the Rx Officer!


Patches ....

Sometime ago, I remember seeing several postings about patches. I believe that someone has already sent the Engineering Dept patch; however, I made a scan of the NPTU Idaho Falls and Load Toad patches that I saved off of a pair of moth-eaten coveralls. I have also sent a NORPAC '82-'83 patch and a scan of the E-Dept patch (just in case I'm experiencing a little neuron embitterment).


KP Note: Okay all you scholars out there, who knows what "E Paucibus Plures" means? Or "Machina Bena Constituta," for that matter.  First person that answers will win a free beer next time you're in Phoenix.  No fair doing a google search (though I doubt it helps)!  The great poet Ovid would be so proud of us Big E nukes using such "big words" on our patches.

Mike Huerta Comes Aboard .....

I got to tell that this site brings back some memories. Thanks. I'd to get my address listed if possible. I worked in 4 MMR (EM-14) 1996-2002. My e-mail address is :

My full name is Huerta, Michael.

Thanks again, Mike...

4 Plant Nubbin' .....

OK - I still can't peg you. If you were a mere nub when I was short, you can probably understand my lack of recollection of you without further info. Mike McFarland was a great guy, and one of the best operators I knew. We used to do our laundry in the RAR together. I think he was the guy who "obtained" that great piece of screen we used for a washboard. Mike went on to be a reactor operator at the Perry Plant in Ohio, where I worked for a while. I'm not sure if he's still there or not. I have a contact or 2 left there, I'll try to check on him this weekend.

Tark was also another rascal from that era. Listen, I really would like to get in touch with Jerry Zelmer, who was also a rather new guy of that time, and a 4 plant operator. You must have known him. If you have any info on how to locate him, I'd appreciate it!

Jim "Arrgh!" Schibetta RC-14 - 1980-83

KP Note:  Arrgh! sent me the following MSDS a few weeks ago to help figure women out.  Hope this helps you as much as it did me:

John Harvey Comes Aboard ....

I was in RL division, aft shack 1965-1966.

John Harvey, MM2, ELT.

I don't recall any really shocking things we did during that time, except went to work off Viet Nam.


Latin 101

KP- I can't say what those Latin phrases are that you asked about, but on the HTFF decal I posted to your site a long time ago, there was "Illigetimi non carborundum," which means "Don't let the bastards get you down."

non Latin speaking Arrgh!


And The Beer Goes To Tom Lindmark ....

E Paucibus Plures = From few, come many more

Machina Bena Constituta = A machine for the good of all? Not sure about this one but something to that effect.


Expect to hear from me when I get to Phoenix on Saturday Evening. Tom


Can't wait to hook up Tom.  And you'll actually get to collect on that beer! (I think "Machina Bena Constituta" actually means something like life is better with machines.)


Various Recollections .....

I was thinking about the numerous "chowdales" that infested our ship during our overseas fun. Do you remember how they would sit and talk for what seemed like forever while a group of quality engineers wanted to shovel down some grub before going to hit the rack? It would really infuriate us when after they had been sitting around they would get back in line to get another steak or whatever else might be half worth the wait in line to eat causing us to wait even longer. We coined the term "Chowdale Recirc" to describe this all too frequent evolution. 

I would like to say that they were not all bad though. I even had a brother attached to VA-22 for a couple of cruises. He made a great ATTACK WOG DOG. I had him attack several other air wings to prove his loyalties. He had a heavy price to pay for the privilege of entering Neptune's Domain. It was shortly after this celebration that he showed just how resourceful he truly was. It had been a long cruise and I happened to be having another reason to rue the day I "Volunteered." It was my birthday and I had to stand watch, attend training, and get my PM's done (just another day). I finally got back to berthing and my rack late that night to try and sleep before my next watch. I think we were on ORSE prep watch teams or something like that. Anyway, I pulled back my rack curtain and there on my rack was a full case of soda, mostly Pepsi, which was hard to come by that deep into the West Pac, along with a simple birthday card he made up. He was sorry he didn't get to give it to me in person but he worked the night up on the flight deck and he left it on my rack with my fellow squids in my aisle. There was true friends amongst them, they left it alone (until I finally got there at least). I shared a few and stashed the rest. He told me later that they actually cost him a couple of duty days in port. I even felt remorse (for a short time I think?) for how I "Wogged him Out." I was truly fortunate to have someone around to talk about home etc... even if it was only occasionally. 

ARRRGH, I do remember Jerry, what a great guy (for an ET). I am sorry to say that I don't have any contact INFO for you, I will ask around. Take Care for now.


Latin 202 .....

Although the Engineering Department introduction in the 82-83 cruise book mistranslated the term Machina Bena Constituta as a "well-made machine," it is perhaps instructive to understand the a little bit about military technology 2,000 or so years ago:

A machina was generally used to mean machine, however, in the direct or literal sense, a machina was a siege-engine or even more specifically: a catapult. This device was the state of the art warfighting technology in Greco-Roman times although Homer thought that warfare by means other than hand-to-hand (sword to sword, pike-to-pike, etc.) was not quite "manly" enough for his taste (note that Homer was a poet, not a hoplite, and his viewpoint might have changed at the tip of a Persian sword). Bena (var. of "bene"), an adjective, can mean beautifully, rightly or pleasantly, but in this usage, probably: opportunely or timely. Constituta simply means to build or to establish.

Ergo (sorry, I couldn't resist), Machina Bena Consituta should mean: "A state-of-the-art warfighting machine we have built."

E Paucibus Plures can also be likewise by translated:

E (var. of Ex) - out of or from. Paucibus - to a few or the few. Plures - a number of or very many. The best I can come up with here is "From the few, very many" which can be seen from the sense of a few instructors yielding many QTs or perhaps a few neutrons yielding many more neutrons; in either case, it seems to work.

Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus (if you don't know this one- ask your kids),



Newz ....

Hey fellow nukes, found this on the CNN website. Guess the Nav is either getting tougher, or the nukes are getting sloppier.



"NEW LONDON, Connecticut (AP) -- A three-year Navy investigation has led to drug charges against 18 sailors on 10 nuclear vessels from Connecticut to Hawaii, Navy officials said. Charges stemmed from the alleged sale and use of Ecstasy, LSD, cocaine, methamphetamines and marijuana, Navy officials told The Day of New London for a story in Thursday editions. All 18 sailors accused were trained to work on nuclear vessels. Some met during nuclear power training before being assigned to submarines and aircraft carriers, the newspaper reported. It was not clear when the arrests were made. The probe led to charges against sailors on 10 ships -- eight submarines and two aircraft carriers -- as well as two shore commands. All the sailors were enlisted people, whose ranks ranged from seaman to petty officer 1st class. The Navy said there was no evidence that any of the sailors had used drugs while on duty. Lt. Phil Rosi, a spokesman for Submarine Group Two at the base in Groton, said a Naval Criminal Investigative Service probe uncovered the extent of the drug use. "The Navy has a zero-tolerance policy on drug use," Rosi said. "Drug use is inconsistent with Navy core values, and all allegations of drug use by Navy personnel are fully investigated." Nine of the sailors have been court-martialed, with prison sentences of up to 30 months in prison and forfeiture of up to $3,000 in pay. Two others have been kicked out of the Navy; three are awaiting court-martials, two are facing pretrial hearings and two more are being kicked out of the Navy. The inquiry, which began nearly three years ago, spread to ships from both coasts and as far away as Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Ships involved included the USS Pittsburgh; USS Albuquerque; USS San Juan; USS Abraham Lincoln; USS Nimitz; USS Helena; USS Los Angeles; USS Nebraska; and USS Florida."

Wilbur Sux, Mo Sux, Otto Sux, Etc....


Some time between the '76 cruise and the '78 cruise I was down in 1MMR during an in-port Alameda work day. The RMs had decided to repaint the boiler level control panel. The first thing they had to do was remove all the bakelite tags from below all the gauges and switches. Must have been over 40 of those suckers. Behind EACH AND EVERY TAG was written in pencil, "Wilber Sux." I was intrigued and asked Chief Goat what that was all about. He said that during the late 60s there was a nuke of some sort named Wilber who was disliked by all his peers. Someone started writing "Wilber Sux" in various places and as can often happen on the E, it soon got out of hand. Goat told me that when the ship went around the Horn to Newport News he had taken leave and drove his family to the east coast. Along the way they stopped at the Grand Canyon. At the parking lot for the north rim there were logs used as a low barrier to keep people away from the edge. Goat busted up laughing when he noticed that the log directly in front of his family had a "Wilber Sux" carved into it! Small world!

About the time I was first hearing of this, a new craze started in the Big E nuke community. A certain officer was making a name for himself among the RMs. This was LCDR M.O.Fl____y. (Being an M-Div puke I only had a few dealings with the guy and he was always professional to me, but boy did he piss the RMs off!) The LCDR was known for signing his signature very large, like John Hancock, and the M.O. was very distinctive. Soon "Mo Sux" was born. It started appearing everywhere! Not just in the plants, but in passageways, berthing areas, heads, the O-11 level, just everywhere. Soon the ship alone couldn't contain it. You'd see it in the restrooms of all the squid bars on Webster Street.

Some enterprising 4 Plant RMs got hold of a Dymo labeler and a shit load of label tape and must have spent hours making up "Mo Sux" labels, and hours more placing them about the ship. Rumor has it that just before the '78 cruise a group of RMs went out to the Oakland airport where there was a bi-plane which used to tow banners above sporting events. They tried to hire the plane to tow a "Mo Sux" banner above the Golden Gate when the Enterprise left for the cruise. Story goes that the pilot was a former military aviator and understood the "Sux" reference. He was amused by their request, but wisely figured he would be putting his livelihood at risk and declined their business.

A lot of my generation got off the boat in late June early July while in the P.I. While most of us flew back in groups of 2 of 3, a lot of us bumped onto each other on Treasure Island while processing out. I ran into the same group of RMs that had gotten the Dymo labeler and they were still in tears about an event that had happened several days earlier at Clark AFB. They were waiting in line to board a C-141 and noticed that there was a separate line for officers. Who do they spot in that line? You guessed it ---- M.O!! They bribed some airmen to let them on the plane early and wrote "Mo Sux" in all sorts of discreet locations. Mo must have had an interesting ride back to the States.

From reading the site I see that a certain Chief Otto got the same treatment in a later years. I can only imagine…… Good to see that some traditions live on.



KP Note:  My old chief Jim Whitsett told us (you may recall) that "MO Sux" is supposedly welded to the bottom of the ship.  In my time it was "Bush Sux" that appeared everywhere.  No doubt, today, some other chief or orcifer is getting similar treatment.

Bill Cotton Comes Aboard (Plank owner?) ....

Happened to run across your site and wanted to forward my info.

Served on the E from 1962-1966 in No 1 Main

MM2 Bill Cotton


FendNub Changes His Email Addy ....

Hey Ram-

Would you please change my e-mail addy to

Thanks. Robert Fend (Nub).


Hey Rob, it's looking like our reunion will be in Vegas in the late September/early October timeframe.  Since you're "the man" (i.e., the Vegas Man) we're going to need lots of help from you.  Are you interested in helping pull this mojo mania off?  From what I hear "the Dirt Bag" lives near Vegas, too.  Anyone else live near Vegas willing to help?  I like PP's idea about getting someone who organizes things like this to do all the logistical stuff.  The only thing is I have no clue how many people will show up.


George Bagwell Comes Aboard ....

I was in RC23 and RC30 from 86-90.

George Bagwell


George buddy!  Why such a mild and mannerly introductory listing?  You were the man!  I thought you were already listed and was surprised that you weren't.  I know we've talked about you many times on this site- all good stuff-ha!).  Those of you who didn't know George will be happy to know that he was a member of the "cool club."  And, without a doubt, he was one of the funniest guys I knew on the Big E! Great to have you aboard George!


Eric Tew Comes Aboard .....

Eric Tew, RM23, 1996-2000


Matthew Lowery Comes Aboard .... include me...although I only remember the times in port (whoring) and I never actually had a job on the ship! I was in RL Div you know!

Matt Lowrey, RL Div 1986-1990

Thanks...stories to follow

--- Matthew Lowrey ---


Well I'll be damned if it ain't another member of the cool club!  I can attest to the fact that Matt is telling the truth about never working on the Enterprise!  Ha! Great to hear from you again after all these years.


Jeff Barney Comes Aboard ...

Great site! I'd like to add my name to the list.

Barney, Jeff EE03, EE22 1999-2002




The Cool Club .....

OK, KP - let's have 'em!! We demand "Cool Club" stories and memories! And we insist that your friend George help! C'mon, George! Jump right in there and let us have some of those old memories...

Former ET1 Arrgh!


Ah yes, the cool club.  There was actually no such thing.  It was another one of those things we made up to otherwise kill off the boring hours at sea.

I recall it started in 4-plant during the '88 cruise when I was RE04 LPO and I was forever standing watch with the likes of lowly RC14 nubs Spuds McKenzie and Karl "Deck Drains" Pfaff (the Control Equipment kids as we used to call them).   

I usually knew within moments of meeting someone whether that guy had the humor and mental quickness to hang with the mighty King and these guys (along with other RC14 nubs like Buffy, Corn and Curran) certainly could.  For some reason we began calling our shoot-the-shit sessions (when I was on watch and they were doing their +4s in the CER) the "cool club." Thereafter, whenever a new nub came down, he was told that one day he, too, might be allowed into the cool club.  To become a member was no easy thing--a rigorous trial by fire was supposedly required and members had to meet certain eligibility criteria.  (I can't remember all that was required but having once been a member of the KISS army was one of them.)  Usually someone was granted immediate membership after doing something outrageous or boneheaded down the plant.  (Deck Drains and Spuds gained permanent membership when they masterminded the "EOS bell-ringing" insanity ordeal of one Lt. R.)  I recall often trying to get someone to do something for me (like take a watch or something) by saying things like, "C'mon,  ... It'll get you into the cool club if you do."    

Soon it spread to the other plants and by the 1990 World Cruise most in Rx Dept could brag about being in the cool club.  That was, unless, they had already been shanghaied by The Sensitive Club. 

These days, when I think back to those long-ago days I think of guys being in the cool club if they were fun to be around and could find humor in everyday situations when all around us was usually dismal.  Guys like Matt Lowry and George Bagwell were certainly of that caliber (though they may not actually remember being inducted into the cool club;).   


Jim Fink Comes Aboard ....

Fell upon your site, after reading page 1 and page 26 my eyes are sore.

I was in RC-22 from April 1980-Sept 1983

and back in RC-22 April 1986-Oct 1987

Once I read all of this I'll add my bit.

I did remember waking up Lt Bulich with lights and horns (as he was laying on the WO desk). Which then made me remember spending a 4 hr watch with a shit can next to me (just incase I woke up puking) Thanks Bob for taking my logs.


If you were in 2EOS during the '86 cruise then you might remember me as a lowly RE nub standing LRPT.  I tried to find you in the cruise book but couldn't.  Your name sounds familiar. (Say, you weren't that RO that told the WO that I wasn't wearing my TLD, were you?  I remember one of the ET1s did that when I came down for my first or second watch sans a TLD.  I had mistakenly left it at HP.  I had just gotten qualified and was then temporarily DQ'd.  To be honest I didn't care since it kept me off the watch bill for a few days until I could meet with the radcon officer for a "pep talk" on the importance of dosemitry. )


Nee Vegas, Now Sandy Valley Fend-Nub Responds ...

hehe...LV would be great!!! I'm not actually living in the Las Vegas/Henderson metropolitan area anymore, but about 50 miles SW of there in Sandy Valley. Have been out here since around Thanksgiving. I'm also WAY behind on my CritThink reading!!! Will try to catch up here in the next few days.

Thx for the info--



A Subic Bay Memory...

K.P. - I recently registered with your site. Thought I'd share this event with everyone:

It was early in 1967 during Big E’s second Vietnam cruise. I was a YNSN in the Reactor Department office and assigned to RE Division. The infamous Rickover protégé and Reactor Dept. Officer, CDR Berger, had just been relieved of duty immediately and without notice, a shock to us all in that just one year earlier, he had been awarded the Bronze Star for merit aboard Enterprise while in a combat zone. We had been at sea on the line on Yankee Station for about 45 days. Needless to say, everyone was ready for a break. During our in-port period this time, our RE Division party was scheduled. We were to tie one on on Grande Island in Subic Bay. We always tied up at Cubi Point and this time was no different. Rich Brady, Gerry Dougherty and I (three of the four YNs in the Department office) got to go to the party. We took launches from Cubi across to Grande Island. There was enough beer (cast iron cans of WWII brewed Budweiser) to make the whole department inebriated and enough steaks and hamburgers to feed anyone on that island that day. Weather was tremendous – sunshine and warm. By the time evening came, we all went to the EM club on the island. Our RE Division Officer, LTJG McDonald, actually arranged to have dancers brought over from Olongapo City. This was special to say the least and almost unheard of.

Curfew, if I remember correctly, was midnight. But on this evening, we had permission to leave late. At about 11:45 p.m. we started to jump into launches and took off. Each launch carried about 20 drunk and sunburned RE Division atomic squids. About half way to Cubi, there was a commotion at the rear of the boat. The USS Princeton was anchored in the bay and we were moving past it when 3 SEALS, who had gotten aboard mistakenly, identified themselves and demanded that the coxswain drop them off at the Princeton before going to Cubi. Their curfew was midnight and they were not going to make it back to their ship that night if they went with us to Cubi (no launches from Cubi to Princeton). The coxswain refused to turn. These guys were frantic. Almost on cue, we all started yelling for them to jump overboard and swim to the ship “if they had a hair…….” Mind you, it was pitch dark and these guys did just that. There were at least 3 other rescue boats that came out to look for these guys. So far as I know, they were not found. Must have swum under water all the way. Anyway, it was a touching close to one deservedly fantastic day in Subic Bay paradise.

Bob Keller


Medal, Schmedal ....

After remembering my old pal George Bagwell (just arrived above) I was reminded of a funny story.  The last time I saw George was toward the end of the 90 World Cruise at an award's ceremony on the hangar bay.  I was short by then--maybe even a soon to be single digit midget.  I recall George was awarded a NAM or some such medal for his stellar work as an RT (he was one of the best).  Now, being as short as I was I had no intention of attending this ceremony.  In fact, I was pretty much useless by then and refused to do anything.  So when I came down the office that morning unshaved, unsat, and uncouth, and my office pals Dicko and Chief Randy asked me if I was attending that morning's medal ceremony, I said, "Hell no!"  Then that prankster Dicko says, "You know the RO's giving out a bunch of NAMs today ..."  The news didn't mean much to me until that heartless bastard added, "I strongly recommend that you run back to berthing, get showered, shave, trim your hair, put on a clean pair of dungarees and show up."  Chief Randy nodded and said something like, "Yeah, you probably don't want to miss this."  

"Hot damn, " I thought, "I'm getting some sort of medal!"  So like a fool I ran back to berthing and cleaned up to attended the ceremony.  And then I had to stand there at attention for about an hour while Dicko and Randy stood beside me chuckling.  Yes, I had been duped by that old "dirt bag getting a medal ploy," something I myself had pulled on undeserving dirtbags for years. 



The Jack Ass Medal ....

KP - it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! And you really should have gotten a medal on the day you were suckered. The "Hee Haw" medal, also known as the "Jackass Medal." Can't say I ever fell for that one. I don't recall ever standing in a dress inspection aboard the Big "E". I think Chief Davies knew that I'd embarrass him so bad, he'd never recover, and allowed me to skate out of it. I'd probably show up as Black Beard the Pirate or something. Really, I think Prototype graduation was the last dress inspection I ever attended. I did get looked over in my dungarees a few times. I recall being told that my boondockers looked like they "were shined with a Hershey bar and a brick." I've never forgotten that one! I think I lost it and started laughing during the inspection, too.

Unsat Arrgh!

ps - I never did buy a dress blue uniform. I had to purchase the whites to get off the ship in Singapore and Australia, though. It still hangs in the closet. Anybody need a pair of dress white pants, waist size 28? I can't even get the shirt over my shoulders now, and I lost the black tie or sash or whatever they called that thing long ago, with the dixie cup hat. And I only weigh 160 lbs now!


Yes Arrgh!  No doubt about it.  I certainly deserved it.  I'm sure Dicko and Randy had seen me pull that gag on fools for years and wondered if I could be suckered, too.  Even though I was technically a "4.0" sailor (eval-wise) I was one hell of a dirtbag, especially during those final weeks.  But nobody cared.  They knew at one time I was a shit-hot dude.  

I recall only having to stand in three inspections while on the E.  One was that command inspection before hitting Perth (that I already wrote about).  The second was some other command-wide dungaree inspection where I recall getting my usual one or two hits.  I was, however, smart enough not to wear Flight Deck boots that day.  I recall many Rx dept. dudes getting reamed by Rocky for having the audacity to possess flight deck boots.  The third inspection was another one I couldn't get out of and I pulled the old Hogan's Hero thing much to the horror of the other attendees by moving from my line up into one that had already been inspected (since I knew I would have been savaged since I had literally pulled my balled up whites out of my sea bag and threw them on).  


Clear the Decks!  Blue Lou Wingo Coming Aboard!!!!!

Can it be true????

Is this really the howling dog Ram Tuli??????

I feel like I've been re-born in the church of the old blues master himself.

Hey man, this database is fantastic I'm going to email people today.

So how's life? What have you been up to since the old Navy days? What a blast from the past.

I'll give you my quick vitals: Got out of the navy, came back home to KC, went to school and got my electrical engineering degree. Married my college sweetheart Carrie. Work for Sprint designing phones. Live in a cool house and have a boat I've christened the "Little E". Life is wonderful my friend.

Hey this is extremely timely, I'm desperately seeking pictures from those days. I'm actually writing a personal book and need all the photos I can get. Please send me whatever you got. If you can mail me a CD that would be fantastic. Rest assured I'll get busy scanning and send you one too. I'm so happy to have found you Ram!! Wow!!

Hey write back to me!! We gotta stay in touch!!

Louie Wingo


Well guys, if you could see me, you'd see that I got a grin from ear to ear!  My old pal "Blue Lou" Wingo has found the site!  I think Lou and I met in the RT void and spent the better half of the '86 Westpac raising hell.  But I'll be damned if I can remember if Lou was a 1 planter or a 3 planter.  (You'll have to send me your vitals for the roster page.)  Man, I can't believe I finally found you Lou! 


More From Lou ....

Okay my favorite Ram Tuli story:

I remember some guy from RE div [Goldylocks Fuller] ... Anyway this was around the 87 timeframe, when the great rage was fag for freedom. This guy was taking the plunge and letting everyone know he was gay so he could get out of the navy. He made the mistake of falling asleep in the lounge with his head laid back over the backrest of the chair and mouth wide open. So the RE gang decides to provide photographic proof the guy is gay. Ram you took the bullet for the team and dropped trou while someone else took the picture of your manhood poised strategically just above his open mouth. And I remember you raising such a fuss and the number one condition was that when he took the picture your face was not to be seen. That wish was granted however in plain site you could see your name "Tuli" on your shirt. I'm doubled over laughing as I write this. Oh my God that's one of the funniest things ever. These are the kind of things you just can't tell your wife or friends outside the navy about, they just wouldn't get it.

Hey do you ever entertain the thought of a reunion? We're getting old enough that it would maybe be acceptable....


Me?  Do something like that?  Hmmm.  Yeah, I remember this.  [I actually wrote about it on page 6.]  The funniest thing was I was howling with laughter, like most of Rx dept, when the photos were plastered all over berthing--that was, until I saw my name clearly visible above the dangling exhibit.

In other communications with Lou I learned that he still has those Perth audiotapes, which Randy Jestice, he and I recorded [also mentioned on this site].  I can't wait to hear them again.  Or read all the stories Lou has promised to send!

As far as a reunion goes, we're working on it.  Looks like it will be in Vegas in the fall.  There's a link to the reunion update on the main page.  I'm hoping someone can organize this for me as I'm busy (and lazy). 


JOE CARL????  Now we're Talking!

just stumbled across your site!!! Its great, Joe Carl, RC 22 1986-1989, please add me to the list 



Obviously Joe hasn't read the site yet, or seem to know who I am.  Joe buddy, it's me Ram, the guy who was your pal since MARF! Dude, you gotta remember me--and that wild time we had in Manila, when you, me, Blue Lou and Galbreath did the firehouse circuit!  Remember how we tried to convince all the mamasans that Galbreath was my son and it was his 16th birthday so I was trying to get him initiated into manhood?  I have many stories about you on this site; hopefully, you'll add a few yourself.  Great to hear from you again after all these years.


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