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Letters, Random Memories and Assorted Sea Stories (Cont.)

Arrgh! Comments on Pics...

What a delight to view two different pictures with the Waste in them! And looking so natural in the second one, too! Certainly there could be no staged pictures like that of the Arrgh! I always fell down, and could not be propped up in a chair like the Waste. That Christmas card from Schmegma house has to be authentic, as the gray sky over Silverdale had its own special glow... 

It is my sincere wish that all of the good Schmegmites have a great and prosperous Christmas and New Year! And everyone
else, too!

Do you suppose the Waste will reveal the tale of how my jeans ended up with a patch up the entire left leg as a result of a certain ride from a certain bar in a certain city in California? Perhaps he himself has forgotten; but not the Arrgh!

And don't think that the Dirtbag is the only individual with some nasty little secrets to reveal... Cringe in suspense as you wait for the evidence and memories from Arrghs! collection... many are not fit for any web site, so they may have to be shared via personal correspondence hehehehe


Billy Ball Arrives!

Hello to all. DB, Lipps, Arrgh, Face, Muldoon, AlBerner, KevinDoyle, Bennieboy, eddiemeyers, johntory, cheese, benhunt, louiemaclure, Reverend Unsunggoat, kadinger, cadaver, Marc E. Leboeuf (KCDR), Chuck vangaasbeck, dandean, rico, tsosie, KSMay, dewey, rickellenburger, dirtbagbrown (sorry DB...he was dirtbag first), gerrypoorman, bulletbobbolger, georgegustafson (hope you got sane again), stanleykaczynski, magoo, cassalman, and all my other brothers whose names are lost to the ravages of time and a fuckload of abuses...a bodacious howdoo!

R.E. Slick (Billy Ball), RM11, 1978-1982 

Gunter Olaf Weamire!

Only 2 90's ELT's? What a crime! Glad to see Gunter on here, though. I never saw it, but I heard stories of Gunter on watch. We would get a call in the aft shack from the forward guys. The question was always, "Have you guys seen Weamire? He left again." It was always Gunter said he was hungry, we heard the dogs on the door, looked around and Gunter was gone. Like I said, don't know if it is true.

I don't know if anyone remembers Lea Hendrickson. Big boy, water made him gassy. It never failed that at 5 am on the midwatch (when breakfast started) he would start drooling! We would find extra stuff to do just so he couldn't go eat just to torture him. Then of course it was "Alright Henny, you got it. We are going to go get some chow."

Sorry Gunter, that story always made me laugh.

Eric "Bobby Hill" Hood

P.S. I suppose that I should add a note about where I work. After being an ELT on the Big E I came out to the University of Missouri Research Reactor and am now a Senior Reactor Operator. The scary part is I am not the only one!

Rob Taylor (FWD M-Div) is an HP;
Alex Saale (RL) is a Senior Reactor Operator and Crew Lead;
Eric Hood (RL, me) Senior Reactor Operator; 
Frank Rosinski (RM-22) RO (next to be a senior); 
Aaron Bogan (RE), Joe Hegendeffer (RL), and Jeremy Custer (FWD M-Div) are all RO's and worst of all, coming in January is Dave Sherburne!

With Dave's addition that will put at least one Enterprise sailor on each of  5 crews, and none of us were RC div! Be afraid if you travel thru Mid-Missouri!

Nuc School Giveaway:

Remember these little beauties they gave us at NPS? I recall seeing one once in the back window of a car. These are rare,
indeed! Enjoy...



Who can identify this thing?  The first person to do so will win a genuine Mooj Minion T-Shirt (or something of equal value)!


Sorry To Whoever You Were ....

Seeing the photos DB sent in last week of NPS (at bottom of page 10) I remembered a terrible misdeed.  I'm so ashamed.  Honest.

Do you guys remember that between the two "Y" shaped NPS buildings was an area called "Rickover Circle"?  Back when I was a NPS security dude (my TAD assignment before 'pre school') we were instructed to watch anyone walking along that circle and make sure they came toward the other building if they were carrying classified information.  Basically the drill was whenever someone was taking confidential material from one building to the other, a guard in the first building called the other guardhouse and said, "Confidential Lieutenant [or whatever] Coming Across!"  The other building would repeat back what was said and then watch the person as he walked to the circle, took the proper path off the circle and then walked toward the other NPS building.  The person would have whatever it was that they were bringing in a big red folder.  Our instructions were that if this person "left" the circle and proceeded along a different path, we were to give chase and take them down.  I can't remember what we were supposed to do after that.  

One day a student was leaving NPS with his medical records.  Since his SSN ended in a "9" (like mine) they were in a red folder.  I saw the guy with his red folder leave the building [knowing they were medical records] and called the other guard house to tell them, "Confidential 3-rd Class, Coming Across!"  They acknowledged and I ran to the door to see what happened next.  It had been a boring watch and I was looking forward to some excitement.  

I watched as the poor guy walked toward the circle and then followed him with my eyes as he began walking along the curved sidewalk.  Sure enough, he took the path leading toward medical and from the other building came two men bursting through the door to give chase.  Before the guy knew what happened he was tackled.  I could see confusion on the faces of everyone as the guy's medical records scattered all over the place.  After the guards helped the poor guy collect his things they walked slowly back to their building and a few moments later the phone rang.  I just kept my mouth shut and pretended I had no idea what anyone was talking about.  Hopefully, one of you wasn't that poor guy.  Sorry, whoever you were.  


Sorry Is Right!

Sorry is right! That really sucks, man. Of all the rotten, low life, dirty, stinking, Dirtbag Davis like tricks to pull... and I noticed that you didn't have the guts to sign your name, either! [Yes I did! See, it says "KP" up there.] I was a real prankster, pulling off quite a few dastardly deeds in my days, but that one was even too low for me...

Perhaps there hasn't been enough time lapsed for you to come to grips with your rotten personality problems! Come clean; fess up! Who are you, you rascal? I'd like to congratulate you. No, it wasn't me that got tackled. I was in class 7904.


Another Apology (Since I'm Purging my Soul)

Since I'm apologizing for stuff I did in Nuke School, I might as well apologize to whoever my poor roommate was when I first showed up in Orlando.  I can't remember his name but he was the sole survivor in his room, being as his 3 other 8407 roommates had become nuke waste.  Since he had vacant bunks in his room I was assigned one of them.  The next two guys arriving on the NPS quarterdeck with orders in hand were assigned the remaining two bunks.  

Imagine my surprise when EM14's Joe Nieves showed up on the Pig in late 1989.  He had transferred from a Los Angeles class submarine.  Joe and I had gone way back; in fact, he was one of my roommates in that 8407 guy's room.  The third bunk went to my ex-boot camp pal, EM3 Chris Galbreath (he went on to serve on NR1).  

To make a long story short we three idiots made that poor 8407 guy's life a living hell.  We had no idea how bad nuke school was and there he was busting his ass while we rude roommates pretty much partied all night.  He never talked to us--basically he just gave us this "look," like he was laughing at us on the inside because he knew what hell awaited us when school actually started for us.

This guy was an odd ball.  That's probably the best way to put it.  One thing he did that we found amusing was that he would set his alarm for 6:55 a.m.  When the alarm went off, he jumped out of bed, got dressed and then ran to NPS as fast as he could for the 7:00 muster.  We were amazed at how fast this guy could wake up and go.

One night Joe, Chris and I came in late after having a few beers.  As usual we were noisy and our 8407 roommie put the covers over his head and grumbled.  When the guy fell back asleep Joe took his clock radio and reset the alarm for 3:00 a.m.  We then turned off the lights, climbed in bed and waited for the alarm to go off.  Sure enough at 3:00 am sharp the alarm went off and our 8407 bud jumped out of bed, threw his clothes on and ran out the door into the black night.  While he was outside Joe reset his alarm and climbed back into bed.  The 8407 guy returned to the room, saw that his clock said 3:00, checked and saw that the alarm was set for 6:55, scratched his head, and then climbed back into bed (fully clothed) to get a few more hours of sleep.  The three of us lay in our beds laughing ourselves silly.  

I know, it was totally uncool.  Hopefully none of you were that poor 8407 guy.

Believe it or not Joe Nieves and I remained close after NPS because we lived next door to each in Middle Grove, NY (while at Prototype).  Joe's roommates in Middle Grove were future "Big E" M'div'rs, including the infamous "Umpa Loompa Man" (see earlier story) and a guy named Todd Landis.  We had some great times up there in NY.  Landis was actually quite a legend.  I'll let one of you M-div'r types send in some stories about him. 


"My Apologies KP"

Sorry, I didn't see the tag on your story when I read it. You deserve to feel like scum for that one, though.

The second story is worthy of normal low-life prankster status! I laughed heartily after reading the alarm clock one. That's a great trick, me boy! Of course, I would have figured that one out and done something even more rotten to you drunks after I figured you had gone back to sleep, like dump some warm water at the foot of one of your beds, wake the guy up and tell him that his buddy (one of the others selected at random) had just relieved himself there. On my way out the door, of course!


KP Note: I have a confession: I didn't add my tag until after I got your email Arrgh!  Yes, I was trying to be anonymous but in order to purge my soul properly I figured I better fess up everything, including my name.

More NPS Security Detail Memories

Gosh, I haven't thought about my NPS security days in years and now all these memories are coming back and causing me distress.  Strange.  Back in my time there were 4 security detail sections (they rotated like just about every other 4-section navy routine).  My section was a bunch of rocks.  It was comprised of TAD folks awaiting school (like me) and those unlucky enough to be put on acne hold after finishing NPS.  Our section leader was this torpedoman 2nd class, who could care less about nukes or the whole NPS thing in general.  The senior guard in our section was a NPS graduate (on acne hold) named MM2 Callahan (or something like that) and he was a total ass.  The rest of us pretty much spent our 8-hr shift tormenting this poor guy, much to the delight of the 2nd class torpedoman. 

Basically, our duties were to check ID badges of everyone entering and exiting the building and inspect anything going in or out (like purses or brief cases).  We also kept the "after hours log" for all those dudes on Mando and Ordered Hours.

There was a senior chief in charge of the whole operation and he would try to sneak in each morning without his badge (or with a fake picture on his badge).  If he got by you he'd come back and chew your ass off.  Hence, whenever we saw him coming we knew to check him.  This senior chief would also run drills, where he'd open one of the NPS doors and time our response (we were supposed to run to that location and take out whoever the intruder or extruder was).  The drill was always cancelled on account of some security idiot (usually me) running out the wrong door and causing a real security breach.  God, that senior chief hated us nukes!  

Spending a few months on security was a great way to get to know Orlando before NPS started and life became a living hell. It sure beat the hell out of "Smerfin'," which was what most of the guys arriving a few weeks before school started had to do.  The term "smerf" referred to the fact that these guys worked in dungarees, mostly doing landscaping and gardening.  Boy that had to suck!           

Cheese Chamness

Hey King Paul,

Some of the late 70's early 80's guys will remember Cheese (2 teaspoons stirred not shaken) Chamness. Quite the character from time to time. He had this nasty habit of sharing bodily functions on demand, and this leads to our story.

One fine day on the pig at sea, GQ all that fun shit. We were in battle dress even in the plants some lifer on the loose. Cheese is running around 4RCER lifting a leg and farting, this went on for most of the GQ (he was RT) and then all of a sudden he got the most disturbed look on his face, it seems that his ass had let him down, all of a sudden his nice white socks were turning brown and this look would not come off of his face - priceless. For those of us who served with him he was never at a loss for words except that day. It was priceless, the GQ seemed to last forever and we made him sit at the far end of control equipment the rest of it. I think Mike Hassel brought him clean clothes. 

AARGH might remember this he was one of the RO's I believe.

Mike Noland
RC-14 81-85

Holiday Greetings From Tom Lindmark:

Just want to wish all my old shipmates from the Big E Reactor and Engineering Departments...Happy Holidays and have a safe and prosperous New Year! It was great to have served with you all. Success and happiness.


Christmas Greetings From KP: 

Just in case I don't get into work tomorrow (work is where I have my computer), let me wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

"KP" and family    

One Gun Salute 

Since the topic of bodily functions has been broached I might as well add an item that just came to mind.  Back when all hell was breaking loose [during those low morale days of the late 80s] and Rx dept was having one incident a day, NR told the captain he'd better start spending some time down in the plants.  (Or at least that's what we figured, since we never saw him and then all of a sudden he was down there all the time.)  Anyway, Spane would come down the MMR in his leather airedale jacket and make the rounds while us nuke- and engineer-types tried to look busy.  Most of the time we would take bets on whether he'd leave his leather jacket on the whole time (and he usually did).  One day I was in EOS taking logs (actually that was just my excuse to get into EOS--my true aim was to enter EOS and BS with my mates awhile) when Captn' Rocky Spane entered and stood behind the WO.  There was some sort of evolution going on and he wanted to watch it.  ET2 Teeter was on one panel and I forget who the other RO was.  Anyway, while Spane was standing there Teeter and the other RO began firing off some of the most foul air biscuits imaginable.  I mean they were really bad!  They smelled like death.  I was getting sick just standing there trying to finish off my logs.  Spane finally had enough and walked out.  After Rocky was gone the WO just started laughing and told Teeter and the other RO to control themselves in the future when the CO was in EOS. 


The Cheesy One:

Oh yeah, I remember Cheese! He re-upped, and if I remember right, he left the Pig "E" for an advanced school or temp shore duty or something. He most likely wound up back on the Pig, as was the fate of nearly all those shipping over to get off. Soo Solly, Joe! They deserved an extra tour of the booster flats, in my opinion. That incident could have occurred after I left, but if it did happen when I was there, it was probably because for most of my time on the blasted pig, I was marooned in the aft damage control Auxiliary Central on the phones. I didn't get to be in the plants, too many other more senior, or more "favored" ones. Chief Davies didn't like me too well, ya probably remember. But it was Mikey that used to unplug his computer all the time! I tried to leave the Chief alone as much as possible, at least until I was made LPO.

I don't recall that particular story, but I know he had at least one reason for being called "Cheese". The man was indeed known to "cut it" frequently! I remember well old Mikey Hassel (see my story Arrgh13 in the files on the Critical Thinking Group site). I should relate the story of the time I bagged him with a water trap in the RCER. Priceless!! He WAS pretty good at the traps, but I got him on that one! If you really want to get one over on old Mikey, ask him about his trip to Treasure Island for fire fighting school, and the chick (?) with the wings tattooed to her back... That story certainly stinks! hehehehe You had to be there, I guess ;>



On any typical morning in Port Orchard, circa 1981, the parade of derelicts would begin. It was usually very similar to the picture below... You've heard of Sleepless in Seattle, well, this is titled "Worthless in Seattle". Ok, Port Orchard, but hey, what's a few miles between friends?

Some of my old friends are reading but not contributing to the site. Get on it, boys, or I'll have to get ROUGH!! Hehehehehe This is Steve "Worthless" Wegner, in all his glory. I must admit, he did normally wear clothes. I happened upon him, camera in hand, at a particularly vulnerable moment. He smiled nicely for the camera, not believing that there was any film in it. Hahahahaha


90s RM-Type

Matt "Flex" Wheeler, RM22/RMTech/RM14, 1995-1999

Arrgh! Wog

Yeah, there were more wogs than shellbacks aboard the Pig E when we crossed the line in 1982, after that long yard period. I think they were afraid of this one! Not what they were expecting, and how many wogs showed up dressed as Arrgh! eh? Catch the flipper, it served me well for navigating the garbage chute...

Speaking of security in Orlando...

I almost never made it to Nuc School. There were many times in my career later that I wished I had this incident to do over, but in life there are no "do overs". Somehow (another story) I got what everyone out of ET School wanted, the coveted BEE School instructor duty. EVERYONE else in my class got sent to some tin can out of Norfolk. My duties in Orlando included Mon - Fri, 11:30 AM to 6 PM, (no duty) working in BEE school. My job was to help rocks do the self-paced courses, and about once every other week I would have to work "late" until the school closed at 9 PM. It was pretty hard to take, man. I can hear all of you crying at once! Hahahaha hope you had fun on that tin can, suckers! My other duty was to be the assistant deck PO, which meant I had to make sure all of the fresh from boot camp super-nubbies kept their rooms clean, and to make sure there were no wild parties. OHHHHH, did someone ever screw the pooch on THAT call! I was, of course, the worst offender of the "No Partying" rule. In fact, I set a new standard for dereliction and wastedness there.

One day, they moved me to a new room, and the rooms were designed for 3 occupants, but there were 4 assigned. An upright metal locker was left over for the unlucky 4th guy, who happened to be me this time. During this time, I was keeping various "Contraband" items in an old Captain Black tobacco can (roach clips, papers, old seeds, etc). I moved into my new room Friday afternoon while the nubbies were at school. I got a well deserved day off for all of my hard work, seeing as how I had to move myself (I may be rubbing it in a little too thick here, eh?) I went out drinking, of course, since it was Friday night, and came back very late. The nubbies were all in bed, tucked in nicely. I was going to play football in the morning with some friends, so I got up early, and the nubbies were STILL in bed (the slugs).

We were playing catch, warming up for a pick-up game, and a guy walked around the corner of one of the buildings and called "Throw it here!" I did, and it hit his hands, and bounced out around the corner out of my line of site. The punk never came back; he had ripped my off for my $50 football, and I even threw it to him! Man, I was pissed! After looking around for a while, with no success, I went back to my room to meet the nubbies, and there's a MAA vehicle parked near the building. I said to myself "Now what? I'll probably get busted or something!" Sure enough, they were in my room, and when I asked them what they were doing, they asked me if I was Jim Schibetta, which I was (still am, too). They started reading me my rights, and one guy came up behind me and slapped on the cuffs! I knew I shoulda stayed in bed!  One of the nubbies believed all of that crap they tell you in boot camp about all the guys going down if one gets popped for possession, so after I left in the morning, they went through my stuff, found the can, and called the MAAs.  I was kind enough not to lock the locker, because it was all bent up and I didn't want to wake the sleeping beauties up trying to shut it. All of the Chiefs were besides themselves with rage, that this stupid Nuc with the greatest duty assignment in the world would turn out to be a, a, doper! NO!! It couldn't be!! Say it ain't so!

I knew that in the civilian world, that search would never have flown. The locker wasn't locked, they had no probably cause to look in there, etc. But I was under the UCMJ now, and all that was meaningless. I had to come up with a story, so I thought up a good one in the car on the way to be booked, and stuck with it. I had visions of horror! A de-nuked ET, busted back to an E-3, sent to the fleet with a rap for being a doper, and I was going to be peeling potatoes and swabbing decks for FIVE YEARS!! AAAHHHHHH!!!

Captain's mast came, and I was waiting in an auditorium with a bunch of other guys to see the old man, who was a bonafide, scrambled eggs O-6 type Captain. We were all passing time waiting by telling each other what we had been busted for, our strategies to escape the doom (but I didn't tell them what I was going to say; momma didn't raise no fool)! One by one, they came out, shaking, some in tears, being busted, fined and restricted severely. I knew I was dead meat. A nuc petty officer, assistant deck PO, supposedly the best of the best...

My turn came, and I went in. Some flunky told me to follow the footsteps on the floor, etc, etc. I went in there, and man alive, every officer in the fleet was standing behind that CO! And every last one of them, to a man, was staring me right in the eyes! I was in very deep, and I knew this would call for an academy award performance. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I was shaking, and my knees were literally knocking together! This guy had my future in his hands, and I'd better not say anything wrong. I expected the worst, but figured, well, here goes... He asked me to explain myself, why I had risked my career for this stupid paraphernalia (there wasn't even any reefer in the can). I began my story...

"Sir, I know this is hard to believe, but that was my can, and I knew it was in my locker. I mean, I had picked that can up from in the trash can near my room as I was moving, Sir. I'm a sort of a pack rat, and I thought it would make a nice place to keep things in. I didn't even look in it, Sir! I know that's hard to believe, Sir, but do you think I would leave my locker unlocked if I had known that something like that was in there, especially not having even met my new roommates? You have to believe me, Sir!" I was looking from eye to eye looking for a sympathetic face, but they all seemed to laughing at my stupid, lame lie!  The Captain shuffled those empty papers around on his podium that they use to make you think they know all about you, and looked up at me, and cleared his throat. He said "Son, I don't know whether or not to believe that story, but I'm gonna take your word at it. Case dismissed."

As I stood in disbelief at what I had just heard, the Chief said "This way".   As I turned, the Captain said "And son" as he leaned over the podium for effect "be careful..."

I never walked so fast in my life, trying to get out of there before he changed his mind! I was FREE!!! I went out and smoked a bowl in celebration! Some people just never learn, eh?


Another 1980 Yard Pac Story

This took place in the winter of '79 during the Yard Pac at PSNS.  After a long night of shift work, what does a squid have on his mind? You bet! Consuming mass quantities of beer!  I forget who came up with this one but it was a helluva lot of fun. One former Big E RO and his partner bought the Anchor Tavern in Bremerton. It was a hole in the wall joint located (kind of) across the street from the Ferry Terminal. The guys on our crew (we were on rotating shift work then) decided that it would be really cool to go blow off some steam following the last night of Swing shift. We actually did this several times. The plan was to hot foot it over to the Anchor after work and see how much beer we could drink before they closed down. Money was collected and a runner was sent to pay for a keg prior to everyone's arrival. Most of the guys got there about ten minutes after leaving the ship (which was still in dry-dock). Then the party commenced. Loud music, pool, shuffleboard, pinball, videogames - the old kind like Pong, and general BS'ing.  Oh yeah I forgot...there were about 25 or so thirsty nukes hooting it up before last call. Not a sober dude in the house. We managed to just kill the keg at closing time and headed off to our cribs. I was riding with Terry King and several others in his Jeep Cherokee. I had the center of the back seat with one on either side. His rig only had two doors. On the way back to Bangor, both guys on either side of me got sick. No time to stop, we could not get the windows open and there were only two doors! They filled my coat pockets with warm recycled beer and chewed up peanuts. I had to sit there and let it happen. When I got home, I disrobed, threw my clothing in the laundry room and went straight to the shower with my wife glaring at me the whole time. After crawling into bed and laying there for a few minutes the room began to spin and I just barely made it to the head before puking my guts out. I spent the night in the toilet. The moral of the story? 

Always leave yourself an exit.


What's Wrong with you ex-twigets out there?  Here's a Quiz Time Hint (for the Quiz above):  

It's about the size of a dime, and you'd have to be a heavy RO type to recall the device. This is an actual one that broke, it came from 4 plant (there's a broken off adjustment screw you can't see in the pic...).  Arggh tells me that anyone getting the right answer will win a free beer.  You'll have to make arrangements with him on how to collect. 

Steamer Emerges From The Woods To Take a Crack At the Quiz:

hi KP ...

Arrgh!'s "thing" looks familiar ...

you young nubs wouldn't know this of course ... this is the emblem off of our dress blue caps we had back in the old daze ... back when ships were made of wood and the men of steel !!!!

here's a pic of it for ya, matey ... ;)))

I can't say for sure where it comes from.  seems to me there were things like this in the rod drive control system ... adjustable stops on a shaft ... triggered limit switches or something.  that's it ... i certainly don't know for sure ... just guessing.

so i guess i'll have to buy.
(i'm just looking to share a beer ;) hehe


The judges will meet in private and determine the merit of your submittal.  If it were up to me I'd give it to you. 


Quiz Winnah!!!

Steamer wins the big prize! Yes, it's available at the nearest recruiter's office! Just sign right back up and off to sea on the Big "E" with ya! Yes, indeed the thing on that hat looks like it, but it is actually a cam from inside RCP-3, driven by a servo. I can't remember the exact purpose (we probably shouldn't say here anyways) but it was the thing that was out of tolerance that Mikey Hassell and I were calibrating in the "Last PreCrit" story, available for your reading pleasure at the Critical Thinking Group files section.

The one in the picture is from 4 plant, and the rascal broke on us, I think it was during work-ups before the 82 cruise.  Somebody over-torqued the poor thing, and the head twisted off the locking screw (you can't see it in the picture). Mike Noland may recall the incident. Since it was no good, and we were going to throw it out, I pocketed the thing, figuring it would make a great tale for the grandkids one day...

I am SHOCKED that it took an old fart like Steamer to ID that thing. He hasn't seen one of those in 30 years! You young fellers ought to have figured that out pretty quick. There's some poor squids on the Big "E" right now that have looked right at the rascal within the last 6 months, by golly!

Steamer, next time yer in Walla Walla, look me up for your prize.


Another Fwd Group Early 80's ET!!!

King Paul,

Please add me to your list of Rx Dept. personnel. My name is Al Berner and I served on Enterprise from Dec 24th, 1978 to Aug 25th, 1982 a massive early out day for scores of Enterprise sailors since it was soon to be on its way to a WestPac.

My e-mail address :

I achieved the rank of ET1 and was the 1A Rx operator @ GQ. I loved BattleStation drills because they finally let me be in my beloved, by this time, 1 plant. I saw every day of that damned complex overhaul in Bremerton and it was a very interesting time for that department and the ship for that matter.

The web site is awesome and has rekindled memories I didn't think I still retained. I haven't laughed so hard in quite a while.

Keep up the good work and you'll be getting some stories and pictures from me. I promise.

sincerely, Former ET1 Al Berner, RC11 '78-'82 aka AB1

Mark ..... Mark ..... Mark ......

Hey ... about this here "widget" thang ... what the bejesus makes anyone think that Arrgh! is gonna remember what it is even if somebody tells him !!! I think he's just hoping someone knows so he can find out.  I still think it's that button on my cap ... I'll send a little larger pic and you can see. 

But ... now that I've accessed my biological hard drive and powered up those long dead synapses ... memories of rod control are beginning to leak into my consciousness and interfere with my concentration here in the real world.  Just got back from the store and forgot to buy toilet paper and beer today ...what's up with that ?!?!  The toilet paper is no big deal but forgetting to re supply my brew is some serious bidness. so I guess I had better wring 'em out and purge a few of those neural pathways. Sure would be nice to be able to reformat to free some of that old memory up ... I can use all the help I can get these daze. If only I could find me a pitcher of MoJo ... that would help bring 'em back don't ya think?

I still think that gadget of Arrgh!'s was some sort of counting mechanism ... counted revolutions as we pulled rods or somethin'.  I do recall doing those cals ... sitting there in Control Equipment connected to the RO via sound powered phones (nothin' but the best hi-tech gear for us boyz, eh?) and saying, "mark ... mark ... mark ... mark ..." at every revolution as we pulled rods ... seemed like "mark ... mark ... mark ... mark" every 2 or 3 seconds. Just sittin' there watching some shaft turning ... "mark ... mark...mark ..." so the RO could check if the rod height indicator on the panel was following or some such thing. "Mark...mark...mark ..." on and on and on it went. Right in the middle of this along comes one of my buds ... peeks his face around the corner of one of the cabinets and says, "Heh ... that's you, eh? I thought I was hearing a harelipped dog barking with all that mark ... mark ... markin' goin' on." Well ... he was right ... it did sound just like that ... "mark...mark...mark ..." and a picture of a harelip dog came into my mind and I started to laugh just listening to myself doing that ... over and over. Then he began to laugh at my laughing and I at his and well ... we got into a laughing jag and lost track of the whole damn test ... blew the whole thing and had to start all over from scratch. I still crack up to this day any time I hear someone say "mark" during any cal that we're doing and then have to tell them the story so they don't think I've gone completely bonkers. It doesn't seem to help. ;) 


Arggh! Shares a Bad Eyesight Story ....

I have contacts now, but I was working in a plant where they weren't allowed, and my eyesight is pretty bad. My glasses were pretty thick! One day, we were shooting the breeze, and someone made a crack about me and our supervisor both being ex-Navy. The sup took the opportunity to make fun of my thick specs and said, "You know what they say about that don't you, fellas? We know what old Jimbo was up to in the shower, eh?" He emphasized his point by making a gesture which will remain undescribed, for discression's sake. Of course, after the riotous laughter subsided, I concluded the matter by saying, "Yeah, but it's the guys that get out with 20/20 you don't want to bend over around!" The laughter was even louder and more boisterous, and the sup never brought that subject up again! Score one for Arrgh! that day!

A Boot Camp Memory

On my long list of things to do before I die is write a book about boot camp.  When I reported to GLakes in March of 1984, I was assigned to company 077.  Without a doubt, 077 was one of the biggest "bug" companies to ever graduate from RTC GLakes.  I think we graduated with only one or two flags.  We were the "lead" company in our group and so basically every week we got dumber as another group of dumbfucks got ASMO'd in.  Our CCs pretty much decided early on not to take it personally.  Up until that time, my life was pretty un-eventful.  I was a typical Southern California "dude" and had never met or associated with people from the inner city or deep south.  It was in boot camp that I was introduced to "America" and began studying people.  Almost every person in my company was a character.  And not a day went by that I didn't nearly laugh myself to death because of something I saw or heard.

One day [last year] when I was working for the army as a contractor, a fellow ex-nuke and I were hanging out in the break room swapping sea stories.  This guy had been on the Ike and I had known him back in prototype (he was in 8503 I believe).  Our memories drifted back to boot camp and we started reminding each other about the stupid things they put you through there.  Stuff we hadn't thought about in nearly 20 years, like:

"Hey, remember how you could only go clockwise when double timing somewhere when you weren't with your company?"

"Hey, remember how all the southern guys used to have nicknames that had their state name in it, like 'Kentuck' or 'Arky'?"

"Hey, remember being rewarded with a 'smoke n' coke' ?"

"Hey, remember being called  'raisin head' until you could finally wear a white hat?"

"Remember how they'd yell, 'Nut to butt' at you in the chow line?"

"Remember those guys with the silver helmets that everyone called, 'Hummers and Strummers'?"

"Remember having to sing 'Anchors Aweigh' whenever you marched through that tunnel going to the PT drill hall?"

"Remember how the MEDs were always threatening to stroke your chit?"

"Remember how the CCs and MEDs called everyone 'Rick' or 'Dickhead'?"

"Remember that stupid marching song that went, 'I used to drive a Cadillac .... with pretty women in the back , ....."


We must have thought of a hundred stupid things while all the others in the break room (who had never served their country) looked on in disbelief.  Anyway, here's my boot camp memory.  I'm not even sure what sparked its occurrence:

During service week (week 4?) I was assigned the worst possible job imaginable: galley nights!  It was bad enough going to the galley .... but galley nights .... that was 1000 times worse!  

My shift started each night at 1600 when I reported to some low life seaman apprentice cook that ordered me to clean pots and pans.  Then about midnight I was assigned egg cracking duty until 0530.  I have no idea how many eggs I cracked but it was a lot (enough for the who friggen base).  They warned us egg crackers if they found any shells in any of the egg bowls, we'd all go to "IT."  It totally sucked.  

About halfway through service week my back and neck went out.  I couldn't even stand anymore!  I was in so much pain that I didn't know what to do.  I didn't complain or go to sick call, though .... I knew better than that.  I just sucked it up and tried to get through it.  

Then one night I saw an opportunity.  A cook told me to go and get a big pot for him.  As I was pulling the pot down off a tall shelf all the other pots fell from that shelf and hit me square on the head: "Ka-Boooooong!" 

Immediately I fell to the floor.  I didn't even know if I was hurt but I saw my opportunity and took it.  I figured anyone who saw that would certainly think I got killed!  So I lay there on the floor, sprawled out, waiting for people to come running to my rescue.  

Yep, I would just lay there pretending to be dead.  It was easy.  This would be great!  I'll act totally unconscious and they'll have to put me on a stretcher, carry me out somewhere .... and I can pretty much fake being dead as long as I need to!  This was my ticket out of the galley!  Maybe even out of boot camp!!  Yes, the answer to my prayers.  I would fake being dead!!!!

But no one came.  That's because no one saw me get hit on the head with the pots.  I finally had to get back up off the deck, wipe myself off, replace the fallen pots, and return to my duties.  Now I had a headache on top of my bad back and neck. 


Boot Camp, Etc.

I don't recall much of bootcamp except for the following:

In the summer of 1976 it was hot as hell standing at parade rest on the grinder in Orlando waiting to eat some slop I didn't want in the first place.

I went in on the "buddy" program with my best friend. His rack was directly across the room from mine. He would make faces at me during inspections when our CC was right in front of me. I had to do many extra pushups because of that. Just like Pvt Pyle in Full Metal Jacket, I could not keep a straight face.

Since I was a nuke, I became the Training P.O. That meant I had to make sure the "rocks" knew their General Orders or whatever it was. We had this guy named Locklear that was quite a physical specimen. He was like Forrest Gump...tell him to run and he would run indefinitely until told to stop. Didn't see the need in memorizing his General Orders though.

When we were finally trusted enough to walk back from chow by ourselves, it was with the implicit understanding that we went directly back and didn't look around at stuff. Imagine our CC's surprise (and delight) when this guy from Arkansas looks up to our CC on the roof and waves. We did many pushups for that little indiscretion.

My service week was spent as Battalion yeoman, which basically meant I had to make coffee and get abused (verbally) by the chiefs when they weren't administering "IT".  If it was a guy screw-up, one chief would monitor.  If it was a wave, all would gather while she did jumping jacks with boobs aflopping. One time the Master Chief wanted me to get coffee for him. I poured it, added sugar and cream and was just getting ready to deliver, when the other chiefs got wind of it. One rimmed it with his dick, another added some pubes, another put Comet in it. They made me bring it in to him. I was terrified. He saw the pubes and chewed me a new one. They probably did this once a week to each new recruit.

Our CC kept calling our radio a TV. When finally asked why, he replied, "If you fuckups don't get it together, all you'll be doing is watching it." I still remember "Magic Man" by Heart was brand new at the time. Some other song called Afternoon Delight that I hated but couldn't get out of my mind. 

We went to Rosy O Gradys after graduation. Of course my first drink in weeks had to be a double 151 and coke. Not a good idea. Maybe if I had only had one.

My friend's sister came down for our graduation. She had a motel room in a place apparently rented by recruits from our class. We got a standing ovation walking into that room, 2 squids and a pretty girl. She didn't appreciate it much, but I thought it was funny.

My friend decided he didn't like the military much after that and got out. A year later, as I was sneaking out of my mandatory hours at nuke school to go to the enlisted club as I frequently did, I met my friend and some other guys from back home he'd brought. They were walking up that curved pavement that's in a recent KP picture of NPS and were going to surprise me. I about had a coronary, since if I had left 5 minutes earlier, I'd have had a quick ticket out to the fleet minus a stripe. No doubt in my mind that when they went to the NPS window asking for me and I wasn't there and then came back buzzed I'd be in some deep Kim Chee.

The CNO at the time was Adm. Holloway. His nephew was in our class. He flunked out. About that time I realized they were serious about this nuke stuff.

My roommate in prototype was a ski bum. When we had longoffs he would go to the Tetons and ski. I got called into the XO's office one day. I knew this wasn't good, just didn't know what I had got caught at. My jaw dropped when the XO asked me if I knew my roommate was gay! Seems he had turned himself in. He might have been a lot of things but gay wasn't one of them. He was teaching skiing in Idaho shortly thereafter though. Wish he had warned me. I really thought I was goatfucked for a few minutes there.

I arrived in Alameda to the Enterprise on April 3 1978 around supper time to find out it was leaving on a WESTPAC the next day. My solution to that was to go out and get arrested for MIP. They let me go after awhile. Probably figured going to sea for 6 months was enough punishment. I really didn't know you had to be 21 to drink in California. Or maybe I repeated that so many times I actually believed it.

Bongo Bill


I never realized you '70s dudes did boot camp in Orlando. In the 80s, nukes did boot and A-School in GLakes. GLakes sucked so if you never went there, you're lucky.

When I was in boot camp there were two songs that were always on the radio. One was Rock Me Like a Hurricane by the Scorpions and the other was Hold Me Now by The Thompson Twins. Today, whenever I hear one of those songs I immediately think of boot camp. I'm not sure why but whenever we came within earshot of a radio (which was rare) one of those two songs was playing.  Odd.  It was almost as if they were meant to be a memory igniter.

On a side note, I totally remember that stupid song Afternoon Delight. It was played to death on the radio that summer (1976). Those of you who read my Mooj story about the lawless and hapless Clauso Brothers (see My First Job, MWS, Dec 2, 2001) will probably get a kick out of the fact that when that lady came home (the one who owned the house) and was yelling at us for destroying her house, that song [Afternoon Delight] was playing on the radio (in the background somewhere ..... sky rockets in flight ..... it was an afternoon delight ......) Whenever I hear that song  today (which is rare) I think of that awful moment in time.


Boot Duty, Cont.

Sorry to hear your sad, whiny tale, KP! We're all beside ourselves with grief and compassion... hehehehe

I was once again charmed, and have no idea how it happened. Not only did I get the coveted BEE Instructor duty billet (the ONLY one open at the time) after ETA school, but in boot camp I got the easiest job there was there, too! In Orlando, at the end of the "grinder" where we would stand in line forever waiting to eat chow, there was a fake ship built; I think it was called the "USS Neversail", or something equally ridiculous. That's where I spent my work week, if you could call it that. Yeah, I had to mop a few floors, and polish some brass stuff, but it was generally known as the "skate duty". That's where I spent "work week". Hahahahaha We used to watch TV and hang with the guys assigned to "work" there. I really felt bad for those poor slobs coming home from 16-18 hour days in the scullery. Really!


"Meat Night"

Since we're thinking about Orlando, do any of you guys remember "Meat Night" at the Mariners Club?  Every Friday was meat night.  That was when the new female recruits graduated from RTC and stormed the E-club looking for boy-booty.  You could look like The Hunchback of Notre Dame and still get picked up on by a newly graduated female recruit, who had just spent 8 sex-less weeks thinking about what she was going to do to the first guy she got her hooks on after graduation.  Most of the time these poor gals were willing to pay for the motel room, too.  They'd even treat you to dinner if you were so inclined.  And best of all, they were gone after that weekend so you never saw them again!!!!  

-- an anonymous guy too ashamed to say who he is since he is now a respectable family man

Some Photos From the Missing Link:

Some things from the 'E', some from A1W, some not from either...

"Pig Party" Friday

You can't fool me, Mr. "an anonymous guy too ashamed to say who he is since he is now a respectable family man"! Arrgh!, who also went to boot camp in Orlando, and BEE school, AND Nuc School, knows the truth of why you are too ashamed to sign your name to that letter. And I'm gonna dime you out, too!

I wouldn't want anyone to know if I had been involved in that degrading and disgusting display which would occur on Friday evenings as well. The true reason that those memories are haunting you is because of the absolute, total ASSES I have seen men make of themselves in that club on those evenings. It was sooo bad, that after viewing this disgusting sight a couple of times, I would not go there on Fridays. Actually, because of the disgusting, horrible, butt pumping disco music they always played, I personally couldn't stand it in there any night.

Back to the ridiculous displays of behavior... They was no woman (except my wife, of course) who would be worth the degradation involved with lasting a night in that club. I have seen the most disgusting, pig-like, horrible amazons literally being FOUGHT over in that place! Grown (I wonder sometimes) men would get into fisticuffs over these pigs! We called it the "Pig Party," because most of the women were disgusting, many were more inclined to leave with the other WAVs, and the rest had to be "won," as many of these WAVs had already been told of the great choices they would be offered on that evening, probably by their boot camp CCs. I have never met (accept for my wife) a single woman that was worth putting up with the poor behavior, nauseating music, and totally degrading scenario, not to mention the management (another story) in that place for a chance to spend the night with. On top of all that, I'm sure that many butt pumpers hung out there every other night, looking for some poor, confused, drunken squid to take advantage of. That Mariners Club was the last place a respectable man would be found!

Some of us know the true reason for your shame! And don't try to blame it on protecting your wife, either! You fear the rest of us laughing at you! You probably beat up some poor, drunken, homesick boy who thought one of those amazons reminded him of his mommy! Disgusting!


To The Missing Link ....

I've heard of preserving your memories, but don't you think you should wash that shirt? What's that brown thing in the cellophane wrapper? Looks like something Naval, but I don't recall seeing one before. Maybe old age is catching up to me.


That's the next Big Quiz item!!! Anyone who ever climbed inside the primary system should know what that thing is.  The first person (except for the Missing Link) who can identify this object will win a free beer next time they pass through Phoenix.  


Orlando Stories From a Cruiser Nuke (8204):

Sorry to read of the hormone deprived going for the boot camp girls on Friday nights. For a young man with healthy 'nads and owning a car, Saturday was a MUCH better experience.

The boots were released for all day liberty on Saturday around 0800. About 0900 I would drive down the street from the base towards the nearest mall (can't recall the name). [I'd] offer a ride to any pleasant female boot found walking along the way. Id' take the boot to the mall, or for a quick meal at the nearby Denny's. There was a two story hotel (again, age has stolen the name) not far from the base which gave 50% discount to those with military IDs.  I'd get to the motel, register, and collect the full, posted price from the boot. Bang away for the next two hours, clean up the room, then drop the grateful boot off at the Mall. Cruise around a bit, pick up another hearty young boot, go back to same hotel. Chat with desk clerk, then take the new companion up to the room, show receipt, and get paid again for that room.  Another sweaty couple of hours of fun, then drive the second boot back to the mall. Back to hotel, rest and shower. Then head out to Orange Blossom Trail for lap dances and drinks, using money from the second boot to pay the tab. Find a lovely civilian lass, and back to the hotel for a nightcap. Crawl into barracks about 0800 Sunday, just in time to head over for a nice day's homework and study.

Three women, no real expenses, and a pleasant time is had by all. Surely I wasn't the only one to follow this tried and true path to happiness?

1981 Boot Camp (Orlando-now gone)
Later 1981-Great Lakes
Late 81-early 82 Gator ship TAD (ship now gone)
Class 8204 (from section 11 in preschool to section 2..real rock)
Fall 82-early 83 S1W D crew mechanic (NFR Idaho scrapped and gone)
83-86 cruiser nuc mechanic (ship now scrapped and gone)
86-87 Rad Con puke on a Tender (ship now mothballed)

With the passing of these various Nuclear Places, I must now be nothing but a Graying (nuclear) Ghost

Schmegma House South Party Invitation

Sorry for the poor quality of this pic, but the original invitation is over 20 years old. I was there. Aloha! The sketched "Rastafarians" are Frank Lipinski, RC 3 plant type, and Jerry "Waste" Waitinas, one of the original Schmegman of Schmegma House North in Silverdale, WA! I'll bet this is the 
only existing copy of this little gem! An original from the Arrgh! archives...

Incidentally, the house was forever known as "Schmeg South" after the indicated house naming party!


Nuc Cruisers, Gone but Not Forgotten

About 5 years ago, I moved to the Puget Sound area, and went to Port Orchard for a visit. There were numerous Nuc cruiser hulls across the water in Bremerton. It looked like they were all there. It was truly sad! I remember how many friends I had from Nuc School who had been assigned to those babies.

A few weeks later I had to go to Seattle to meet a guy and decided to take the ferry over. As the ferry was headed through the Rich passage, I saw a tug pulling a hulk back toward Bremerton. I was saddened to see the hull number, and realized that it was what was left of the Bainbridge, hull #25. I have a picture of her tied up across the way from us when the Big E was in Singapore during out cruise in 82...

I also saw the Ranger and the Midway tied up over there, waiting to be scrapped eventually. Back in the early 80s, it was the Oriskiny class carriers tied up there. I guess the Big "E" nearly wound up there as well, before they decided to fuel her up one more time.

If any of you guys from RC div were aboard the E in Newport News, just before she left the yards in the 90s, I actually called the RC division office and left a message to be posted there. I was hoping that one of my old steaming buds would see it, being lifer chiefs, and call me, but alas, there was no response. I wonder what people thought, seeing a message from some guy named "Arrgh!" and a phone number...


Does anyone remember the old navy graveyard up in Benica, CA?  I remember once we needed a vintage part (something that had tubes in it) and the supply system located one on some old tub up there.  I went there with "Q" to get the thing.  I was amazed at all the old ships they had there, just rotting away.  

I remember hearing from one of my Admiral friends that they decided to do away with Nuc cruisers after the USS Stark got hit by a missile.  No one ever really thought about the problem of dealing with a sinking and/or burning cruiser that had a nuclear reactor aboard.  I remember we always had the USS Arkansas and USS Truxton along with us when cruising.  I think the USS Long Beach came along once, also.  I bet those boats are long gone now. 


Plug This!

too easy ...

i've been inside many a steam generator doing initial surveys
to prepare for sludge lancing and tube plugging during my rad tech daze.

but i'm gonna hit you up for a free beer anyway one of these daze. ;)

got any Yuengling ? ;)

so uh ... is it a stool sample? 
or an oz of hash? 
or ... iz it a ... sg tube plug? 


UB da winnah!!!!  Yep, it's definitely a s/g plug.  .... and, thanks for making me miss my Yuengling.  Last fall I flew to Philly for some family business and brought back two suitcases' full o' the stuff (bought tax-free in Delaware, of course).  What remains is now part of my special stash, which hides in my pantry.  My wife and I usually have one every Friday night.  As soon as I run out I'll have to make another trip to Philly.


An IC-man!

When I first arrived on the big E in '96, we immediately left for my first 6 month cruise. I was an engineering ICman. I spent that first 6 month cruise learning the tricks at the whorehouses overseas, and learning how to secure hookups from the chief's mess. If your a telephone IC you know what that means....

What I was interested in hearing from guys stationed on the cell block 65, years ago was there any ghost stories?  I had a personal experience of a haunting in the pump room all the way forward on the ship. I think it was #1 pump room, I am not sure....

Anyway, my tool buddy and I had gone down there to repair the valve position indicating system, which absolutely never worked. We both promptly found a comfortable spot and took a nap..... We then heard someone coming down the ladder, so we immediately got up and began looking busy. The dogs on the door started to open, all of them except 3.  Nothing happened for a couple of seconds, so we opened it one was there...  The lights flickered a couple times after that but nothing more. I'm not one to believe in ghosts at all, but that actually happened to maybe I believe. 

PS: I also have the original version of the mobile Chernobyl patch as well as the second addition sold during the following med cruise. Only the original was banned, but have been found on Ebay a couple of times......the price being quite high. If you would like a photo of the second patch, same title, different airwing and blue stripes instead of red let me know.


Hmmm, could it have been the ghost of Gundecking past? Yes, send some pics of the patch!


RE Div, 90's Style:


Cory Wheatley here and I was assigned to RE div, crew 'D' for the NNS&DD overhaul and re-fueling from 91-95. In 94, Crew D RE became RE11 and in 1995 we were "re-assigned" to break up the malcontents that had formed in each work center and I became part of RE14.

To give a little more background on the 90's re-fuel, when I arrived, the Department was broken up into 4 rotating shifts just like prototype was at the time. Additionally, each division had a "Daystaff," that worked the normal 6:30 to 4 and stood duty.  1991 was a banner year for RE, each shift ballooned to almost 20 people and Daystaff had maybe 6-8 people. Randy Shackett was the CPO and Chris Burian was my LPO on crew D. 

Please post this along with the others and we'll see what blossoms from the early 90's RE div. A story to follow about Booty's getting out of the NAV party and how to reduce the MWR fund to nothing in 3 short years.


Welcome aboard Cory!  This site needs a few more REs to make up for all them RC-Div low-lifes that seem to be hanging around.  You must have showed up just as I was leaving or a few months after I was gone.  Can't wait to hear some of your stories!  


More From Cory ....

Cory here again.

Just got through some of page 7 and saw that Aaron Brooks had checked in. Aaron undoubtedly wants his picture back from the Short-timer's book.  Aaron always had the longest hair and since we always wore the blue hardhats with insulation inserts to keep us warm from the James River breeze that blew across the shipyard, no one outside of his friends probably new just how long. His picture was great to see when I finally got the book and buckle. Middle of his back if I can re-call correctly. This was pretty incredible too since Aaron would take off his hat when required but it always looked like his hair was just slicked back. 

Side note: This was the Short timer's book dedicated to Mike Bowden. It was still around in 95.

Aaron also hit it on the head about School. It seemed his entire crew was going to school while also working shift work. Crew A was the other RE crew that sent probably their entire bunch off to school. I think Aaron was the only one that finished his degree though in that time.   It saddens me to read the few entries of bad memories of NNS&DD. I always look back on it as my time I worked for the Shipyard getting paid Sea Pay for sitting in a dry-dock. It prevented me from spending 4 years at sea and allowed me to start my marriage off right by being home every night with my wife. I know so many people that had normal lives because we came home every night. That might be on reason there aren't that many testimonials from early 90's RE yet. So many of us didn't have the typical Nuke career. Someone told me once a Nimitz class has maybe 250 nukes. Enterprise had over 800 during the overhaul. (from my time in Rx Admin... thanks Booty) The ship was a one-of-a-kind to build and she was one-of-a-kind to re-fuel and overhaul. 4 years and 4 billion. A brand new one cost the same or less and took the same time to build. We saw Stennis' keel laid and commissioning. Great times in the Dry-dock, Great Times in Virginia.



Hey, tell us more about RE in early 1990s. Was Billy Jack Harger still FGS in your time? One of my most profound accomplishments aboard the "E" was picking that nickname for him.  I made it up before I even knew him or knew he was coming to RE. I saw him on the fwd mess decks practicing his karate. He had on this black "gy" and headband with Japanese symbols.  I dubbed him "Billy Jack" in my head and then started calling him that when he showed up in RE.  He was a great guy. 

Another Billy Jack memory I just thought of is how back in those days I had learned how to play a Johnny Cash song called Folsom Prison Blues and was asking around if anyone had the tape. Billy Jack said that he had a "few" Johnny Cash tapes and brought down about 50!  I never knew anyone could have that many Johnny Cash tapes (or tapes from any other band or artist for that matter).  Billy Jack took over the FGS job after I left.  I probably bagged him with a few things; I can't remember ...... 


To Arrgh! from ML:


Yes, that shirt is in pretty bad shape. :-O I actually found it being used as padding around a clock that I had last seen sometime back in the first Reagan administration. The stains appear to be permanent. And now I'm afraid to wash it, it might fall apart.


More From ML:

[KP] mentioned the Benicia Ghost Fleet. I rode the train from Seattle to Oakland and back over Christmas week and the tracks go right past the remains of the fleet. It was foggy when we went through, but I only saw about 6 or 8 ships there. I used to sail past them while sailboat racing when I lived in the Bay Area and the population was always going down - I guess they just go straight to scrap now.

Where are you at Arrgh? I'm in Everett working for the City and one of the places I regulate is <drum roll> the Navy base here. Inspect the base at least twice a year. Revenge can be such fun; especially sitting across from a Captain telling him that he screwed up. :-)


Two 90's RL Types!!

Wittkop, Charles J. (Captain Morpholine)
RL Div, 1997-2001

Tasker, Timothy A. (Kid Kondensate)
RL Div, 1997-2001

The Anchor Tavern

Ahh, memories! As did many others, I spent many an evening at the Anchor Tavern sucking down beer. I've been wracking my brain to remember the guys who owned it, all I can remember is one was nicknamed "Napkin." Two things really stick in my mind about the tavern; one was the painting on the wall in the women's can, it was a picture of a window with a sailor in cracker jack blues climbing through. And you cold see by the look on his face that he had one thing in mind... The other was the way regulars bought draft beer - with tokens that were initially 3 for $0.95 and then went up to 3 for $1.10 or something like that. Here's a pic of the one I still have.

They later bought the deli that was next door, so there was food other than pickled eggs and chips. In '83 I was back up here on vacation and went by the place. The whole block had been "redeveloped" and it was a boutique; later, the entire block was leveled for ferry terminal parking.

Missing Link

YardPac 78-80 Beer tokens!


Hit me with yer e-mail, boy! Here's mine... Pretty original, eh? I like that beer token; here's a pic of my collection from the YardPac daze...

I think the Anchor is where Ben Hunt punched a guy out one night because he was fiddling around with a knife where nobody else could see it. Ben was funny like that... I can understand why! playing with knives in a bar isn't a very good plan. And Ben could hit really hard (don't ask!) too. My old favorite was the bar that used the tokens that looked like a piece of old siding or something. The place had character, especially when Dirtbag was there! hehehehe We opened the place after mids an untold number of times; it was just out the gate by the Missouri. I think that whole block is gone, too. What a shame... so many memories. Those "hottsies" and beers will always reside in the back of my brain; what's left of it, anyways :)


To The Cruiser Nuke:

Who be ye? What cruiser were you on? I know where what's left of it is! It's in Bremerton, where they used to keep the old decommissioned boomers. I knew lots of men that went on to cruisers and tubers, too, though I usually don't like to admit about the tubers in public ;)

Arrgh! Nuc Class 7904; AIW Idaho Falls

With a little prompting, I might tell you about the time myself and one of my buddies pulled off the ultimate no-no; we cut class at Prototype and got away with it! Hahahaha Remember the '80 Olympics when the USA beat the Ruskies in ice hockey? Great game!

A Word From KP ...

Damn, this site is really taking off!  I've been so busy uploading stuff here I can't write my prize-winning Mooj Weekly Standard newsletter (which is already a month overdue).  I assume my "minions" are growing restless but I could be wrong.  Anyway, thanks for all your inputs!  This site has developed into the gathering place I envisioned when I started it two years back.  One of these days I'd love to meet everyone in person.  Can a "reunion" be too far off?  Maybe next year, eh?  I'd sure like to buy each of you a beer if that was ever possible.....


My Old Bud Ralph Cuda Comes Aboard!!!

Yo, King Paul!

Love the site! Add me to the list...don't know if you remember me, but your face sure looks familiar to me! Hell yes, include my name in the website!!!

Ralph Cuda (aka "Barry-Cuda", dopey book "The Jazzman")

After I got out, I went back to school to get my music degree. Right now I'm teaching orchestra and band at a middle school in Lompoc, California. I also owned a music store in Colorado for a few years. I'm married, and my wife's name is Donna.

As I pulled out the old "Yearbook" from Westpac 88, I couldn't stop laughing as I looked at the RE div pictures! You guys were the best!

You probably knew one of my best friends, Mark Foth. He was in RE div same time as us, and he was my roommate in San Francisco and Virginia. We've kept in touch, and I went to his wedding (up in Wisconsin) a few years ago. His wife's name is Cindy, and they had a kid just about 2 years ago. His e-mail address is

Also, I kept in touch with Scott Galbraith (RM-14).  We used to exchange Christmas cards every year, but I haven't heard from him in about 2 years. I'll see if I can't 'relocate' him.

Thanks for the laughs and the memories of the web site. If you're ever out in Ca, look me up!

Ralph's my story...

I remember during overhaul (maybe in 1990) we had an inspection on a Friday. The DO didn't like me, and he told me that the shine on my shoes was 'unsat'. I had to report on my day off (Saturday) for 4 hours to clean the bilge. 

Well, I was so pissed that I spent the 4 hours painting the Reactor Air Flask to resemble a giant "Budweiser" can. I had it painted in detail, and in color, and did it look cool! I swear, that afternoon, the DO had an unexpected reactor plant tour with the XO! From what SRW told me, the DO turned beet red,
and the XO couldn't stop laughing! 

Cuda!!!  I remember ya well!  You were among the regulars hanging out in the aft lounge.  I don't recall you playing any musical instruments though.  Did you?  I'm happy to hear your living in Lompac.  When I lived in SLO I drove through Lompac many a time.  Check out the Critical Thinking site; there's a discussion about Anderson's Pea Soup on there.  Surely you know about Andersons if you live in Lompac.  

I remember Mark Foth very well.  He was my "nub" when I was LPO of RE04.  He wasn't much into the whole navy thing as I recall and  I think he got an early out (but I forget what means he used to achieve it).  Or maybe I'm thinking of another nub named Lyman.  He too didn't care much for the navy and pulled a fast one.  (One of those homo-erectus things).  I could be totally wrong about Foth though.  My memory is fuzzy. Check out the abuse Foth took in the 1987 RE04 dopeybook.  I think he was referred to as PO Foot in those days.  

Glad to hear from you again!


90s RC Type!

1991-1996 RC-14 crew-D, RC-11, RC shop. Any stories about some of the world cruise salts such as John Clemmerer, Joe Petrafazzi, Ed Martin and Tom Cluney (who ended up doing over 10 years straight on the Pig)? 

Michael Thomas 

I got out from Charleston NPTU in 2000 after nearly 13 years and have been working for a chio Equipment Firm out of Austin ever since.

Late 70s, Early 80s RM Type!!

Please add my name to your e-mail list:
Jerry Waitinas
RM-14 and RM-23 1978 to 1982

Shmegma House ....

I just saw the entry about Smegma house and the picture of the invitation. I visited the original many times for parties. I arrived on the E in November 79 for the last half of the yard pac. Frank Lipinski and I were in BNEQ together for a while and both worked in 1 plant - he was an RO at the time and I was a Reactor MM. Funny how life changes around sometimes. I'm now a HP tech and Lips is the head of the I/C department (think ET's guys). There are a couple of other guys around here also. I wound up with several nicknames in RM11. There was Spiffy, Elrod, Rico (never figured THAT one out). In the dopey book in the RAR I was usually L-bug or firefly. When I've had some sleep, I'll tell you some stories that are probably true. Otherwise Happy New Year!

Larry Smith MM1/HM2 - that's another story

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