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Dedicated to all US Navy Nukes and Engineers (Past, Present and Future)


"First ones on, Last ones off......"


This was the "Unofficial" Web Site for Reactor and Engineering Departments, USS Enterprise (CVAN/CVN 65)

With a Healthy Dose of Fun Stuff from Ex Ike and cruiser Nukes!

Sadly, it's no longer being updated


Why I Put This Site Together

Almost thirty years has passed since I stood my last watch in 4 Plant, and like many of you, I now look back on my time in the service with fondness.  For some reason or other my memory has been corrupted and I only remember "the good times," not the boredom of spending months on end at sea, being separated from my family, 3-section duty, lifer chiefs, chipping paint, waxing passageways, scrubbing toilets, re lagging and re painting everything that didn't move, and all the other awful things that accompany life at sea.  I have made many friends throughout my life and collected many adventures but none compare with those that originated on The USS Enterprise.  On this site I have collected hundreds of "sea stories" from fellow Enterprise nukes and engineers. These stories span over 50 years and 900,000 miles.  My hope is that you'll read through these many stories and, like me, remember good times and great people.  Without a doubt the sailors serving aboard The Big E were the best in the world and I am proud to be counted among them.

RE DIV, 1986 - 1990
USS Enterprise (CVN 65)

Beware!  This site contains material that is not suitable for children (or adults for that matter).

Also, most of the stories in here are "politically incorrect."  If you are offended by drunken whoremongering escapades, sleazy watchstanding practices and/or the inhumane treatment of nubs, then don't read any further!

Gentlemen, .... Please keep your wives away!

This site is intended primarily for USS Enterprise nukes and engineers; however, all fleet sailorsespecially other former navy nukes, engineers or Big E sailorsare welcome to send in their sea stories, too. Enjoy!

HEY Bubbleheads ... Though not being worthy, you, too, are welcome to submit stories ...

"Eight Burning, Four Turning........."




For Letters, Random Memories and Assorted Sea Stories...

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This Site is Dedicated to The Memory of EM1 Paul "Rice Man" Smith, My Dear Friend and Sea Dad.

May He Rest in Peace



Shipmates we keep in our thoughts and memories:

Michael Bowden, RE Div, passed away 4/17/86
Randy Orr, E-Div, passed away 11/23/02
Don Barr, M-Div, passed away 1/16/00
Wally Campbell, RC-Div, passed away 11/26/03
Patrick Sherwin, EA02, passed away 12/11/03
Dave Decker, EE30, passed away 1995
Marc Leboeuf, RM11, passed away 7/30/82
Everette Anderson, RL Div, passed away 1987
Mark C. Schultz, RM Div, passed away 1996
Rich Brady, RE Div, passed away 2003
Captain C.C. Smith, passed away 1983
Jim Williamson, M-Div, passed away 12/4/2001
Preston Crews, RM Div, passed away 2000
Todd Gugluizza, E-Div, passed away 10/23/05
Eric Sauerborn, RL Div, passed away 1986
John Zdankus, RL Div, passed away 1994
Jakia Sharee Cannon
, IC Div, passed away 2003
Pablo Gonzales, DC3, passed away 10/15/06
Richard Austin, ET1, passed away Feb 2007
Danny Loudermilk, RC-Div, passed away 1/2/06
Don McKracken, RM Div, passed away 1982
Karl Metz, E-Div, passed away 1971
Joe Massey, RC Div, passed away 2006
Tom Bigley, RM Div, passed away Jan 2008
John Woodward, RM Div, passed away 9/28/08
David Hasselbring, RX Dept., passed away 3/31/06
Keith Bersticker, Rx Officer, passed away 2008
Arthur Thomas Martin, Hull Dept., passed away 9/2/09
Moore, Byron, M-Div, passed away Jan 2010
Conyers, John, E-Div, passed away March 2010
Jim Burns, M-Div, passed away Jan 2009
Ron Reier, RE Div, passed away April 2010.
Steve Shupe, RM Div, passed away 2000
MMCM Pete Kennedy, RM Div, passed away 8/30/10

Jim "Arrgh!" Schibetta, RC Div, passed away 2/18/13

Bill "Waterpumps" Smith, passed away 12/26/12.

Floyd McManus, RC Div, passed away 9/23/97

Mike Matthys (Ike Mike), Hon. Big E sailor, though he really served on Ike. Passed away June 2013.

Mac Takaki, passed away 2/15/14