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Letters, Random Memories and Assorted Sea Stories (Cont.)



I usually start a new page whenever the current one reaches about 100KB.  Usually that takes about three or four months.  Page 9 filled up in 3 weeks!  That can only mean that the KP Site is catching on and we're getting lots of good stories.  Thanks all!


More From MMCM

Howdy “KP” and Thanks for putting the two photos I sent you last month into your Page 9.

I have been searching high and low for some drawings that I did back in the late 60’s of the 4MMR main engine moisture separator. Each MMR had it’s own “logo” painted on the moisture separator until the ’69-’70 refueling when the bad boys from NR made us remove them.

Not sure what happened to them…..rumor had it that some of the guys cut the paintings out of the lagging and stowed them away for future use. 

Anyway when I find the painting of the one from 4 plant, I will send it your way for publishing in your website.

Later, MMCM

Others have mentioned these paintings as well.  I'd love to get photos of these if anyone has some.  


The "Critical" Watchbill

For some reason, I was fortunate enough (!) to be qualified on the RCER watch in 1 plant on our watch team's critical plant watchbill. This watchbill was very carefully controlled, as the men on that watchbill were the only ones authorized to stand watches during the 1 plant startup. This was to be the very first startup of a Rx on the Big "E" since they brought her into Bremerton in 1978, over 2 years before. Most of the old hands and operators who had actually stood watches on critical reactors were gone, so it got pretty anal, since all of the powers that be had maxed out their collective sweat pumps over the whole thing. I don't recall being very worried about it at all, since RCER had a pretty skate watch anyway, and getting to do a rod latch would be cool. I was honored to perform the first rod latch on the first Rx to be started up on the Big "E" after the yard period.

This watchbill did cause some problems for me, though, as it almost got me thrown into jail for contempt of court. Oh, I guess now I have to tell about that DUI...

I left the bar in Siverdale early that night, because I didn't want to get into any trouble, since I was by myself and didn't have anyone to drive me and my car home if I had overdone it. So, I left early, and was trying to navigate the back roads into Bremerton. I missed a turn, and while backing up, my rear tire went into the ditch, and I was stuck. I flagged down a guy in a truck to pull me out, but alas, the homeowner whose house I was in front of called the cops, and Chico's Towing got to do their thing, which ended up costing more than the DUI ticket. I hate Chico's Towing! Those &#*^@@&!?! cost me nearly $1,000 worth of fees before I got out of the Bremerton area. I blew a .14, and I was not even beginning to feel the effects of the beer yet, because I was such a drunk that it must have taken about .20 to get me a decent buzz on. The penalty for that screw up was the NASAP classes, which I'm sure many of you readers know of, some probably first hand! You could miss 2 classes, but if you missed a third, you were out, and they sent you back to the judge for contempt of court.

I had about 3 more classes to go, and then the unthinkable happened. The class came up on a night I was scheduled for watch in 1 plant, on the dreaded criticality watchbill. The worst of it was, I was the ONLY guy on our crew on the watchbill for RCER. They had about 4 ROs, but only me in the alley. I HAD to go to that class! Either that, or jail. Finally, Ben Hunt came and relieved me, saying that he'd take the heat for the problems. He was qualified to stand critical RO, why not the lame RCER? I went to class, and everything seemed fine for about 1/2 an hour. Then the phone in the classroom rang. That had never happened during all the previous classes, and I just knew it wasn't a good thing. It was for me. ME?!? How did they know where I was? Who was it? Well, I knew. Sure enough, the OOD of the Enterprise told me to get my butt and the rest of me back to the ship and get on watch, or the NRO guy was going to shut down the entire testing program on the E. Yep, I was certainly screwed. I told him that if they made me come back, they'd have the same problem next week, because then I'd be in jail, and the cops wouldn't give a flying flip who ordered me to do what! He didn't buy it, he gave me a direct order to return to the ship. I made him tell the NASAP instructor who he was and explain, in the vain hope that they would cut me some slack, but no dice. I was going to fry in my own juices. I had to go back.

The next week, they tried to kick me out of the NASAP class, but I wouldn't leave, and I begged my DO and the RO to bail me out of that one. Somehow, they got the NASAP guys not to dime me out, but as a penalty, I never got the "honor" of receiving the college credit for the course. Like I really cared!

The other time that stupid watchbill messed me up, I was on watch, and I had to take a dump. Now, urinating isn't really that big of a problem, but taking a #2, that's a different thing all together. I couldn't leave a floater in the bilge; even I wouldn't do that to the MMs. So, I had to take a crap in a garbage can, and take the bag with me when I left the watch. And no, I didn't "bag" my relief with that one!


Thanks Arrgh!  Those of you who read the Critical Thinking Site will notice several new stories were added by Arrgh (in the files section).  I'll "borrow" some of them for this site if things get slow.  In the meantime, y'all should check them out! 


"The Waste" Finds this Site

Arrgh stories! At least all you have to do is read 'em. I had to live 'em and mop up after 'em. And it's quite a repulsive memory. Between Arrgh's ramblings and Dirtbag's bullshit the web will be full by the end of the year. 

"The Waste"

PS. Dirt - Thanks for turning me on to this site.

Drinking JP-5

Remember how the water on the Big "E" always ended up tasting and smelling like JP-5? That always made me want a big glass of water, ya' know? Even the bug juice on the mess decks tasted like gasoline. I drank so much pop from cans back then that I bet the Ruskies built their imitation carrier from the aluminum I threw over the side. I think that's probably why I don't drink much pop now.

The way my HT buddy told me that kept happening goes as follows:

Way up in the front of the ship, so close to the bow that the walls could be seen sloping inward, there was a pump room on the 7th deck. There were JP-5 pumps in there, and there were also Potable Water pumps. My HT buddy told me that when the HTs would gundeck the soundings, the bilge level in there would raise up to the level of the pumps. Now, the pumps would work under water, but the seals weren't so good, and the pump action would literally skim the JP-5 off the top of the water when the level got up to the pump seals.  Isn't THAT an appetizing thought? He seemed to be pretty serious that this was how the JP-5 was getting into the pot water system. I always hoped he was wrong, especially knowing what I used to do in the bilges, and I wasn't even a low life HT!

One day, it got so bad that the XO came on the all stations to tell us all that there wasn't enough JP-5 in the water to hurt us, so it was safe. I was in the EOS doing maintenance, and I walked over to the drinking fountain, turned it on, and held the flame from my cigarette lighter under the stream of water, and we all laughed while watching the black smoke rise away from the stream, mocking the XO, "Oh, don't worry!  It won't hurt you." Yeah, right. 

I always enjoyed the way it left your skin feeling and smelling. Can you see the advertising campaign? "All New Big "E" scent! Just like the fresh morning air after flight ops!"


Modern Age EM:

Travis Young, EE30 91-95, EE04 98-until I transfer

A Note from Craig Norquist's Brother:


My name is Ernie Norquist and I am Craig's oldest brother. I saw the website that you have for old Big E nukes and read the story about Craig and the haircut. I was stationed on the USS Saipan when we were going through a yard period in Portsmouth, VA. and spent many a night at a local pub as yard periods allow you to do. I started becoming a "regular" and was introduced to a gentlemen, whose name I forgot, by the owner of the bar. When I told him I was in the Navy we started talking about mutual people we knew. We started talking about duty stations and he told me that me that he was the reactor officer on the Enterprise. I told him my brother was a nuke on the E. Needless to say, the conversation changed when I told him Craig Norquist was my brother. He described the incident with the haircut with all that was involved and asked me, "What is that fuck-up doing with himself now?" I did not take too much offense to this as I knew that Craig was not the most stellar example of a sailor when he was in, but what did give me a sense of pride was informing him that the "fuck-up" was in his 3rd year of medical school at Harvard. To make a long story short Craig and a friend were coming down to visit a couple of weeks later and I told the gentlemen about it. We met at the pub where Craig and this guy spent quite a bit of time talking about the haircut I am sure. After Craig left I continued to see the guy every so often and he would just kind of shake his head and tell me that he never would have imagined Craig as a doctor........... and if you ever saw Craig on liberty in Subic Bay you wouldn't either.


Thanks for the letter Ernie!  Yep, Craig was a wild one.  He was notorious for tweaking the senior orcifers down in central.  But he was a damn good Load Dispatcher so they pretty much had no choice but to put up with him.  I haven't seen Craig in a few months.  I'll have to give him a call and see if he wants to go out for a beer.  If any of you live in Phoenix, you're welcome to come along too. 


An Arrgh! exclusive! The "Fred" Caper!

Here’s a story from my first days in BEE school, when I was only a lowly E-3, and doing my best to learn all that I would need for my future career in the Nuclear business. Hello!! Ya, right! I was partyin’ my butt off! hehehehe

One of my roommates was a guy named Fred. Fred was sorta dorky-looking, and none too bright. He was one of those “go into the service or go to jail” types.  Really! He was on his way to Torpedoman’s school.  Fred’s brother, a non-Navy type, lived in the area, and had a car, so Fred and his brother became desirable acquaintances, as the feet were getting tired quickly. I didn’t have a car then, I had just gotten out of boot camp.

One day I told Fred that I had acquired some “burnable vegetative material of the cannabis family.”  Fred told me his brother was coming to pick him up in a little while to go by a liquor store, and suggested that I go with him, and we could all get out on the town and do some squid-free partying! I agreed that this was a good idea. What a mistake!!

Fred’s brother was not happy to see me. Even when he found out that I had brought along something to “contribute,” he was still upset. He kept giving Fred these disparaging looks, and they were whispering from time to time about something. I had yet to catch on that something was afoot. Fred and his brother began arguing; Fred making statements like “He’s cool, man!” His brother was not buying it, but since “time was running out,” whatever that meant, Fred’s brother agreed to bring me to their destination, which they didn’t tell me, and I was still blissfully and trustingly ignorant, and still hadn’t caught on that something was up. I kinda figured that maybe Fred’s brother was going to be making a “buy,” and that was what was making him nervous about having a stranger along.

We pulled up in front of a house on a back street that was all dark, and Fred’s brother got out and went into the house. Fred was in the front, and got out to join me in the back seat, as we were apparently going to be having another rider along. I asked Fred if anything was wrong, but he insisted that everything was fine, that his brother was just a very nervous type guy. I was starting to get a little nervous myself.

If I was nervous before, I went into a panic when Fred’s brother got back in the front passenger side, and a very unsavory looking guy got in the driver’s seat, and he had something in his hand. Was that what I THOUGHT it was? Did he have a GUN? He put it under the seat, looked in the mirror and saw me, and he began throwing an absolute fit! He started chewing out Fred’s brother, and Fred’s brother said I was there because of Fred, and Fred was saying, “He’s cool, man!” I didn’t feel too cool right then. I was sweating like a pig, and if I wasn’t so scared, I probably would have jumped out of the car and ran like hell.

This friend of Fred’s brother was not a nice man, I could easily tell. He had the very pronounced air of confidence and conniving that spoke of ex-con to me!  They were, it seams, headed to rob a liquor store, and now I was along for the ride. I offered to get out, but the guy said, “Oh, no! You’re in this with us, now. You better not bolt, or I’ll find you’re a** and blow you away!” You couldn’t have pried me out of that seat with a crowbar! I know I was so scared, I was probably vapor locked to it by my butt anyway.  This guy kept looking at me in the rear view mirror with a very pronounced dislike of me written all over his face. I could have wrung Fred’s neck for getting me into this one! 

They pulled up behind the liquor store, and Fred’s brother and the guy got out to do the job. He looked into the back seat and told us in no uncertain terms what would happen to us if we weren’t there when he got back. I believed he meant every word of it, too!  I called Fred every sort of graphic expletive I could think of, and made up a few new ones. Then it got real quiet. I started imagining myself in front of a jury, trying to convince them of my story… “Really!  I just went ‘cause I thought we were going to smoke a joint or two! I didn’t know anything about a robbery!! I swear!” You would believe that story, right? Yeah, right!! In a pig’s eye! I had heard some horror stories about this kind of thing, where the real pros would sucker some idiot (gulp) along with them, and then conspire to blame the whole thing on the dolt, while they all plea bargained for a slap on the wrist to finger the bonehead! I was dying in that back seat, and I even started praying. I kept waiting to hear the gunshot that would seal my future as an ex-con. 

After what seemed like an eternity, they came back, got in, and we drove away. Fred’s brother explained that there were too many people in the store, and they had to split before they became too obvious. I didn’t say a word, but hoped that they wouldn’t decide to kill me just for the heck of it. When Fred’s brother dropped us off at the base I told Fred what I thought of him and his brother and their friend, and I never went anywhere with Fred again. 

Just goes to show ya… you can never be too sure about your friends, eh? What a frightful night. I never go anywhere with people I don’t trust any more. How about you?


Ps – like all of these Arrgh! tales, there is no liberty taken with the truth here. My life has had enough bizarre things happen that I don’t need to make anything up. If you do happen to recognize an error in one of these tales, let me know and I’ll make it right. Hey, it has been over 20 years since most of this went down.


Ha ha ha!  I just had a flashback to my youth reading this story.  Back when I was a lad, my buddy and I often pretended to rob liquor stores when we were on double dates.  Our dates would pretty much shit their pants and then refuse to ever go out with us again.  (We actually had these phony robberies rehearsed down to a "T.")  Boy, we sure thought we were funny!  I've actually written a few stories about my boyhood pal "Mike" in my Mooj newsletters.  He worked with me at Pizza Hut and was the same guy that did those kung-fu  fabrications with me late at night in front of unsuspecting old folks.  We loved to mess with people's heads whenever we could.  (No wonder we never had girlfriends.)


Addition to the CVN-65 RX-Eng list

Just wanted to add my name to the unofficial list. Ran across your web site while browsing. I'm also in the Enterprise Assn. I
encourage all your contacts to join if they have not. I can be contacted at my email address: 

James Voorhies, ET1, RC23 & RC Admin, 1983 - 1987 

Thank You, 
James Voorhies

More From James ...


I already sent you 1 email today. But after looking at the rest of your web site I had to give you a little more update. 

I don't know if you remember me or not. Pull out your cruise book. Just wanted to make contact with old buds and see what's up. Here's a quick synopsis of my adventures since the Big E. 

Left the Navy in 87. Went to work in the nuclear industry first as a tech, then Safety Mgr, then rad training (My worst subject in Nuke School), and now as a Traffic Mgr shipping nuke waste. Got divorced and remarried with 2 daughters. The oldest is about to graduate from HS with the other to follow next year. I live in Central City, CO now. We have casinos here and it makes me remember all the Pinochle and poker games in the aft berthing. 

Let me know what's happening with you. 

James, I do remember you!  Glad to hear from you again.  I remember you working in the RC Admin office when I put that phony ad in the Shuttle about Randy Jestice looking for inputs for his religious rock songs.  You seemed pretty cool about it even though your office phone was ringing off the hook.  


Even More From James.....

.... Just got through reading your posted Sea Stories. Loved the stuff remembering Mike Bowden. Played cards with him in aft berthing when he was on board. Worked with him in 3 Plant. I was working in RC Admin when I got word of his death inside the Rx Compartment. I was devastated. We had just left PI a few days earlier. I had gone out to Magsaysay with him and got a couple pics (Mostly haggling with the street vendors). I can send copies of what I have if you like. I sent copies to his Mom when I was on the Big E. I can relate stories to you about what he told me. Great guy. Not one to tell lies. But the G** damn Navy just wouldn't believe him when he said he was sick. 

Please send the pictures and stories of Mike!  When I was writing my Mooj newsletter narrative about the '86 Westpac I was going to write a few words about what happened to Mike.  I met him when he was in RT for the second time, after he returned to the ship before the '86 cruise.  I don't know why they were making him go through RT again since he had already qualified BNEQ and had been assigned to RE Div earlier.  Mike was a great friend to have in RT because he knew everyone.  Whenever you needed anything, Mike knew who to take you to.  I was working on that S/G job with Mike (although we weren't in the same section).  I was on the next shift following the tragedy.  We had no idea what happened--only that we weren't going to be doing any work that day.  Later, when we heard that Mike had died we were all sick.  All of Rx and Eng dept was sick.  A few days after the S/G job restarted, RC23's Chuck Baymen and I were among the first (or second) group to go back into the RC.  This was my first time inside the S/G and it was the most horrible ordeal I ever suffered through in my life.  I still have nightmares about it.

Back in those days we all were allowed to wear T-shirts while underway.  Few guys actually wore dungaree tops.  I remember when we all met on the foc'sle for Mike's memorial service, not a man showed up wearing a T-shirt--and only the guys on watch were missing.  

Many years after Mike's death I saw a notice on the Rx Berthing bulletin board for EM1 Engel.  We had pulled into Seattle for Sea Fair and Mike Bowden's mom had called and left the message.  Engel had transferred by then so I called Bowden's mom to let her know Engel was no longer on the Big E.  I told her that I also knew Mike and we talked at length.  At that time she was still very much involved (and probably still is) in her personal crusade to get some accountability for what happened.  We kept in touch after that but I haven't heard from her in many years.  Does anyone out there still keep in touch with Mike Bowden's mom?

God Bless you Mike, we will never forget you.  


More From MMCM

Hi KP,

Thanks for including me in the “60’s and 70’s” listings along with the MMCM listing of the 80’s in your contacts page.

Not sure if you would like to get it all like it was but here it is:


4MMR 67-69

2AMR 69-71


1AMR 1974







If you take into account the fact that 3 out of 4 of my Enterprise Tours were in the Engineering Department and that I spent 18 months on the roof supervising the cat shop during a time frame that included “Operation Frequent Wind” in 1975 you will get a little insight of that guy we used to know as MMCM…….

Got some communication from an old two planter today who says that during the 90’s overhaul in Newport News the MS painting in 4MMR was painted over and lost forever….I told him that I will be spending the day today looking for the drawings that I made of that painting…….got to find them !!!!!

Later, R/…………MMCM


Welcome Aboard!


Nice site. I'd like to be added, and I'll mention it to others...

Len Staller




North Chicago Mayhem

Reading Arrgh’s BEE story above reminded me of my own brush with the law while serving in the prestigious ITB Co 163. 

Remember how when you just got out of boot camp you pretty much just hung out with your former boot camp buds? You didn’t really know any better. Most of my early acquaintances in BEE school were guys from my boot camp company, who were also nukes.  Most were EMFNs and MMFNs.  At that time in GLakes (spring 1984) there was this big hospital corpsman/fireman feud thing going on. I think it had to do with the fact that the snipes from the fireman schools were hanging out by the bowling alley trying to pick up on the female hospital corpsman students. The male corpsman students hated the competition and several fights broke out. I think someone even got thrown off a bridge. The bottom line was no red stripes were allowed on the north side of the base in those days.

One night a few of my boot camp buds and I were partying at the Helms Club and one of us got the stupid idea of taking a cab off base and renting a motel room to continue our party. [One guy rented the room and the rest of us snuck up there.] Things got wild when my bud (I think it was Steve Hamil) and I decided to knock on the door of a room down the hall because we heard women inside. Some extremely hot looking girls answered the door and either he or I said, "Hey girls, why don’t you dump the chumps you’re with and come over and party with some real men." We didn’t hang around since we knew better than to think our "come on" would work. But shortly after we returned to our room there was a knock at the door and it was the girls! Then a moment or two later came another knock and, sure enough, it was the guys they were previously partying with. And to make matters worse they were corpsman and we were fireman! A fight broke out and we noble fireman fought the lowly corpsman in a scene that could easily come out of any Clint Eastwood movie. While all this fighting was going on there was another knock at the door and it was the police. We all stood around bleeding while they collected ID cards. We thought our gooses were cooked! All we could think of was that we were soon to be nuke waste. But, for some reason, the cops were kindhearted that night and gave us back our ID cards if we promised to leave the motel and go back to the base. We did! 


More veritable scum contamination ...


It's really a shame that your awesome site is being so sorely infected with the low-life type mechanical scum that are discovering it. Now, not only is the one and only "Dirtbag" infecting us with his bizarre and untrue renditions of the adventures of Arrgh!, but now Jerry "Waste" Waitinas has been referred here by the Dirtbag. This man will certainly try to spew out some story about me crashing his motorcycle. Here's what really happened...

I visited Waste's house in SC one day, and he had somehow managed to get his piece of junk rat bike together with some duct tape and bailing wire. Then, after sabotaging it to fall apart on me, he suckered me into riding it while he video taped the whole thing. Amazingly, his wicked plan actually succeeded (I don't know how) and the grip came off while I was riding around in his back yard. This caused me to drop the bike, and to my great embarrassment, the rascal had succeeded in capturing it on tape.  Fortunately, I have the only existing copy of this video.

I just know that he and Dirtbag will try to convince all of the kind, gentle and very savvy readers of your web site that I was somehow responsible for ruining his motorcycle, which he then was forced to sell.  Please be warned ahead of time that such rumors are FALSE! Waste set me up, and I wanted to get to tell you what happened first, so no one would be fooled. 


Of course, everything in this letter is true ;>

Early 80s M-div'r

I found your site and loved it......add me to the list.

Drees, Joseph, EM-14 1982-1986

An Idea For the Site

Hi KP, 

Got an idea for your site. How about a memorial list. It could include our lost bud's name, division, year they left us, and maybe how they left us (i.e., auto accident, extended sickness, or whatever). I know there are a lot of nuke buds out there that
are still looking for someone but never got the word. 

My first nominee would of course be Mike Bowden, RE Division, 1986, died on duty. 

Just an idea. My HS class started a memorial page for it's website. 


I will add a page for a Memorial.  If anyone knows of a shipmate that has passed on send me his name and I will add it to the page. 


Arrgh!! Tales

Don't let Arrgh fool you! He couldn't balance his own two feet to take a piss in the morning, much less a motorcycle. At the time of day when his Blood-Alcohol system has it's lowest percentage of alcohol, he can be seen pissing with his hand on the wall like a "kickstand" holding himself up. His "pre-emptive" story only confirms what those of us who where there already know. Argh was a "lightweight", and he only remembers half of all the stories. Because it's hard to see what is going on around you from the vantage point of the floor, face down, passed out cold!! 

Another true fact from the "DB"

How to Simulate Being a Sailor

Hey KP,

My brother, an ex-Gunner's Mate sent me this. This was funny. How many can be added?

Tony Boone 

Buy a steel dumpster, paint it gray inside and out, and live in it for six months.

Run all the pipes and wires in your house exposed on the walls.

Repaint your entire house every month.

Renovate your bathroom. Build a wall across the middle of the bathtub and move the shower head to chest level. When you take showers, make sure you turn off the water while you soap down.

Put lube oil in your humidifier and set it on high.

Once a week, blow compressed air up your chimney, making sure the wind carries the soot onto your neighbor's house. Ignore his complaints.

Once a month, take all major appliances apart and then reassemble them.

Raise the thresholds and lower the headers of your front and back doors, so that you either trip or bang your head every time you pass through them.

Disassemble and inspect your lawnmower every week.

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, turn your water heater temperature up to 200 degrees. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, turn the water heater off.

On Saturdays and Sundays tell your family they use too much water during the week, so no bathing will be allowed.

Raise your bed to within 6 inches of the ceiling, so you can't turn over without getting out and then getting back in.

Sleep on the shelf in your closet. Replace the closet door with a curtain. Have your spouse whip open the curtain about 3 hours after you go to sleep, shine a flashlight in your eyes, and say "Sorry, wrong rack".

Make your family qualify to operate each appliance in your house -dishwasher operator, blender technician, etc.

Find the dumbest guy in the neighborhood and make him your boss for the next two years.

Lower all shower heads to not more than four and one-half feet off the deck and be sure the tops of all mirrors are no more than four and one-half feet high as well. Tell your family members that hunching to look in the mirror is really natural. Then yell "Attention on deck" when the cat walks by to see how quickly they can assume a full upright position.

Have your neighbor come over each day at 5 am, blow a whistle so loud Helen Keller could hear it, and shout "Reveille, reveille, all hands heave out and trice up".

Have your mother-in-law write down everything she's going to do the following day, then have her make you stand in your back yard at 6 a.m. while she reads it to you.

Submit a request chit to your father-in-law requesting permission to leave your house before 3 pm.

Empty all the garbage bins in your house and sweep the driveway three times a day, whether it needs it or not.

Have your neighbor collect all your mail for a month, read your magazines, and randomly lose every 5th item before delivering it to you.

Watch no TV except for movies played in the middle of the night. Have your family vote on which movie to watch, then show a different one.

When your children are in bed, run into their room with a megaphone shouting that your home is under attack and ordering them to their battle stations.

Make your family menu a week ahead of time without consulting the pantry or refrigerator.

Post a menu on the kitchen door informing your family that they are having steak for dinner. Then make them wait in line for an hour. When they finally get to the kitchen, tell them you are out of steak, but they can have dried ham or hot dogs. Repeat daily until they ignore the menu and just ask for hot dogs.

Bake a cake. Prop up one side of the pan so the cake bakes unevenly.  Spread icing real thick to level it off.

Get up every night around midnight and have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on stale bread.

Set your alarm clock to go off at random during the night. At the alarm, jump up and dress as fast as you can, making sure to button your top shirt button and tuck your pants into your socks. Run out into the back yard and uncoil the garden hose.

Every week or so, throw your cat or dog in the pool and shout "Man overboard port side!" Rate your family members on how fast they respond.

Put the headphones from your stereo on your head, but don't plug them in. Hang a paper cup around your neck on a string. Stand in front of the stove, and speak into the paper cup "Stove manned and ready." After an hour or so, speak into the cup again "Stove secured." Roll up the headphones and paper cup and stow them in a shoebox.

Place a podium at the end of your driveway. Have your family stand watches at the podium, rotating at 4 hour intervals. This is best done when the weather is worst. January is a good time.

When there is a thunderstorm in your area, get a wobbly rocking chair, sit in it and rock as hard as you can until you become nauseous. Make sure to have a supply of stale crackers in your shirt pocket.

For former engineers: bring your lawn mower into the living room, and run it all day long.

Make coffee using eighteen scoops of budget priced coffee grounds per pot, and allow the pot to simmer for 5 hours before drinking.

Have someone under the age of ten give you a haircut with sheep shears.

Sew the back pockets of your jeans on the front.

Every couple of weeks, dress up in your best clothes and go to the scummiest part of town. Find the most run down, trashiest bar, and drink beer until you are hammered. Then walk all the way home.

Take a two week vacation visiting the red light districts of Europe or the Far East, and call it "world travel".

Lock yourself and your family in the house for six weeks. Tell them that at the end of the 6th week you are going to take them to Disney World for" liberty." At the end of the 6th week, inform them the trip to Disney World has been canceled because they need to get ready for an inspection, and it will be another week before they can leave the house.

Who's ready to go back to sea?

Random Thoughts About 4MMR

Trifiguron the Wonder Snail. Joe (MOK) Gilmore created him. Tod Mizer, Randy Fischer, Pops, Mordus, Mike Crooks where are you now? Max Earl biting a drill observer during MTT flooding drill. After GQ hydros (pink bellies). Moisture separator painting. Getting hammered !!! Damn those were the days. I later went to Nimitz and Carl Vinson. Different navy. Enterprise guys were and are the best. Got fed up and got out after 14 years. Later went in the reserves as a...........Seabee. M-Div with GUNS!!!!!!!!! Almost 20 years service and just made E-6 ! Current job: powerhouse operator Kohler company. 1830-0630 4on/4off. OVERTIME! DOUBLETIME!!!!!! UNION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look me up if you ever get near Sheboygan, Wisconsin. 46 and still growing up. Just ask my 4 year old...............................

Joe "Omnipitant Squid" Drees, 4MMR, 82-86

Big E Reactor Electrical 79-81 Yard Pac Bremerton PSNS


My name is Tom Lindmark. I was in RE division from Mid '79 to Late '81. I made E-6 shortly before getting out following 8 years of duty. My memory is hazy but I do recall being div LPO for a while after Jeff Danner left. Jim Whitsett and I were together for a period in RT and RE. A few months before I got out I was in the Staff Training Group...we provided training to the oncoming/offgoing RX Dept. crews in the buildings they set up on the hangar bay. I hooked up with Jim Whitsett via E mail and

I just finished looking around at your site. Found it doing a search for Jim Whitsett. What a hoot! Brought back many a memory...some (mostly) good and some that were less than that. I am still thinking about sharing some of my stories with you for publishing on your site. Give me a little more time to get some memorabilia scanned and my courage up. Who is Arrrgh? He got on the pig just a little after I did. He sounds familiar but I cannot place him. 

Have a happy Thanksgiving. 

Tom Lindmark

Great to hear from you Tom.  It's always good to hear from former REs.  Can't wait to hear some of your stories! 


Modern Era 4-Plant Steam-Side Guy

Landon "Rosey" Rosenquist
EM-14 1998-2002 

Thoughts About The Enterprise

Let me just say a few things about the nukes in my time.  Sure we got drunk and looked like shit most of the time, but beneath the "Shitty Attitudes" was the undeniable fact that we were good operators.  I served for nine years after leaving the Enterprise and never encountered the level of knowledge and expertise we had there.  There was great peer pressure to qualify and those in plant boards were a bitch. Didn't matter who you were or where you came from, the highest compliment you could get was to be known as a good watchstander.  I remember when I was in SIMA San Diego in 94 or 95 I had to checkout a job on the California.  On the quarterdeck was a sign that said, "Cleanest Ship in the Navy." Just shuddered when I saw that.  It was 2200 on a Friday night and all the nukes were fielddaying while the topsiders were out on liberty. I rarely had work days on the Enterprise when steaming and stupidly thought that the rest of the navy was like us.  One reason was that the engine rooms of the Enterprise were so damn hot.  We had to take heat stress surveys and our stay time was like 45 minutes.  Before we got air conditioning in M-Div berthing it would be in the 90s.  No one would believe me on later ships that berthing was hotter on the E then the MMRs on a Nimitz class.  Damn, rambling on again......... The day the Navy died: Jan 1, 1985. That's when the beards came off.  I remember not recognizing half the division. Worst was Joe Gilmore (MOK).  He was about six foot five and had a ZZ TOP beard. Big deadhead (who turned me on to them and to whom I am eternally grateful) and partied with the AARRRRRGHHHH. I heard a lot of the ARGH stories from him.  MOK got busted twice for drugs and still made first.  He did alot of acid in PI.  Everywhere else for that matter.  Drove an old Dodge Challenger he called the Deadmobile. He rolled it on his way to shore duty in Bremerton if I remember correctly.  We used to go to A's games back when they sucked.  $2 for a bleacher ticket and $20 for beer.  I remember puking out the window going through the Alameda tunnel at about 90mph in the deadmobile.  All the good times at the ballpark with those baseball nuts. Just a nice place to get drunk.  Four plant sure made a lot of chiefs.  Randy Fisher who skateboarded to work, Todd Mizer who was always in the hospital, Mark Kellog (Milkman), Todd Anderson (Wogger), Lee (Princess Lea) all made chief. Mordus who was my last chief was an officer on the Vinson. These were all great guys too, not like the shitheads I had to work for later on other ships.  We always lucked out in four plant, never had an asshole in charge like some of you did.  On the Nimitz I was nicknamed Wiwote (When I Was On The Enterprise) Joe because it never measured up to Enterprise standards and I never let people forget it.  Damn we were good! It really was the best and worst of times (Dave Trongone getting killed in a car accident was the worse for me.  I never drank and drove after that).  As a single guy who lived on the ship I rented a storage shed behind Dales (home of transvestites and hard core drinkers) with about ten other guys. We had car seats in there to sit on and Joe Gilmore's stereo tape deck. We would drink all day and piss in 2-liter Pepsi bottles.  I honestly remember Mike Crooks filling one up in one shot...........Cool.  It really sucked being single in Alameda.  In Hunter's Point we had to stay on the ship in drydock. No hot water (if any at all) and they replaced the deck coating on the aft messdecks (M-Div was directly below aft messdecks). Impossible to sleep.  Remember the ice cream shack on the messdecks?  Remember spending Thanksgiving day anchored in the fog cold iron between Alameda and Hunter's Point with grilled cheese for supper? Rambling again, time to take my Zokor......

Joe Drees

Thanks for the memories Joe.  I remember exactly where I was on Jan 1, 1985.  I was in "pre school" down in Orlando.  It was a sad day for most of us newly minted PO3s since everyone was ordered to be beardless when we returned from Christmas leave.  In those days just about every chief had a beard.  I remember I couldn't recognize anyone for days after they shaved them off.

Also, who can forget the Posey Tube (the Alameda-Oakland tunnel)?  I know that I often broke the speed limit in there when it was late at night and not another soul was around.  On rare occasions I could get my old '77 Pontiac Lemans over 100mph.  (Didn't HME have an old Charger or Challenger that was often seen and/or heard violating the speed limit under that Oakland Channel?)

And I also fondly remember many a drunken night hanging out in the Alameda County Stadium parking lot.  Usually I was having a "Beer-B-Q" with Dave Conklin, Dicko, "Russ" Fullmer, Scottie Crow, VW or others while awaiting the start of an A's game.  Sometimes we didn't even make it inside for the game.  I think even in the late 80s [with a military ID] you could still get in for $2.  Does anyone remember Big Dave's maroon "party van"?  Man, those were the days!


YardPac 78-81

Arrgh here...

I loved to party with old Joe Gilmore. He used to pick on me and make me drink 'til I was pukin' drunk playing quarter bounce. I was OK at it until after about the 20th beer I had to chug. Then there was that stupid "Cardinal Puff" thing he tried for about 2 years to teach me. Never did get that thing down, but I did down a few (?) beers trying!

One day, we had a party at the house on Long Lake in Port Orchard where me, Dirtbag and Steve Worthless lived. Joe showed up about 6 PM with 4 bottles of Mezcal (with agave worms, of course). He was in the kitchen arguing with someone over who should get to eat the worm at the bottom of the first bottle when I came into the kitchen. While they were arguing, I took the top off the other 3 bottles, put my tongue over the hole and tipped them up. After watching the worm slowly tumble to the bottom and land on my tongue, one quick slurp and they were gone! All three of them. Then, I got between the two of them and said, "This is my house, I'll get the worm!" and drank up that one too. I wonder if they ever figured out what happened to the other three...

Joe put his car in the ditch on the way home from that party, but I doubt that was the only time. He used to live with Greg Tuano somewhere in Port Orchard. 

Joe, you may remember me as Jim Schibetta, RC division, derelict at large. I was usually found where the liquor was.

Remember playing "puck" in the training trailer on the hanger bay before the shift briefings? It's amazing no one was killed... 


RE Div, 1980


Tom Lindmark here. I have attached scanned pix of some of us from RE, RC and RM div in 1980 at my 25th birthday and later at a Halloween party. Can't ID all of the folks but maybe someone else can.

Brewery Tour, L-R EM3 Peter Klevitch, LT ????, EM2 Tom Lindmark, ET2 Brian Robinson (went to work at Millstone early '82), Brian Robinson in drag at Halloween Party, October 1980,
MM2 Dennis May at Halloween Party, October 1980 Mary Ellen May with Brian Robinson at Halloween Party, EM1 Jeff Danner with MM3 "Jethro" at Tom's 25th birthday, June 1980, L-R Mrs. "Jethro," ET3 Mark "Lipps" Tietsort, Joy Danner, Jeff Danner EM2 Peter Klevitch MM2 Tommy Weber and Linda Weber Unknown, Unknown RC div'er, EM1 Jeff Danner in background, EM2 Tom Lindmark, EM2 Terry King and Unknown RC div'er (Oren????)

(Click on photos to enlarge)

rx-120202-BreweryTour.jpg (67772 bytes) rx-120202-BrianRobinson.jpg (70616 bytes)
rx-120202-BRobinson1.jpg (49198 bytes) rx-120202-DennisMay.jpg (60682 bytes)
rx-120202-JeffDannerJethro.jpg (50407 bytes) rx-120202-MaryEllenMay.jpg (72198 bytes)
rx-120202-MarkTietsort.jpg (63912 bytes) rx-120202-PeterKlevitch.jpg (78960 bytes)
rx-120202-TommyWebber.jpg (62916 bytes) rx-120202-TomsBirthday.jpg (54794 bytes)

Comments on the Pics from Tom


Awesome old memories there, my friend. That does indeed look like Orin Acker in the last picture, on the far right with the beard. He must have been standing on something to make it look like he was taller, though! He was mighty short! He flew me to Long Beach, WA with him in a private plane once. Orin was an excellent operator who trained many of us (including Mark Tietsort) and hammered us hard to learn well. That rascal Dennis May still owes me $100! If you know how to get in touch with the welcher, tell him Arrgh! is still waiting to be paid. After 20 years, my patience is wearing thin. He bet me $100 I'd be married within 1 year of hitting PI. I got married in December of 1986, and it wasn't to a former honey-ko, not that some of them weren't worthy of that honor.  Thanks for the memories! Peter Klevitch and I got earings one night, someone's wife pierced our ears with a needle. I think he kept his because he used fishing line, but they made me take mine out. Some orificer that didn't like me (I think it was AJ Squared Away) made me take it out, under threat of going on report. 

Jim "Arrgh!" Schibetta
RC-14 1980-1983

4MMR MS Painting

KP……Did this attached sketch of the Moisture Separator lagging painting in 4MMR. Had some spare time in January – February 1969 while we were cold iron in Pearl Harbor after the ‘Big Fire’.

I am not a great artist…..and sure not a camera…..but those who were in 4MMR in the “old” days will remember this on sight………The original was about 4 or 5 foot square if my memory serves me right. It was centered on the MS above the LP turbine.

Original artist is believed to be someone called “the Stub” and rumor has it the idea came out of an early Playboy Magazine….????????

At any rate, all MMR’s had a Logo painted on their MS and this was the pride and joy of 4MMR during the 1960’s and beyond off and on until it was reportedly destroyed by stupitidity.



From DB's Archives ....

This article came out in the local paper while we were in the shipyard 79-81. The Reactor Operator that was interviewed got busted by NIS for some trumped up charges and went to Leavenworth Kansas for 6 months hard labor.

rx-120402-np.jpg (289748 bytes)

(Click to enlarge)


80's ELT!

Found your site awhile back and have been enjoying the "memories". Now that some of my fellow "ELTs" have come out of the closet....I guess I will too!

I was with RL Div (Long live RL01 Forward Shack) from 6/81 to 6/84. I also qualified as a Reactor Mechanic and stood many watches in #1 and #4 Plant as an honorary MM. Please add me to your list. 

Brad Davis


Two more drawings from Feb 1969 ....

Hi KP,

The first drawing is a detail drawing of some of the characters of the 4MMR MS drawing. In those days we all had our favorites and could see ourselves in one or more of the characters.

The second drawing is entitled, “Tools of the Trade”….. Because more so, than any other time in the history of Enterprise, that I am personally aware of (1967 – 1989) , CLEANING, SCRAPING, SCRUBBING, WASHING, WIREBRUSHING, AND PAINTING was the “primary duty” of the day for 90% of the Eng. and Rx. Dept. sailors in the 1960’s.

In those Days we actually had work days at sea from 0745 to 1600 in addition to standing our 4 on and 8 off watch bill. (because it was strictly forbidden to do anything except watch duties on watch)………the regular workday (6 days a week) was needed to take care of all the “MAINTAINENCE, CLEANING, PAINTING AND ETC.”

I lost 20lbs on both the ’68 and ’69 cruise and in those days I didn’t have 20 lbs to loose.

Later, R/ MMCM


Change of E-Mail:

This is a change of email address for Gail Flowers Jr. EM14, 93-95. My new email address is




Another Comment on Tom's Pictures .....

I missed one familiar face in there the first time I looked at Tom's pics. Jethro! Who could forget him. Back in the yard period I bought a Torino from Ben Hunt. It's the car Dirtbag and I took to SeaFair in that story about the canoe. After smashing my car (not my fault! I was totally sober that time, really!) and getting a DUI in it (ok, so that was my fault), I decided that I'd be better off without a car, and I traded it to Jethro for a bicycle. In fact, the bicycle was a piece of junk that Jethro had cut the frame on because he couldn't get the chain off. The frame was spliced back together with hose clamps. But hey, there was no such offense as drinking and riding, right?



"The Tark and Mel Drinking Team"

No this story doesn't have Argh in it, but it does include a pair of genuine alcoholic RMs from four plant. Most of the RMs were alcoholics, true. But the difference was these guys always had dibs on puking in the garbage cans on UL RAR. You could use them as your "hangover standard." If you looked worse than they did, you were really on a serious "bender." And someone else got you back to the "Pig", 'cause you didn't get back on your own. One of our first nights back in port or maybe the first week (winter 81- spring 82???) I decided to go out drinking with these two. Big Mistake. Their gig was "let's go do our laundry." That was code for "let's get drunk and drive around looking for a Laundromat next to a bar, if we find one we'll do laundry. If we get too drunk looking, then we'll try again tomorrow."  This was pretty much the same thing I did with my usual drinking buds, except we didn't haul around our dirty laundry for two weeks. The other thing was, these guys always drank bourbon. I was normally a beer, vodka, rum, and "smoke" kind of guy. With these two idiots, it was just bourbon, lots of it. These losers proceeded to drink me under the table. It wasn't my best performance, and that bourbon is some mean shit. At some point we ended up in a strip club in downtown San Francisco; couldn't tell you the name, or where it was. Don't even remember how I got in the club. I can remember for a moment the "bourbon haze" lifted, and there was some gal wearing lingerie with about half her teeth rotted out sitting on my leg talking to me. With a superhuman effort, I understood part of what she was trying to tell me. She kept repeating that the woman sitting on Tark's lap was "weird!!!" She said that something about "her" wasn't right. Like a tank turret gun in slow motion I looked over at the woman she was talking about.  I carefully focused my eyes. On Tark's lap was the "woman of his dreams." I noticed she had a "boob job," nothing new there, hell every woman in California has those. She was ugly, typical for Tark, again nothing new. She didn't have a "package," as it would have been obvious through the skimpy "thong panties" she had on! Other than the fact she had big hands, and was trying to suck Tark's tongue out of his head, everything looked okay. Of course I couldn't make out many details through the "bourbon goggles" I had on. The foreplay between Tark and his new friend went on for a few hours. At one point the girl on my lap mysteriously disappeared. She probably got tired of me staring at my dick with my eyes closed. I woke up from my "bourbon induced coma" again, this time because the place was closing. Tark's dream woman had changed into her street cloths and was following us out the front door.  She and Tark were hugging and kissing like a couple of high school kids. Tark tossed me the keys to his car, and told us that we were on our own. He was going home with "dream girl" for a night of wild sex she had promised him, and he would see us tomorrow. I stood there on the street corner watching him walk off, wondering where the car was, wondering where I was, and knowing that I couldn't drive even if I did find the car. I was still standing on the corner with Mel, when Tark came back. I was confused; I asked him what was going on, and why wasn't he still with "dream woman." He demanded my knife, and he stated that he "wanted to cut off his lips." He had made it about half way down the street when "dream woman" informed him that she had been born "A Man." She told him that she was a full post-op trans-sexual. She had all the "right stuff," so it wouldn't be a problem taking care of a big man like Tark. I guess Tark walked away from his "sexual experience of a lifetime." On the way back he made us promise not to tell anyone on the ship. I laughed so hard I think I broke a couple ribs. I actually passed out laughing in the back of the car, and then woke up in my rack about 10 hours later. I showered and wandered down to 4 plant. As I stepped into EOS, I overheard a funny story getting retold, curious because the story seemed familiar. One of the RMs started telling me about Tark's adventure from the previous night. I had to stop him and let him know I already knew what happened, I was there when it happened. Damn, Mel beat me to the punch. He had already told everyone. It seemed there wasn't a soul who didn't know about Tark's big date. Tark took some serious hell in the Dopey Book for months. There were even a few disgusting cartoons from Hustler Magazine someone cut out and pasted on the pages, with new words wrote in. I just want to set the record straight: "Mel was the one who ratted you out Tark." He woke up before I did. I have to admit I did retell the story a few hundred times, to people that didn't know you. Just wanted to thank you for all those "good laughs" over the years.  Oh yea, sorry about posting it on the site. Heheheeheheheeh!! Real sorry!!!

A True Tale, from the "DB"


New ELT for the Site (A rarity I guess)

Hey, just found your site, it's great. My name is Erik Moll, I was in RL Div on the Evilprison from July 13, 1998 to June 28, 2002. I'm now a happy civilian college student in Seattle.


An Old Friend Finds the Site!

Add me to the list. Joe Broome, RC14 86-92.  I haven't laughed this hard in ages. Brett Thompson told me about it.

More From Joe .....


I had only read a couple of the pages before I emailed you earlier, and I was trying to figure out who the heck you were. Later, when I saw someone address you properly I figured it out. How've you been? I spent a few years chasing money after I got out pretending to be an expert in industrial electronics (I fooled several companies, too). Then I finally figured out a way to use my God-given talent of pulling the wool over Uncle Sam. I do taxes and financial planning now in Nashville, TN. I don't think often of the Pig, but when I do, I'll certainly return to the website. I have now officially wasted three hours here. Thank you for that opportunity. Take care and stay in touch,

Joe Broome

P.S. I quit smoking, too

Great to hear from you again Joe.  When I got your first e-mail I was surprised that you didn't remember me and my feelings were hurt.  Your second e-mail made me feel better.  Glad to hear you're doing fine.  Those of you who remember Joe should remember that he always had a cigarette in his mouth (hence the reference to smoking).  We always gave him shit about it.  



A Guy From RT?

Larry Deaton, Rx Training, 1998 - 2000


Change of E-Mail Address

Please change my e-mail address to

James Wood, E-DIV, 1977 to 1979


A Sad Note:

I would like to inform any shipmates out there from the "old days" of the recent death of former Electricians Mate Randy Orr. Randy (like myself) was not a Nuke, but stood watch in 2&3 Switchgear (the "haunted" switchgear"). Randy and I were assigned to the Power Shop and took many a "Liberty" in PI and other points around the world. We lost touch for many years, but touched base again about six years ago. Randy had finished his tour on the Big E and got a job in Bremerton as a "yardbird". I was recently informed of his death (11/23/02) in Bremerton due to a heart attack. Randy was a great guy and one hell of a good party buddy.

James Woods

In the very near future I will put up the Memorial Page and include Randy's name. 



A Early 80's 3-Planter!

Hi, my name is Mark Valdick, and I was an RM-23'er, 82-86. thanks!


More News from DB's Archives:

Must have been an "Reactor Operator" transferred from 1 plant!

[KP Note: Yeah, like that never happened on the Big E!  There was one time when moral was at an all time low and things like that were happening all the time.  Once someone pulled SCR fuses and left a note that said, "FTN."  There were too many suspects for any investigation to be of any significance.]


Modern Era M'Div'r

Brad Gable, EM-23 1998-2000 & EM-22 2000-2002


Another RX Phil!

King Paul,

Good job. Just a few short notes about the pig. XO Kelly on his initial tour in 2RAR was surprised when the Valve Op Air Flask relief lifted (normal way of telling when full) he ran up the stairs from lower 2RAR through CE by me and out the emergency hatch (which was open). As he went by I knew he was destined for greatness. Whistling Pete was filling the Flask. Kelly's entourage stood there in amazement and then decided to continue the tour. One plus was he didn't leave a trail or spots that we could see (Kelly that is, Pete left a trail where ever he went). 

Hope some of ya'll remember the Enatai Beach Bunch, Dan Conduff threw the biggest getting out party in history in our backyard, it lasted 3 days. Captain's dinghy even sailed by to take a look.  

Hi to all and I'll post some dopey book highlights later (I still have it).

Phil Foss, aka RX Phil (the other RX Phil as if that's an original nickname), 1978 - 1981, RC-22 and Bremerton Overhaul


Another Arrgh Tale .....

Finally! Straight from the horses.. er, mouth! The true, fantastic, remarkable, side splitting tale of Arrgh!'s trip to the funny farm. This is a true story, folks! Somewhere, in the anals of dopey books in 4 plant, from the late 1983 time period, there are certainly many references to this tale, although, sadly, I didn't get to read them because I got out of the Nav instead.  Bummer.... NOT!! Anyway, read it and weep with laughter. It's the ultimate Arrgh! classic, and the culmination of years of hard partying and wastedness. Mikey Noland probably remembers this well, as he undoubtedly has retold this classic many times. Better make a head call first, though. You'll ruin yer shorts on this one... and it's all absolutely true...

don't forget part 2!



Links to More Arrgh! and Steamer Stories:

Fellow KP readers, are you also reading the tales being posted on Critical Thinking?  If not then you're missing out big time!!!!  Since the links above worked (when I tested them) I'll link to all of Arrgh! and Steamer's stories.  I would guess that you might need to use your Critical Thinking (Yahoo) password to get there.


The Drunkest I Ever Was .... (An Inspiration Derived from Reading Arrgh's Insane Asylum Tale).

Yes, KP was known to drink a few beers in his time.  But I was not one of those guys who was always drunk.  I was most comfortable with a slight buzz, and so that's how you often found me when I was out and about.  But one night I really overdid it.  I was down in Orlando, working as a security guard at NPS (one of those pre nuke school TAD assignments--I was lucky since most of the others arriving when I did got assigned "smerf" duty).  One night after my shift was over my good buddy Steve Hamil and I (who was also in my security detail) decided to walk to a place called O'Brian's, right off Colonial Blvd, near the McGwire Gate.  We met up with others from our security detail and a drinking contest ensued--you know, East Coast boys vs. West Coast boys type of thing.  It was 2-fer-one night at O'Brians and our drink of choice that night was Bacardi 151.  (Bad idea!)  I have no idea what happened next but several hours later Base Security found me laying in my skivvies behind my BEQ bldg, with my head laying in about 2-inches of water by the edge of some lake!  They asked me where I lived and I told them so they brought me back to my bunk and tucked me in (nice guys).  They weren't so nice about an hour later when they found me in the same place with my head in the lake again!  I have no idea why I wanted to be there, or why I felt the need to put my head in the water but I did.  The SPs warned me that if I showed up there again I would be spending the night in the brig.  I was sobered up enough by then to understand them.  I actually got alcohol poisoning as a result of all that drinking and was sick for days.  I've never been able to drink Bacardi again.    




If you sent me some email lately and it is not posted here, please resend it.  My mailbox got deleted.  I know there were some pics from Arggh and DB, plus a few new guys (and even one resume). Please resend and I'll see if I can retrieve it.  I got some Virus thing that deleted my entire mailbox :(  



RPCP Pachinko Ball ....

This may look like an RPCP indicator lamp to the untrained eye, but an experienced, seasoned veteran of almost any cruise would know that this is in reality an RPCP pachinko ball. The idea was to get it to land on top of the meters and switch covers on the panel, with various point values assigned for different resting places. This one was my luckiest ball! WO's hated this game; they always thought that we would break something. With that tiny bulb? Get real... They were just jealous because we found something to do to pass the time!



More Stuff From Arrgh's Bag o' Memories:


Here's some more pics of stuff I have from the olden daze...

Matches from the PI, still good after 20 years! 

Olangapo Mardi-Gras ticket

 An actual "Nukie Cookie" which I wore for 6 months, and palmed on the day we were supposed to turn them in (7904).  Complete with seed burns...



CTG Man Checks In ...

Greetings all,

I've been waiting for an excuse to join this forum and I found it. I ran across this Holiday Greeting card from the boys of the infamous and beloved Schmegma House (North). I believe this to be from Christmas 1980, but I may be off a year. The inhabitants of Schmegma evolved over time. (I know, -- evolved is a poor choice of words for this crew). A couple notables missing from this version are Carl Walker, Sherman Bowman and of course the ever present Roscoe. A few of us married types were living at the Bangor submarine base during the E's overhaul. They had built new housing for the Trident crews but the subs were behind schedule which gave us a chance to "christen" these habitations. Anyway, Schmegma house was on the way from the ship yard to home for us so we stopped quite often. With shift work and such it would be at all hours of the day or night but there would always be someone around to party with. Sometimes all we would find was one of the guys in a trance-like state in front of the TV with a snow pattern on it. But if you put a cold Rainier Beer in their hand they would come right back to life. I considered myself an honorary Schmegmite along with Dave "Rex" Campbell & John Flowers (where are you guys?).  I hope this picture card (see below) is viewable to you. The names are: (left to right -- bottom to top): Dave Rigsbee, Randy Hermatz, Brad Davis, Bill Thrall, Joe Beaty, PT Morgan, Tom Morgan, & Jerry Waitinas. Merry Christmas to all,

CTG man - RM-22.


Another Load Dispatcher Type.....

This is an absolutely terrific site. I was on the pig from '91-'96 in EE30. A friend sent it to me that was not even on the Pig, however, knowing I was and the fond memories I have, he sent it to me. I must say that I am disappointed by the turnout of more people from my era, I believe we were the "wild dogs" or something like that (we were told that we piss in our own den, but that's another very entertaining story). Although it does warm my heart to see through reading the entries that there are one or two people out there who remember the 4E lounge. OK, that's enough for now, I'll be sure to share some stories later. I can't be the only one on here that remembers the "mung bucket".  

My contact info is, all of which can be posted, no biggie. Again, good site man. Truly a gift.


Personal Harassment from the "DB" 

"The Waste" circa 1979:

This was what Jerry the "Waste" did best. Here he is, caught in a weak moment, performing a close inspection of the inside of a cardboard box. If I remember right, we did "stage" the bottle in his hand. He was so drunk it took us several tries to get him to hold the bottle long enough for us to "get the shot!!!" He was way past drinking anymore, and he wasn't going to get to the bathroom to puke. And of course none of his "buddies" were going to help him, other than kick a box under him!!! Hehehehehe!!!



More From DB's Photo Album:

Orlando Florida, 1977/78


Onward and Upward!

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