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No-Load Nephew

The Mooj Heritage Foundation Legion of Distinguished Contributors 
(FY 2002):

Gold Diamond Level

Dr. and Mrs. Heap
The Sen Family 
Officer James Hutch
Rockin' Randell and his Love Posse
La Familia Perez
The Great Thinker's Society
Marc and Denise Rich
The Estate of Roger Harold Gregory Fallow III

Diamond Level

The Hon. Raymond Flute
Lord Angus McDilly
Andrew Dice Clay Jr.
Dr. Greg Sleepingbear
The Gilbert Family
Raj Mahal

Gold Level

The Brothers Asmus
G.G., The Polish Stallion
Scottie McElfresh, Esq.
The Amazing Chudda
A Ray Coniff Singer
The Figg Family
Senator H.R. Clinton D-NY
Minion 1152
Ruffus T. Billingsly
The Chester County Heritage Foundation

Silver Level

Hannah T. Roosevelt
Beatrice Emma Kelly
Jody Umbababbaraba
Gus Umbababbaraba
Enron Corp.
Global Crossing Corp.
Sunil Shitty
Rodney King
Bobo the Pantless Clown

Bronze Level

Bill and Mary Tully
Doug Redhand
The Bay Area Predators
SFPD, Mission Dist.
Imelda Marcos
Lanni Guinnier
'Lil Romeo
Wu Man Choo

Copper Level

Sigma Kappa Sorority
The Hippo Club
The Frans Botha Family
Raaj Umbababbaraba
Sigma Chi Fraternity
Kajol Bibi
Dick Gregory
Aamir Jordan

Tin Level

Mr. and Mrs. Rajia
Fr. Joe
The Cycling Murrays
Ms. Carroll
Waffle House #10887

Aluminum Foil Level

Dr. and Mrs. Beckner 
Chester A. Arthur III
Brandies Alumni Assn. 
Capt. Mack, USNR
Craig Williams



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GREAT NEWS! THE MOOJ (Sri Swami Mujaputtia Umbababbaraba) HAS BEEN FOUND ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

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Swami Mujaputtia Umbababbaraba, spiritual leader to 1000s, is best known to the world as "The Mooj." He is a graduate* of the Ashram in Ramrama, India and is the co-founder of The Friends of Mooj Society.

The Mooj has written over seventy thousand books, essays, mystery novels, scientific papers, conference papers, journal articles, political op-ed essays, Bollywood movie scripts and pieces of music. World renowned as an artist, sitarist, singer, composer, and lecturer, The Mooj has shown millions how to apply spiritual principles to art, music, education, business, relationships, and much, much more. The Mooj also has a black belt in Karate.

The Mooj is friend to all humanity

Come, Let The Mooj be your friend too!


Those of you who remained loving and loyal toward The Mooj know that in the Fall of 2003 He disappeared and was feared dead.  He had not been seen or heard from again until last March, when former devotees living in the Phoenix, Arizona area saw him eating lunch in the cafeteria of a computer chip factory. The Mooj had no idea who he was (he claimed to be an electrical engineer named Karamcham Sodhi Singh).  It was obvious that The Mooj was suffering from amnesia. Members of The Friends of Mooj Society will travel to Phoenix and return The Mooj to his community.  We will keep you informed on his condition as we try to recover his memories.   In the mean time keep your thoughts and prayers positive, such that Sri Mooj will recover rapidly and begin teaching us again.



With truth it be told that this website has been dormant for a number of years.  When The Mooj was feared dead many of His followers found other gurus.  In order to regain some of these followers,  Karamcham Sodhi Singh (who is really The Mooj, except he doesn't know it yet) has authorized his old newsletters to be posted.  Thankfully, most of his newsletters were saved and are being collected in Three Volumes. These Volumes were to be sold to help pay off debt amassed by the now closed Ashram in Abingdon, MD.  The editor, however, has decided to give the First Volume away for free!!  This noble act of generosity is probably a ploy to sucker people into buying the second and third volumes but we don't care.  We just want people to get to know The Mooj again.      

The First Volume is now available in the archives

We ask that you Print two copies and give one to a friend or loved one.  

Thank You,

A Loyal Minion, who unlike most of you, stayed true to The Mooj 



Hear what people are saying:

"Sure, I get out of balance occasionally but now I have to tools to correct myself: A jug of prune juice and The Mooj. What more can a guy ask for?" (Lt. Pete, Edgewood, MD)

"The Mooj kicks ass as far as gurus goes! I've never read anything he has written or saw any of his videos but he looks like he's real smart!" (Dave Lopez, Dundalk, MD)

"Immediately upon beginning the practice of Moojism my optimism in humanity was restored. At last I had found a method of self-transformation that actually worked! In the old days I used to yell, scream, kick, bite, spit, urinate, defecate and then have to be strapped down on a gurney for sedation. Now emotional upsets simply subside inside my head and I immediately put myself into harmonic convergence with the cosmic universe. Equally profound is the impact this new behavior has had on the people around me (especially the cell extraction team). This positive energy is even more contagious than my depravity and I am a better person for it." (Inmate Hymes, Pelican Bay SHU)

"The Mooj teaches us all about ... um.... I forget." (Tom U., Halethorpe, PA)

"My memory is keen and dramatic of the first time my Kundalini was raised with Moojism. I was surrounded by gentle, swirling cool breezes and it felt as if a freeway had opened up inside my head! A feeling of great peace followed; it gave me such a sense of joy and pleasure. Unfortunately, the same thing happened at the other end too and I made quite a mess." (Charles M. LeHeigh, Huntington Beach, CA)

"It all started by a very earnest prayer to God for a change in my life. I had been seeking and studying religion, philosophy and metaphysics, but nothing seemed to work and I began to doubt that I was even human. I now eat and sleep with the primates at the zoo. I think I need a hug and a serious tick bath." (Anonymous)

"The beautiful thing about Moojism is it happens spontaneously, it is all built into each one of us, and it costs absolutely nothing, other than the initial Self Realization experience. Then soon you are dependent on no one to ascend spiritually and grown inward and upward as you become part of the collective consciousness. I first experienced Mooj nirvana at an L.L. Cool J. concert when I got jump-kicked in the head by a fly-girl hip-hop dancer." (Fred Evans, Hefflin, AL)

"Hello Swami Mooj. I love you. I simply must conceive a child by you. You can either perform this function in person or by proxy." (Doris Miller, York, PA)

"I am a student of karma and I am very grateful to have found your website. Hopefully this spiritual journey won't be as painful as my last one when I got busted and had to spend six months in a Turkish prison." (Ramundo Vamos, Quezon, Philippines)

"About 20 years ago I met you at the Ashram in Rishikesh. It was a great and very spiritual time for me even though I got real sick and almost died of dehydration." (Hank R., Daly City, CA) 

.... plus 1000s more.  Isn't it time you became Mooj enlightened?

* The Mooj didn't exactly graduate from the Ashram but he did attend a few classes there.

A Disclaimer: The Mooj Group (a.k.a the "The Friends of Mooj") website contains or may contain forward-thinking and/or self-realization advice. The words "may," "will," "anticipate," "believe," "estimate," "expect," "future," "intend," "plan," "could," "should," "potential," or "continue" or the negative or other variations thereof, as well as other statements that relate to matters of the soul, spirit or abstract plane of embodied collective consciousness, that may or may not constitute lifestyle choices that reflect common sense and/or the laws of natural phenomena, are often used to clarify advice given by The Mooj. Such "forward-thinking advice" is usually given by The Mooj free of charge to those asking for it and this advice is not necessarily based on anything holistic, rather than the fact that The Mooj is a self-proclaimed Swami, who was granted unconditional omnipotence by Mother Nature via a 50-kV lightning strike.  Minions, non minions and notable others, who elicit such advice should be cognizant of the fact that The Mooj is a wandering fugitive, with limited education and means, and possesses a propensity to affect people's lives in adverse ways.  Should The Mooj’s advice prove to be flawed, or should actual reality, results, events and circumstances surrounding your predicament vary significantly from those reflected in your desired outcome, or should you lose lots of money, friends or be banished from your respective families, The Mooj is exempt from liability and, thus, cannot be held accountable.  For more information please feel free to contact the Mooj at

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